12 New Additions in FIFA 18 You Should Know

The release of FIFA 18 is just around the corner. As always, there will be a lot of new additions in FIFA 18. Today MmoGah as a safe and professional fifa coins store gives a summary about the new additions in FIFA 18.


Overhaul Stadium Crowds
Most notably, player animations look smoother and faces more human. On top of all that, look at how the crowds appear more natural when Ronaldo blazes a free kick above the defensive wall and into the net.

EA has always loved the idea of creating a football experience akin to attending a match, and the players in attendance cheering on their respective teams play a part in that.

The fact is that they move like an organic group of people, not animated puppets going through the motions, which is encouraging.

Fore more details, you can click this link: https://www.mmogah.com/news/fifa/12-new-additions-in-fifa-18-you-should-know.


MmoGah – No.1 FFXIV Power Leveling Website in Google

Since FFXIV Patch 4.0 came out, more gamers have chosen to find a website within 2 months. When you search “FFXIV Power Leveling” in google, you can find MmoGah ranks No.1. Why MmoGah is so popular?


MmoGah established a FFXIV Power Leveling handwork team since the game came out in 2010, so far it has fulfilled thousands of ff14 power leveling orders in the past years. Its team members have grown up to the professional Final Fantasy XIV players in the process. 100% handwork, 100% hardwork, and 100% safework make MmoGah receive highly positive reviews from its loyal and new customers. MmoGah can meet any customers’ requirements, and if you can find what you need, you can just customize your own power leveling service.

Here are the instructions shown on FFXIV Power Leveling Landing Page that MmoGah hopes that any customer had better know about clearly before placing an order.

1. We can only play on PC. If your account is a PS 4 (PS 3, Mac or Collector’s Edition) account, please add PC key(s) for it.

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3. You can play your account after you have placed your order, but if you want to play your account during the power leveling, please contact us via Live Chat, Email, Skype, SMS to discuss a time.

4. After you have played your account, please contact us to inform one of our reps. We need you to reset your password after we relogin. We suggest that you’d better not play your account during the service to avoid possible delay delivery.

5. Our player plays your account around 16 hours a day, who will boost your character as fast as possible.

6. If you can’t find the service you need on our site, please contact us to ask one of reps, who will help you to find out a solution.

Note: for customers who want to buy 60 - 70 power leveling, you need to complete The Far Edge of Fate first, and then we can start helping you complete the class level what you asked, in addition to we will also complete the most of 60 - 70 main scenario quests for free, at least complete The Price of Freedom, which totally proves that we are definitely handwork without paying the cost of main scenario quests.

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What Is the Value of PoE Currency

In Path of Exile, the currency system is quite good and is one of the most innovative things that Path of Exile has offered to the online role-playing game, to be honest, there's no denying that it can be confused for beginners. As there is no central currency and a barter trading system, the variety of currency items that are being traded back and forth for buying and selling Path of Exile Items. Therefore, it is necessary for new players to familiarize themselves with how the economy works in this game.

As most of the veterans should know, trading itself is kind of a mini-game that follows a lot of real life rules and is an integral part of the gameplay experience. Some PoE Currencies are scarcer than others, so their values are different from each other. Trading ratios are central to the understanding of Path of Exile's economy, so remembering the important ones are crucial for not getting ripped off when you plan to buy stuff from other players and being able to make the most profit if you sell something.

There are many currencies in Path of Exile, commonly known as Orbs. They are not only just for trading, but also for crafting new poe items, so inflation is not a big problem. The trading ratios are dependent on the basic concept of supply and demand, so actually this game teaches quite a bit of real world economics and you may learn something if you want.


You can sell Orbs to vendors in exchange with other Orbs, such as the hot exalted orb, and it's a good place to start if you're familiar yourself with the currency items in the game. You have to be careful since some Orbs are actually worth more due to their usefulness in player trade, so you don’t want to sell those to vendors unless you want to shoot yourself in the foot.

More information please check:https://www.mmogah.com/news/poe/what-is-the-value-of-poe-currency


The Elder Scrolls Online: Horns of the Reach DLC Game Pack and Update 15 Now Live

A new threat of man and beast plagues the Jerall Mountains. Are you ready to face the Dreadhorn Clan in the Horns of the Reach of the Elder Scrolls Online? Check out our launch article for all the details on this new DLC game pack, available with Update 15!


We are thrilled to announce that the Horns of the Reach DLC game pack and Update 15 are live on PC/Mac. This new adventure is now available free to ESO Plus Members or for purchase in the in-game Crown Store. If you're a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One player, don't worry, you'll be able to play it for yourself when it launches on console on August 29!
To get ready for the new update 15 and new DLC game pack, maybe you want to buy some Elder Scrolls Online Gold beforehand. In that case, I recommend you a safe and efficient ESO Gold seller, MmoGah.com. MmoGah is ranked No. 1 during searching “ESO Gold” or “buy ESO Gold” in Google. Why not just have a try?
The Horns of the Reach DLC game pack arrives with Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold, two brand new, challenging dungeons for four-player groups that pit you and your party against the menacing hordes of the Dreadhorn Clan.
Bloodroot Forge
Burning with hatred and thirsty for vengeance, the Reachmen have discovered the location of a dreadful secret: the Bloodroot Forge. This altar to all things primal and untamed grants a terrible power to those who would wield it. Venture into the Bloodroot Forge to stop the Reachmen and their Minotaur allies – before it's too late.

Whole information about this article please check: https://www.mmogah.com/news/eso/eso-horns-of-the-reach-dlc-game-pack-and-update-15-now-live

How to Find the Right Type of Defense in Path of Exile

In Path of Exile, the most important factor is the option available to players in the gameplay. From classes, skills, and Path of Exile Items to all the little details, you can choose what's suitable for your character. One of those things you get to know is how your character survives damage, which is the defense.

There are varieties of defensive stats in this game, in order to know which to choose, you had better know what each does, what they're dependent on, and how you can best maximize them for your character. You have armor and evasion for your damage mitigation, as well as health and energy shield for your damage absorption. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, as well as their own synergies with other character stats, so knowing how each work is crucial.


Both class and build are dependently and making the most of an attribute or PoE Currency. It's also dependent on where your character is on the passive skill tree, you take whichever has more nodes on your part of the tree. Although you may deviate however you wish, it is designed to conform to those specific character classes. If you want something optimal, then you'll have to go with whatever that class has for you.

Your survivability is endurance-based if you go for armor, so you'll have to go for a more tank-like approach with leech and block. That's what you'll likely go for if you start from the southwest side of the tree. If you stick to the top side of the tree, then you go for evasion, as well as perhaps energy shield would suit it more. Both can be bolstered with auras and other things that work best for them.

Picking which type of defense is all about knowing beforehand what kind of PoE Item and build to invest in, or vice versa. If you really think about it, despite how the game boasts being a sea of open possibilities, there's actually not that much wiggle room when it comes to determine what type of defense your character can use optimally. Your choice is pretty much in the hands of what type of character you choose to play with. It also depends on your particular play style, but that's not a big factor in this case.

More information please check:https://www.mmogah.com/news/poe/how-to-find-the-right-type-of-defense-in-path-of-exile

PvP Like a Pro: Finding the Right Partners in World of Warcraft


Competing in Arena can be a lot of fun but for many World of Warcraft players it’s difficult to get started. Here MmoGah would like to share a few of the 2017 EU Arena Regional Finalists’ secrets to success. And we will present over them the next few weeks in this three-part series: PvP Like a Pro.

Part 1 – Finding the Right Partners

Often one of the greatest challenges WoW players face when trying to get started in Arena is finding the right partners. Alec from team ABC joined us and broke it down into these three important points.

The Basics – Know Your Class

Finding the right partners starts with being a good partner for others. You need to be willing to take the time to become intimately familiar with the abilities of your class as well as with what other classes can do to counter you—this is first and foremost to success in Arena.

“In Legion, it’s quite simple. The most important step is to look up a guide to dealing damage or healing for your class.” Alec recommends using Icy Veins to find this information.

The most important step is to look up a guide...for your class.

Keep It Simple – Start With 2v2

Whole information about this article please check:https://www.mmogah.com/news/wow/pvp-like-a-pro-finding-the-right-partners-in-world-of-warcraft

'NBA 2K18' Hands-On Impression

NBA 2K18 is set to launch next month. On last Thursday, Brian Mazique has an opportunity to visit 2K headquarters and play NBA 2K18 prior its release on September 15. He played the new game on PS4 Pro, and half of the games he played came against human opponents. Below is his hands-on impression of the new game.


Dribbling and Defending
In NBA 2K17, Dribbling and Defending are two areas that have the most problems. Ballhandlers usually got stuck in an unwanted animation, and defenders often seemed to have no chance to stay in front of their opponent. In this year’s game, the two fronts have been improved noticeably. The dribble moves are far more intuitive. There's a bigger gap in skill between the elite ballhandlers and the good, average and below average. You can try all sorts of moves when you're controlling a player, if you chain the moves together properly, you can create space or some pretty amazing drives and finishes at the basket. But the defender still had the tools to stay in front of the ballhandler if he moves his feet and anticipates the next move of his opponent.
Reaching for steals will be much more costly. The better defenders or players with the high steal ratings have more success, but in general, reaching for pilfers led to more fouls in this year’s game.
Ankle-breaker sequences are still in this game, but they appear less frequently than they do in NBA 2K17.
He played two games on 2K cam and found it harder to stay in front of ballhandlers. In the current build, the court becomes wider and the long pass was probably too much of a viable weapon. The same could be said for the broadcast cam, but the long pass is a little more discouraged in that view because you can't see as far down the court. However, experience is more realistic on the broadcast view. Click for more: https://www.mmogah.com/news/nba-2k/nba-2k18-hands-on-impression


How to Buy Safe and Cheap Albion Online Gold

Albion Online has officially launched two weeks ago with great success. This brand new game has quickly attracted a lot of gamers. Albion Online Gold is a premium currency in Albion, it can be freely traded with others in the game. It is used to purchase premium account status and obtain vanity items. Compared with grinding for it, buying gold is a more fast and convenient way to improve game experience. But where and how to buy Albion Online Gold without taking any risk of getting scammed? MmoGah will answer your questions.

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With rich experience, we know very well which way is the safest to farm and trade gold. All our Albion Online Gold is absolutely hand-made in a legal way, and we adopt a method of face-to-face trading in game with customers.
In order to save your time on leveling, we also provide you with 100% handwork Albion Online Power Leveling service. Our staff who is leveling for you is located within the U.S.A. We take legal and safe boosting methods which won't get your account banned. Click for more: https://www.mmogah.com/news/albion-online/how-to-buy-safe-and-cheap-albion-online-gold

Launch Patch #1 of Albion Online Is Now Live

 Albion Online launched two weeks ago with great success, but the number of players since launch has far exceeded all of forecasts. This amazing success came hand-in-hand with some server and performance issues. The development team have been working day and night to get rid of these issues, and improving the game experience for everyone. This patch includes some changes to help with the cities, especially Caerleon, being overpopulated, by putting hot spots in their own separate map. This will help relieve the pressure on the cities. They are still working on stabilizing the server issues.


The development team also pushing out many other changes and fixes such as making farms default settings private, and fixing the issue where excess Fame would not overflow to the next level. Click for more: https://www.mmogah.com/news/albion-online/launch-patch-1-of-albion-online-is-now-live

Combat Basics Guide of ESO

As you roam Tamriel, you'll be called upon to defend yourself and others from attack. Sometimes, you might even be the aggressor! You can find basic information on combat in the Elder Scrolls Online below.
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On PC/Mac you can use the left mouse button to perform attacks with your fitted out weapon. If playing on consoles, you can use "RT" if on Xbox One or "R2" if on PS4.
There are two types of basic attacks:
   •Light Attacks, performed by pressing the attack button, do a modest amount of damage
   •Heavy Attacks, performed by holding the attack button, do a large amount of damage
In addition to doing more damage, using a Heavy Attack also regenerates resources based on the weapon used. A staff regenerates Magicka and all other weapons regenerate Stamina.
Combat in The Elder Scrolls Online is resourced based (most abilities cost either Magicka or Stamina), so be sure to use Heavy Attacks to increase your resource pool when needed!

Whole information about this article please check: https://www.mmogah.com/news/eso/guide-to-combat-basics-in-the-elder-scrolls-online

Elysium: Naxxramas PTR Opening for Further Testing

Naxxaramas PTR opened for further testing on August 14. Since the first PTR of Naxxarams on July 12, Elysium development team have been working non-stop to ensure the quality of Naxxaramas, and all wings will be opened up for players to test.

As one of the best Elysium gold sellers, we would like to share this updated news that from Elysium Project.


“Please read the following information regarding further testing:
Players will be able to create level 60 characters.
Anathema, Darrowshire and Elysium are invited to test.
In Orgrimmar and Ironforge, you will find an NPC who will give you consumables, frost resistance gear, various raid gear and enchants. This NPC will be located where you teleport to after speaking to the Teleport-NPC which is described:
There will be a Teleport-NPC located in all starting areas to get you to Orgrimmar or Ironforge. This NPC will allow you to be directly teleported to Naxxaramas, as well as other locations in Azeroth, in order to test the 'Scourge Event' which will be added to the PTR during the next few weeks.

For more details, you can click this link: https://www.mmogah.com/news/elysium/elysium-naxxramas-ptr-opening-is-coming-this-evening.

A Summer of Events in Guild Wars 2

MmoGah is excited to share more information about Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire™ with Guild Wars 2 fans this summer!


If you want to buy GW2 Gold or GW2 Items to fully prepare for this event, MmoGah will be one of your best choices. When you search “guild wars 2 gold” or “guild wars 2 items” in Google, you will find MmoGah always ranks high. We have Safe GW2 Gold so there will be less risks for gold being removed. Moreover, none of our customers got banned for buying gw2 items or gw2 gold until now. With over 10 years’ experience in the gaming industry, MmoGah is really worthwhile for you to have a try!


Our first stop will be Cologne, Germany. On Thursday, August 24, we will hold our Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire community meet and greet. There are a limited number of spaces available, so be sure to RSVP by filling in this form. Attendees will meet with the European community team and ArenaNet employees to celebrate the fifth anniversary of GW2 and talk about the upcoming Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire expansion. We will provide the loot, raffles, and discussions!

Whole information about this article please check:https://www.mmogah.com/news/guild-wars-2/a-summer-of-events-in-guild-wars-2

Things You Can Achieve in the First Week of Albion

MmoGah goes on sharing knowledge with beginners in Albion Online. Your first week goals:
1. Play your first expedition
Expeditions are instanced dungeon experience where you play solo or in a group (group expeditions start at T4 in the next city). You will not get as much benefits as you did in open world dungeons. However they are a safe way to get fame. Additionally, you’ll get a daily bonus for each expedition.


Requirements for T3 solo expedition
· You need to have an item power of at least 250. Item Power Article
· Wearing a full T3 armor set can give you easily above 330 item power
· You must have unlocked the first Reaver node on the Destiny Board

2. Go into a (solo) open world dungeon
If you want to be faster instead of doing expeditions, you can go into the open world dungeons which you can find everywhere in Albion. Most of them are suited for solo players as well, especially in the Tier 3 zones. They have a green shine on the world map while the group dungeons have a blue shine. Click for more: https://www.mmogah.com/news/albion-online/things-you-can-achieve-in-the-first-week-of-albion



Where Is the Best Place to Buy WoW Power Leveling before Patch 7.3


As one of the most popular MMORPGs, World of Warcraft owns tens of thousands of players. WoW Patch 7.3 will be heading your way very soon and the frequent updates also will attract a large number of new players. As we all know, leveling up our characters by ourselves will take us a long time and it is very difficult to complete difficult dungeons, quests and weapons. Therefore, many WoW players prefer to choose a professional Power Leveling website to make their characters stronger and level up fast. So where is the best place to buy WoW Power Leveling? How to choose a Reliable WoW Power Leveling site without being scammed? How to get fast and smooth delivery? How to choose 100% Handwork WoW Power Leveling website? Here MmoGah will list the detailed answers for you.

Buying WoW Power Leveling – 100% Handwork at MmoGah

As a trustworthy game currency and power leveling website, MmoGah provides 100% handwork WoW Power Leveling. As you know, grinding levels in game is a horse work, much kind of which will take days or weeks to achieve your goal. In this case, if you don’t have enough time for this boring and meaningless work, MmoGah will do it for you with cheap prices but top-quality services.

MmoGah has elite boosters in WoW Power Leveling team who can help you with whatever power leveling you want, no spam and no bot. We own a group of professional players who can complete your WoW Powerleveling orders fast and smoothly. Our boosters who are leveling for you are located in the US and we use legal and safe boosting ways to avoid you getting banned. If your accounts get banned during leveling, we will compensate you and you can contact us to negotiate the details of the compensation.

In addition, we will guarantee your account’s security and will never reveal your information to any third party.


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Where Is the Best Place to Buy 3.0 PoE Items

The Fall of Oriath in Path of Exile has been released for more than one week, seeing from the official website statistic, millions of players are playing the new version now. From this we can understand that the Fall of Oriath is very popular with all PoE players and it makes great success in this new version. That is a piece of good news for all poe fans.

In this new version, many new PoE Items come out, I think players want to get more new poe items ASAP and experience the happiness and excitement from them. However it is not easy to get what poe items you need, and it takes you more time to farm. So many players choose to buy poe items from a reliable gold selling website, which can save you more valuable time. Where is the best place to buy poe items? Some players afraid of buying poe items, because of the risk of being scammed.

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Such as: FFXIV gil ranks No.1, FIFA 17 coins ranks No.1, WoW gold ranks No.3, Elysium Gold ranks No.1,ToS silver ranks No.1, RoI Gold ranks No. 1, which prove MmoGah is a powerful game company.
Good Reputation and professional reps
You can check one site's reputation and it can help you learn more about, and you can check on Trustpilot, Ownedcore, Epicnpc and other websites. You can evaluate one site is good or not from these reviews. Such as: search MmoGah reviews on trustpilot, you can see a large number of real positive reviews from customers, which can prove MmoGah's service is the best.

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How to Make Fast Clearing in Path of Exile

In Path of Exile, if there's one resource people who play a lot but easy to ignore, the answer is time. Whatever else you can put up some PoE Currency for trade, there are 24 hours in a day that you get to make use of stuff, including playing the game. Many of these players who are serious about the game don't think about it as much as others, as they've dedicated their time and energy into playing the game, but they also have to sleep and do daily life things.

Therefore, it is crucial to be able to experience as much of the game in as short of a time as possible. That includes farming and grinding PoE Items very quickly, that's quite an important part of the game. Being able to clear areas in the game that make out the most amount of experience and poe items are not too difficult, the major part of that process is the builds and skills that go into doing what you want to do.


Do take note before you pay attention to clear speed, first you must understand that the main aspect of gameplay is survival. You have to take care of your character's survivability first, especially if you're playing in a hardcore league. Even in standard league dying is a waste of time, so you need to make preparation on health, energy shield, and/or defense first. If you are going with a build that guarantees survivability, in order not to have your character be squishy and make sure you follow what's necessary.

Being able to clear areas fast means being able to kill as many enemies as possible. That means you need to hit multiple enemies at once, whether it's splash, area-of-effect, or just something with a sweeping arc or linear penetration. There are quite a few skills like that, like Earthquake, Ice Nova, and CoC Discharge. These particular skills don't require aiming, as long as you can deliver enough damage, just casting them can kill everything in front of you.

More information please check:https://www.mmogah.com/news/poe/how-to-make-fast-clearing-in-path-of-exile


2017/18 Premier League Season Is Coming This Evening

2017/18 Premier League will be the 26th season of the FIFA Premier League, and the top English professional leagues for association football clubs. The 2017/18 Premier League Season will start from August 11th, 2017 and finish on May 13th, 2018. Today MmoGah as a professional fut coins seller would like to guide you the release date, schedule and team’s line-up.


Twenty teams will compete in the league. The top seventeen teams from the previous seasons, and three teams promoted from the Championship.

Teams promoted to the Premier League
Chelsea is the defending champion. Newcastle United, Brighton & Hove Albion and Huddersfield Town have entered the promoted teams, choosing from the 2016/17 EFL Championship.

For more guides, please click this link: https://www.mmogah.com/news/fifa/2017-18-premier-league-season-is-coming-this-evening.


SWTOR Cartel Market Specials: Week of August 8, 2017

Last week, Cartel Market Specials: Week of August 1, 2017 unleashed the Dark Side of the Force with a Sith-themed gear bundle, plus a legendary battle mask and weapon customization! Vindicated Warrior: Direct Sale Gear Bundle, Stalwalt Leader: Last Chance Item Pack Sale, Dark Side Weapon Customization: Direct Sale Tuning and Mask of Nihilus: Direct Sale Armor are all offered last week. How amazing they are! Now Mmogah will show you what this week has to offer:  

This week is focus on defending the galaxy with Jedi-inspired battle armor, plus an iconic Republic speeder and light side weapon customization.

Jedi Strategist: Direct Sale Armor - 1,800 Cartel Coins (Tuesday, August 8 - Tuesday, August 15)

Champion the light side of the Force with the finest in crafted Jedi armor, inspired by the legendary Grand Master Satele Shan.


Minas Iris: Direct Sale Speeder - 1,400 Cartel Coins (Tuesday, August 8 - Tuesday, August 15)

Shipped from the foundries of Tatooine, this fabled land cruiser is a must for any smuggler in need of a quick getaway.


Light Side Weapon Customization: Direct Sale Tuning - 2,400 Cartel Coins (Tuesday, August 8 - Tuesday, August 15)

Show your connection to the Force with this rare customization, which will generate a mystical light side aura around your weapon of choice.

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The ESO: Horns of the Reach - Base Game Update Preview

When the Horns of the Reach DLC game pack of ESO launches on PC/Mac on August 14 and PlayStation®4 and Xbox One on August 29, it will come packaged with Update 15, providing a host of free gameplay updates, fixes, and additions. If you'd like to learn more about some of Update 15's base game improvements, read our preview below!


To get ready for the new update 15 of the Elder Scrolls Online, maybe you want to buy some Elder Scrolls Online Gold beforehand. In that case, I recommend you a safe and efficient ESO Gold seller, MmoGah.com. MmoGah is ranked No. 1 during searching “ESO Gold” or “buy ESO Gold” in Google. Why not just have a try?
Combat Cues Settings
Combat Cue customization has now been added to the in-game Settings, allowing you to customize the colors associated with the different in-game combat cues. This setting will be especially useful to those players who have trouble identifying certain colors in game, but anybody can edit and customize the combat cues however they see fit, including color and brightness for both friendly and enemy indicators.
To customize your Combat Cues, navigate to Settings, then select Gameplay and find Combat Cues and Custom Colors under the Combat section.

Whole information about this article please check: https://www.mmogah.com/news/eso/eso-horns-of-the-reach-base-game-update

Something You Should Know about FIFA Interactive Club World Cup

Football clubs have given a huge boost to the competitive FIFA scene. The first edition of FIFA Interactive Club World Cup (FICWC) took place on August 5 in London.
“If you’ve got to this point, you’re among the best players in the world”.
The host Spencer Owen said to fans on the first day’s matches at the first-ever FICWC.


Twenty-four players, all currently signed to the EA sports divisions of professional football teams, gathered at Sky Studios in London for a long day of competitive game on EA SPORTS FIFA 17. The entire day of tournament was streamed live to a global audience. You can watch replays of the full streams live on FIFA Official YouTube channel.

The first of its kind tournament will be made up of players who represent professional football clubs aim for one of the two remaining spots in the biggest FIFA tournament - FIWC 2017 Grand Final which will be held in London from August 16 to 18.

More details you can click this link: https://www.mmogah.com/news/fifa/something-you-should-know-about-fifa-interactive-club-world-cup.


Welcome to '2K Rosters'

Of all the communities in the gaming world, the NBA 2K community is one of the strongest sects. Their feedback and participation are a big reason the franchise has reached its current heights. As the release of NBA 2K18 is approaching, members of the custom-content sub group have already put plans in motion for a tool to help fans and creators of the created rosters, players, etc.


It's called 2K Rosters and it's a new Twitter account that aims to bring together the part of 2K community that interested in custom created content. It gives fans an easy way to search for high-quality community-created content for NBA 2K18. Through this account, gamers can utilize it as a resource to find a new draft class, a new custom-roster or some uniforms to put on your MyTeam, you can find that information or anything else 2K allows gamers to creat and share.

It's also a resource for creators who want to get their projects some exposure. If you have created a really good roster, or themed draft class for PS4, XB1, PC or even the Nintendo Switch, you can shoot 2K Rosters a line in hopes of getting your project and/or Youtube channel some love.

Lastly, you can use it as a resource to find people to collaborate with on project. This is very important. Because as we know, making custom content on 2K is a hard work and it can be very tedious. You can make this Twitter account as a place to find people to collaborate with. It will make difference between completing a project and abandoning it. Click for more: https://www.mmogah.com/news/nba-2k/welcome-to-2k-rosters

What Should You Do in Second Day Adventure in Albion Online

Welcome to your second day adventure in Albion Online. MmoGah goes on sharing knowledge for your journey. After having Tier 2 gear, we are going to progress towards to T3. Here is the fastest way to do that.

1. Get all T2 tools
Our goal is to get all Tier 2 tools available to us, so we can gather T3 resources. Therefore we need to do 2 things:
First: We need to unlock Trainee Gatherer.
We do this by gathering T2 resources worth 240 Fame, and since gathering 1 T2 resource gives you 1 fame, we need to gather 240 T2 resources.
Second: We need to unlock Journeyman Refiner. We do this by refining T2 resources for 240 fame. Then we have to find the exact position of the toolmaker and craft all 5 T2 tools.
Now we are ready to move on to Tier 3!
Crafting Information:
To craft all 5 T2 tools you need 30 Birch Planks and 10 Copper Bars.

2. Choose what you want to play (your build)
Generally, Tier 4 is relatively easy unlocked. So you can’t make any mistakes when picking a build since you can easily switch later on. We will recommend you a build here but you can experiment or pick a different build. On the Albion website you can find a character builder. Within it you can find many different builds. Do not worry that most of these builds are higher tier gear, Tier 4 and Tier 6 are in many cases very similar weapons, only a few have different spells on a higher tier.
Recommended Build:
We recommend you a basic damage dealer build which is solid: Tier 4 Great Firestaff Build
Special Task:
Take your time and find the T4 items mentioned in our recommended build above.
Make sure to understand the requirements needed to unlock these. And then take a look at the T3 items you need to unlock before that.

3. Unlocking T3 weapons and armor
You need to kill monsters of Tier 2 or higher while wearing the following gear. Click for more: https://www.mmogah.com/news/albion-online/what-should-you-do-in-second-day-adventure-in-albion-online


Hiding Places in Path of Exile

A lot of features have been added to Path of Exile, even before The Fall of Oriath expansion came out. Grinding Gear Games keep the game fresh and maintain its free-to-play status, and that certainly doesn't seem like very easy. But with loyal players base have kept coming back for more, they have so much work to do. One of those is the inclusion of Hideouts, which gives each player its own personal town.

Hideouts can get award from level 3 Masters, so if you want to reach this point, you have to get into the content in the Forsaken Masters expansion. Once you have a hideout, you can invite NPCs into it so you have your very own hub that you can decorate and customize, including being able to invite 4 Masters at most. Visiting your hideout is just a matter of typing "/hideout" on your chat while in town or from any waypoint.

It can be your own quest in a way with the amount of things you can do to your hideout. Hideouts can have their own unique look. Each master who can award hideouts has its own hideout and tileset, so you can just talk to the one whose tileset you prefer. You can also switch your hideout to a different one, and there's no penalty or any other drawback in doing so. As for decorations and micro transactions, they are placed in the hideout stash so you can access them without difficulty.


Without mentioning Masters, Hideouts can't be discussed since they all come out in the Forsaken Masters expansion and are intertwined in the game. Masters in your hideout can offer daily missions that provide 250% of the Reputation and Favour of a normal mission, so you may want to do them. They also sell Path of Exile Items, and their inventories refresh upon the start of a daily mission. The higher the Reputation level, the rarer poe items you get to buy. They also sell magic PoE Items with special crafted mods to each Master.

More information please check:https://www.mmogah.com/news/poe/hiding-places-in-path-of-exile


RuneScape: Crystal Skillchompas & Tweaks

The paths to skilling mastery in RuneScape are many, but when in doubt, add a rodent.
This week brings an array of skillchompa-related updates – not least of all the introduction of crystal skillchompas, as discussed by Mod Timbo in last week’s Month Ahead live stream.


 Read on for full details of what’s new in RuneScape this week.
Crystal Skillchompas
The new tier of skillchompas can be found at the far side of the Isafdar Forest, on the coast just north of Tyras Camp (which is looking a touch lighter on trees than normal. Thanks Timbo).
Catch them from level 97 Hunter and use them from 61 Divination, Fishing, Mining or Woodcutting to enjoy better-than-ever benefits in the relevant skill.
Skillchompa Updates
We’ve also made a bunch of improvements to the way that skillchompas work overall, making them all the more useful for your skill training:
   •There is now a chance to catch multiple skillchompas at any Agility level, granting you XP for each skillchompa caught.
   •Upon attaining certain Agility thresholds, the chance to catch multiple skillchompas reaches 100%.
   •Skillchompas now work from your inventory, as well as while wielded.
   •Box traps can now be placed during combat.
   •You will now receive Invention tool XP on failing a skilling action when using skillchompas.

Whole information about this article please check: https://www.mmogah.com/news/rs/runescape-crystal-skillchompas-tweaks

Warmane Guide: Faction Change on The Burning Crusade Realms


MmoGah will share a guide for the faction change on The Burning Crusade realms with Warmane players. You can spare one minute to read it.

Faction change is irreversible and not eligible for refund.

In order to change faction, first of all you will have to create an alliance character. This character will be used only for race, name (you will be able to change it later) and appearance. Anything else (gear, reputation and so on) will be swapped and converted from your horde character.

Steps bellow should be done after you created an alliance character:

Step 1. Once you are logged on warmane official site, go to the "Services" page. You can also use this link: https://www.warmane.com/account/services.

Step 2. Select the realm (in our case Outland), after that select your horde character which on you want to transfer and select the currency. On the next dropdown select the "Faction change".


Whole information about this article please check:https://www.mmogah.com/news/warmane/warmane-guide-faction-change-on-the-burning-crusade-realms


DFO: Tower of Anguish Dungeon Is Coming on August 8

Good News! Tower of Anguish Dungeon and a series of activities are coming tomorrow. DFO fans can learn detail contents and ready enough dfo gold in advance. Here MmoGah as one of the best dfo gold sellers would like to share the updated news that from DFO official site.


Tower of Anguish Dungeon
New content:
1. The Tower of Anguish dungeon will be added to the Valley of Fallen Souls area.
2. 100 formidable adventurers have claimed the tower, and they are waiting for some worthy opponents.
3. Your minimum level is 90, and then you can enter this dungeon.
4. You can enter it once a day per account. This entry limit is reset daily at 09:00 a.m. (UTC).
5. Your Explorer Club Level affects your maximum account entry limit. (Not applied to character entry limit)
- Explorer Club Lv. 1-6: Entry count +1
- Explorer Club Lv. 7-11: Entry count +2
6. You can check your remaining entry count in the Dungeon Description/Supporter Selection/Character Selection windows. Your entry count is reset daily at 09:00 a.m. (UTC).

For more guides, you can click this link: https://www.mmogah.com/news/dfo/dfo-tower-of-anguish-dungeon-is-coming-on-august-8.

Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Is Coming on SEPT 22


Announcing Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire

MmoGah is thrilled to tell you all about Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire™, the second expansion for Guild Wars 2. Soon you will train mounts to help you explore in all-new ways, unlock nine new elite specializations to customize your playstyle, and discover the vast lands of the Crystal Desert and Elona. An epic chapter in the Guild Wars 2 story awaits you—hunt down the rogue god Balthazar and put a stop to his campaign against the Elder Dragons!


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Where can I find more information?

For an overview of all of the expansion features—along with images, videos, and details—please visit the official Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire website.
For answers to frequently asked questions, visit the knowledge-base article.
You can check out the video below to learn all about Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire from Game Director Mike O’Brien and members of the ArenaNet development team:

When can I buy it?

Whole information about this article please check:https://www.mmogah.com/news/guild-wars-2/guild-wars-2-path-of-fire-is-coming-on-sept-22

ESO Update 15 - Battlegrounds Update Preview

As part of the release of ESO’s Update 15 and the Horns of the Reach DLC game pack this August, Battlegrounds players will enjoy the free addition of an all-new game mode and map! Want to know more about what's coming to ESO: Morrowind's 4v4v4 PvP arena? Check out our preview below!
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When Update 15 and the Horns of the Reach DLC game pack update arrives, you will be able to play a brand-new Battlegrounds game mode as part of the regular Grab Bag queue: Chaosball.
In Chaosball, your goal is simple: capture and hold onto the “ball" for as long as possible to earn points for your team. The team that reaches 500 points or has the most points when the timer runs out, wins.
Of course, holding onto the ball is not as easy as it sounds. While the other teams try to steal it from you, the ball itself will hit you with a healing and shield debuff and cause irresistible damage to you and nearby teammates that increases over time. Hot potato!

Whole information about this article please check: https://www.mmogah.com/news/eso/eso-horns-of-the-reach-battlegrounds-update

What Should You Do in Your First Day in Albion Online

Welcome to your first day in Albion Online. MmoGah share some knowledge of what you should do in your first day in this medieval fantasy world. Firstly, let us make sure you have everything you need to succeed in this vast, exciting, and dangerous world.

What should you do in your first day in Albion?

You have 4 goals:
1. Complete the Destiny Board Tasks where you login for the first time
What you have to do is written in the top right corner of your screen. There are various instructions. This video will help you to achieve them (Because the video is unlisted, only those with the link can see it, please click to view https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RenamXTvqU)

Special Hint:
When you get task #1 (Gather 3 Rough Logs) you gather 25 Rough Wood instead!
When you get task #2 (Gather 3 Rough Stone) you gather 21 Rough Stone instead!
When you get task #5 (Gather 3 8 Scraps of Hide) you gather 18 Scarps of Hide!

The last task is to leave the island. Do not do it yet, first you should: Craft all remaining T1 tools, so that you have 5 tools total; Craft the whole T1 armor set, so that you have Beginners Mercenary Chest, Hood and Shoes; Craft a Beginner Shield. You can do all of the above later as well but it’s easier done on the starting island.

2. Make yourself comfortable with the Destiny Board
Having done all the first destiny board missions, when you get into the city, there will be many different tasks for you to fulfill. Open the Destiny Board and click on any node, try to get an understanding of this tool:


Click for more: https://www.mmogah.com/news/albion-online/what-should-you-do-in-your-first-day-in-albion-online


Guide to FIFA 18 Companion App - IOS and Android

Keep the world of FUT close at hand with FIFA 18 Companion App! Manage your FUT 18 club while you're away from your console or PC. With the Companion App, you can prepare your squad for the next big match, bid on that last minute Transfer and find exciting new Players and Items in Packs.


                            What is FIFA 18 Companion App?
FIFA Companion app is a free Mobile App for IOS and Android devices from EA Sports. To be precise, it is the FIFA 18 Web App’s exclusive version, which is compatible with the smartphones. You can access to teams in the FUT Championship from an earlier stage.

With this App, you can manage your FIFA 18 Ultimate Team club when you need it and want it, purchase packs, access to transfer market and buy items, consumables, staff or players. It will provide you with a head start into the game.

For more guides, please click this link: https://www.mmogah.com/news/fifa-17/guide-to-fifa-18-companion-app-ios-and-android.

The Fall of Oriath New PoE Items Are on Sale Now

The Fall of Oriath launches in less than several hours. I know all players are eager to get prepared before the launch. Some new and exciting PoE Items are going to be part of the Fall of Oriath expansion. While these items are very interesting, we want all the poe fans to know more about these new poe items. The most important is How to buy safe PoE items without getting scammed?


The official website has listed upcoming changes to the passive tree in the 3.0.0 Patch Notes. Inside you can see there are 24 new unique poe items as well as some new skill and support gems. As a famous brand and professional gold selling website, MmoGah is also concerned about the new poe items. Depending on more than 10 years’ working experience and the best 7/24 hours’ online service reps, MmoGah has become the first choice of all poe players. Why most of players choose to buy poe items at MmoGah? Now let’s know more about MmoGah.

1. Secure Delivery of PoE Items
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Hardcore Approach in Path of Exile

There is concern about how players can take to the new patch Fall of Oriath when it comes out on Aug 4, especially from a genre as beloved. It is no problem for those who are familiar and fans of genre in Path of Exile, but developers and publishers always seem to have concern for those who are new to the genre. In game development, learning curve and sophistication are elements of gameplay. Xbox One is a meaningful experimentation, and developer hopes to make use of this platform to attract more players.

It's often perceived by a lot of developers that the gameplay should be as simple as possible. However, designers and developers have gone the opposite route in recent years. Such games include Path of Exile, which has taken the action role-playing game genre to a new direction.


No PoE player can enjoy this game without using PoE Currency, especially in the coming new patch 3.0. The official website has announced that more than 24 new poe items will be released together with the new patch. So I think more and more poe items should be used in the future, maybe a lot of people like me want to buy poe items from a reliable and trustworthy website, MmoGah should be your first choice, because they never cheat us and they have professional 7/24 hours online service reps to help us solve any problems. More than 10 years working experience and good reputation can guarantee our account safe. We can buy safe and cheap poe exalted orb here.

Grinding Gear Games plan to create a game while conveying a new age for the ARPG genre with innovations and whole new ways of playing. When new players look at the passive skill tree, they're intimidated by the sheer volume. Certainly, it's simple once the concept is understood, so it's no longer intimidating and players get used to it. But developers don’t want to stop Grinding Gear Games.
More information please check:https://www.mmogah.com/news/poe/hardcore-approach-in-path-of-exile


FUT 18 Live Stream Revealed: More FUT Icons and New Features

During the FUT 18 Live Stream, Electronic Arts revealed Many Icons, new FUT 18 features, including Objectives, Squad Battles and Champions Channel. MmoGah as a professional fifa coins store guides you to learn more about them. Try to build your dream squad and be part of the most popular mode in FIFA.

All FUT icons will have three versions that represent the progresses they made during their careers.
Icons in their own words
FUT 18 Icons Roberto Carlos, Alessandro Del Piero, Michael Owen and more look back on the key moments of their footballing careers that define their Stories in FUT 18.
Play with the most Iconic legends of football
The most iconic legends of football are coming to FUT 18 with Icons. Explore each Icon’s distinct versions with Story, featuring unique item for milestone career moment.

More details you can click this link: https://www.mmogah.com/news/fifa-17/fut-18-live-stream-revealed-more-fut-icons-and-new-features.

The Latest News and Events for Warmane Players

As a top-performing private server of World of Warcraft, Warmane has attracted lots of players. Here MmoGah will share the lastest news and events with warmane players!



Alliance faction perks on Outland are no longer active. Warmane will continue to monitor trends and statistics to ensure that the gameplay remains enjoyable.

Warmane [TBC]: Hero of the Mag’har

You can discover the fury within Garrosh's heart in our most recent Burning Crusade showcase! Hero of the Mag'har quest will come to our Burning Crusade realms on the next update!

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Events August 1st - August 6th

Whole information about this article please check:https://www.mmogah.com/news/warmane/the-latest-news-and-events-for-warmane-players

Why We Choose MmoGah to Buy PoE Items

With the coming largest patch Fall of Oriath, Path of Exile certainly will be successful in numerous MMORPGS. The official website has made a countdown board and we all know that it will be released on Aug 4. You can experience new content and features, new skill gems as well as some new unique poe items.

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We are waiting for the new patch Fall of Oriath with all poe players together, and we hope you can have a good time in the new patch.

ESO: Monthly Community Guides of July 2017

The Elder Scrolls Online community creates a huge amount of useful guides each and every month. Here comes the Guides of July 2017. Welcome back to ESO Community Guides, our monthly breakdown of some of the most interesting, informative, and entertaining community-created guides!


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Legendary Gaming – Vampire Guide Pros & Cons
Alex talks about the strengths and weaknesses associated with Vampirism in ESO. Are you thinking about becoming a child of the night? Check out this detailed guide.

Whole information about this article please check: https://www.mmogah.com/news/eso/elder-scrolls-online-monthly-community-guides-of-july-2017


Timewalking Wrath of the Lich King in World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft Bonus Event is underway and we’re headed to Northrend to do some Timewalking.
Northrend Timewalking is back!


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This Week (August 1-8)

All week, open Group Finder (default hotkey: i) and then select Dungeon Finder and Timewalking in the Type dropdown. When you hit ‘Find Group’, you will be matched up with other players and sent to one of the following Heroic dungeons:
  • Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom
  • Gundrak
  • Halls of Lightning
  • The Nexus
  • Utgarde Pinnacle
  • Pit of Saron

Whole information about this article please check:https://www.mmogah.com/news/wow/timewalking-wrath-of-the-lich-king-in-world-of-warcraft