The Best Way to Make FFXIV Gil Fast in Patch 2.3 in Final Fantasy: ARR

The Best Way to Make FFXIV Gil Fast in Patch 2.3 in Final Fantasy: ARR

FFXIV GIL is definitely needed for various consumption in the game Final Fantasy: ARR as equipment and repair, buff-food and potion, housing and the incoming private chamber, teleporting etc. so making enough gil by FFXIV gamers is necessary for everyone. I think most players know that there are 7 ways to make ff14 gil in current patch which are Quests, Challenge Log, Crafting, Gathering, Converting, Dungeons and Market Board. Happily, the best way to make ffxiv gil will be implemented in the next patch 2.3.

The new way is named Desynthesis which is a new crafting ability that reduces items into to their constituent parts. Desythesis can be used on a number of different items including equipment, housing, furnishings and fish. So these items that would be useless anymore can be desynthesized to useful materials to be sold in the MB or to NPC to get gil or synthesized to other useful items. And special items can be yielded sometimes, then you can sell them to get good earning if you don't use it. Because it must be leveled first, some players must think it will be a waste on time and gil, but it pays off in the end and I think it is a long-term best investment up to now.

If you really don’t have time to level your Desynthesis by yourself, you can buy FFXIV Power Leveling. When one of it reaches to full 100, you will be able to use it to make a bunch of FFXIV GIL for your future gaming. Keep in mind, Desynthesis must be a long-term best investment.

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A Communication Process with a FFXIV GIL Buyer about Paypal Payment Chargeback

Yesterday, a FFXIV GIL buyer claimed chargeback, here is the communication with him. After this communication, he cancelled the chargeback claim on paypal.

Mmogah to J
For your Orderid:20143700015265 on May 29, we have delivered you already, why you said "the goods or services purchased were either damaged or not as described" and tried to chargeback. Can you check it again please? Thank you!


J to Mmogah
If you see my past transactions.  I have bought from you guys quite a lot.  I had only one charge-back because I never received my gold.  I am not sure if it was lost or possibly taken by a game master, but I never received it.  I keep buying from you because I assumed it was just a mistake and you guys have always been perfect except that one time.

Mmogah to J
We did deliver your Gil, here are the screenshots.

J to Mmogah
I did not just buy from you guys once.  I bought from you many many times.  I only did once charge-back.  I was never contacted with one of the purchases.  That is all I know? I have bought a lot since then also.  You can't really tell which purchase these screenshots are even from honestly?

Mmogah to J

I think, you know we are not a scam site. We are always trying to do the best service to our customers as we can. We never did or will never do any fake screenshots or use other transaction’s screenshots to cheat PayPal company 
to steal customers' money.

You claimed chargeback with the reason: the goods or services purchased were either damaged or not as described. In fact, because it is virtual goods, PayPal company will not give this money to you at the end. But we still hope you can find what's the problem, where the Gil went. We both resolve it via the fact.

You have bought FFXIV GIL from us total 4 times. We have all the different screenshots for each trade. You know, every screenshot has its unique name with the exact time, of course has different scene and character describe for every trade on each picture. In the following
 emails. we will send you every order and its correspondent screenshots, hope that you can check every screenshot carefully. We are honest!


J to Mmogah
Hmm, you guys must be right then.  This was obviously my fault and I apologize. I must have got orders confused and I honestly thought I didn't get one. I will cancel this ASAP.  I am very glad you helped me clear this up!

Mmogah to J
OKay, Thank you :) let us know when you cancel it please :P

J to Mmogah
I just did. I should have checked with you guys first. I acted to quickly and I apologize.

Mmogah to J
No problem.

The chargeback got resolved fast and smoothly. That is just a mistake from J. Thanks J for giving us a chance to show this progress to everyone. Trust Mmogah.com as trust yourself.

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Frontline Footage in Patch 2.3 in Final Fantasy XIV:ARR

Most of FFXIV players are curious at Frontline details in patch 2.3. This PvP part FFXIV Powerleveling is so attractive to many gamers.

Frontline is a 72 players battle, which is 24 vs. 24 vs. 24, and the battle will take 30 minutes. but this number could be changed after SE’s stress tests. For players new to PvP will not have a hard time with Frontline. Frontline will involve a large number of players, and the requirements to participate, as well as the balancing of player attributes, have been adjusted to make it quite accessible. So even if you’ve never tried PvP before, it’ll be something everyone can enjoy. Don’t worry about it.
Upon entering Frontline, players will start off at the landing for their Grand Company. Players will arrive here by airship. Frontline is a battle split between three powers of influence, and these three powers are the Twin Adders of Grindania, the Maelstrom Limsa Lominsa, and Immortal Flames of Ul’dah.
Frontline takes place in an area known as the "Borderland Ruins" which is located in the Carteneau Flats, where tragedy struck during the "End of an Era" trailer, is the battlefield for Frontline.  This outpost also serves as a respawning point for players that are defeated out in the field, but you won't be able to return here after leaving. Once you drop down, you have no choice but to fight. In the field you'll also be able to ride mounts, and a PvP reward is the warsteed mount. You'll fight on this field split into three groups of 24. Players will be matched in alliances, where they can communicate with one another, use signs and waymarks, etc., just as they would in the Crystal Tower.
Each city-state will have a main outpost, which cannot be attacked by opposing teams. Players can earn points by defeating other players, but the main focus of Frontline is the occupation of territory. With that said, players will want to keep an eye out for key locations such as outposts and ruins. They will be marked by a flag, and by entering the area near these flags and remaining there for a certain amount time, you can take over and occupy the area. In total, there are six key locations, and while you can occupy them to generate points, an opposing team can also take them from you. On the screen you can see that I'm alone inside of this flag area, but if an enemy enters, the area will become contested. If multiple opponents enter the area, it will begin to lean in their favor, and once the gauge is completely full, it will be taken over. We hope players enjoy strategizing over whether they want to protect their outposts or go out to claim others. Monsters will also occasionally spawn in the area, so your primary ways of earning points will be to not only defeat opponents and occupying strongholds, but defeating these monsters as well. When time is up, the group with the most points will be declared the winner.
Although it is a 4 vs. 24 vs. 24 battle, SE has made some significant changed to the duty finder, and if it seems like it’s going to take too mich time to match, the Duty Finder will automatically scale down to 16 vs. 16 vs. 16, and again to 8 vs. 8 vs. 8. The system will calculate queue times internally and automatically make changes based on the number of players waiting to join, so players should have no problems registering via the Duty Finder. It's been designed so that no matter the time of day or how many people are available, it will be possible to queue for matches.
For the level requirements, the only requirement to participate is that you are level 50. For Frontline, a new system refered to as "item level sync" has been implemented. SE is still making final adjustments as to whether they will synce to item level 80 or 90 but if you wear equipment that is higher than this, it will be synced automatically. Additionally, the morale stat utilized in the Wolves' Den will not be used here, and fights will take place on a completely even playing field. However, you'll still be able to use PvP actions, and this is where differences will develop. In the future we may utilize item level sync for different types of battles such as time attacks.
Monsters will occasionally spawn on the field, and defeating them will influence the battle slightly. However, if you focus too much on defeating these monsters someone may creep up behind you for an attack, so please be mindful of your surroundings.
There are no limitations on roles in Frontline, so as an example, you could go in as 24 healers. However, it's also possible to change jobs at your Grand Company's main outpost. We've done away with role restrictions to prioritize the speed of party matching, so you can discuss party roles after you enter.
About rewards, you'll be able to rank up and earn action points for PvP action enhancement. You'll be able to obtain this warsteed mount as well. Also, SE realizes many players are working hard to accumulate Allagan tomestones of soldiery, so they've decided to add them as rewards for participating.
Frontline will come out in patch 2.3 which will be released probably on July 8, 2014. At the beginning, enjoy the fun that the new PvP part brings you. When you get bored but still look forward to the rewards, FFXIV Power Leveling at Mmogah.com can help you to get them all for you.

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Relic Weapon Novus Requirements and Methods in FFXIV

Quest starts at Jalzahn, you have to go talk to the materia people in Central Thanalan. You have to buy 3 Superior Enchanted Inks (500 Mythology Inks) from Rowena for 1500 Allagan Tomestones for Mythology to obtain your Sphere Scroll of which you need only one per weapon.
NPC: Hubairtin
Location: Central Thanalan Materia Camp
Your base stats (VIT, MND, DEX, STR, or INT) upgrade automatically. You don't need to worry about them for this. You can upgrade five additional bonus stats for 75 points total (PIE, CRT, DTM, SPS, SKP, PRY) which replace your current additional bonus stats of the animus weapon:
·                 Main Stat Maximum: + 44
·                 Sub Stat Maximum: +31
Accuracy, spell speed, skill speed, crit and parry cap at 44 points. Piety caps at 33 points. Determination caps at 31 points.
Each upgrade is done with an alexandrite and materia. Alternate stats that you didn't choose are removed when upgrade is complete (possibly sooner). You must go through this process, even if you want to maintain the current stats when you upgrade.
You need exactly 75 alexandrite total. A failed meld does not result in the loss of an alexandrite. They are acquired through the following ways:
·                 Atma-style fate drops (must wear animus weapon).
·                 Completing an alexandrite map (key item) obtained from using mysterious map (unique untradable item). These function the same as other treasure maps. If you fail, you lose the map. Others may help but one alexandrite is rewarded per map for the item holder alone. You can acquire a mysterious map in the following ways:
·                         Completing the daily quest "Morbid Motivation". This quest requires you to do an expert roulette (you do not need to wear your weapon for the roulette), where you will be rewarded with a mysterious map. The quest resets in the same manner roulettes do. If you don't complete the quest by the roulette reset time, you will not be able to start a new quest that day.
NPC: Brangwine
Location: Revenant's Toll
·                         Purchase a map for 800 mythology.
NPC: Auriana
Location: Revenant's Toll
·                 Update v2.3 will add another way to obtain alexandrite.
Materia is used for each meld (75 successful melds required for upgrade). Regardless of materia stats, you will gain only one point for each meld. If the melding fails, the materia is likely lost but you will keep the alexandrite catalyst. The materia tier required rises the further you progress in a particular stat.
Melding can fail. The chance of success is given before attempt. It starts with a 100% success rate that drops as you progress higher in a particular stat. When a higher tier materia is required, the success rate returns to 100% and falls similarly to the last tier. You do not need crafting skills to meld. You will keep your alexandrite in a failed meld but likely lose your materia.

Weapon Novus is so attractive and this Weapon Novus update looks complicated and interesting, however, If you want to do this, you have to do a lot of bored or repeating jobs. In this case, you can buy FFXIV GIL to purchase all types of meteria, buy part of FFXIV Powerleveling like Allagan Tomestones for Mythology and daily quest farming and so on when you don’t have enough time to do these. Mmogah.com can do these bored or repeating jobs for you, save your time. You enjoy the wonderful FFXIV game.

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Source: http://www.reddit.com/r/ffxiv/comments/27drfz/novus_upgrade_requirements_and_methods/


Ultimate Game Card(UGC) Retirement and FFXIV

Today, I read a news about Ultimate Game Card(UGC) retirement. The news made me and many FFXIV players sad. UGC Retirement Details is as following.

After seven years of having fun helping gamers pay online for virtual currency in their favorite games, Ultimate Game Card (UGC) will be retiring later this year. Ultimate Game Cards are in the process of being pulled from all retail stores and removed from online resellers. Consumers will no longer be able to buy Ultimate Game Cards after August 15th, 2014.

The last day to redeem your activated UGC codes will be September 30, 2014. So please remember to redeem your UGC codes before that date.

Related to the UGC product retirement, UltimatePoints (UPoints) will also be shut down. The last day to redeem your UPoints will be October 31, 2014.

Please note that some games might stop accepting Ultimate Game Cards and UPoints before the retirement dates so be sure to redeem your cards and points sooner rather than later! Click below for an updated list of games accepting UGC!

UGC is most players’ primary way of paying for their subscription, especially for legacy accounts. Everyone is thinking about what kind of way will replace the UGC, so do I. Whatever, Mmogah.com will always diligently offer the best service about FFXIV GIL and FFXIV Powerleveling to all of you FFXIV players. You can contact us anytime when you meet some difficulties in playing FFXIV games. We would do any service we ca do to help you out or give you some suggestion.

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