The ESO: Horns of the Reach - Bloodroot Forge Preview

Something primal has awoken deep within the rocky steppes of Craglorn in the Elder Scrolls Online, and the forgotten flames of the Bloodroot Forge have been restoked by the blood rites of the Dreadhorn Clan. Bloodroot Forge is one of the new dungeons found in the Horns of the Reach DLC game pack, and it offers a brand new adventure for your group along with a host of new gear, collectibles, and other rewards. Want to find out more? Read our preview below!


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The Dreadhorn Clan, an unusual alliance between Reachmen and Minotaurs, has been terrorizing the people of the Jerall Mountains for months, and now you and your comrades must travel to a long-forgotten site to investigate the fate of those taken and discover the truth of Bloodroot Forge.
“The idea behind this dungeon is an ancient forge, buried away within the bowels of the earth, that is unstable and highly volatile," says Mike Finnigan, ESO's Dungeon Lead. “When building this new area, we wanted it to feel primal and somewhat untouched."
When traversing the winding paths towards the Forge, you'll notice the twisting growth of pulsing vines and rich Nirncrux veins. These strange plants seem to draw Nirncrux, a rare material reportedly found exclusively in Craglorn, up from the ground in huge quantities, bathing the area in a red glow.

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Guild Wars 2 “One Path Ends” is Live


The final episode of Living World Season 3, “One Path Ends,” is now live! Here MmoGah will share more details with Guild Wars 2 players. You can check them out below. In addition,  on Tuesday, August 1, you can tune in for a special livestream event at guildwars2.com/expansion as the official site announces the details of GW2 second expansion! Please check the expansion announcement schedule to find the dates, times, and channels for your language.

The final episode of Living World Season 3 is here! Return to the city of the gods in a desperate search for Balthazar, walk the Mists in a new fractal, and hold history in your hands with two new legendary weapons!


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One Path Ends

Taimi’s machine returned Jormag and Primordus to a dormant state, but Balthazar vanished in the aftermath. His assault on the Elder Dragons could spell doom for Tyria, which makes it crucial to find him before he strikes again. Where do you start the hunt for a rogue god?

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Why We Choose MmoGah to Buy ToS Silver

Although Tree of Savior has been launched for more than two years, and we all know that many new MMORPGS come out every year, which attract some tos players to play other new games. It will not shake some die-hard fans to play tos as always. In this case, we need to find a reliable and trustworthy gold selling website with high reputation, and also can guarantee it will never give up this game at any time, which means players can buy safe tree of savior silver until this game is disappeared.

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Guide to FIFA 18 EA Access and Origin Access

Many FIFA fans are eager to play FIFA 18 before it was released. Luckily, Xbox One and PC users have the opportunity to get FIFA 18 early access for 10 hours starting Sep 21. Unfortunately PS4 users will have to wait until Sep 26. You should catch this opportunity, as it will give you a head start in building your FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. If you are looking to start playing the full game as early as possible and save money on EA downloadable content, MmoGah (one of the best fifa coins sellers) would like to share the details of EA Access and Origin Access.


What is EA Access and Origin Access?
EA Access is a subscription paid program exclusively for Xbox One owners. A very similar service named Origin Access landed for PC users. The service is not available on PS4 or older gen consoles.

EA Access or Origin Access subscribers have the chance to play FIFA 18 first, and they can get exclusive offers for Electronic Arts video games for free & special discounts.

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How to Buy Cheap Warmane Gold without Being Scammed


Buying virtual currencies for MMORPGs is a common thing among players, so it is in Warmane. And how to buy Cheap Warmane Gold without being scammed becomes players’ first concerns. Generally, buying virtual currency is not 100% safe no matter which site you choose, but you should choose the one that offers honest and trustworthy services when you compare with different sites. If you do not know where is the best place to buy warmane gold, I want to recommend MmoGah considering of your gold’s security.

How to Buy Warmane Gold without being scammed?

- Choose a reliable and trustworthy Warmane Gold website


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Kyrie Irving Request to Be Traded From the Cavaliers

Last Friday, the news about the cover athlete of NBA 2K18, Kyrie Irving requested to be traded from the Cavaliers has shocked the basketball world. It is reported that Irving no longer wants to play aside with LeBron James anymore and wants to be a larger focal point somewhere else. James was “blindsided and disappointed” by Irving’s decision.


Though winning a championship and reaching three straight Finals, Irving always falls in James’ shadow, given James’ status as one of the most famous athletes alive, it was impossible for Irving to ever get the same recognition.


Irving has submitted a list of preferred destinations that includes the Spurs, Knicks, Heat, and Timberwolves. Irving was hoping to be traded to Chicago to play alongside Jimmy Butler before Butler was traded to Minnesota. So it’s no surprise that Minnesota is now on the list. Click for more: https://www.mmogah.com/news/nba-2k17/kyrie-irving-request-to-be-traded-from-the-cavaliers


Do You Need to Buy Pets in Path of Exile

Online MMORPGS seem to have something in common, right, the pet. Having a virtual animal or familiar of sorts by his/her side seems to be universal now in online gaming, Path of Exile is certainly no exception. There are some mounts for those who like to ride into combat, such as ROI. But at least in mounts, they have a purpose of increasing a character's movement speed. What are the advantages of pets, especially in Path of Exile?

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In micro-transaction, PoE does have pets for sale, if you think having one beside your character's is a good idea, you can get one. The one in the ARPG title Torchlight makes your cat or dog take items to town for selling, when the player is deep inside a dungeon. Not exactly realistic, but still a good idea. That doesn't seem the case in Path of Exile.

What do pets mean? Actually, pets are a type of micro-transaction. They do not participate in combat. Although pets don't do anything other than looking cool, that doesn't stop players from buying them since that's the reason why they want them. After all, there's really something to customizing and fine-tuning for the appearance of an in-game character.
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What’s the Best SWTOR Class Story?

There are Eight Classes in SWTOR, which separately Trooper, Smuggler, Jedi Knight and Jedi Consular, Bounty Hunter, Sith Warrier, Imperial Agent and Sith Inquisitor. Here is the question which one is the best class story, and different gamers have their own answers, so here MmoGah summarizes some representative answers for you guys.


Tobzors says that A lot of people say the Imperial Agent has the best story, and with good reason. The story offers a lot of interesting choices and gives you plenty of freedom to play the kind of Agent you want to be. It’s very exciting to see everything from “behind the scenes” and not be an absolute powerhouse.

Speaking of powerhouses, his second choice would be The Sith Warrior. If you’ve fantasized about playing a dark lord of the Sith then this is the story for you. While the story doesn’t offer as much freedom of choice as the imperial agent you still get to interact with a lot of interesting characters that will, in one way or another, help you in your quest towards great power. It’s very exciting to see you rise in the ranks from a mere acolyte to the Emperor’s personal enforcer.

His third choice is harder to make, as many of SWTOR’s stories offer something unique and interesting. Ultimately, however, he would say the Smuggler is his third choice. The smuggler deviates from other classes in that it isn’t as serious or plot heavy. In comparison the Jedi Knight is all about defeating the Big Bad Evil Guy, whereas the smuggler is mostly about having fun on your various wacky adventures and interacting with a huge gallery of interesting characters. Some might find the smuggler a bit boring in comparison to the epic story line of a class like the Jedi Knight, but he thinks that is exactly what makes the Smuggler so much fun to play. You’re just a regular guy/gal in a great big galaxy, and adventure is just on the other side of the door.

SNCommand says that Sith Inquisitor, you start from the bottom unlike some of the other classes who already from the start have great expectations put upon them, and it has a good mixture of force mysticism, underworld crime, and military matters.

Nothing like building up a power base consisting of cultists, criminals, force ghosts, and army officers, then constructing your own super weapon.

Aramis-X says that Warrior is his favorite:
Great action
Great antagonists
Great dialogues
Good light side and neutral options
Essentially the class story really tells the tale of the galaxy’s greatest weapon

PyraThana says that Having played all 8 stories at least twice, this is his order:
First: - Imperial Agent. Spying, counter spying. 3 different endings. A masterpiece.
Second: - Trooper. Some really hard choices and you must choose who to live, who to die. You’re just a trooper who try to end this war recruting an elite squadron.
Third: - Inquisitor. Rise from the abyss to become a Darth. He don’t like playing DS, but it honesly was fun. LS makes no sense tho.
Fourth: - Smuggler. A shitty chapter 1. No other word. Just Fedex. Litteraly. Chapters 2 and 3 are good hovewer. Plus the conversations are funny, catchy, and enjoyables. A lot more than any other story.
Fifth: - Consular: A first chapter quite meh. But chapters 2 and 3 are pretty good. The story doesn’t make sense if you play DS tho.
From here, it gets quite uggly:
Jedi Knight: Meeeeh. First planet “Oh Jedi, Bad Siths have stolen some DeusExMachina which will end the war if used. Please get it back.” Same on all 8 next planets. Boring.
The Jedi pendant: The Sith Warrior. CopyPaste the story of Jedi Knight and translate it to DS. Welcome to Sith Warrior story. Boring.
Bounty Hunter. Good chapter 1. Really bad chapters 2 and 3. Nothing to save. Pls delete.

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New Character of TESO - Eerika Skjoralmor

Horns of the Reach will be coming to the Elder Scrolls Online in August. The Horns of the Reach DLC game pack will introduce two new dungeons (Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold), and it is packed full of excitement to keep your adventure rolling.


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Want to know about some of the characters you'll interact with in the Horns of the Reach DLC game pack? Check out our first Meet the Character for this new adventure and learn about the Jarl of Falkreath's daughter, Eerika Skjoralmor.
You asked me once how I came to serve a whelp half my age. You meant it as an insult and I never gave you a reply in words, so I'll tell it to you now. While there's still time.
I'd returned home from the victory over the Akaviri snakes a warrior of some renown. I pledged my sword to the Jarl, became a man of rank and consequence, and as reward my days were spent pacing the garrison walls. When an escort was needed for the Jarl's wife and young child to join him in Solitude for the crowning of High King Svargrim, I leapt at the chance to leave the hold.

Whole information about this article please check: https://www.mmogah.com/news/eso/meet-the-new-character-of-the-elder-scrolls-online-eerika-skjoralmor

Path of Exile Beta on Xbox One Launches Today

When we open Path of Exile official website, we receive a good news that The Path of Exile Beta on Xbox One has been released today. I think that is a piece of good news for all poe fans, although it is only a beta version. As you know the previous PC version has enjoyed remarkable success since 2013. That strong performance has led to numerous expansions, and now a console version is in development for Xbox One. So we believe the Xbox One version will bring us more pleasure. As part of the development process, today the developers at Grinding Gear Games launches a beta on the new platform.

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Signing up for the beta is easy, if you would like to participate in the beta, you can register online and potentially receive an Xbox One beta key by email. Since space is limited, not all players who register will be given the option to participate. But you’ll have a better chance of playing if you actually do sign up. The Fall of Oriath on Xbox One brings together existing content and six brand new acts, which effectively doubles the existing game’s size.

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Guide to FIFA 18 Web App Release Date, Early Access and Offers

When will the FIFA 18 Web App be released?
Which platforms are available on the FIFA 18 Web App?
How to get FIFA 18 Web App Early Access?
What are the FIFA 18 Offers?
Here we MmoGah.com share the details of FUT 18 Web App for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team!


 What is the FUT Web App?
The FIFA Web App, also known as FUT Web Start, is an online application which allows FIFA players to manage their squads without having to switch on their PS4 or Xbox consoles.
The big advantage is that it is a faster and more comfortable way to manage one player’s club. Most traders use it for searching, selling and buying players or cards; opening packs; consulting and interacting with all the cards you have on the club; consulting the leaderboards. Since they need frequent visits to the market during the day.

 More details you can click this link: https://www.mmogah.com/news/fifa-17/guide-to-fifa-18-web-app-release-date-early-access-and-offers.

What Are the Best Ways to Get Chaos Orb in Path of Exile

Chaos Orb is one of the best and most useful PoE Items in Path of Exile. For PoE players, this is a key virtual currency to build their financial or item strength in the game. It is very useful to reforge a junk, a piece of equipment into something. On a specific scale, players farm and trade these Chaos Orbs very actively. Now let’s see how to get Chaos Orb in PoE.

Except for Chaos Orb, sometimes we also need other PoE Currency, such as the hottest poe exalted orb. Then where can we buy safe and cheap poe items, How to choose a reliable PoE Items seller? I recommend MmoGah as your first choice because most players would like to choose a famous brand and a reliable gold selling website, I can tell you MmoGah has been working on this for more than 10 years, depending on full experience and the best 7/24 hours online service, its ranking has reached No.1 in Google. Don’t worry about getting banned or scammed at MmoGah after buying poe items.


To equip quality or rare gear caliber is the first step in the process. If that is important to you, you may want to fill in a couple of purity items for the resistance stats. No normal equipment should be in work, the reason behind is the rarity boost drop rates. This should increase your chances for success in farming Chaos Orbs significantly.

When you finish equipping quality, rare or purity items and you can proceed to the Church Dungeon then Fellshire Ruins. In this location you can farm blue and rare items, and nothing else. If you're hard-pressed for currency items, then go ahead and loot whites, otherwise, only focus on blues and rares.

For skills, in the quickest time to slaughter mobs is your goal, the same as other MMORPG's. With that being said, use AoE (Area of Effect) or high-damage skills for efficiency is the best way for you. Now and then rare items may drop. By typing in the chat box you can check the item level for each you obtained.


More info, please check:https://www.mmogah.com/news/poe/what-are-the-best-ways-to-get-chaos-orb-in-path-of-exile

SWTOR Cartel Market Specials: Week of July 25, 2017

SWTOR Cartel Market Specials: Week of July 25, 2017 is online now. Last week, it’s about gaining the edge with the Armed Resistance Cartel Pack! What good contents they are this week? MmoGah will show you the details, so pay your attention to the following parts and see whether you need or not.

The official writes that the galaxy’s most feared battle armor, a rugged weapon customization, and last call for two fan-favorite bundle packs!

TULAK HORD: DIRECT SALE ARMOR (Tuesday, July 25 - Tuesday, August 1)
2,600 Cartel Coins Before, Now 2,340 Cartel Coins

Become a scourge of the battlefield. Wear the armor of the legendary Tulak Hord, Dark Lord of the Sith!


2,000 Cartel Coins Before, Now 1,400 Cartel Coins

The perfect upgrade for a marksman on the go. This customization adds heavy-duty combat straps to your weapon of choice, whether it be a blaster rifle, assault cannon, or Lightsaber.


Advanced Agent: 3,350 Cartel Coins Before, NOW 2,010 Cartel Coins
Desert Wanderer: 3,450 Cartel Coins Before, NOW 2,070 Cartel Coins

Last chance to gear up with these two popular bundle packs! Each pack contains hand-selected weapons, armor, and vehicles - specifically designed for an aspiring Imperial Agent or Jedi.


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Start Your Journey in Albion Online Now!

Albion Online - a Sandbox MMORPG, was officially released on July 17th, 2017. MmoGah shares this big news to all gamers and bring our Albion Online Gold, Albion Online Silver and Albion Online Power Leveling service to help you get fantastic game experience in this brand new fantasy world.


Albion Online (AO) is a Sandbox MMORPG in which you get to write your own story instead of just following a laid-out path. Explore vast open world consisting of different and unique biomes, everything you do has an impact on the world. As in Play-Driven Economy, every piece of equipment is player-crafted. There are no classes, you can freely combine armor pieces and weapons in the unique classless system. The equipment you wear defines what you are. Click for more: https://www.mmogah.com/news/albion-online/start-your-journey-in-albion-online-now


The Review of FFXIV after One Week Playing

It has been more than a month since Stormblood was released. Tens of thousands of FFXIV gamers have experienced the new expansion and give it highly positive reviews. As a representative review, here is what a player thought after one week playing and MmoGah lists it in the following parts.


The reviewer says that he recently started playing this game, he thinks it’s been one week. First of all, he’s a HUGE Final Fantasy fan, he played all of the games (minus one or two), finished them all and will continue buying future Final Fantasy games. Not because he’s a fanboy, but because every one of them is unique and fantastic.

Since he’s also a MMORPG fan, he decided to try this one after playing tons of them: Dofus, Guild Wars 2, Aion, Tera, Black Desert Online, etc. After playing all of them, he can say for sure that Final Fantasy XIV became his favorite MMORPG of all time. Again, not because he’s a Final Fantasy fanboy, but there are a lot of things to point out about this game that made him become addicted.

He wants to start with the bad things. He hated so, so much the progression until level 35 or 40. He’s never seen such a slow gameplay, his character always looking like a homeless clown and the quests so boring. Brings this to that, kills this and that, activates this and that, goes here and there, talks to him and her. It can’t be more classic than that, He just wanted to sleep sometimes. However he continued, because the ratings are so high everywhere and He’s always curious to see what path does the game lead to. Plus, he was trying the game for free, so it couldn’t hurt a cent.

And then, it suddenly got interesting. The story somehow was becoming something, the dungeons were getting a little bit more interesting, his character looks like a real character, the battles were getting more intense and he never used my keyboard so much in a MMORPG. It became addictive. Then, he fought the Titan in a dungeon, with this AMAZING soundtrack, and that’s when he thought “WOW. There is the Final Fantasy spirit”. He got so hyped and was convinced that it would get even better after some point. He got level 35 and bought the game. Then he got level 50 and bought Stormblood. He don’t regret it, and it’s only been one week. There’s other nice things, like the crafting jobs that are quite pleasing, doing some logs, going to the Gold Saucer, the mounts, the minions, the customization, the multi-class in one character, etc. Usually it takes a couple of dollars to get this kind of thing in a MMORPG. But not with Final Fantasy XIV. You buy the game, you pay the subscription and you get rewarded with awesome content.

Some of you may say “why did you rush until 50 in one week?” Well, He didn’t, he just has a lot of time lately, so he only did some quests, FATEs and the main quest. And when he looks at what the game has to offer, he gets so hyped! He hasn’t even tried 1/10 of the game, or 1/20 for sure. Getting to immerse in a Final Fantasy universe like this makes him want to subscribe later once his free trial finishes. It has some technical things that aren’t perfect, and he misses that from some MMORPGs, but the universe is something else. You feel a real sense of progression in this game, on the contrary of Guild Wars 2 or Black Desert Online, where you can be a boss ass bitch already at level 1.

And from what he’s experienced, the community is nice and there’s still some people doing things in the first maps, so it’s lively whilst not too crowded. He’s happy to now be part of a MMORPG that he likes, that people like and that fits his style.

From the review, we can see the player changing attitude from the start to the end. MmoGah guesses that many of you have the same thoughts like him, finally you all find that FFXIV is worth playing. However, there are some hard aspects that hold players back, like leveling which needs time and skills, but gamers usually have no time to do this, at this time you have to find a professional ffxiv power leveling web for help.

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Old School of RuneScape on Mobile Is Coming Soon

RuneScape is coming to mobile in 2018. That's right – RuneScape. The game you know and love, anywhere.


This is a mobile client for RuneScape – not a separate version of the game. The interfaces will be optimised for mobile, and there'll be persistent cross-platform play with the desktop version.
That means you'll log in with your existing account, continuing the adventures of the character you've spent so much time levelling. And of course, you can hop back onto the desktop client whenever you want.

Whole information about this article please check: https://www.mmogah.com/news/rs/runescape-is-coming-to-mobile-in-2018

Dame Lillard’s Music Will Be Featured on NBA 2K18 Soundtrack

We have previously predicted that Dame Lillard a.k.a Dame D.O.L.L.A’s music would be featured in NBA 2K18, just a few hours ago, this prediction was certified to become true according to Lillard himself on twitter.  Apparently 2 Dame Lillard tracks will be featured on the NBA 2K18 soundtrack. The soundtrack should be announced soon.


Damian Lillard is widely regarded as one of the most talented basketball players. He’s been trying to push his Portland Trail Blazers towards the top of the Western Conference during his first five NBA seasons, meanwhile, Lillard has simultaneously earned himself major attention as a rapper during that same span under the moniker ‘Dame D.O.L.L.A’. While as one of the best and most exciting offensive players in the league, his music has also been thrust into the spotlight and he even dropped his debut album ‘The Letter O’ last October, a project that did well on charts worldwide. Click for more: https://www.mmogah.com/news/nba-2k17/dame-lillard-s-music-will-be-featured-on-nba-2k18-soundtrack

World of Warcraft: The Mythic Dungeon Invitational Proving Grounds Are Here!


Secure your spot* in the World of Warcraft Mythic Dungeon Invitational by making a run at Mythic Keystone dungeons during the Proving Grounds July 25-August 8! The top scoring competitors will be invited to join as one of 32 outstanding teams from all over the world, competing for a share of the $100,000 prize pool. Here MmoGah would like to share some details with WoW fans.

Teams must master multiple dungeons during this two-week period to be considered. WoW will be judging performance across the 5 dungeons in which the team achieves the highest Keystone Level.

At the end of the two weeks, teams will need to submit their top score using this formPlease note that any entries received prior to the end of the Proving Grounds period (August 8) will not be considered. All entries must be received by August 11 by 3:00 p.m. PDT. Only dungeons completed during the Proving Ground period will be considered.

You can read the original announcement and keep an eye on the World of Warcraft esports site.

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Proving Grounds FAQ

Q.Do any completed Mythic Keystone Dungeons count, or do I need to complete the dungeon within the timer for it to be valid?
A.Only dungeons finished within the allotted time will be counted (Maw of Souls must be completed in less than 24 minutes, Black Rook Hold needs to be finished within 39 minutes, etc). If you didn’t finish the dungeon in time but submit it as one of your runs, your submission will be invalid.

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What are the Best PoE Skill Gems

The fantastic thing about Path of Exile is that as long as you meet the requirements, you can put the gem into a corresponding slot in one of your poe items, then you can use any active skills. As the gem can level up so you can use it more and make the active skill grow stronger. There are five of the best skill gems that are used commonly in Path of Exile Items. They're used for utility and effectiveness against enemies, as well as being fit for certain character builds. Also you can use some of skill gems to exchange some special orbs, such as exalted orb.

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Molten Strike
The attack skill consists of an initial single-target fire melee attack, which followed by an AoE fire projectile attack. The area of effect of the projectiles spread throughout a 270-degree arc within a radius of 5 to 20 units, which can be enhanced for better effect and more damage. The various properties of the magma projectiles, as well as the melee fire attack itself, give this skill plenty of damage that can be enhanced with other support gems.

Fire Trap
Basically it’s a trap skill that explodes when it is triggered, leaving fire in its wake that damages all enemies. Maybe you think that traps don't get as much use in this game, but Fire Trap has quite a bit of utility even in the late game as it's useful for doing extra damage while kiting enemies.

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10 Predictions for NBA 2K18

There are less than two months before the date of NBA 2K18 releases, fans of NBA 2K have listed their suggestions and wishes for the new edition to development team. The stream of pre-release information will increase in the coming weeks. Based on the various hints and information from 2KTV and Ronnie 2K on social media, here are 10 predictions for this year’s game listed by NBA 2K fans:

1. New Soundtrack or Musical Feature
On Monday, on Ronnie 2K’s Instagram story, people found that Portland Trailblazers' point guard Damian Lillard featured along with some sort of fictitious neighborhood record shop. Lillard is regarded as the NBA’s best rapper, it is likely that his music will be featured in the game.

2. More Dribble and Defensive Control
Dribbling and defense are a little too loose in NBA 2K now, so in 2KTV, Mike Wang, one of the chief developers on the 2K team mentioned about improving the dribble and defensive control.

3. More Hairstyles in MyCareer and Player Creation
So many fans have complained about the limited selection of hairstyles, it looks like NBA 2K18 will finally deliver a wider variety of hairstyle, for Ronnie 2K tweeted some images of the Philadelphia 76ers' Joel Embiid's fake barber shop with a few of the most-wanted hairstyles. If 2K wants to provide the best experience, they have to do something on this issue.

4. No More Green Release
Shooting has been a lightning rod for conversation for the past 3 years. Green releases makes ratings less important and encourages gamers to take bad shots because they have somewhat mastered the release point on a player's jump shot. According to Mike Wang’s words on twitter on April 8, it seems that the removal of green-release shots would be on the way. Click for more: https://www.mmogah.com/news/nba-2k17/10-predictions-for-nba-2k18

SWTOR: Game Update 5.4 and the Next Roadmap

Big news! SWTOR Game Update 5.4 section will be released on August 22nd, a month after Game Update 5.3. What do you expect from the next new update? What new contents will be added? MmoGah will update the relating new contents of Patch 5.4 before release date, please pay your attention to SWTOR News. Now, let’s see what Keith said about the new game update.


He said that they were quite a few weeks away from publishing the next 90 day update for their SWTOR Roadmap. They solidified their content plan and released schedule, so he would include all those details in the update. But, as you know, they’re really trying to provide you with more insight than ever before, and he’d like to know what other information you’d want to see in the Roadmap. Obviously, he couldn’t promise to include everything, but would do his best to address a wide variety of your requests.

He also noted that Many of you read the SWTOR roadmap (http://www.swtor.com/info/news/news-article/20170531), and realized he had left you with an elusive “and more to come…” in the Game Update 5.4 section. He thought this would be a good time to let you know what would be in the next new update. Here was a few highlights of what you could expect: Crisis on Umbara - Their story would continue in a new Flashpoint coming on the planet of Umbara. This Flashpoint would launch with all 3 difficulties, Story, Veteran and Master. For Umbara’s Master Mode they were trying something new, and depending on how well it went, they might do something similar for all Master Mode Flashpoints. Specifically, a player would need to have an average gear rating of 242 to use Group Finder. They wouldn’t prevent pre-made groups from going in directly, but this would prevent under-geared players from slowing down your group. They’re adding a new average rating identifier on your character window which would be based on the items you had ‘equipped’.

Umbara Stronghold - This was the most unique stronghold yet, as you would be able to decorate your own moving train. You would need to complete the flashpoint a few times to gain access to the stronghold. Looked for more details about the Stronghold in an upcoming post.
Companion Customization - Senya Tirall could now have her weapons and armor customized. Also, Lana, Koth, and Senya’s hairstyles were available for purchase to customize your character.
Quality of Life - Companions could now be summoned while moving.
A new feature on the in-game Preference screen had been added for higher graphic settings to improve the realism of contrast and shadows.
Class balance - The following Disciplines were receiving changes (details would follow in the next few weeks):
Lethality / Ruffian
Concealment / Scrapper
Medicine / Sawbones
Fury / Concentration
Carnage / Combat

By the way, Season 8 would be coming to an end! They would post the full breakdown of rewards with screenshots in the coming weeks, the top rewards including a full weapon set and a new Ember Makrin Mount.

He also informed that they were making changes to daily and weekly mission rewards for PvP with the intent of substantially improving Unassembled Component gain for players who completed both Ranked and Unranked missions.

Back to the Roadmap update for a moment as he’d like to provide some guidelines about the feedback. Be concise and specific. Think how it would affect other players, fairness, progression, impact, to help them truly understand and weigh your thoughts against the entire plan/direction.

Keep in mind, their goal was to put them on a track of providing new and challenging multi-player content in this year, while addressing all the gameplay systems in SWTOR. It did mean spreading content out over the year, but he still believed having access to content sooner was more desirable than having to wait a year to get it all at once.

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Season 3 ACT 05. Redemption of DFO Is Coming on July 25

Good news! Season 3 ACT 05. Redemption of DFO is coming tomorrow (July 25). There also have some activities in the game:
Judgement Day
From Jul 25 to Aug 22, 2017
Collect the Holy Energy dispersed across Arad and collect your rewards!
Honey Time
From July 25 to Aug 22, 2017
Just login and you can receive rewards! Honey time is always here and never ending!
Day by Day
From July 25 to Sep 19, 2017
You can obtain 42 gifts within 56 days! All you have to do is just login every day!

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Horns of the Reach in the ESO - Falkreath Hold Preview

Falkreath of the Elder Scrolls Online is under siege, and it soon will fall to the Minotaurs and their Reachmen allies. Falkreath Hold, one of the two new dungeons found in the Horns of the Reach DLC game pack, pits you and your team against the hordes of the Dreadhorn Clan in a desperate attempt to save the city. Want the inside scoop on this new four-player challenge (including information on the armor sets, monster mask, and other unique rewards)? Check out our preview below.
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The mysterious forces that have been raiding the Jerall Mountains for months have finally attacked a major city. Falkreath's defenses are under assault by the Dreadhorn Clan, an unusual alliance between men and beasts, and without your assistance, the invaders threaten to burn the city to the ground.
The location of this newest dungeon is the same city of Falkreath that you might have explored in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, but with ESO set 1000 years earlier, you will find the southern Nord city at its prime!
As you make your way into the Falkreath, you might recognize some of the environment and structures from TESV, including the winding forest pathways, the tall mountains, and even Shriekwind Bastion looming over the city itself.

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“One Path Ends” – GW2 Episode 6 of Living World Season 3 Arrives on July 25

Guild Wars 2 Episode 6 of Living World Season 3 arrives on July 25. GW2 players will be able to finally see the epic conclusion to Living World Season 3 on July 25. ArenaNet is inviting guild wars 2 players to mark their calendars for what will doubtless be a wild ride to a stunning cliffhanger!


Living World Season 3 started with the future of Destiny's Edge and the Pact put into question as well as what will happen to Glint's Egg? All of the preceding five chapters till have laid the groundwork for the final destination starting July 25th.

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Watch the Trailer for “One Path Ends”

One Path Ends”—the sixth and final episode of Living World Season 3—arrives on July 25. Watch the teaser trailer below!

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SWTOR: Taking on Operations

It has been more than a week since SWTOR Patch 5.3 was online, and MmoGah (No.1 SWTOR Gold Selling Website in Google) guesses all swtor players have encountered the new twin-sister boss named Aivela and Esne. As the latest addition to the Gods of the Machine Operation in the Patch 5.3 Game Update, the twins offer a totally new challenge. Even though the twin-sister droids look similar, they each have different strengths that cover the other’s weaknesses. Enemies on the battlefield are forced to change tactics on the fly or suffer a quick defeat.

If players want to challenge the sisters, they will need to have reached the max level of 70 and have already defeated the God of Rage, Tyth. After this, they will be able to band together in a team of 8 or 16 allies, and once again defend the Galaxy!


Preparing for an Operation
For swtor players, Operations involve some of the most difficult challenges in SWTOR. However Aivela and Esne are the newest threat, and there are plenty of other exciting Operations with their own unique challenges. For those players who have never joined in an Operation before, here are some tips MmoGah saw from the official website to consider:

Reach Character Level 50 or above - You’ll be able to join some Operations after reaching level 50 at first, higher levels and more Operations. Players use an Outlander Character Token to create a Level 60 or 65 character immediately, if they want to start out with a high-level character right away. Premium players (Subscribers) receive one free Outlander Character Token, and additional tokens can be purchased in the Cartel Market.

Choose Your Class Role - Operations will require a balance of Healers, Damage Dealers, and Tanks to survive! Players need to understand your Discipline and how it contributes to the group, because the role you choose will play a major part of how you contribute to the group.

Get Geared Up - You want to keep in mind the quality of your gear, like your level. The gear rating tells you the overall quality of the item. Different gear will help to boost your performance in each Class Role as well, such as a Tank’d like to find gear that boosts their endurance so that they are able to take more damage than their base level allows.

Consider the Difficulty Level – For all Operations, there are at least 2 difficulty levels, Story Mode and Veteran Mode, with some including an even more difficult Master Mode. If it’s your first time to start Operation or if it’s been awhile, you are recommended to start with Story Mode before diving into the more difficult modes. Certain Operations are also easier than others, with Eternity Vault and Karagga’s Palace generally being the best for new Operation players.

Rally Your Team - You’ll start an Operation with a team of at least 8 other players, because they are too dangerous to attempt alone. The in-game mini-map Group Finder tool is a good way to find others attempting an Operation. If you are level 70, you can also queue up for an Operation through the Galactic Command interface by pressing CTRL+G by default, or by clicking on the Galactic Command icon which is located at the top of your screen. For some of the harder Operations you’ll need a group that you communicate well with, because joining a Guild is a great way to meet and get to know other players!

Teamwork and Strategy - Operations also require sound strategy and problem solving, besides your character being at the appropriate character level, having high quality gear and joining with other players,. Different enemies have different abilities and attacks that can change the course of battle, and determining the best way to deal with these will play a large role in determining your success.

In addition to various puzzles, different “Phases” will be replaced by boss fights. Essentially the boss’s attacks and strategies will change drastically during battle. It will take some practice to skillfully react to surprises and avoid a quick death to be successful in an Operation. It is a major part of battling through Operations - How you and your team work together to overcome the challenges of each Phase.

Consider Joining a Guild
It’s important to find like-minded players to team up with, because Operations require players to form groups and work well together. Guilds are a great way to do this, and many will schedule times to get together to jump in to Operations. You’ll always have a solid group to run through an Operation with by joining a Guild with other players who have similar interests and schedules.

Guilds offer added benefits in other areas of the game as well. All guild members benefit from a Guild XP Bonus. You earn doing almost any activity in the game to earn XP, and the amount of XP you gain determines what level you are. The faster you can earn XP the faster you can level up to take on greater challenges!

Guilds offer a great place to learn from players who are already more experienced or to just share strategies and tips to advance faster, when you start out in Operations or any other group activities,

To find out more about the benefits of being in a Guild, check out our Guild Page here.

The Payoff
Even though Operations may present the biggest challenges in the game, they also offer the best rewards! Defeating Operation bosses earns you Unassembled Gear, which you can turn in to vendors for the best gear in the game. While high level gear can help you take on more challenges later on, there are also unique decorative items that you can earn only by defeating Operation bosses. These rewards offer a great way to show off your achievements to other players!

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Path of Exile - The Fall of Oriath Will Come Soon on August 4

Action RPG Fall of Oriath for Path of Exile will be out on August 4. The expansion will include six acts and a whole lot of deicide. It will double the size of the current game and add a new Pantheon character customization system that lets players wield the power of the Gods themselves. Now the studio is putting the final touches on the new contents, and I believe fans will be able to play the expansion when it comes out on August 4.

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You’ll get godlike powers. The new Pantheon system lets players beat up gods to steal their mighty defensive powers. Here’s an idea, Grinding Gear: every time an object strikes you, it transmorphs into delicious fresh crusty baguette.


Grinding Gear Games gave us an early preview of The Fall of Oriath expansion for Path of Exile in February. The new expansion will introduce a new act that sending players back to the land they were exiled before. It is time for frank to make conversation with the ruling powers, I’m sure. The new expansion will bring Path of Exile to ten acts in total, with both new and familiar locations, some of them changed by the drastic results of your past actions. Which you will apparently carry on with, based on the announcement: “Explore frozen mountaintops, pristine temples and anarchic city streets”.

The free expansion brings in the fifth act of the game, which was initially planned as the final chapter. However, the developers create five more acts to continue the story so that Acts 1-5 will serve as Part 1 and Acts 6-10 will be Part 2. Unlike the first four acts of the game, Act 5 will take you to Oriath where you’ll have to fight more hordes of enemies in massive city squares and residential buildings. Part 2 of the story will take you back to the exile-filled island of Wraeclast, which is in a different state due to your actions on the island in Part 1. However, the old island will feature new content for you to explore.
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What Tips You Should Know in Path of Exile

Usually most green hands make the same mistake that they assume Path of Exile likes most other MMORPGs. But if you carefully know this game, you will find that it's quite different from the others in a lot of ways. For example, the skill system is divided into different ways, the virtual currency works here is not the same, and the Path of Exile Items have their own ways that differ from other games. Therefore, you should abandon some traditional concepts of MMORPGS and there are a few things you should remember. Now please follow MmoGah to see some useful tips below.

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Passive skill build
Path of Exile has a separate passive and active skill system, so it's not exactly how you approach it in other games. In Path of Exile, since survivability is more important than other games, being well-rounded holds more weight. There is a panicking player behind the dying character, and a dead character doesn't make any damage at all. Picking right class for your intended style is very important.

Groups grinding experience
The advantage of grinding with groups is that you can breeze through areas and kill monsters more quickly, which lets you get more poe items and experience in a shorter time. Path of Exile is treated as a cooperative game, so it is wrong to play by yourself all the time in this game. Unluckily, there are flaws in the game's loot system, so there's quite a bit of loot stealing. You have to get used to it until Grinding Gear Games appear a decent system. In addition, you may have the chance to pick up someone else's loot, so you have to keep an eye on it.
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Latest Reveals for NBA 2K18 Player Ratings

MmoGah has brought news previously about NBA top rookies predicting their overalls in NBA 2K18. Recently 2K began releasing player ratings. On Monday, Ronnie 2K was filming a commercial for the upcoming game in California. The Boston Celtics' Isaiah Thomas, Philadelphia 76ers' Joel Embiid, and the Portland Trailblazers' Damian Lillard are on hand playing a yet unspecified role in the production.


In brief one-on-one interviews with Thomas and Embiid, both of them are asked about what they expect their ratings should be in NBA 2K18. Thomas thinks it should be 96 but doesn't seem too upset when he finds out his actual rating in game will be 89. Embiid is surprised by his overall in the upcoming NBA 2K18, and he strongly believes that his rating should be 95 instead of the actual rating of an 86.

Embiid promises to get his rating up to a 95 during the season when 2K regularly updates player ratings based on their real-life performances. Embiid will almost certainly be the highest-rated player in the 76ers, and Ben Simmons, last year's No. 1 overall selection, won't be too far behind him. This year's No. 1 pick Markelle Fultz figures to be rated an 80 or 81, and Dario Saric and J.J. Redick should be respectable as well. So the 76ers will be a very popular NBA 2K team this year. If this team remains healthy, they would probably make some noise in the real-life Eastern Conference.

2K has released ratings for a few star players in NBA. MmoGah will keep updating the latest rating in NBA 2K18 news page. Click for more: https://www.mmogah.com/news/nba-2k18/latest-reveals-for-nba-2k18-player-ratings


How NBA 2K18 Will Be Affected by the New NBA Rule Changes

Last Wednesday, Adam Silver, NBA commissioner, announced some significant NBA rule changes. What are the changes about? How could the rule changes affect NBA 2K18? So let’s discuss.


Trade Deadline Moved Up
For next season, the trade deadline is moving up to the Thursday 10 days prior to Sunday’s All-Star Game in 2018, the All-Star Game will be on Feb. 18 in Los Angeles and the trade deadline will be Feb. 8. In NBA 2K18’s MyGM Mode, it doesn’t mean a lot, it will just come earlier than usually.

Timeout Streamlining
The major goal of the Competition Committee is to smooth out the flow of games, here are the modified timeout rules that is set to go effect for next season:

• Teams will only get 14 total timeouts, with no restrictions per half.
• Both “full” and “20-second” timeouts have been replaced by team timeouts, all team timeouts will be 75 seconds.
• There will be two mandatory timeouts in all four periods, mandatory timeouts will take place after the first stoppage under the seven- and three-minute marks.
• The under-nine-minute mandatory timeouts in the second and fourth periods will be eliminated.
• Each team can enter the fourth period with up to four team timeouts.
• Each team will be limited to two team timeouts after the later of (i) the three-minute mark of the fourth period or (ii) the resumption of play after the second mandatory timeout of the fourth period.
• Previously, each team has three timeouts per overtime period. But for the next season, there will be two.
• If a free throw shooter venturing beyond the three-point line between attempts, it will be assessed as a delay-of-game violation.
• Halftime will last 15 minutes for all games, beginning immediately upon expiration of the second period. If a team is not ready to start play at the expiration of the halftime clock, a delay-of-game penalty will be issued. Click for more: https://www.mmogah.com/news/nba-2k18/how-nba-2k18-will-be-affected-by-the-new-nba-rule-changes