How to Avoid Getting Banned When Trading ArcheAge Gold via Auction House

It’s no secret that trading archeage gold via Auction House is the most secure transaction method in the market. Even though risks are unavoidable for trading but AH trade method is definitely the one that is the most difficult to trace by Trion Worlds. We all know that Trion keeps a supervision on illicit gold & activities, so if you choose to buy archeage gold from gold selling site, know how to avoid getting gold removed and getting account banned are both important.

According to our experience in the market as a trustworthy archeage gold seller, we have the following tips for gamers when trading via AH:

  • Each in-game transaction you put up on Auction House is not more than 2000G

Generally, the items you hang out on AH in exchange for gold are useless and without much value, so if the selling price for one item is more than 2000G, it might be more suspicious. As well, larger transactions could catch more attention than the smaller ones. So keep it not more than 2000G/transaction.
  • Hang out different items on the AH in exchange for your gold

Try to avoid putting up the same items when you exchange for gold on the auction house because it’s too obvious, it is more likely to tell Trion that you are “buying gold”. So why not hang out different items if you have them.

For example, if you have placed an order of 6000G at Mmogah, including 5% bonus, you should receive 6300G, because we cover the 10% AH Fee so you should set the overall price 7000G. As the tips above, you’d better hang out 4 different items on the AH to make sure each price is less than 2000G. For example, Potato Eys 1850G, Banana 1650G, Faint Gale Lunadrop 1800G and Body Thief’s Guirass 1700G, so the total price is 7000G and each is different from others. It will be difficult for Trion to trace them all.

If you are in need of archeage gold, buying some is the most direct and convenient method, so choosing appropriate trade ways are very important. Following our tips in the above to avoid getting banned will be the best choice when you buy archeage gold via AH. On the other hand, if you choose Mmogah, we will spare no efforts to complete your order fast.

Please keep contacting with us via Live Chat or Skype when you are playing the game and we will offer the highest price in the market to collect your gold from suppliers. Then you put items on AH, we let supplier buy them. Then we’ve done smoothly. Good Luck!

What Class Is Easiest to Learn to Tank in WOW As a New Player?

Question: What class is the easiest to learn how to tank? For someone with absolutely 0 experience tanking is asking on realm in game.


A player said:” I played Druid, Pally and Monk before having to start a new account after moving countries and I found my Pally easiest, (but always went for my Druid since that was my main and are technically the least spikey of all tanks, but they do require a little more patience and understanding as they lack a lot of the same tools as Pally or Warrior tanks). Druids are getting a buff in the next patch so should be a fairly good option too. Either are good since if you change your mind you have legitimate drops and heal specs to fall back on too.”
Another one said:” I just got through my weekly penance of running LFR HM for stones on an alt (this time a Warrior tank), and had a moment I'd like to share, in case it helps anyone else I've been playing WOW for years now. No matter WOW gold and experience, I have a voice on it. At one point I raided competitively, though I'm more casual now. But I get frustrated by incompetence, especially the willful kind. And we've all seen and experienced plenty of LFR trolls to know they're out there.”
Try a Pally tank as a relatively straight forward and easily managed tank class. Their self-healing are great and their active mitigation are fairly easy to manage. Basically it can be run as a simple rotation mechanic without too much issue and on trash packs their snap agro is great with glopped consecration and empowered Avengers Shield and the use of big cooldowns are easier with improved forbearance.


Monk is as a change, but with all the buffs and such to manage and keep an eye on. We wouldn't say it is the "easiest" by any stretch and so would not be my first choice to tank on.
Warriors are and always have been good tanks, just from what we have read they fall slightly behind other tanks and require a lot of understanding and use of cooldowns to manage properly.
All in all, all tanks can tank end game. All the tanks have their advantages and disadvantages. No matter which one you have, you can tank to the end. No one is easiest or hardest to come over. BLZ has actually done a pretty decent job of making that possible in this space. Sure there may be certain fights that some tanks may have a small edge in, but generally speaking unless you are trying for realm firsts then that isn't an issue.
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Customer Is Always a Priority at Mmogah on WoW Gold Business

Last Week a customer made an order of 30,000 wow gold from us, and a couple of days later he wrote to us that because suspected by Blizzard “The wow gold he had received from another player known to be associated with exploitive activates”, so amount of 19547.82 gold was removed by Blizzard from his account and returned to the rightful character. This kind of case we had experienced was the first time till now, and fortunately there were no more other loses for him. We, Mmogah, always consider our services and treat our customers as a priority based on our company culture.

Therefore, we ask the buyer to provide these two kinds of proves:
1.      A screenshot of an email about the gold got removed from Blizzard in your battle net account email.
2.      A screenshot of your game play with the gold removed email from Blizzard in your in-game mailbox with your character on.
After checked the whole process of this matter and proves the buyer provided, we made a full amount compensation to this buyer to fill his lose, and he was very satisfied with the solution from us. Not only for this case, if others who meet the similar situations at Mmogah, you do not need to worry at all, we guarantee that you will get a full amount compensation from us.

However buyers need not to worry about secure issue of purchasing gold from off-game gold services, because it’s an extremely rare case after all. At our shop there are different kinds of methods for gold delivering. Moreover we also have high quality on line customer service, reasonable refund policy and all types of Mmogah discount code provided.

Secure Delivery Methods:
1.      Delivery Gold through Auction House: a secure method, but please note that buyers will get 5% less due to MB taxes from the game.
2.      Face-to-Face Trade: a safe method too. Please see how this method works below:
l  Once logged in we whisper you and designate a place to meet to make trade.
l  We ask you to give us a worthless item or items, and we give you the gold in reward.
3.      Delivery Gold via Mailbox (Not recommend): We mail WOW gold to you via mailbox in game. This method is efficient but not very safe, so we do not recommend. And for more information of WOW gold delivery methods, you can view the previous article “Legit WoW Gold Seller and Proper Trading Ways Make Your Account out of Being Banned”.

On-line Customer Service: 24/7 Customer Service Support.
If you have any questions about buying WOW gold, please do not hesitate to contact our customer reps via Live Chat, Skype: mmogah, or E-mail us Support@mmogah.com. You will get instant response in any way.

Refund Policies: 100% Refund Guarantee
If we are current out of stock of WOW gold and our buyers decide not to wait, a full refund will be immediately issued by our customer reps. Also if buyer meets the matter like we talk about above, we promise that we will give you a full amount refund for your loses.

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Shipyard and Naval Missions Guide in WOW Patch 6.2

Characters with a level 3 garrison can now construct a Shipyard in wow patch 6.2. To begin the path to construct a Shipyard, report to your Garrison and accept the “War Council” quest. You can build ships in your Shipyard and dispatch them on new Naval Missions.
Shipyards are where ships are made and sold. A shipyard community has the skills and materials to build sailing vessels. The community is situated on a river, lake or sea. The community can build and maintain a fleet of sailing vessels, or it can take on repair work for other communities as a means of gaining additional wow gold.
  • What to do first?
After open the shipyard, firstly you have to establish your own fleet. The ships of the fleet which are like fortress entourage with skills, expertise, qualities and gears to perform the naval mission. Other individual ships number are not included in the fortress.


  • How to get the ship?
All drawings unlocked and resources taken to build. In the first time you need to find the chief man for the ship construction.


  • What is the use of ship?
Sailing ships can be used to perform tasks and the fortress shipyard added a new resource of fuel, which is an important resource for future shipyard system. The maximum is 100,000. In the future, it will replace the fuel fortress resources as navigational task consumables.


  • How to successfully sail?
First, of course, upgrade the ship's equipment and quality. The quality and fortress divide into green, blue and purple. And note that there is no level after the completion of the ship. To enhance the quality only can through experience rise. Then you should install other ships and forts, the green initial default is 600, blue is 615. Currently purple has not yet announced how they were obtained.
Navy mission can be in response five types enemy, we need to dispatch ships to the corresponding execution as follows.
  •  Ground targets (transport ship)
  •  Ironclads (Battleship)
  •  Air units (submarine)
  •  Artillery (carrier)
  •  Submarine (destroyer)
Then you have to consider the weather factors, including fog, ice, turbulence, rain and other environment.


In order to finish the task in all kind of weather factors, you need to add some crews on the ships. Find the shipyard chief-man and then exchange resource.
Also with experience rising as well as the ship enhanced and crew unlocked, you also need more expertise to deal with. The respective tasks are as follows.
  • Icebreaker: frozen environment
  • Stabilizing fins: rainstorm
  • Map: corresponds to poor visibility
  • Stabilizer: turbulence
  •  Outbreak furnace: power
  • True steel rudder: speed steering
  • Shark bodyguard: mines
  • Shield: strike
  • Cycle fuel tank: faster task completion
  • Saltwater crew: saltwater
  • Unsinkable: damage control
In the Patch 6.2 PTR, Blizzard added lots of new element, you can search wow news at Mmogah, such as pet, timewalking and shipyard. In these articles you can get the latest wow news and guide.
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How to Choose a Class to Play in Final Fantasy XIV: ARR Guide at Mmogah

For many new players who play Final Fantasy XIV for the first time, it is difficult to choose a class to play. Now Mmogah makes a guide about how to choose a class.

Firstly the same as any other MMOs, classes in Final Fantasy XIV are currently split into 3 main types: Tank, Healer and DPS (Damage Per Second, simply as damage dealers). Each has their own distinctive and important role to play in party situation. You can chose what you like.
Then for most MMOs, they are sprawling affairs with a lot of different possibilities for how you develop your character. FFXIV is different from them, it is a little more flexible than others that you are not locked in the class you choose when you create your character. Once you reach Lv 10 that starting class, you’re then free to change to any of the others simply by swapping out the weapon you hold in your main hand. In this way, you can try out any of the classes the game has to offer before choosing which one you want to try and take to 50 first.
There are 10 classes in FFXIV: ARR 2.0: Warrior, Paladin, Monk, Ninja (Patch 2.4), Dragoon, Bard, White Mage, Black Mage, Summoner and Scholar. Players can unlock jobs by having one of the corresponding classes to level 30 and another class to level 15. But note that 3 new jobs in Heavensward: Dark Knight, Astrologian and Machinist, start from level 30 and do not require based classes.
Here is a form which shows primary class and secondary class of each class in Ver.2.0.

Including the 3 new classes in Heavensward, we can split all classes as following.
l  Tank: Warrior, Paladin, Dark Knight.
l  Healer: White Mage, Scholar, Astrologian.
l  DPS: Monk, Dragoon, Bard, Black Mage, Summoner, Ninja, Machinist.
All these classes are born in different main cities.
l  Gridania: Archer, Conjurer, Lancer.
l  Limsa Lominsa: Arcanist, Marauder, Rogue.
l  Ul’dah: Gladiator, Pugilist, Thaumaturge.
Of course, where the 3 new jobs in Heavensward are born is unknown now.

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World of Warcraft Patch 6.2 PTR New Boss Battle Pets Guide


In the Patch 6.2 PTR, Blizzard added lots of new mounts, trinkets, set bonuses and toys in. in this article we would like to talk about new pets that were brought in this game, and some of the pets are even limited legendary ones.
1.         Celestial Dragon: Breanni in Dalaran, one of the world’s greatest collectors of exotic pets, players can only get changes to own it by fellowing collectors whose obsession rivals her own. The pet obtains the abilities of Flamethrower, Ancient Blessing, Moonfire, Roar, Arcane Storm and starfall.
2.         Lil’ Ragnaros: this tiny aspect is from the horrible Firelord. All the abilities it has related to fire which are Sulfuras Smash, Magma Trap, Flamethrower, Magma Wave, Conflagrate and Sons of the Flame.
3.         Cinder Kitten: another pet related to fire feature. Cinder Kitten is purely a pyromaniac, so players who would like to pet them need to prepare fireproof mittens first.
Additionally there are also lots of the legendary boss battle pets that players can find on the southern coast in World of Warcraft.
According to the latest 6.2 PTR Patch Notes, another two new pets updated by Blizz. Let’s see what they are.
4.         Crusher who looks like the No.2 Boss Oregorger of Blackrock Foundry. It is also a pet from boss battle with the level of 25. The abilities of Crusher are Acid Touch, Shell Armor, Body Slam, Crush, Spiny Carapace and Demolish.
Speaking of this pet, there’s an interesting story. Actually Crusher’s original model is from a painting from a little boy named Jack whose dream is to work for Blizzard when he grow up. See the original model of Crusher.


5.         Left Shark: it is officially introduced to World of Warcraft as a battle pet. It means that now players whose characters are Death Knight or Worgen Mage can have a tiny Left Shark following behind you. Moreover, Left Shark is a level of 25 pet, and it owns abilities of Water Jet, Tidal Wave, Swallow You Whole, Tail Slap, Dazzling Dance and Rain Dance. Although it is famous in worldwide, this little Shark is actually not epic, but only in rare category. Whatever, we’ll take it. Now you only can find it in beta patch test realms, but it is going to come to Warlords of Draenor very soon with official launch day of the Patch 6.2.

In addition, if you interest in other categories of wow pets like Spirit Beasts, we recommend that you view the article “If It Was Legit to Trade Spirit Beast Animals in World of Warcraft, What’s Your Ideas?”

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How to Buy ArcheAge Gold after Secrets of Ayanad Level 55 Update

----- This is an article from one of our customers about experience of buying archeage gold

ArcheAge Level 55 has been released with the Secrets of Ayanad game update. Maybe you have already reached the goal of level 55, you must have been through a path that is filled with adventures after all the path to level 55 is long, winding and dangerous.

Forging your obsidian weapon is necessary for you to gain XP fast. But firstly, you need to find the salvaged version of a crafted illustrious weapon, collect all the materials that need, and certainly, enough archeage gold to build it. Before and after Secrets of Ayanad update, large numbers of archeage accounts had been permanently banned for participating illicit activities, also many normal players had saw their gold disappeared. Due to the severe ban wave by Trion Worlds, archeage gold market had a huge shock for quite a long time. There were too less gold in the market to meet the need of gold buyers, so most gold sellers couldn’t guarantee fast delivery. Even though the situation of the market turns better now, choosing the right way to buy gold is also important. Virtual currency is almost related to every in-game activity, buying archeage gold when you need can largely save your time and make you enjoy a better game. Then How to Buy Archeage Gold after Secrets of Ayanad Level 55 Update? You can follow my tips in the following if you are a gold buyer.

  •     Choose the seller that uses Auction House trade method

Under the market circumstance now, only the AH trade method is relatively the more secure trade method than others. Even the face to face trade method is no longer safe. So, if the sellers are responsible they will deliver to you via Auction House.
  •    Choose the seller that pays the AH Fee for you

ArcheAge Gold prices for all gold selling sites are in not too much difference. Almost all of them can offer you with coupon or bonus. So it’s better for you to choose the one that pays the AH Fee for you, in which way equals that you get 10% discount for your order.

  • Choose the seller that is owning a good reputation

Do not too much rely on the Gold Stock for the selling site, because most of them are illusive. The gold market turns better now but is still lack of gold, even if they claim that they have enough gold stock, they cannot deliver to you as fast as they say. So choosing a seller that is owning a good reputation so that when you wouldn’t like to wait anymore, they could refund you.

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None of FFXIV Gil Buyers Gets Banned at Mmogah

Recently, a large number of accounts in FFXIV got banned for in-game RMT and illicit activities by SE. Almost there are thousands of accounts banned every week. Here are screenshots that show the situation about recent two weeks.

After reading them, more and more players may feel afraid of FFXIV Gil transaction. As the largest FFXIV Gil seller that Mmogah sells FFXIV Gil for 5 years since FFXIV Ver.1.0, we can honestly tell you that not every transaction is safe without risks, but none of FFXIV buyers gets banned at Mmogah.
Firstly, currency transaction is a common situation in all MMORPG not only for FFXIV. Then FFXIV is not the first MMO for SE, FFXI is online for 13 years, there are still a large number of sellers who have many customers. In fact, SE is irregularly keeping ban of FFXIV Gil farmers. It is safe for players, because SE almost never bans FFXIV Gil buyers unless they talked about it openly or the illegal sellers revealed the buyers’ account message.
If you buy FFXIV Gil at Mmogah, you don’t need to worry about this. Firstly, our accounts which deliver to our customers are with normal character names and Lv 50. We don’t look like FFXIV Gil sellers, just like normal players, so if you don’t tell others, anyone will not know. Then the staff at Mmogah are not only sellers, but also players. We can understand the importance of account security. Mmogah can promise that we never reveal the buyers account message to anyone else, and you will never receive any in-game spam after buying FFXIV Gil at Mmogah. These are why none of the FFXIV Gil buyers got banned at Mmogah.

Except the points above, we have 4 kinds of secure delivery methods, you can choose anyone you like.
l  Face-to-Face in-game. This is the safest method and we highly recommend it. Once logged in we whisper you in game, designate a place to meet or come where you are, and make the trade. We ask that you give us an item while trading please for appearances. This is what makes it so safe. In-game trades are unavoidable and this method is virtually impossible for SE to track.
l  Through the MB (Market Board). Note that with this method you will get 5% less due to MB taxes.
l  Through FC chest. We can deposit your FFXIV Gil to your FC chest.
l  Skip the Gil, Get the item you want. We buy items off the MB then trade the items instead FFXIV Gil.

It is more necessary for FFXIV players to buy FFXIV Gil than the ones in other MMO. Different from others, there is almost no FFXIV Gil drop, and it is worthless if you sell materials and gears to vendors. For the most of the players, they don’t have enough time to farm FFXIV Gil, of course it is really boring. Actually you only need to take a few of dollars then you will get the FFXIV Gil which you may need to farm for weeks even months. It is an equal transaction.

In summary, buying FFXIV Gil instead of farming will help you enjoy the game. And FFXIV Gil buyers at Mmogah don’t get banned in the past, now and in the future. 

How to Get WOW Gold in Patch 6.2 after Token Has Released

How to Get WOW G01d in Patch 6.2 after Token Has Released

Wow Patch 6.2 is added lots of new elements, which players look forward to for a long time. But maybe players are more concerned that how to make wow g01d in WoW patch 6.2.
A number of instances are needed with high quality. With sufficient quantity, many players play a lot of times and they can easily make tons of wow g01d on it. For instance, Highmaul and Blackrock Foundary of Warlords of Draenor are the most important team instances.


With more instances released, of course, the difficulty will be higher, so World of Warcraft old players can get back to the feeling of heroic those days. Beside this, you can get wow g01d in exchange with your extra wow t0ken. We faithfully consider the value of wow Token to World of Warcraft, especially for players who enjoy the game and want get more gears. WOW token not only can be exchanged into game time but also can be exchanged into g01d. Wow Token has very close relationship to wow g01d. But wow Token cannot replace wow gold of Mmogah. If you want to know more details of wow t0ken, please see the article at Mmogah which named WoW Players Can Trade Purchased GameTime for In Game G01d.
As Patch 6.2 gets started to test on public test realms, players are looking forward to discussing all of the new features and content coming to World of Warcraft. It introduces seven different weekend events that will run from noon Friday through noon Monday every week. When players timewalk these dungeons, they’ll find that their characters’ powers and gears have been scaled down to a fraction of what they normally are.

Timewalking will be available to characters who are level 71 and higher for Burning Crusade content, and level 81 and up for Wrath of the Lich King dungeons. It will open up only during certain three-day-long weekend holidays. While Timewalking, your power will be adjusted down to the level of the Heroic dungeon, but you’ll retain all of your skills and talents. BLZ will also be testing additional rewards, such as a level 100 quest that rewards one Seal of Tempered Fate per weekend, so keep an eye on the in-game calendar. A good challenge deserves a good reward, so go along with scaling you down, BLZ is going through most every piece of loot in each Timewalker dungeon and scaling it up. That’s right, when you timewalk through Utgarde Pinnacle, take down King Ymiron, and loot his Red Sword of Courage, it will scale up to an item level appropriate for use at your level. WoW Patch 6.2 Highlights will tell you more details.


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WoW Strategy Guide of Blackrock Foundry No.3 Boss Beastlord Darmac


Database and background of Beastlord Darmac:
Boss Darmac rapidly rose through the ranks of the Thunderlord as a young and talented orc trainer of beasts. Comparing with other orcs who only saw animal instincts, Darmac not only emphasizes on bone and muscle of beasts but also their intelligence and potential from brain. Therefore Darmac trained and output the most savage beasts of Daenor when the Iron Horde demanded.

Where you can find Beastload Darmac?
Players can find the boss Darmac in the Breaking Grounds, the 2nd exit on the right of the workshop in World of Warcraft.


Profession configuration suggestions:
10 Men Team: 2 Tanks, 3 Heals, 5DPS
20 Men Team: 2 Tanks, 5 Heals, 13DPS
30 Men Team: 2 Tanks, 6-7 Heals, 20-21DPS

Tip: Try to increase numbers of heals during instance raid period, then generally decrease numbers of heals when team members are proficient with this instance.

Boss Beastlord Darmac Tips & Strategy:
In the beginning Darmac attacks players by ways of walking towards them in front of a group of tamed and brutal beasts. When Darmac’s HP decreases to 85%, 65% and 45%, he will choose the savage beast which is in the best condition of Health to mount in order to retain some of the abilities for remaining fight.

-Before Darmac’ HP decreasing to 85%, 65% and 45%, players need to defeat all the tamed and brutal beasts around Darmac speedily in order to avoid Darmac mounting and force him to the next phase.

-Prime beast of Dreadwing, the Rylak locates at Point A who grants the ability Superheated Shrapnel to Darmac.

-Prime beast of Ironcrusher, the Elekk locates at Point B who grants the ability of Tantrum.

-Prime beast of Cruelfang, the Worg locates at Point C who grants the ability of Rend and Tear to Darmac.

-There are packs of beasts at Point D.

-After that there will be a long phase to fight Darmac who is with all three abilities granted by the three prime beasts.



-When fight comes to the 3rd phase, try to not sustain at Phase three too long and suggest that team members who have skill of Bloodlust can leave them in this phase.

-Dodge the damage skill of Pinned Down. But if a member got Pinned Down, others need to immediately kill the Heavy Spear on that member.

-Ranged, especially Ranged DPS must spread out to avoid excessive movement and make sure that the damage skills of Conflagration and Rend and Tear from Darmac are never spread.

In a word, analyze each previous data of fight, try more times, and improve players’ performance.

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WoW Patch 6.2 Highlights

World of Warcraft brand new Patch 6.2 was available this Wednesday on the PTR. According to the official patch notes from Blizzard there are tons of new changes and contents added since the last Patch 6.1. Players who like to forestall to experience them can go and try now.
In this patch there are new outdoor zone of The Invasion of Tanaan Jungle, new raid of Hellfire Citadel and etc.Here we would like to emphasis on two highlights which are the new Garrison feature of Shipyard and the Timewalking Mode to World of Warcraft in this article. Because of interrupted by landform situation, the unfinished place of level 100 in Dreenor called Tanaan Jungle is an unapproachable zone to players. Now in this new patch players can land this zone by building ships. “It’s time to take the fight back to The Iron Hord in Tanaan Jungle!” See the details of the Shipyard mission below.
  • Constructing Shipyard requirement: Characters with an at least level 3 Garrision.
  • Players need to report to your Garrison first, and then receive and accept the quest called War Council. After that you can start to construct your own Shipyard.
  • In this patch, there’s another mission called Naval besides Shipyard, so after finishing building ships players need to deliver them on the mission of Naval. These information are not all, Blizzard will reveal new ones later, so please rub your eyes and wait.
If you like to know more details about  the Shipyard mission, you also can view the article "How Do You Like Shipyard of New Garrison  Features in WoW Patch 6.2?"
World of Warcraft players should be very familiar with dungeons in game which had been considered as great and fun solo places. Now in this patch they are brought back by Blizzard with a new difficulty levels, and named with a brand new feature called “Timewalking”. See below information of how it works:
  • In general there are 7 alternated weekend events that will be introduced in this patch, and running time will be from noon Friday to noon Monday each week.
  • There are two out of seven events will become Timewalking weekends. “When you Timewalk these dungeons, you’ll find that your character’s power and gear has been scaled down to a fraction of what normally are.” Revealed by World of Warcraft official website.
As a saying “A good challenge deserves a good reward.” Why not try them in the PTR now? Players can find the Timewalking mode of the dungeons for testing in those places in World of Warcraft. The Arcatraz, Utgarde Pinnacle, Black Morass, The Nexus, Mna-Tombs, Halls of lightning, The Shattered Halls, Gundard, The Slave Pens and the last one is The Old Kindom of Ahn’kahet. Additionally, although the concept is the same, but the difficulty levels are totally different from the original ones, so wowers, have you prepared your characters’ gears already for the new challenges yet? As a professional
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Strategy Guide of Blackrock Foundry to World of Warcraft: Oregorger

Background of Oregorger:
Oregorger seems the largest size invader of goren by far in Draenor to World of Warcraft. As a greedy rock-eating goren he eagers for large amounts of heaps of unprocessed ore in the storehouses of the Blackrock Foundry which is a grand and delicious banquet for him.
Item Level Requirements:
  • LFR: Item Level 655
  • Normal: Item Level 670
  • Heroic: Item Level 685
  • Mythic: Item Level 700
Loot & Rewards Chart of each Mode:

Tips and Strategies:
There are two different phases for taking Oregorger. In general the first one is single-target with low movement of him, and on the second phase he will have heavy movements.
  • Tank needs to drag Oregeorger to a very clear spot in a corner of the storehouse room.
  • Position of Ranged and Healers should stand in a passageway on Oregorger’s side.
  • Position of Melees need to take the spot behind him.
There are some basic information and main damage skills from Oregorger that player should know first. The starting mana of Oregorger is 100, and as he runs out of all 100 mana, the second phase comes. In the first phase, Blackrock Barrage, Acid Torrent and Retched Blackrock are the three main damage skills from him.
  • Team members should interrupt Blackrock Barrage in the first time when Oregorger releases the skill.
  • The position of Off-tanks need to soak the skill of Acid Torrent.
  • When the skill of Retched Blackrock is released by Oregorger, the position of Ranged need to pay attention and run out of the skill as soon as possible to avoid heavy damages from the boss.
In phase 2, Oregorger will into the mode of Rolling Fury which is also the main damage skill from him. At this time he presents a status of moving throughout the encounter area in order to search and find Blackrock ore to eat. 
Tip: At this time, members need to find and destroy Ore Crates to display the ore out, but the movement of rolling direction of Oregorger is unpredictable, so which Ore Crate need to be destroyed first is not easy to predict. (See the movement route and suggestion in the image)

After finishing eating 10 boxes of Ore Crates Oregorger will re-enter to the first phase with full mana of 100. Players need to remember that comparing with the second phase, the first phase is where players can make the most damage to the boss, because in this phase he is nearly in stationary mode, so don’t loss this chance and try to release more damage on him. If you guys is looking for the strategy guide of the first boss of Gruul, you can view the article of “Strategy Guide of Blackrock Foundry to World of Warcraft: Gruul”.
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