PVP Manastone Battles in Riders of Icarus

As Riders of Icarus is a very popular game now, and many players like PVP battles in this game. To participate in Manastone Battles, you will either join the Militia or need to be in a Guild Alliance (requires rank 3 guild). PvP is for experienced Riders, so your character will need to be level 28 or higher to enter the Exarahn Badlands. So level up, forge an Alliance and get ready for Manastone Battles.

The game is somewhat like capture-the-flag. Manastone Battles are scheduled events, occurring twice per week and when they start there will be a server wide announcement. A Manastone spawns at random in the Badlands, and guild alliances and militia will contest the rights to loot the Manastone. I can't help but think of the paranoid gun fights that happen over loot crates in Rust.


When the Manastone spawns, it’s a free-for-all. The Manastone will appear in a random location when it began. Various Guild Alliances and the Militia will fight to see who can loot the Manastone and return it the Vantara Manastone Oracle. Success depends on Alliance or Militia members working together as a team to secure the ultimate until they return the Manastone to the Oracle and win.


There is a full of darkness land where only the strong could survive in game, here players can pick a PvP fight in the Exarahn Badlands. With numerous roaming groups of battle-ready Riders. Every two weeks, riders can compete in Manastone Battles, the ultimate test of individual strength and group cohesion.
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FFXIV New Patch 3.4-Soul Surrender Is Coming on September 27

The big news was announced during a special fourteen-hour stream celebrating Final Fantasy XIV’s third anniversary of service, I bet all ffxiv fans know this, right? We all know that the next amazing new ffxiv patch 3.4-Soul Surrender will be released on September 27th, 2016. So, are you ready to prepare enough ffxiv gil and fast level up your account? If “No” come to mmogah.com. Ok, let’s cut the cackle and come to the main point.


This update includes the finale for Alexander raid scenario, additional story and side quests, apartments and other housing features, dungeons, a trial, adjustments to PVP and battle skills and much more!


Purchase Notice – Read It Before You Buy Pokemon Accounts at MmoGah

This Purchase Notice is used to help customers who want to Buy Rare Pokemon Go Accounts at Mmogah.com, which every one of you should follow. We emphasize two parts in this statement, so please spare several minutes to read carefully. Thank you for all the patience.


1.      Check the Account’s Details right after you have received it

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2.      Set your New Pokemon Account’s Information after Step1 has been completed

(1)   After you have check your account and nothing is out of the way, you should visit Pokemon Trainer Club website (https://sso.pokemon.com/sso/login?locale=en&service=https://club.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-trainer-club/caslogin)
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Worldwide Popular Mobile Game Is Now Known to Every Household

Pokemon GO is the new free-to-play mobile game developed by Niantic. Any person born in the 90’s will see Pokemon GO and immediately be drawn into it. Simply put, Pokemon GO has a genius hook: use your cell phone to examine the world around you to find and capture Pokemon (Here is the Pokedex). For long time fans of the game series, this idea is something that we dreamed about as kids. The fantasy of becoming a real life “Pokemon Master” is a day dream that almost every 90’s kid has had. Fortunately, Pokemon GO also excels for newcomers to the series, or even people who have no gaming experience. That is because (at its very base ideal), Pokemon GO is more of a social experience than a game.

Before we get into the actual review, let me tell you a short story that captures the essence of Pokemon GO. Nearby where I live, there’s a strip of bars and restaurants that is always busy on the weekends. When Pokemon GO released, there was more people roaming the strip playing Pokemon GO than there was patrons in the bars. This was also on a weeknight. When college students are more interested in playing a game on their phones than drinking, you know it’s something special. More details are here: https://www.mmogah.com/news/title/worldwide-popular-mobile-game-is-now-known-to-every-household


Tips about Making Riders of Icarus Gold

Without exception, gold plays an important role in all Mmo games, includes Riders of Icarus. Some players think they might not need it immediately, but it'll definitely be useful or at least nice to have. Making Riders of Icarus Gold is all about pinpointing the best things to sell based on what market you can currently work based on where you are, how much Icarus gold you have to start with, and how much time you have to invest, among other things. The following will introduce some tips about making ROI Gold.

Gathering is actually a great way to make money, but far from the most exciting. It's actually probably the most boring, but stable all over model list. You can find gavel resources. It’ll be in your best interest to look for more valuable ones in concentrated spots. For example, sage grasses abundance on the floating islands west of garrison camping the sea of happiness sage grass is also used in the upper level potions, so these will be the man for a while. Playing meet is also another great idea west of San space camp, you'll find wolves and cows that drop playing meet an alternate location is outside of northern watch tower.
1: The first one is to craft items used frequently by the majority of the player base no matter how much they are selling for, and there are few items worth crafting to further riders of icarus gold figures on a daily basis, such as crafting phantom, Karresh, Terror Kerav Marks, and on top of those you can occasionally craft Hp potions, and manna potions.

2: The second method of the first category is to re-sell frequently bought items, and items necessary for improving gear, crafting of all sorts, and rare items such as legendary familiar equipment. For items required to improve gear you can re-sell Elite Seal stones, Heroic seal stones, and elite level 95+ tempering stones.

Re-selling items required for crafting include
1: Amethyst Ore.
2: Ore. Mysterious Fragment (which is huge right now)
3: Mithril
4: All spirit remnant types, and many more.


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Details from the Elder Scrolls Online's twelfth major update

Details from the Elder Scrolls Online's twelfth major update were revealed over the weekend at Gamescom in Cologne. In addition to One Tamriel, ZOS have revealed their plans to overhaul Craglorn and the alliance zones, add more daily guild quests, separate old Group Dungeons by story and release the remaining 17 Monster Masks, and introduce PvP dueling and Crown Store loot boxes. Two holiday events, Witches Festival and New Life Festival, were also announced, as was a discounted Crown Store bundle for the first four DLC to coincide with the release of the Gold Edition. It appears that ESO’s Update 12 will not introduce a new DLC for the coming quarter.

One Tamriel
One Tamriel arrives with Update 12 on the PTS early next week and live this October, and ESO will never be the same. With One Tamriel, the game content in ESO will no longer be gated by your character's level. Right out of the tutorial you'll have the freedom to go anywhere in Tamriel and play any content, in any order, just like other Elder Scrolls games. Our unique battle-leveling system will automatically scale and balance your character to the content, no matter where you go!
Finding or forming a group will be easier than ever since we're also lifting the alliance restrictions in open world zones. (Of course, PvP areas will still be alliance-based.) This means you'll be able to group with anyone, from any alliance, at any time. High-level players will even be able to group with friends who are new to ESO; anyone below Champion 160 will scale so everyone can adventure together. If you prefer to adventure alone, that's ok too. Every zone has been modified to add world bosses and ensure a mixture of content for solo and group play is available, and all of our dungeons now offer both Normal and Veteran modes, so there will always be something for you, no matter what your play style might be!



How to Get and Use Class Order Hall Resource?

How to get class order resource?

Class order campaign: You should guarantee you have enough resource before starting class order campaign. If not, your quests can not go forward. Of course, you can’t get the resource steadily in long term, but you will get some in the last part of campaign.
Chest: Chests in Broken Isles is not a good way to get resource. Some chests are hidden in the wild of Legion, there are different number of resources according to chest’s type, so open your eyes! You can buy chest map after getting reputation in regional camp. The location will show on the screen map as . You can buy chest map from camp quartermaster.
Rare event: You can join some rare events around the Broken Isles, which is marked as  on the screen map. You need to kill rare monsters in most of the events, class order resource will drop at some chance. It is advised to do these battles because of the resource and other awards. Notes: you can’t beat those monsters by yourself, you need some help from other players.
Awards events: You may be involved in some random event in your quest region. Those events will award you many resources. In most cases, you can do quests and at the same time finish awards events.
World quests: You can get the most resources in world quests. After LV.110, you can see many quests on the Broken Isles map, which differs from collecting herbs to killing minions. Those quests are time-limited. The new one will show up after the last one disappeared.
Emissary chest: You can receive the quests representing a camp or region once a day. After finishing world quests, you can go to emissary to deliver a chest, which contains lots of resources, but this chest may contain other things.
Assistant: You can send you assistant to do quests at Broken Isles. You can get resource when your assistant use the given gears or you study the technology of class order.


How to use class order resource?

Artifact study: Artifact study note - 500 resources. Every note will add 1 artifact wisdom. Every point of wisdom will improve artifact points.
Technology tree of class order: Every class order hall has its own special technology tree. The tree has 6 tiers, you should choose 1 from 2 in the first 5 tiers. It is advised to enhance your class order hall, such as improving your success rates of quests.
Improve class suit: Every class has 8 sets of suit. You should finish different quests of legion to collect them, such as killing dungeon boss or getting reputation points. These suits can be improved from 810 to 840 by using class order resource.
Quests of class order hall: You need to use resource to begin a quest like WOD version.
Warrior gears: Except druid, monk and shaman, other classes can unlock a special order of technology tree. This order need 50 resource and 12 hours to be finished, which will give you 3 types of gears: +5, +10, +15.


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The Most Useful Tips of Fast Hitting Lv25 in Pokemon Go


It’s been nearly two months since the launch of the app that the whole world is talking about. Now, players in over 50 countries can enjoy Pokemon Go. The smartphone game has made Nintendo more valuable than Sony in less than a week, forced both US presidential nominees to mention the word ‘Pokemon’ in their speeches, and even taught social skills to young people with autism. Pokemon is one of the most popular mobile phone game now, and the whole world is crazy about it, folks urgently find all kinds of tips to do themselves a favor.

There’s tips everywhere. There’s tips about how to level fast. There’s tips about how to get Pikachu as your starter Pokemon. And there’s tips about how to find Pokemon near you by looking at the fiddly steps counter thingy on the bottom right hand side of your screen.

But Why I Want to Recommend This to You? As a professional pokemon go boosting site, Mmogah thinks the following tips written by Matthew Wu are very useful and I saw them from http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2016/07/five-actually-useful-pokemon-go-tips-from-five-level-25-players/. Most players like me hit level 25 a few days based on the key tips, here let’s see these tips you may not have seen over the Internet yet.


How to Do World Quests in Legion Returns

There will be new challenges waiting for you in World of Warcraft Legion Returns! When players reach level 110, they can access the new system of World Quests. The new World Quest System will change players’ daily/weekly playing progress a lot too. Players can take part in Broken Islands’ wars from various fronts and to be an important part of the game.


To begin with, the world quests can be accessed only after players reach Lv.110. Players have to prove that they have reached Friendly Reputation with the five primary factions in Broken Islands. So that players can get whistles from Flight Master and can see the World Quests on the map. It is important to find all of the Flight Masters of a map because using a whistle, players can transfer superfast to the nearest Flight Master within a second. Want to save time? Then remember this and find out the Flight Masters.

For more information:  https://www.mmogah.com/news/title/how-to-do-world-quests-in-legion-returns

Thoughts about Riders of Icarus

Riders of Icarus is a MMO game released by Nexon Entertainment. The main task for this game is taming the beasts. You can catch, tame and collect them as a pet. The biggest feature for riders of icarus is that you can take your partner into the darkest depths of a fantasy world. As a common player, I want share my personal thoughts about this.

There are no specs for classes either, no real variety. But the game is interesting and entertaining. I liked the Guardian and Priest classes, though the guardian was more the classic warrior, I had wished maybe for a paladin type class. The rogue was fun too, a little squishy, or was it called assassin. Basic trinity classes. You get the idea. The Eastern version sports a few more classes than what we have, always hate playing catch up like that. Overall it is a decent game, pretty too. The classes are- if nothing amazing or new- solid, for the most part. I think my biggest annoyance is that anything besides the priest needs to chug health pots or regen a little bit.


More information you can check:https://www.mmogah.com/news/title/my-personal-thoughts-about-riders-of-icarus


Best Way to Make Gold Fast in the ESO

As we know Gold is very important in any games, you can use them to buy gears, mounts, equipment, armor, weapon, bags etc. Many things need to cost your gold, so you always feel your gold not enough. Today, let's summary of how to fast farm ESO Gold quickly in the elder scrolls online.
Professions and Free stuff
Make sure you level your chosen crafting ability. If you intend on wearing plate, then make sure you level plate. Same with cloth and leather (or all three if you are going to diversify). This will enable you to make new gear when you need it and joins on nicely to 'Step Two'. The other thing is getting hirelings, all of them! You may think this is a waste of skill points, but it isn't, not if you’re into making gold! They will send you lots of 'Free Stuff'. Some of these will be useful for your chosen profession, some will not. Keep what you need and sell everything else!


Throw away gear
While leveling 1-50 do not buy or repair gear, it’s a money sink and will burn through your gold. Most new players seem to think they need to be in the best gear all the time, that’s nonsense! Run your gear down till it is broken (or close) and as I said above, do not repair. Get to a crafting station, take off all your clothes and make new gear. You do not need pay any repair bills in that way. At this point you also have two choices. Firstly, you can deconstruct everything in your profession line and level your crafting as fast as possible. Or you can just deconstruct enough to get the materials needed for new gear and sell everything! Though crafting leveling takes longer but you will have a bit more gold sooner.
Become a long term Crafter
If you have time and are committed to making the most Gold, the best way to do this is via crafting. Late in the game, crafted items can be among the best you can equip. It takes a lot of time and effort to reach this point, but once you do, you will be among the 1% of the player base who can make elite, top tier items, and you will be able to charge a pretty heft price for the pieces you make. Crafters who focus on armor and weapons will be able to profit even more than others, but there will also be more competition, so keep that in mind when picking the trade of your choice.

What You Should Do after Receiving Pokemon Go Account from Mmogah

As a reliable Pokemon Go Boosting website in the market, Mmogah.com has more and more orders for both Pokemons Sale and Pokemon Accounts Sale. In order to protect your Pokemon Go Account’s Security and help you customize it after buying from our website, Mmogah.com released this Notice/Instruction which each customer should follow (You may lose your account if you do not set required account information as follows):

1.      This Notice/Instruction is used to help those who buy Pokemon Go Account at Mmogah.com.

2.      This Notice/Instruction will guide you to Set Your Own New Pokemon Account Information.

3.      This Notice will include a Disclaimer of Mmogah.com for Pokemon Go Boosting Services.

Pokemon Go Accounts Sale at Mmogah.com

We provide both Pokemons Sale and Pokemon Accounts Sale. We have large Level 20 and Level 25 Pokemon Go Accounts in stock which can guarantee fast and smooth delivery. You can place orders easily for both Lv.20 and Lv.25 accounts at Mmogah.com website. We will deal with your order soon after we have received and verified your payment. We will send the Account Username, Password, Register Email, Email Password, Date of Birth to you soon (if other reasonable information needed, will be included too).

Lv.20 Rare Pokemon Go Accounts
  • 5-15 rare Pokémon like Dragonite, Snorlax, etc. with at least 1000 CP. 
  • 10+ Pokémon with at least 95% IVs.
  • 110+ different Pokémons.
  • 50+ Pokémons in Pokédex. 
  • 80000+ stardust.
  • Team & Ingame-Name freely selectable.
  • Enough candy for Pokémon powering up or evolving.
Lv.25 Rare Pokemon Go Accounts
  • 5-15 rare Pokémon like Dragonite, Snorlax etc. with at least 1000 CP value 
  • 10+ Pokémon with at least 95% IVs
  • 110+ different Pokémons
  • 50+ Pokémons in Pokédex 
  • 200,000+ stardust 
  • Team & Ingame-Name freely selectable
  • Enough candy for Pokémon powering up or evolving 
Account Information needed to set

Please follow the guide below to set your new account’s information such as Email, Password, Player ID and Screen Name. (Username cannot be changed)
  • Visit Pokemon Trainer Club official website to change the information:
  • Sigh in with provided Username and Password. Then you can see the page of Edit Profile.
  • Click Profile Overview to change the Email Address, then click Save.


  • Click Change Password, then set it of your own.


  • Click Play!Pokemon Settings to set the Screen Name and Player ID.
Input your Screen Name until it is available and choose “Please assign me a new Player ID number”.


You should remember the Screen Name and Player ID after you set well, so that if you forget the password, you have to use the information to apply for a reset.


(Date of Birth and Username are from Mmogah.com and cannot be changed after you have bought the account, so please keep them safe by yourself)

Please follow the instructions above before or after you have placed your order for a smooth transaction and better protection of your account.

Mmogah.com is responsible for your Pokemon Go Account’s Security for only 24 hours after we have sent it to you. During this guaranteed 24 hours, if your Pokemon Account gets banned, we will send you another one. But please understand that we won’t bear your loss if your account gets banned in more than 24 hours. There may be risk exists in the whole market which has a chance to happen, so we beg for your understanding and support all over there. Thank you so much!

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Riders of Icarus Tips

In Riders of Icarus, honestly I don't think there are any real guides yet, however there are some tips that you can get from this sub-reddit and general information searching on the net and some interesting videos on YouTube. I know as a priest, at least at the initial levels, I've felt very powerful compared to while I had my assassin at the same lower levels (don't depend on this later on though). Here are a few tips I've learned since starting to play - I know there are many people out there much more advanced in the game than I, but hopefully these will show you a little help.

You should make sure do all of the quests – including main and side quests, you may even choose to do some repeatable quests now and again. Last thing really you want to do is fall behind in level if you can avoid it. Even being a 1 or 2 level deficit can be a major pain with the amount you'll potentially miss, I'm not saying you can't deal with mobs and quests that are a level or two ahead of you, it's just easier to keep at level.


More information you can check:https://www.mmogah.com/news/title/riders-of-icarus-tips-from-a-senior-player

Square Enix Is Planning to Bring Final Fantasy XIV to Xbox One

Final Fantasy XIV, the popular MMO currently available on PC, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, could be coming to Microsoft’s Xbox One after all, despite comments made in the past Square Enix that such a thing wasn’t possible due to the latter console not supporting cross-platform play. With Microsoft’s recent moves to start allowing cross-server play and “not leaving anyone behind,” Square Enix is more open to releasing the game on its console. Director Naoki Yoshida delivered good news about talks with Microsoft in an interview with Polygon, saying that they are underway.
Microsoft actually approached the Final Fantasy 14 team about the cross-platform opportunity. When our team reviewed the regulations that are associated with that, we realized that Microsoft may not have the experience or understanding of running an MMORPG as an online game genre just yet. The Final Fantasy 14 team has fed back to Microsoft that there are certain elements of its regulations that we would have to consider waived. We’re waiting on Microsoft’s response for that, but we are having discussions.


World of Warcraft: Legion Professions Guide

It is time to get fully prepared to Legion. Maybe some players are fighting in the pre-expansion, getting more knowledge of the new patch. Have you kept an eye on your Profession? This article will talk something about Professions in World of Warcraft Legion, which is only for your reference.

In Legion, there will be many new updates and improvements to Professions. You can find more materials and resources on Azeroth to work with, including some raw materials left in the wake of the Burning Legion invasion.

Read more details in this article: https://www.mmogah.com/news/title/world-of-warcraft-legion-professions-guide


Update 11 Featruing Shadows of the Hist is now Available for XBOX & PS

PC players have had it since August 1, but now Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players get Update 11 for the Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, allowing them to jump into the Shadows of the Hist DLC.
With the release of update 11 to the Elder Scrolls Online for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, players on consoles can now dye their costumes, make purchases from The Style Parlor, and communicate via text chat. The latest update these features in addition to a new dungeon DLC entitled “Shadows of the Hist;” all of which are available now across all platforms.


Many of the new features added to the MMORPG are part of the base game patch; however, the latest piece of downloadable content can be purchased from the Crown Store. “Shadows of the Hist” includes two new Argonian-themed dungeons for players to explore. The Cradle of Shadows and the Ruins of Mazzatun dungeons await those that pick up the DLC for 1,500 Crowns.
As always, players that are subscribed to the Elder Scrolls Online with ESO Plus receive access to the DLC while their subscription is active according to the official site. By completing these two Argonian dungeons, players can earn new achievements and find new masks. Even the achievements have associated appearance rewards.
“Like all of ESO‘s dungeons, they’ll scale to the level of your group leader, offer both Normal and Veteran modes, and introduce new item sets for you to collect. You can enter these new dungeons at any level, and queue up for them via the Activity Finder starting at level 10.”
For detailed information, please find it in this article: https://www.mmogah.com/news/title/the-elder-scrolls-online-update-11-now-available-for-consoles


Why Is Pokemon Go So Popular in The Whole World

It is reported that the prevailing Mobile Game Pokemon Go has rapidly broken Five Guiness World Records since it was online in July. Within one and a half months, Pokemon Go has a 206,500,000 dollars income, which is regarded as “The Most Benefits of Mobile Game within The First Online Month”. At the same time, Pokemon Go is still regarded as “The Fastest Speed to Earn 100,000,000 (within Only 20 Online Days)”, “The Largest Number of Download Times after An Online Month (About 130,000,000)”, “Ranking No.1 of Download Times in the Most Countries after An Online Month (About 70 Countries)”, “Ranking No.1 of Income in the Most Countries after An Online Month (About 55 Countries)”. The Five records can totally prove that Pokemon Go is the Most Popular Game in this summer.

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Pokedex in Pokemon Go

This guide is used to help players know well of the Pokemons in the game of Pokemon Go. Whether a certain Pokemon can evolve or not? What will a certain Pokemon look like after Evolution? There are totally 151 Pokemons in this stage and players can find the information for all in this Pokedex:
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For detailed information of Pokemons, please find it in this article:


How to Buy Safe Riders of Icarus Gold from a Reliable Seller

In Riders of Icarus, the valuable mounts and materials is very attractive and significant for all the plyers, which needs more and more **Riders of Icarus Gold **for buying, but it is not easy to farm in short time, and sometimes most players don’t have sufficient hours to get it by themselves. No surprise more and more players choose to buy ROI gold (roi gold kaufen) from a professional website instead of farming it.
Needless to say everywhere you can find riders of icarus gold seller sites on the internet. But how can you identify which ROI gold seller is your reliable choice and how to choose it without getting banned? You need to think about it carefully. MmoGah, as a responsible, trustworthy and professional riders of Icarus gold seller, has the same thought as all roi gold buyers. Now let mmogah tell you the answer and then you will make your own decision, MmoGah can provide what you need below.

1. Firstly, good reputation
Listen what other players say than what the sellers say is a significant issue. So the reputation is top priority and also can help you understand more about it, don’t hesitate to check its reputation on Trustpilot, Ownedcore and Epicnpc. It will not waste you too much time.

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PvP-The Elder Scrolls Online Guide

In most MMO games PvP is just a separate part that does not affect the game itself. But in Elder Scrolls Online it is implemented into general game story as Alliance War. Three alliances are fighting between each other and you are the member of one of them. Your impact into world PvP helps your faction to win Alliance War and to control Imperial City. When your faction controls the Imperial City it is possible to challenge Molag Bal and his armies.
There are no Battlegrounds in ESO and developers are not going to add them in future. All player vs. player fights take place in Cyrodiil only. On one hand, that's not good, but on the other hand, such system allows to gather all PvP fighters in one location.


Cyrodiil is a huge province where all action of Alliance War takes place. Why Cyrodiil? Because the Ruby Throne is situated here. The faction that controls the throne rules in Tamriel.
Elder Scrolls Online does not force you to fight against others and you will not have to visit Ctrodiil in your quests. PvP is not an obligation and you can enjoy PvE content in other provinces without necessity to protect yourself. Nobody can attack you outside of Cyrodiil. There are no duels in the game and if you wish to fight against other players you will have to go to the dedicated zone.
The great thing about ESO is that Alliance War does not mean only fighting against other players. There are many familiar towns where you will be able to take different quests, there are public dungeons that you can visit, dark anchors that you can destroy, Mages Guild’s books, resources for crafting, and different places for exploration. You will meet a lot of NPCs who need your help.
Long-time fans of the Elder Scrolls series should instantly recognize the map, as PvP actually takes place in Cyrodiil. The province is split up into three sections for the three different Factions.


The map is quite large as it encompasses all of Cyrodiil in one zone, unlike other parts of the Map, where provinces are split into smaller zones. Travel around the map can be sped up thanks to the Wayshrines which let you teleport to other shrines, so long as your group has control of it and it is connected to the grid properly. Of course mounts can also be used to speed up land travel across Cyrodiil.
More information is here:https://www.mmogah.com/news/title/full-guide-of-the-elder-scrolls-online-player-vs-player


Lavalight Cave Level 15 in Riders of Icarus

In Riders of Icarus, Lavalight Cave (LLC) is the first dungeon players will encounter and is located in the south-west region of the Hakanas Highlands. The recommended starting level is 13-15. The dungeon-specific gear dropped in Lavalight Cave is called Emberstone gear. Outside the tunnel leading to the entranceway, an NPC named Private Corance offers repeatable quests.
Basic Information
Location: Harkanas Highlands > Lavalight Cave
Level Requirement: 13
Difficulties: Normal/Storyline (solo), Elite (~5 players), Heroic (~5 players)
Re-entry Times: Normal 15min, Elite 30min, Heroic 1hr
Monsters: Burning Skeleton Knights and Archers, Emberstone Sentinel
Boss Monsters: Burning Skeleton Captain, Emberstone Golem


More information you can check: https://www.mmogah.com/news/title/guide-for-lavalight-cave-level-15-in-riders-of-icarus

The Ultimate Showdown with Arcann Is Online: SWTOR-The Battle of Odessen

BioWare and Lucasfilm have released the climatic chapter in SWTOR-KotFE on August 11. Now, all active SWTOR subscribers can now play through The Battle of Odessen and confront Arcann and his powerful fleet in a full-scale assault that will determine the fate of the galaxy. Against all odds, players must risk everything for the chance to defeat Arcann and the Eternal Empire once and for all.


There are two new gameplay experiences with this new chapter:
1. New Battle Cartel Market Pack: Inspired by the climactic new chapter, this pack contains a varity of new items which may include never-before-seen gear, like the Ruthless Scion Armor and ISO Droid Companion!

2. New Guss Companion Alliance Mission: Recruit the wily Mon Calamari scoundrel, Guess Tuno, as your Companion. When the Alliance receives a lead on the identity of a potential new recruit, the Outlander’s search unveils the most unlikely Jedi candidate-serving as apprentice under a man of questionable character.


How to Level Up Fast in Pokémon Go – Higher Level, better Pokémons!


As a Pokémon game like others, Pokémon Go released by Niantic is popular among players. But what makes Pokemon Go different from other Pokémon games and more popular? I think it is because that Pokemon Go combine the reality world with the game itself perfectly, which sets the Pokemons in reality places all over the world. Players should hunt around outside to capture various Pokemons. Other than Pokemons catching, how to level up Pokemon account is also a key thing that players concern about. I will share some tips in this article to help players gain XP fast and level up fast.

1.      Capture as many Pokemons as possible
The Experience needed for boosting levels mainly comes from Pokemon Catching (100 XP for Pokemon Caught). If you capture a New Pokemon that you don’t have in your Pokédex, then you can gain extra 500 XP for a New Pokemon. You will get some Items from turning the Pokéstops and receiving the rewards of Pokemon Catching, such as Incense, Lure Module, Razz Berry, which are helpful to catch Pokemons. Use the Incense and Lure Module to attract more Pokemons and use the Razz Berry to lower the Pokemon escaping chance if you don’t catch it for the first time. So remember to capture as many Pokemons as possible, regardless of you already have them or not.

2.      Master well how to throw the Poké Ball
Do not ignore how to throw the Poke Ball, you should master it well. You can throw Nice, Great, Excellent. If you throw Great, then you can get extra 50 XP and if you throw Excellent, you can get 100 XP. Such as this, why not try to get extra XP when throw Poke Balls.

3.      Use the Lucky Eggs to double XP in 30 mins
I think it’s better to use the Lucky Eggs early for your game playing, because in the early stage, it is much easier to catch new Pokemons which you don’t have in Pokedex. You must also know that is becomes more difficult to catch new Pokemon latter compared with ealier stage. If you catch a new Pokemon during the effect of Lucy Egg, you can double your XP and get at least 1200 XP.

4.      Rotate PokéStops
You should rotate PokéStops to stock enough Poké Balls, so that you can get well prepared before the Pokemons appear. At the same time, you can gain 50 XP/each from rotating the blue PokéStop. Doing this during the Lucky Eggs Double XP will gain more experience.

5.      Evolve Pokémons to gain Experience
We all know Pokémons can Power Up and Evolve. It increases the CP of a Pokemon by Powering Up (using Stardusts and Pokemon Candies). You can get XP rewards from Power Up, but if you evolve a Pokemon, you can gain 500 XP as rewards. It needs much Candies to evolve a Pokemon, so you’d better catch all Pokemons once you meet them. Leave the Pokemons with higher CP and transfer the lower CP Pokemons to accumulate more Candies. Do not let repeated Pokemons go, because catching them can gain XP and Evolve them can gain XP too. Doing this during the Lucky Eggs Double XP will gain more experience.

6.      Hatch Pokemon Eggs
Use the Incubators to incubate the Pokemon Eggs to gain experience. You can get 200 XP for incubating each Egg. Certainly, if you do this during the double XP time, you can gain double experience too.

7.      Battle the Gyms
Train stronger Pokemons with high CP to battle with others. Battling a Trainer at a Gym can get 100 XP. Defeating a Trainer at a Gym can get 150 XP and defeating a Pokemon at a friendly Gym can get 50 XP.


It will become more difficult to level up fast with your level increases, especially when you reach Lv. 20. Like in other games, Pokemon Go Boosting process is a painful grinding. So you’d better master the tips above to make your boosting way smooth. The website Mmogah.com is a reliable Pokemon Go Boosting provider, which has an elite boosting team to guarantee fast leveling up. Not only can they Hunt/Capture Pokemons, but they can also level up fast for your account. If you have any needs, please do not hesitate to contact the 24/7 online Live Chat.


Shadows of the Hist Guide: Text Chat on Consoles

Our site, MmoGah.com has been followed the news about the Elder Scrolls Online update 11 recently, now here comes the latest guide -- the ESO update 11 guide: text chat on consoles!
In Update 11, we're giving you the option to use text chat on Xbox One and PlayStation®4 as a way to communicate with other ESO players. This has been a long-requested feature, and we're excited to give you some insight as to how it's going to work.


First, it's worth noting that text chat is off by default, and can be enabled a few different ways. If you already have a keyboard connected, you can simply press Enter to open the text chat HUD. Alternatively, you can press the Menu and Map buttons on your controller simultaneously. You can also go to the Social settings menu to turn the HUD chat display on (and you'll find options to change the text size and profanity filter here, too!).
Once you've enabled text chat, the window will appear when other players send messages, and will fade after a short time if nobody's talking. You can also open the window yourself by pressing Enter or backslash. You'll find that almost all the same channels are available on console as is currently on PC (with the exception of language-specific zone channels), and all the common slash commands work as well such as /zone, /whisper, and emotes. Collections and items can also be directly linked in chat as well, but keep in mind there is a 350 character limit for each message.
More details are here: https://www.mmogah.com/news/title/the-eso-update-11-guide-text-chat-on-consoles

Guide to Demon Hunter Starting Quests


The first half is linear. No chests or rare monsters.


First quest: kill 15 demons randomly. Quest location:


Then move to here, raise the flag.


From here, every time you'll receive 2-3 quests. The switch of the portal locates here:


What the switch looks like:


After opening the door, Ashtongue will bring a gift from Illidan: an ugly mount...


A running quest begins.


From now, you will experience a feature of DH: always choose the unusual way to go to finish quest.
Don’t choose the main road, go south directly to this container.


Then, the second quest begins: Questioning and saving people.


A chest in this hole.


Many jailers in this road. Kill them and pick the key.


Now it’s time to use your imagination to step over the hills. Hints: two-stage jump and glide ability of DH.
Save your teammates and kill the inquisitor.


A chest near the inquisitor.


More quests here.


Then, full speed ahead to north. Two quest in here: open the portal and kill the commander.


Another chest near the portal.


Another quest in here.


A strange cave behind the battle field.


The entrance of the cave is stuck by rocks. Use demon visual to inspect it. Lots of demons in the cave. A chest in the entrance.


Jump from this waterfall, you will see the second chest and demon commander.


You have some chance to upgrade the gear to purple.
Another three quests after leaving this cave.


Go south and go anti-clockwise.
Spider palace


Go to this alleyway.


Go through this cave in front of the palace.


A rare spider in the palace.


Save the tied-up NPC before attack the rare spider. This NPC can serve as a tank.
Two cannon and a rare giant here:


A chest in this cave.


Then go to here. Talk to NPC and receive the quest. Then go to there:


A rare demon in here.
Detour to here after finishing three quests.


The last rare demon here. Go upstairs to open the chest after killing demon.


Hand over the three quests. Then go to kill the bloodmother and open the portal. All quests will be done.

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