Funny Moments of FFXIV-Mmogah Wishes You Happy New Year

2015 new year is upcoming, mmogah has gone alone with the players in FFXIV for one more year. At the end of 2014, mmogah prepares some funny moments of ffxiv to make you smile. Mmogah all staff wish you happy new year!

Let’s sing together! “Happy new year~ happy new year~”
Don’t you feel cold with so many snowmen around!!!


I’m a jumping reindeer! (saying seriously)


Do you feel happy? Mmogah wishes all players in FFXIV have a good mood for the coming 2015, we will provide faster and safer ffxiv gil to win more satisfactions from our customers. Your encouragement is the best present for mmogah.

New Year blessings
The Mmogah Team

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Relaed News:
Source: Mmogah MMORPG News Center

New Champion Leak Izuna : It’s NOT REAL!

Sometime early, the netizen “YhwRenektonYhw” leaked some information about the League Of Legends’ new champion on reddit.

He said:

“New champion will be Izuna, his skills will be based on lightning, and his ulti will be like Nocturnes. It will call down a storm that cuts vision and will allow Izuna to call down a massive lightning strike on one opponent.I don’t know who the ultimate skin will be for, they are keeping that knowledge tightly wrapped,but our first teaser will be on January 10th.”

(Lightning Nocturnes?)

Next leaks:

“Izuna will be a fighter/assassin hybrid, capable of laying down a lot of single target burst damage while also sticking to targets easily.Shaco rework in January.They are keeping with the murder clown theme.Urf will be the next featured game mode, they are adding a few things mostly changing items up for the mode to make them more OP and fun.”
In reply he said:

“No ultimate skin news. They are really keeping that under wraps. It will likely be for Xerath or Lux though. DJ Sona is only legendary.”

(Why not Sona?)

Is that looks like real? It’s not real! Let’s debunk his lies. View more League Of Legends news atmmogah.com.

A careful player caught him out, he posted a thread on reddit :

“Hello guys, I have some evidence and proof that this guy is just a random troll and he trolled whole League Of Legends sub reddit.

Here are the history of reddit by real WhyRenektonWhy pictures, if you look closely at comments, theres a comment saying that ‘ultimate skin is comming. Shaco rework is not.’YhwRenektonYhw is saying that it’s comming.


Now on Riot’s official page where they update about comming visual up dates and reworks, there’s no Shaco rework.
After our real prophet’s account got deletes -same as threads, there were very much troll that posted fake leaks and this one was quite popular leak. This leak is fake as it says that there will be ‘Debonair Braum’ where Braum is already getting a new skim or Debonair LeBlanc, where wouldn’t make any sense and now YhwRenektonYhw copied this leak, and is trolling you guys.

YhwRenektonYhw said that upcoming champ has no passive,Q and E and he/she will be released soon. This is nonsense because a champion is not finished with his skills and he will be released soon, if you think logically, the people who makes champions it takes them 1-2 years and having no skills before release it’s just funny.”
Then YhwRenektonYhw said:

“I was actually planning to get a 3rd post to the front page on the 1st, and then I would edit it to tell you all I was lying.This guy caught on before I had the chance.”

Even though the news about new champion is fake, but UTF will be back as Riot confirmed it source, so don’t worry guys!

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Dont Miss Winter's Veil Gifts in WOW

Feast of Winter’s Veil Gifts are available. Visit Ironforge or Orgrimmar, you will find them under the Winter’s Veil tree. The boxes are filled with wondrous delights, dont miss the opportunity to get them.

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Rise of Fleece from the East in FFXIV---Heavensturn 2015

Heavensturn in FFXIV is a celebration that marks the passing of the twelve moons in the night sky, and with them, the vigil of each of the Twelve over the realm.

Event Schedule:
From Wednesday, December 31, 2014 at 7:00 a.m. to Wednesday, January 14, 2015 at 6:59 a.m. (PST)

Event Items:
Armor: ovine headwear.
Other items: Tender Lamb. (cute minion), Akdomatsu (outdoor furnishing), Sheep Dolls & Hard Rice Cakes (tabletop), Zoin(meal,GP+6%(Max19),perception+5).

Quest location:
Limsa Lominsa, Upper Decks - Merry Maid (Lions for Lamps)

The new Heavensturn 2015 in FF14 is coming, it means a new year for the journey in Eorzea is underway. How many Heavensturns had you celebrated and how many years have you played in ffxiv? For us, it is the fifth year we sell FFXIV GIL at mmogah, we had met quite a lot of loyal customers, just like their friends in ffxiv. Mmogah is growing up with every customer’s trust and support, we are trying our best to bring faster and safer ffxiv gil.

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The Sea of Drowned Love Weekend Dungeon Is a Success in ArcheAge

The Sea of Drowned Love, a level 50 dungeon added in ArcheAge Version 1.2 Build 4.16, along with the red dragon boss and the winter maiden festival event. Since this time updating, archeage gold price has increased some when compared with before, and I saw many positive feedback about this new dungeon on some forums.


The Sea Goddess known as Dahuta was a mortal elf known as Aranzebia, she is in the depth of the Arcadian Sea near Freedich Island. You must stop the vengeful and terrifying Dahuta before she gathers enough power to drown the world. The following tips may help you.
  • You can use Wings to avoid the stun of the "Dahuta's Geyser"
  • If you take too much time to kill Dahuta, there is an enrage mode : D
  • The best way to kill her once she's at 25% is too burst DPS and kite/cc the big adds.
  • Dahuta's minion when spawned will lasso everyone immediately. You must run out of his aoe range immediately or you'll be frozen for a long time. Drop back or teleport will help for sure.
  • Everytime dahuta does a circle chain skill, it means that one out of three thrash mobs will spawn - dahuta's monitor lizard, nothing special, the easiest to kill
  • A large group of sea bugs - this deals a lot of damage to the tank so when it spawns right behind dahuta, healers must prepare to cast fervent or antithesis once they pounce.

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How to Level Up Your League Of Legends Smurf Account fast

Season 5 is going to begin, many people want to try out ranked but they have to level up to lvl 30 first. How to level up a League Of Legends smurf account fast? Of course, buy a Power Leveling Boost is a good idea. But if you don’t want to draw support from Power leveling, this Article also will help you lvl 30 quickly.
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2. It is recommended that you play with four of your friends. Create a customized game, not Co-op vs.AI which will waste your time.
3. When the game starts, buy a ward. Don’t wait for the minions, put the ward in the turrent below, the turrent will be the attack ward first. If you all are dead, the turrent would lose 2/5 of blood.
4. Resurrection. Wait for the minions to attack turrent, only mid. Don’t be concerned about Enemy Cham, they won’t cause too much harm for you. Buy attack-speed equipment only.
5. Win. When you are skilled, you would be able to complete a game in about 5-10 minutes.
Recommended Champions:
Nunu/Yi/Graves/Blitzcrank/Miss Fortune/Fiora/Warwick etc. They have faster attack speed for pushing the turrent.
Points to remember:
Don’t worry about last hitting. You will not return to the shop, just ram it hard and push it fast.
Don’t waste time chasing the bot in her base.
Also, if possible, take the caster minions first. Watching two rows of caster minions duke it out in tower aggro range is annoying and a waste of time.
It takes around 40,000 experiences to level up to 30, which is around 140 of these 5-minute bot games. So after 700 odd minutes of grinding you could have a lvl 30 smurf.
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FFXIV Patch 2.5 “Before the Fall” Is Coming, Golden Saucer, The Keeper of the Lake, The Wanderer’s Palace, Amdapor Keep, DirectX 11

FFXIV Patch 2.5 was revealed in 2014 FF14 Fan Fest, the date for it was not clear, however speculation is late Jan.

Manderville Golden Saucer
You can use ffxiv gil to buy tokens for Golden Saucer, it is untradeable and unsellable. Golden Saucer includes two parts: Triple Triad and Chocobo Racing.
Triple Triad’s rules are the same as FFVIII. There will be 80 cards initially, players could acquire via dueling with NPC, or changing with Gold Saucer points. It is also dropped in the dungeons.
Chocobo Racing uses a different chocobo from the buddy one. It can be leveled up and customized. Feeding it can change stats.

The last part of the Crystal Tower will implemented, it will bring us to the World of Darkness. It will drop new crafting materials for the new recipes.
New Dungeons:

  • The keeper of the Lake
  • The Wanderer’s Palace (Hard)
  • Amdapor Keep (Hard)
P.s. Demon Wall returns back, this time we can’t fall off, but it will be scarier than before.

DirectX 11
It will be released separately from 2.5. DirectX 11 will improve reflections, depth, shadows, graphics and so on. It may bring the visual enjoyment to every player.

The massive patch 2.5 “Before the Fall” is excepted by almost all the players in Eorzea, new dungeons, new recipes and new client must bring a new challenge. In 2014 Tokyo Fan Fest, the new version 3.0 had been revealed, we have another article about the new playable race—Au Ra. According to our 4 years’ experience in selling ffxiv gil, the price will mark up after each patch upgrading, it’s a great time to buy ffxiv gil before updating, especially when mmogah merry Christmas celebrating event is under way. Mmogah is the largest FFXIV GIL seller. We have excellent 9.9 score on Trustpilot, we are trustworthy. Our friendly and helpful customer reps will guide you a smooth transaction 24/7.

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How to Buy Cheap ArcheAge Gold After Updating to Version 1.2 Build 4.16

In general, the price of virtual currency will mark up after updating, ArcheAge is no exception. As a professional and experienced archeage gold seller, we have also seen the increased archeage gold price since its updating this time.

ArcheAge updated to version 1.2 build 4.16, more challenging and adventurous. A new level 50 dungeon, the Sea of Drowned Love; The Red Dragon and its minions Wyrmkin; The Winter Maiden Festival Event, bringing archeage more fun.

buy archeage gold

There is a new item from ArcheAge Loyalty store called Open Tsunami Stone, which you can use for an additional entry into the Sea of Drowned Love, if you have already known about it?

The sea goddess Dahuta, is beneath the Arcadian Sea, blocking your way back to Auroria and the Red Dragon, along with its minions, having been spotted rampaging through Karkasse Ridgelands.
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year