World of Warcraft Gearing

Gearing is much easier and faster if you have a guild and/or friends that are willing to help you out in World of Warcraft. This will save you a lot of trouble and time: forming groups is much faster (especially if you are playing DPS), people will not leave at the middle of the run, you will know how competent they are beforehand, you will get all relevant loot without having to ask for it every time. If your current guild is inactive or won't help you out, definitely consider joining a new one.

Ask for Loot
Remember that people are in no obligation of giving you what they get and don't be rude if they want to keep it. Please keep in mind that you can set it to announce only to yourself, if you don't want to say it in group chat. The addon Personal Loot Helper can be a lot of help, as it will announce when an item is both an ilv upgrade for you, and not for the person who got it.

Don't be shy to ask, worst you can get is a "no" or being ignored. Just make sure to always be polite when asking for something. While there are some conflicting opinions on personal loot, you will find that higher ilv players won't mind handing you their loot that is an upgrade for you.


Know what to do
If your ilv is too low then you will obviously have lower DPS than better geared players, and you will also receive more damage and have less hp as higher gear gives you more armor and stamina. However you can try to make up for it by knowing what to do. An interrupt made by an 820 player is as good as one made by an 890 and can help reduce damage taken by the group, and make a smoother and faster run. Read dungeon/raid guides, don't stand in fire or receive avoidable damage, and know when to use your CCs and interrupts.
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TESO Announcing‘The Nameless Mage’Contest Winner

After reviewing over 5,700 entries for our Nameless Mage contest (and yes, we read every one of them!), we're happy to announce that we've chosen our winner.
Arriving at our decision was not an easy one, though. We enlisted the help of members of The Elder Scrolls Online Dev Team, and it was challenging to choose just one winner out of so many inspiring entries.


The winning entry had not only a creative and unique name for our Dark Elf mage, but was also coupled with an interesting backstory that our Content Designers will be able to seamlessly integrate into The Elder Scrolls Online. The character that our winner imagined has a unique point-of-view, along with knowledge of Oblivion itself. He will no doubt be a valuable ally to you when you step foot into Molag Bal's realm, Coldharbour.
Without further ado, we would like to introduce you to our Dark Elf mage, Malkur Valos.

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How to Access FIFA 17 Web App and Transfer Market

FIFA 17 Web App is known as the Web start, which allows players to get a head start on the transfer market and Ultimate Team mode.

FIFA Web App is available on web browsers while companion app is available on IOS and Android. The first one is more popular and has more features. However, the companion app can offer the functionality of entering a FUT Draft. If possible, use both them.

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It is important to know that there is ONLY ONE Official Link to the FIFA 17 Web App.

1. Sign in with your EA Account.
Input your Email Address and password, and then log in.
If you are a new player, you should create your EA Account first. Please remember your account “security question and answer”. If you origin account is lost, you can use them to get back.

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The ESO's Homestead Launch Dates

Move-in day is coming! We're excited to announce that Homestead, our next update featuring player housing, will launch on PC/Mac on Monday, February 6, and for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Tuesday, February 21.
This free update introduces 39 uniquely-themed homes you can acquire throughout Tamriel, and includes over 2,000 individual decorative and furniture options plus Furnishing Crafting. In addition, the update also includes Master Crafting Writs, four new Motifs, an update to PvP itemization, and an overall balance pass across all classes and skills. image
Housing is an often-requested feature in just about every MMORPG that launces without it. The Elder Scrolls Online is no different. Since the game launched, housing has been one of Zenimax’s most-requested additions.
Homestead, included free with ESO's next major game update, introduces the long-anticipated player housing system. It also includes furniture crafting and robust home decoration options. With nearly 40 unique homes to choose from and over 2,000 individual decorative and furniture options to make each home truly unique, Homestead will allow you to make Tamriel your own like never before.

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2016 MmoGah Annual Conference

For MmoGah, 2016 was an overwhelmingly successful year. We enabled great improvements on high - efficiency customer service and high-quality SEO, and made a bigger step forward than last year. Certainly, whatever we have achieved first owe to our loyal and new customers’ support, and then all of our staff’s hardwork. In 2017, MmoGah will further keep up the good work and show our new look to you.


Last week, MmoGah held its 2016 Annual Conference, all of the staff attended the more than 3 hours’ meeting, and later enjoyed our annual meeting dinner. The detailed Annual Conference Process listed in the following parts:


Blade and Soul Patch Notes of Speculating New Level 55 and New Continent

How time flies! EU/NA Blade and Soul has passed one year, now players can celebrate Blade & Soul’s birthday from January 18 until February 8 with the 1st Anniversary Festival for the patch notes! Players can check EU/NA official website for checking all the updates.

According to KR Blade and Soul version, we can speculate that the EU/NA will release a new continent Sorak, level 55 cap, and new Hongmoon ultimate skills for all classes later. The end of the trailer also hints the release of a new gunner class in the future. Now we should get to know some information about this ahead of time.


Hongmoon Ultimate Skills
This new trailer reveals the new ultimate skills for Warlock, Destroyer and Force Master. The previous trailer has already teases the new skills for Blade Master, Assassin and Kungfu Master. The new skills can be learn at level 55 and do not require training manual/scrolls. Each class has 2 or 3 new Hongmoon Ultimate skills.


Hongmoon Ultimate will be learned automatically on reaching level 55, without any quest item or manual. Each class will have 2 types of Hongmoon Ultimate: 1 for high damage and 1 for utility. The level cap will be extended to Level 55 with new Hongmoon Ultimate Skills.


The skill tree of all classes will be simplified and enhanced. The current system is too complicated with many “stages” and “tiers”. After the skill tree revamp, skills can be learned by simply selecting “stage” (no more tier). The total SP will be reduced accordingly since much lesser points are required to learn a specific skill.
More information you can check:https://www.mmogah.com/news/title/blade-and-soul-patch-notes-of-speculating-new-level-55-and-new-continent


ESO Guide of Crafting Writs

Writs are special crafting assignments in The Elder Scrolls Online. These quests are repeatable and can be completed once every 20 hours. Completing Writs will grant you experience, crafting inspiration, and provide you with a treasure chest that you can open to receive random rewards, including crafting materials and maps to special harvesting zones that have double the materials and feature legendary drops.
Completing crafting writ quests in the ESO will sometimes yield a crafting survey as one of the quest rewards. These surveys are similar to treasure maps, in that they depict an obscure location that is somewhere in the zone the crafting writ quest is completed in.


Crafting Writ CertificationBefore you can take crafting writs, your character will need to be certified in a particular crafting skill. Fortunately this is way easier than you might think: simply walk to the nearest Writ Board in a city of your choice, and then visit a certification trainer NPC in Davon’s Watch, Vulkhel Guard, or Daggerfall.
These certification trainers will give you a quest explaining the basics of crafting. There are two separate certification trainers: one for equipment crafting professions which are Woodworking, Blacksmithing and Clothing, and the other for consumable crafting which are Alchemy, Provisioning, and Enchanting.
You can only have ONE certification quest from EACH of these trainers at any given time but you only need to complete the certification process once, so you will quickly go through all 6 of these quests. Do note that your character must be at least level 6 before you can take on certification.
In case you have Rank 10 in a particular profession already, you can completely skip the certification process by selecting the right dialogue options when talking to trainers. If you’re already experienced with crafting or if you read our crafting basics guide, you’re likely safe to skip certification altogether as it won’t teach you anything new.

Whole information about this article please check: https://www.mmogah.com/news/title/crafting-writs-guide-of-the-elder-scrolls-online

World of Warcraft Patch 7.1.5 (updated for Nighthold) Defensive Trinkets

Currently not all trinkets in game work in the way you might expect them to in world of warcraft. I will omit the offensive benefits to trinkets. Firstly, it makes it a lot easier to compare them based purely on their defensive benefit without having to assign a ‘weight’ to how much damage they contribute versus how much damage they prevent. Moreover, in my experience in previous expansions, if I am comfortable with my damage taken such that I can pick trinkets based on how much damage they contribute, I prefer using a DPS trinket anyway, which will of course be significantly stronger for damage done.


Trinket Ranking Overview
Writhing Heart of Darkness is quite good compared to trinkets of a similar item level or lower on single target, though not great unless you have a decent amount of crit. Recall that ‘single target’ here does not mean the same as for Grotesque Statuette.

The second strongest trinket for Druids is Unstable Arcanocrystal compared to others at similar item level or lower, if you’re lucky enough to get it, or strongest where Grotesque Statuette loses out on value.

Compared to trinkets of similar item level or lower, when Grotesque Statuette is benefitting to its fullest, it’s the strongest trinket for survivability on average for Druids. Further, its bug with two tanks using it must be borne in mind. However, it must be remembered that when multiple things are hitting you, its value dramatically decreases, and generally should not be used if that section of the fight involves relevant damage.

Darkmoon Deck: Immortality and Gnomeregan Auto-Blocker 601 are good when the majority of the relevant damage is mitigateable by armour. They are not necessarily better than the above options, however. Where the above options get their full potential (such as when only one thing is hitting you for the Statuette; or when you have a reasonable amount of crit and there is only one relevant target for the Heart; or always for the Arcanocrystal), they will outperform it for Guardian Druids. If you do not have those trinkets, or if it is a situation where they won’t perform to their full potential, these trinkets will do very well against physical damage as your next best options. For non-Druids, these trinkets are easily the strongest by an extremely wide margin.


More details you can check:https://www.mmogah.com/news/title/world-of-warcraft-patch-7-1-5-updated-for-nighthold-defensive-trinkets


Justice System Guide in ESO

The Justice System was added to ESO with Update 6 (1.6) in March 2015. The Justice System allows players to pickpocket NPCs, steal items in cities, kill many NPCs and become a fugitive from the guards. Taking part in this illegal activity will increase your Bounty which you’ll either need to pay in gold to a guard or spend time away from the cities waiting for it to go down.                   


Justice System
This system allows your character to participate in different types of criminal activity. You can steal goods and murder NPCs, but think twice before doing it. Now all criminal actions lead to punishment if you are caught. Special guards are on the lookout for criminals and you will have to be sneaky in order to avoid possible danger.
This new system also adds one more opportunity – you can become a “sheriff” called Enforcer, who patrols the city looking out for outlaws. The mechanics of this position is described in the end of the article.
The Justice System also brings with it a new skill line. It can be found in the “World” category and is levelled up when you commit crimes. All the abilities there have one clear goal: to increase your criminal power. These skills are a “must have”, if you wish to pursue the life of a criminal.

Whole information about this article please check: https://www.mmogah.com/news/title/justice-system-guide-in-elder-scrolls-online

The Important Affair Happened in Nostalrius/Elysium You Need to Know

As many nostalrius fans knew that there are important events happened last Saturday. Here Mmogah shares some important message from Nostalrius official community:

“As we explained, our goal was to relieve pressure on Blizzard by providing a home for vanilla WoW in order to lower tensions and begin building a WoW community that includes Legacy WoW players.
The following values that have always been at the heart of any of our actions:
Achieving official Blizzard Legacy servers;
Helping as much as we can to unify the WoW community together.
Contrary to our expectations, our decision to release our source code and character database to Elysium actually made our 2 goals harder to achieve, implying a thought decision to make.
Now we need to continue convincing the World of Warcraft community that it would bring continued value to the entirety of World of Warcraft, something we missed to achieve so far. We know that Nostalrius carries the hopes of the legacy community but moving from “fan server” to "pirate server" reputation makes it harder to convince that legacy fans have a place on the WoW community.
We ask Elysium to join this effort for Legacy realms by stopping to use data that we provided. We know they aim at official legacy realms as we do. We have already stopped the account transfer process from our side as a first step. Nostalrius community is no longer about private servers, it is about official legacy realms.”

From here, you know that Elysium legacy realm can’t use the data and transfer the account from Nostalrius realm. Nostalrius server is no longer private servers, it is the official legacy server. More details you can click this link: https://www.mmogah.com/news/title/the-important-affair-happened-in-nostalrius-elysium-you-need-to-know.

The Major Update of Dungeon Fighter Online Is Coming on January 17th

Good News! The major update of Dungeon Fighter Online (DFO) is coming this evening, which is an exciting event for DFO fans. Here Mmogah as a professional dfo gold site will give a summary of this major update from DFO official site.

Luke, the ninth apostle threatens the peace of Pandemonium!
Adventurers, the fate of Pandemonium is in your hands.

1. New Area: Metro Center
- Max Level Uncapped: Max Level has increased from 86 to 90.
Pandemonium Scenario quests have been added.

-  Metro Center Area has been added
A new village Pandemonium Outpost has been added.
A new village Central Park has been added: You can enter this village after completing the Area Scenario quest: Metro Center.

- 5 Normal Dungeons, 1 Special Dungeon, and 1 Farming Dungeon have been added.
Normal Dungeons are: Time Square, Valley of the Half-breeds, Chamber of Terror, Wind Canyon, and Red Witch's Forest.

More details you can click this link: https://www.mmogah.com/news/title/the-major-update-of-dungeon-fighter-online-is-coming-on-january-17th.



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Armor Stands for Each Classes in World of Warcraft

In World of Warcraft, each rack will only show helm and shoulders, once you see that, you're done with that tier. There's nothing for filling them out other than having it, as far as I can tell. Certainly looks cool. Every class has these, Demon Hunters even have one lonely stand that will eventually host Night hold.

A quick workaround would be to go transmog in to the new items to remove the window. You may have to right click the item in the transmog window and select the proper tier piece as many recent tiers have identical non-tier counterparts. One final note before getting in to detail, for the tiers where you buy them: you have to wait out the two hour refund window in order for it to finalize and appear on the rack.

Classic Classes (as not Death Knights, Monks or Demon Hunters)
The trick to getting them filled out is filling out one specific item set for each tier. For things like Tier 1 and Tier 2, you need the entire set including bracers, and it must be the original items, not the later versions that drop from Onyxia.

Tier 3 will actually be AQ, as Naxx will be represented by the Wrath revamp. For classes that have multiple specs, you must fill out one specific spec. For example paladins have three item sets for some later tiers. You would need all pieces to one spec item set, rather than Prot/Ret/Holy.

You can check your appearance tab to see the name of the tier pieces you already have as they generally have one different word. For example, Legplates/Legguards/Leggings. Wow head will tell you what name is for which piece, unless you're like me and held on to non-vendorable tier because why not.

Obviously, classes that only have one set for all specs have it easiest. In the case of Sunwell tier, you have to get the PVE pieces from Sunwell, Mount Hyjal and Black Temple in order to finish that stand. Even though the pieces it shows will be the Black Temple armor, you still need the items from the full item set.

When it comes to 10/25/Normal/Heroic raids, the armor racks are based on the lowest level tierset, so you will need to run the 10 man normal version of these raids to fill out that armor rack. (Note: this is slightly different for DKs and Monks, will be explained below in their sections!)

So let's say you are a paladin and all of your racks are empty, yet you stand there in full Judgment. You are using the non-item set helm, or you are missing the bracers. Go run Black wing Lair to finish Judgment. "But Bracket" you say "I also wear full light bringer for my holy set!" Ahh, you original mogger you.

More information please check:https://www.mmogah.com/news/title/armor-stands-for-each-classes-in-world-of-warcraft


Bag Space Guide of Elder Scrolls Online

The problem of inventory size is one of the most important because there are a lot of different items in Elder Scrolls Online that can be gathered. When you start traveling you find more and more items, resources, runes, reagents and so on. Each player can gather any type of resources and this is where the inventory size becomes very important.
Each character receives 50 inventory slots in the beginning. After you leave the starting zone your inventory will be full and I am pretty sure that you will be looking for a way to increase it. Though each player has access to personal store and guild bank, inventory space is still not enough.


Decide on a main character
This is extremely important, because in the Elder Scrolls Online bag space is directly linked to each character. Not only that, but bag upgrades can get expensive quickly so you don’t want to spend money on upgrading characters that you won’t play in the end. Choose a character and try to focus all of your resources into upgrading his or her bag space. It takes a while, and costs a lot of money to go from 60 bag slots to 240, the maximum number.

Whole information about this article please check: https://www.mmogah.com/news/title/how-to-increase-inventory-space-in-eso

How to Win FUT Champions in FIFA 17

FUT Champions is a new game mode in FIFA 17, which is aimed at grabbing the attention of the more competitive FUT players. Unlike other championships, FUT Champions is an all-new and amazing way to vie in FIFA 17. The game which can be played on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4. Here you have to qualify for the league each week and compete for in-game rewards.

In order to stand out in the game, you have to project your skills and improve the Monthly Leaderboard’s ladder. Mmogah as a professional fifa 17 coins ps4 store guides you to learn some basic knowledge and how to win FUT Champions. As you improve and climb the leaderboard, you will also earn rewards followed by opportunities which will enable you to play on the world stage.

Qualify for the Weekend League
Online FIFA Ultimate Team Tournaments are part of FUT Champions. By winning a daily knockout tournament you will earn rewards and your entry into the weekend league.

If you are on the first online division of FUT Seasons, you are in the good way to be qualified to the weekend league. Dynamic squad entry requirements and unique rewards keep the Daily Knockouts fresh.

More details you can click this link: https://www.mmogah.com/news/title/how-to-win-fut-champions-in-fifa-17.


Tricks and Skills in World of Warcraft

In the first place World of Warcraft is a pretty basic game. Generally to say, do damage to enemies is the key point. Choose a class fantasy that fits what you like in role play games. Then you will learn more about this in the years ahead.

Go over to the exclamation marks around you (Quests), accept them, read them, look at the map (M), go to the marker indicated and kill/collect/whatever the quest is having you do. Return to the place where you got the quest (Yellow question mark means turn in, gray means uncompleted but in your log). You learn about the lore through questing a little bit, but if you want big pictures or an npc mentions "Old gods" or something like that, go to pedia and research it if it interests you. The rest will come through asking questions.
Dragon Age: Class specializations are in the tables below
Dragon Age
World of Warcraft
1H + Shield Warrior
Protection Warrior
2H Warrior
Arms Warrior or Unholy Death Knight
Dual-Wield Warrior
Fury Warrior or Frost Death Knight
Fury Warrior
Blood Death Knight
Spirit Warrior
Retribution Paladin

Dragon Age
World of Warcraft
Dual Wield Rogue
Rogue or Survival Hunter (Survival doesn't DW, but I feel they are similar in playstyles)
Bow Rogue
Marksmanship Hunter
Outlaw Rogue
Beast Mastery Hunter
Subtlety* Rogue
Assassination Rogue

Dragon Age
World of Warcraft
Arcane Mage
Affliction Warlock
Elemental Shaman, Fire Mage, or Frost Mage
Blood Mage
Warlock or Shadow Priest
Spirit Healer/Creation
Priest, Paladin, Shaman, Druid, Monk (Any Healing Spec)
Arcane Warrior
Enhancement Shaman

There are three types of classes in the world: 
Tanks, DPS, and Healers. These are called Roles:
Tanks protect people while holding the boss' attention.
DPS (damage per second) put the hurt on the boss, good dps means the boss dies quicker. DPS are broken down into Range DPS and Melee DPS.
Healers restore the health of players that take damage from the boss/spells.

Class Details (IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE INFORMATION, look up each class and read about them on pedia or world of warcraft head. They are all cool in their own way.)

More information you can check:https://www.mmogah.com/news/title/tricks-and-skills-in-world-of-warcraft


Enchanting Guide of Elder Scrolls Online

Enchanting provides Glyphs in Elder Scrolls Online. Glyphs are enchantments which are applied on gear. There’s three types of glyphs: armor glyphs, weapon glyphs, and jewelry glyphs. Glyphs are crafted at enchanting station, typically found in towns. The combination of runes used to craft the glyph affects the quality and effects of the final glyph, much like the combination of reagents does in Alchemy.
Unlike provisioning and alchemy, enchanting grants you permanent bonuses on your armor, jewelry and weapons. You do have to charge your weapons with soul gems as the effect depletes in combat. Enchanting can give you a boost in most of your stats with some exceptions like crit percentage or crit damage. However, it’s not just adding bonuses. There’s also some special effects like granting a damage shield, dealing unresistable damage, reduction costs, potion boost and more.                                 


Leveling Enchanting
Leveling up Enchanting is an arduous process. It has been made easier with incremental patches, but it is still the slowest ranking of the professions.
Deconstruction always grants more inspiration than creation and yields materials. Items made by another player gives the most inspiration, enhanced with higher level and better item quality.
   1. Find a crafting partner who is near your crafting level.
   2. Each partner creates glyphs for the maximum level as possible in the following progression: 4, 16, 26, 36, 46, Champion: 10, 40, 80, 100
   3. Trade the items to each other.
   4. Deconstruct the glyphs made by the other person.

Whole information about this article please check: https://www.mmogah.com/news/title/enchanting-guide-of-the-elder-scrolls-online

FFXIV Patch 3.5-The Far Edge of Fate Is Coming Next Week

All we know that FFXIV Patch 3.5 is coming next week, MmoGah will show you the updates here, let’s see the details in the following parts: 

Main Scenario-Part 1
The threat of the Warriors of Darkness is no more. Unexpected reunions salve the ache of bittersweet farewells. And with their ranks further bolstered by the official induction of Alisaie and Krile, once more do the Scions of the Seventh Dawn set their feet upon fate's path and their gaze upon distant horizons.


Side Story Quests
Further Hildibrand Adventures: Inspector's Log: The future of House Manderville is in peril! Gigi, apple of my eye, beloved son, has run away with the Grand Sers, those elderly scoundrels! Glad though I was to see him regain his lost memories, his sudden revelations led him to pursue a most dangerous path. Overcome with grief for his deceased creator, he now seeks to harness his phenomenal powers that he might return the dead to life! Yet I know full well he will not find solace in the dark arts, and so it falls to me, Zombibrand, devourer of brains, undead overlord extraordinaire-Ahem! Former undead overlord, to return my dear boy to the straight and narrow!

Saint Endalim’s Scholasticate: With every mystery solved it seems another, greater than the last, springs up to take its place. Tensions are running at an all-time high at the scholasticate, as rage and desperation take hold of the student body who are altogether too eager to pin the blame for their misfortune on one unlucky individual, who some might say is just getting what he deserves. While some fight to defend the innocent, others move to take justice into their own hands, and once again you and Inspector Briardien find yourselves in a race against time to uncover the true culprit responsible for the chaos that ensues.


How to Avoid Getting Hacked When Playing Elysium /Nostalrius

Elysium PvP fresh realm had released last Saturday, until now the online population have reached near 8500 players. This fresh realm was born from the desire to capture World of Warcraft in its original state, so that players can share their passion with the world once more.

Elysium realm also gives players a chance to take a fresh stab at old school player-versus-player with a brand new vanilla PVP server, so many players want to take part in this new fresh realm, but they are worry about their account’s safety, since there has been a lot of discussion lately about hacked accounts.

Hacked Account means that the account has been hacked or accessed by player that was not the creator or owner. For example: if you used a password on other private server and also use it on Elysium, your account will get hacked.
Elysium-project’s database has not been touched and is completely safe and encrypted. These hackings occurred, since the victims used the same account/password to log on multiple servers. The individuals who hacked the accounts has been found and everything he stole has been frozen.

Here mmogah as a professional Elysium/nostalrius gold site shares this important news from Elysium-project community, and gives some advices to keep your account avoid getting hacked.

More details you can click this link: https://www.mmogah.com/news/title/how-to-avoid-getting-hacked-when-playing-elysium-nostalrius.


Order Hall Champions in World of Warcraft

There are 8 champions in total for each class, but only 5 can be active. As with the garrison followers in Warlords of Draenor, you must deactivate your excess champions if you wish to start a mission and you have over 5 active champions. If you wish to reactivate them, you can do pay 250 World of Warcraft gold to activate one per day. Every class has their own separate set of champions, since they are all related to lore.

The best way to get My Champions
As soon as you complete the first set of quests after gaining 325 artifact power, you will receive your first set of champions. All the champions will come from the order hall campaign, after you reach level 103, you will be able to return to your order hall and complete a second quest chain for the campaign, which will allow you to unlock two more champions. The rest of your champions will come from naturally completing the order hall campaign.


The Data
Total Missions: 52 (I condensed all the "Investigate X Dungeon" down to one, as they're all the same and you can only have one up at a time).
AoE Counters: 40
Interrupt Counters: 28
Dodge Counters: 23

As a side note, you probably want to avoid having the solo-spec be the same character as the solo-counter as using that one in a mission greatly reduces your options for other missions. Therefore, you want 2 of your champions to be AoE counters, then a 2/1 split of the others. Since the spec is completely random, you just want to go 2/2/1 however is best.

If you're using one, it's because you want the 50 Gold and 100 Resources you get per world quest - it's a massive liability to mission success rate to only have 4 real champions. I'll note the grouping for 4 if you need the resources anyway.


The best way to gear my champions
The second slot is unlocked as soon as they hit epic quality. Champions have the option to unlock equipment slots as they level and grow in rarity (in the same way followers did in garrisons), once a champion hits rare quality, they will unlock their first equipment slot.

In order to prepare them for battle, you will need to find some champion equipment to arm them with. You can find it through the following means:
Missions in your order hall
World quests
Emissary quest rewards
Class Order Hall advancements.

The items that are available in-game fall under a number of categories, they each have a different impact on a different part of the mission process.
More information you can check:https://www.mmogah.com/news/title/order-hall-champions-in-world-of-warcraft

How to Create the Perfect Line-Up in FIFA 17

The cornerstone of every good Ultimate Team is having the right line-up on the pitch. Without a good line-up, you won't have good team chemistry and you won't perform well on the field, but creating right line-up is not easy, as there are numerous factors need to be considered, including team chemistry, formations, balance, and etc. The selection of players is extremely important.
Mmogah will share some important tips about creating the right line-up in this chapter.

To harness the full extent of your players' potential to maximize players’ chemistry. The chemistry for a single player can reach a maximum value of 10. It depends on the chemistry links between players, as well as the player's position.

Compose your team perfectly and look for good team chemistry
A good team composition is crucial in Ultimate Team as well. It is not just buying the players with the best ratings. You need to coordinate them well, since every player has a preferred position and gets on particularly well with fellow players from the same country.

If you want to learn more tips, you can click this link: https://www.mmogah.com/news/title/how-to-create-the-perfect-line-up-in-fifa-17.


How to Make Money Fast from FIFA 17? Join MmoGah Youtube Affiliate

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Crown Store Showcase of Elder Scrolls Online: January 4th,2017

New supplies are on their way to the ESO Crown Store! Tamriel's tailors and barbers will do their very best to give you a fashionable start to the New Year. The latest shipment includes two Redguard costumes from the “Tailored in Tamriel" series, a lot of classy hair styles, and an adorable new pet. Each month, we'll receive new offers of Crown Store items, so keep your eyes open for future previews!


Glenmoril Witch Robes
It's only natural! The witches of the Glenmoril Wyrd covens worship natural laws and nature, mostly in its darker aspects—though some also celebrate life and fertility, particularly in the spring of the year. These robes are specially woven for that spring festival.
The Glenmoril Witch Robes costume will be available on all platforms starting on January 5th.

Whole information about this article please check: https://www.mmogah.com/news/title/the-first-batch-of-new-supplies-in-2017-are-coming-to-the-eso-crown-store


World of Warcraft Mage Strategy

The mage is a DPS caster that specializes in burst damage and area of effect spells in world of Warcraft. Mage utility spells also include conjuring food and drink and the ability to teleport to major cities and open portals for party members. In PvP, magi deal ranged damage while using snare effects and Polymorph to control enemy players. Their primary role in a group is damage dealing and crowd control through the use of Polymorph. At the end of game levels, mage damage is supplemented with spells like Counterspell and Spellsteal.

The magi of the Kirin Tor first mastered the art of casting spells using the elements of ice and fire. Magi are also known for being able to summon elementals, usually water elementals, but can also summon air, earth, and fire elementals. The greatest mortal mage ever to have lived is the naga, Queen Azshara. In fact, she may no longer be mortal.

Magi also understand the workings of arcane energy so well they can counter most magic with great effectiveness. Those who have dedication to and natural predilection for one of the schools of specialization becomes more entrenched. At this point they choose either evocation or transmutation as a preferred school.


Archmage Kalec: Arcane, Counterspell (counters "Spells")
Archmage Vargoth: Arcane, Blizzard (counters "Minions")
Archmage Modera: Frost, Blink (counters "Hazards")
Meryl Felstorm: Frost, Blizzard (counters "Minions")
Ravandwyr: Fire, Blink (counters "Hazards")
Kirin Tor Invokers: Presence of Mind (helps with "Spells")

Magi, the most common of arcanists, are found all over Azeroth. They focus on magic that creates and changes things, most often with the purpose of damaging their enemies and boosting the power of their allies. Such beings can obtain a familiar, which is a normal animal that gains new powers and becomes a magical beast when summoned to service by a mage, while others choose to become a focused mage.


More information you can check:https://www.mmogah.com/news/title/world-of-warcraft-mage-strategy


How to Use the Offside Trap Effectively in FIFA 17

As all FIFA fans know that Offside is one of the laws of association football, but the offside offence is neither a foul nor a misconduct, players are never booked or sent off for offside. However, any play (such as the scoring of a goal) that occurs after the Offside has taken place but before the referee is able to stop the play is nullified. Players that continue such play may be booked based on the referee's assessment of how significant or intentional the play was.
Here mmogah as a professional fifa coins xbox one site makes a summary of Offside trap tactics.

What is the Offside rule?

It means that players in an offside position, any of their body parts with which they can touch the ball during the play; Players are in the opponents' half of the pitch and closer to the opponents' goal line than both the ball and the second to last opponent (usually, but not necessarily always, the last defensive player in front of the goalkeeper).

Being in an offside position is not an offence in itself, only when the ball touches, or is played by one of his teammate, the referee thinks that the player must also be "actively involved in the play". When the offside offence occurs, the referee stops you playing and awards an indirect free kick to the defending team from the offending player’s position.

More details you can click this link: https://www.mmogah.com/news/title/how-to-use-the-offside-trap-effectively-in-fifa-17.

Dragonknight Guide in the Elder Scrolls Online

Dragonknight is a Class in Elder Scrolls Online. These skillful masters-at-arms use the ancient Akaviri martial arts tradition of battle-spirit, and wield fearsome magic that pounds, shatters and physically alters the world around them. Dragon Knights can specialize on three distinctive class skills. The player is free to focus on one line or distribute points across many, allowing for deep build customization.
In this ESO Dragonknight guide, I will be discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the specific talents available to the Dragonknight. The Dragonknight is the most tanking-oriented class in Elder Scrolls Online. Its Draconic Power and Earthen Heart skill lines have a lot of great damage mitigation abilities, while the Ardent Flame skills are useful for dealing damage as well as PvP (Fiery Grip is one of the best and most annoying PvP skills around).


Dragonknight is chosen by players for a variety of roles. Most players build a melee DPS or heavy tank using the Dragonknight, although Dragonknights can also be very effective as ranged damage dealers and support/healing roles! The Dragonknight is loaded with tanking skills which allows for a huge variety of strong builds. Creating the ultimate Dragonknight build isn’t easy and is very time consuming, even if you’re familiar with the class skills.
As you may or may not already know, picking a class gives you access to just three unique skill trees out of the dozens from which you can pull your six active skills. Each class skill tree has 5 abilities and 4 passives; you can only equip 5 abilities and 1 ultimate as an active skill at one time.

Whole information about this article please check: https://www.mmogah.com/news/title/dragonknight-guide-of-the-elder-scrolls-online


SWTOR Crafting in Knights of the Eternal Throne

The Crafting Skills are part of Crew Skills that involve using the raw resources gathered from Gathering Skills to create many different items. These skills enable the character to construct armor, weapons, implants as well as other types of useful items and gear. If gamers are not good at crafting, they have to buy swtor gold to afford those useful equipment. Here is the detailed crafting changes in KotET on the official web:

“Hey folks,

As we discussed yesterday on the livestream, one of the goals of crafting is that it will be a mechanism where someone can gear up an alt, catch up to their friends, or even gear an off-spec. With the launch of Eternal Throne you will find that there is a new grade of materials and higher level items which can be learned from your Crafting Trainer. For endgame crafting, the intent is that you will be able to craft items which are within 2 item rating of the best gear in that tier, but without a set bonus. The exception to this rule is tier 1, where you will be able to craft items equivalent to the best item rating in that tier. All of the gear that you craft in this matter will be static, meaning that you cannot move mods. However, crafters will also be able to craft mods of those same item levels.

If that is confusing let me give you some examples using made up numbers from Fallen Empire:
Tier 1 – 216 with set bonus
Tier 2 – 220 with set bonus
Tier 3 – 224 with set bonus

You would be able to craft at the following ratings:
Tier 1 – 216 without a set bonus
Tier 2 – 218 without a set bonus
Tier 3 – 222 without a set bonus

Let’s talk about how you get access to craft these items.
Gear: You will earn the schematics to craft gear from their respective Command Crates. Ex: You will get schematics to craft tier 1 gear inside of tier 1 Command Crates. These schematics will require materials earned from Conquests in order to craft them.
Mods: You will earn the schematics to craft mods through either reverse engineering the mod, PvP, or looting the schematic from an Operation boss. These schematics will require materials earned from Operations or PvP in order to craft them.

This is a summary of how crafting relates to gearing in Eternal Throne. Let me know if you have any questions.”

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