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FFXIV Guide of Patch 3.1 New Dungeon: Saint Mocianne's Arboretum

As the largest update after Heavensward online, there are quite a lot of new items added in new Patch 3.1 including new dungeons. Except the new 24-player raid Void Ark, Saint Mocianne's Arboretum is another 4-player dungeon which is praised by players. It is easy for players to reach requirements to enter than the Void Ark. Let’s go to farm Saint Mocianne's Arboretum together with Mmogah.

Saint Mocianne's Arboretum is a level 60 4-player raid. It requires players to start the level 60 sidequest An Overgrown Ambition. Players can start the quest by talking to Tetchy Treasure Hunter in Dravanian Hinterlands (x12, y19). To unlock the quest, players need ti complete the level 60 Main Scenario Quest Heavensward (quest). To enter Saint Mocianne's Arboretum, players must have item level 170 or higher.
First of all, you could watch this video to have a whole view of Saint Mocianne's Arboretum before enter it. Then we will explain each boss for you.

l  Rose Garden
When the boss is about to use his spinning breath attack, he’ll summon several small untargetable adds. These have their own small breath attacks, though fortunately they do not spin. The boss will randomly spin clockwise or counterclockwise, so pay attention to which way he’s turning. Starting on the second spinning breath attack, he’ll summon Rose Hips, which look like balloons. They need to be killed quickly before they explode and do raid wide damage.
*Avoid breath attacks.
*Prioritize killing Rose Hip adds.
l  Queen Hawk
There are several bees that randomly fly around the edge of the room. They will target random players and use a column AoE attack that needs to be dodged. When the Queen uses 'Ally', they will gather in two groups along the edge and launch a huge double column AoE attack with no ground marker. The bees blend in with the walls so you will need to pay attention to get out of the way in time. Partway through the fight, several Knight Hawk bee adds will appear and tether to the boss. This is a DPS check where the boss will do raid wide damage that gets stronger every time, so burn them down quickly.
*Don’t stand in front of bees.
*Kill Knight Hawk adds.
l  Belladonna
The first noteworthy attack is a big AoE which you only can dodge by being next to the boss, you have time to run towards him so it shouldn't be an issue. After that he'll summon Bulbs that will place ground AoEs that give you a stackable magic vulnerability up debuff. At the same time he'll start casting Frond Fatale, which charm you into running inside the Bulbs' AoE to get the debuff. To avoid being charmed you need to look away from the boss, be aware that the cast time is rather short. Besides this there is one more room wide AoE that hits for about 4K. He also summons some targetable adds which need to be killed.
*Don’t stand in yellow circles.
*Look away when the boss casts Frond Fatale.
As loot of Saint Mocianne's Arboretum, players could get not only ilvl 185 gear but also Allagan Tomestone of Law and Allagan Tomestone of Esoterics. If you are lucky, you will get Korokkur Kid (minion) or Belladonna Card.
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Dread Master Styrak HM Operation Boss Guide Summarized From an Elite SWTOR Player

The Dread Masters possess incredible, unprecedented power over the dark side of the Force; a power developed through rituals created by one of their own, the incomparable Sith alchemist known as Styrak. Even before Styrak became one of the Dread Masters, his superior intellect and sadistic experiments on subjects both living and dead were infamous. Hundreds, perhaps even thousands of slaves and beasts have been claimed by Styrak’s heartless pursuit of mastery over the Force. Styrak is also the most individualistic of the Dread Masters: whether out of pride or supreme confidence, he is the one most likely to strike out alone in pursuit of the group’s goals. Rumors have long suggested that the Dread Masters only possess their full power when acting together, but so far, no one has dared to test the rumor by challenging Styrak during any of his “excursions”.

Mmogah.Com believes that almost all SWTOR players have played S&V HM and more specifically Styrak. Most of you may have your own tactics and mechanics of the fight, here let us summarize those tactics together (Basically, the tactics have not changed up to now.)


The Trash Pull
Nothing too special here. The fight is exactly as it was. Pull the lines 1 by 1, interrupting the channel of the gold NPC (many SWTOR players choose to buy SWTOR Gold) when it starts healing and force it to move to melee range for AoE. Repeat this for each wave. Not recommended to pull more than 1 or 2 waves together, unless you are looking for fun time.

Kel Dragon
The only real difference compared to SM is the bigger damage. While the Dragon spins, the spines hurt a lot more. Mmogah.Com suggests that every guy stacks behind the tank and does not stop doing damage during the period of the spinning. Although the boss is shielded, still takes damage and sometimes it may prove useful. Killing the ads as soon as you see them to avoid the green goo. When running with 1 tank, the 2nd highest on the “threat table” will take Kel Dragon while tank is “channeled” by the ads. With standard 2 tank team, the 2nd tank picks up the boss. Moving in one direction to make the MDPS easier and put the green goo “behind” the group. There is no “pushing” NPC in HM.

Styrak and his Ghosts
You will need to push maximum DPS overall. Depending on the team’s gear and class balance, even healers may need DPS during the Manifestation burns. You can use Raid Buffs at the beginning of Kel Dragon.

Styrak drops right after you kill Kep Dragon. After a while he disappears and a big giant ghost apparition spawns in the middle accompanied by 4 ads connected to each other with lightning beam. The 4 keel moving closer to the middle and you need to kill the Manifestation before they reach it, resulting in instant wipe.
After the Manfestation, Styrak appears again, just briefly. Don’t waste that time, do as much damage on him as you can. Shortly after that, he will disappear once again, spawning 4 spirits at 12, 3, 6, 9 o’clock (12 being the throne). Their positions are always stationary in HM, unlike in NiM. One player needs to quickly move in melee range to them. Best practice is to assign these 4 players before starting the boss fight. The spirits damage the closest person and if they are not in melee range, the incoming damage is very nasty.

Next, Styrak returns again.
Styrak - Big Manifestation - Styrak - Four Spirits

During Styrak and his Ghosts, this cycle repeats 4 times. If you do not get to next phase before the 5th Manifestation appears, you will face enrage.

Not to forget, the nightmares, and they happen to 1 random player every time. Styrak is on the floor before the big Manifestation spawns. Inside the nightmare, you have to kill your own companion.

Kel Dragon Returns
Around 12% Styrak will call for help and reanimate the Dragon again. As soon as this happens, the team needs to dish out big burst of DPS and take the monster as quick as possible. During this, Styrak is channeling (the tank) while regenerating health slowly. Use defensive cooldowns and raid buffs.

The Final Burn
After the beast is dead, Styrak is easy to kill. Keep him in the middle or bring him next to the vridge, but not under it and DPS him down as quick as possible. The AoE damage is unavoidable and the sooner he drops, the better.

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Buying FFXIV Gil at Mmogah Can Avoid Getting Banned

Selling FFXIV Gil sites are everywhere. Not only through these sites but also through spam in-game, it is easy to find that there are quite a lot of FF14 Gil sellers. How to choose a trustworthy site is an important question for almost all buyers. Because the worst situation is that account may be banned by SE after buying FFXIV Gil. But don’t worry, buying FFXIV Gil at Mmogah can avoid getting banned.

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What Will You Meet in WoW Legion Broken Isles?

The Broken Isles are a brand new continent being opened in World of Warcraft: Legion. A group of islands located in the South Seas including the Tomb of Sargeras. Long lost to the ages, this scarred and fractured landmass will be propelled into the spotlight as the Legion threatens to destroy our world. When you play in legion and want to upgrade quickly, enough wow gold is necessary. These days although wow gold price is soaring, Mmogah keeps the exceptional price and sincere service all the time.


The Broken Isles in Legion are a shadow of what once was. The Broken Isles were known as Suramar. This region was just a tiny part of a vaster region, all reigned over by the ancient Night Elves who were at the very height of their power. Then came the Sundering. Suramar and the surrounding regions were devastated and only a fraction of the zone and the once glorious empire remain here.
1.         Val'sharah is a beautiful forest that houses the hidden and forgotten Heart of Druidism. It was here in this beautiful forest that Malfurion met Cenarius and that druids have been coming to hone their craft for thousands of years. However, not all is well inside of Val'sharah; a darkness is creeping in. The Emerald Nightmare has taken over large portions of the zone. Something must be done or Val'sharah will be totally corrupted.


2.         Shaladrassil was once a vital and thriving world tree, serving as a gateway into the Emerald Dream. However, the Emerald Nightmare has managed to seep out and corrupt and twist Shalarassil into something truly awful. While many Arch-druids still remain here, the zone is slowly turning to darkness. With waves of Satyrs flooding the zone and Nightmare dragons filling the skies, Shaladrassil is a far cry from the beauty and life it once represented.


3.         Reminding us much of the Arathi Highlands, Stormheim has a deep, rugged beauty that has remained much uncorrupted. This zone is home to a clan of Vrykul that left Azeroth long ago. These Vrykul came to this land to seek out their true Gods. As we meet the Vrykul we will explore their history, as well as the history of the Kvaldir. Here we will take on the God King as he seeks access to the Halls of Valor and are introduced to a brand new flight of dragons.


4.         At first glance Azsuna appears to be a serene landscape, however, first appearances can be deceiving. This land is cursed and haunted, its devastation occurring well before the Sundering. Queen Azshara, in a display of ultimate power, killed thousands of her own Night Elven people here leaving a mark that can never be erased. Now the Queen has sent her elite Naga forces back into the zone, allied with Sea Giants, to recover an important relic.
5.         Besides the Naga and Sea Giants, players will find that a small group of Blue dragons has taken up residence here. Azsuna is rich in arcane energies and has drawn the attention of these arcane loving dragons. Also found here is the Vault of the Wardens, one of the key locations in the Demon Hunter starting experience.
6.         Highmountain isn't just a name for this zone. With untamed wilds, fertile valleys, and deep canyons, this zone is best known for playing host to the largest mountain peaks found anywhere in Azeroth. Rich with natural beauty, Highmountain is home to three ancient Tauren clans. These Taurens have lived here for thousands of years and are the direct descendants of the Taurens who fought in the War of the Ancients. Typically peace loving, these clans have recently found their serenity shattered. The cave-dwelling Drogbar, once enslaved to Neltharion, have risen up and stolen the Tauren's most sacred artifact. With the clans unity disrupted, the Drogbar plot to destroy them and thus rule Highmountain as their own.
7.         Suramar is the central point in the Broken Isles, connecting to all zones but one. This zone was hit hard in the Sundering, however, Suramar City remains intact. A thriving Elven metropolis, the city was protected from the devastation by tapping into pure Arcane Well to create a dome around the city. This dome remained in place for 10, 000 years. The Elves inside became dependent on the energies of the well. The well has been abused and has become corrupted, shrouding the city in darkness and becoming known as the Night well. Recently, the leader of the city has forged an alliance with Gul'dan, the dome has come down, and Legion forces now occupy the city.
The Broken Isles are home to a plethora of wow dungeons including 5 designed for the leveling experience:
Eye of Azshara
Neltharion's Lair
Halls of Valor
Darkheart Thicket
Violet Hold
As well as 5 dungeons for wowers who have reached max level:
Vault of the Wardens
Black Rook Hold
Suramar Noble District
Suramar Catacombs

Guide to Patch 4.0.2a Updates in SWTOR

Mmogah.com has introduced Patch 4.0.2 Upadates in my last essay, and there are many adjustments, like Companion Gift, Cartel Market, Class and Combat, Flashpoints and Operations and Items and Economy. Here, Mmogah.com will introduce the new Patch 4.0.2a to all of you.


Patch 4.0.2a Updates are mainly divided into two aspects: General and Missions + NPCs
Players who had items in their Legacy Bank beyond the first tab that were not properly updated in 4.0 can now log in.
The galaxy is no longer littered with the corpses of those who have fallen in battle, but there may still be occasional instances of the issue occurring.

Missions + NPCs
Companion healing, damage, and base stats have been increased. Character Level and Companion Influence Level will determine the exact amount:
Companion healing has been increased by approximately 48%.
Companion damage has been increased by approximately 15%.
Companion base stats have been increased by approximately 15%.
Players are now able to start Class-specific Missions on Rishi.
The order you speak to NPCs in Chapter IX can no longer stop progression.

Patch 4.0.2a really helps deal with many important issues, like fixing corpse issue which makes many sections of the game playable, items in their Legacy Bank beyond the first tab that were not properly updated in 4.0 can now log in, which means that players can get their items back more than 1 month later. So, if you need more SWTOR Credits/SWTOR Gold to support you in SWTOR, here is a sweat suggestion for you.

Some player asks what’s wrong with rounding up to 50% about Companions, which is because they start with a target HP per second figure for their total healing output and the power of each ability and work backwards from that. The underlying coefficients are probably set to "round numbers" that make sense in the context of the overall power budget that they have settled on for companions, but the percent change to get them from where they were to where they're at just is whatever it is. They are budgeting based on the end results, not the deltas needed to get there.

However, there are still some issues players are looking forward to fixing, like the final BH (Bounty Hunter) quest with the empty ship instead of Darth whoever. Some player’s BH stuck there and lots of annoying BH bugs of late, while some player’s BH is keeping him from having all the companions convos finished. Anyway, Mmogah.com thinks that the official will fix this issue as soon as possible, therefore all players just wait for Patch 4.0.3 and more.

Mmogah.com will update the SWTOR Current News, you can keep your eyes on our SWTOR News to know more


ArcheAge Class System Guide: Choose the Right Class


ArcheAge gives gamers a deep impression of having a complicated class system, but we would like to say it is not complicated, it actually has a unique class system.  Let’s see some basic information of the class first.  Essentially players can choose three different types of specializaions, and  there are 120 classes in total as well in ArcheAge that players can choose from.
Specifically, ArcheAge revolves around the combination of three varied types of specializations. In another word, players can combine a set with any three different specializations they like. All in all, ArcheAge class system is formed by a set of three specializations and a class (which can be choosen from the 120 classes).

The class system, despite being flexible, is not complicated we think. See the details below:
  • Players choose the first specialization when they create their own character, and then choose the other two specializations as they gain different higher levels.
  • By the time players who reach to level 10, all three specializations are avaible for them to choose from.
  • At this time, players also are allowed to pay ArcheAge gold to reset all the three specializations that they already chose even resetting the frist specialization.
  • After finishing the three specializations, let’s move to the next step: trinity system setting. Players now need to place points into skills that they prefer to improve. This system allows players to customize their characters’ skillsets.
The customizations allow players to have numerous of interesting choices. Here we would like to list some classes as examples. See more details in below graphics.


Because a character is a combination of varied three specializations and one from 120 classes, so the options are limitless and have much fun. The right options can be an powerful asset while soloing the game or leveling up characters. However, the flexible system is also not perfect for the balance of class. For example, some classes are OP, and a few classes are undervalued such as the hybrid classes. The good news is Trion will continue to modify the isssue of class balance. ArcheAge is a fun game with lots of options inside it. ArcheAge is worth playing.

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Mmogah Is the Best Place to Buy FFXIV Gil

Game-currency transaction is common in almost all of MMOs including Final Fantasy XIV. It doesn’t mean all players need to buy FFXIV Gil. But there still are quite a large number of players who have FF14 Gil in need and want to buy FF14 Gil. As the largest FFXIV Gil seller, Mmogah sells FFXIV Gil for 5 years from FFXIV Ver.1.0. It is cited as the best place to buy FFXIV Gil by FFXIV Players.

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l  Through the MB (Market Board). Note that with this method you will get 5% less due to MB taxes.
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How to Make Valor Point in WoW Patch 6.2.3

WoW Valor Points will be a valid and sought after form of currency in game. Players will earn Valor for taking part in specific PvE related endeavors.


Well things are about to get freaky. Valor Points in Warlords no longer have a hard cap. It seems you may eventually run out of ways to earn points, but there is no other limitations on earning. Also different in this fresh version of this old currency; Valor Points will not actually buy you gear items. Instead, they will be used to purchase upgrades for your current gear.
1.         How to earn valor point?
Earning Valor Points will require wowers to participate in various PvE related activities. Currently, the following ways to earn points have been announced:
  • Mythic Dungeons – Awarded at dungeon completion, once per dungeon per week – 300 Valor Points
  • Weekly Event Quest – Obtained from Seer Kazal once a week, Pet Battle Event excluded – 500 Valor Points
  • Heroic Dungeons – First Random Heroic of the day – 100 Valor Points
  • Raid Finder Wing – Once per week per wing – 150 Valor Points (HC)/75 Valor Points (Highmaul and BF)
Right now it seems like we have a pretty good mixture of content to choose from that should help to satisfy the needs of every player. Not to mention, that with Patch 6.2.3 still a ways off, more ways to earn Valor Points may be announced in the future.


2.         How to spend valor points
Once you earn some Valor Points, you probably won't just want to sit around looking at them. You are going to want to spend them. This time around, Valor Points will not be spent on items. Developers didn't want gear obtained with points to compete with other gear. Instead, you will be able to purchase item upgrades for your current gear, making Valor Points a compliment to other gear sources rather than a detriment.

As things currently stand upgrading an item will cost you 250 Valor Points for +5 item levels. Hellfire Citadel items, Dungeon loot, Baleful items, and crafted gear can be upgraded twice. This means that players will need to spend 500 Valor Points to upgrade an item the full +10 item levels. Item upgrades can be purchased from an ethereal NPC found in Orgrimmar, and Stormwind, or Stormshield and Warspear. Of course, you can use wow gold to upgrade. Mmogah is your best choice. Thanksgiving Day is coming, Mmogah has a 3% coupon code: Thanksgiving.

Guide to Patch 4.0.2 Updates in SWTOR

Patch 4.0.2 has been online now since three days ago. There are lots of new changes in Patch 4.0.2, here MmoGah.com will introduce those changes to all of you in detail.


First, Patch 4.0.2 adjusts the companion gift preferences for about 80% of the companions with some minor tweaks and many subscribers (who buy their SWTOR Gold from our site) have updated their companion influence guides with the new values. The big changes are everyone’s companion now has at least one gift they love (max influence) and some of the classic companions now take artwork type of gifts. There were some minor nerfs as well on some companions to reduce their preference for a gift from love to favourite.

Second, Patch 4.0.2 adjusts Cartel Market. The Republic Cartel Contraband Reputation vendor now offers all intended items. Treek's armor set is no longer granted on completion of her acquisition Mission, as companions no longer wear armor. Resolving an issue that would cause players to create a Level 1 Character after using a Start at 60 Token. Some Cartel Market Reputation items have had their bind rule changed to bind on Pickup as intended.
The following Cartel Market Color crystals have had their artifact permission requirement removed:
Advanced Lime-Green Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced Pink-Purple Eviscerating Crystal
Advanced Lime-Green Indestructible Crystal
Advanced Pink-Purple Indestructible Crystal
Advanced Pink-Purple War Hero's Crystal

Third, Patch 4.0.2 adjusts Classes and Combat. Fixing a General issue where players were unable to commit their Utility points in the Discipline window. Guardian’s and Vigilance’s Burning effects now properly spread to all targets damaged by Force Sweep or Vigilant Thrust if the affected target is defeated by the initial hit. Sentinel’s and Watchman’s Burning Sweep: Cauterize and Force Melt burn effects now properly spread to all targets damaged by Force Sweep if the affected target is defeated by the initial hit. The duration of Circling Shadows now matches the duration of the Deception Assassin's Induction.

Fourth, Patch 4.0.2 adjusts Flashpoints and Operations. Addresssing an issue where Companions could sometimes be defeated by the Lightbridge after the fight with the Skytrooper Praetorian. The FIX-4U Droids no longer get stuck when attempting to repair consoles during the Torque encounter. The Shoots Lasers Droid are now spawned at fixed points around the encounter area rather than being pets during the Torque encounter.

Fifth, Patch 4.0.2 adjusts Items and Economy. Crafting weapons introduced in Game Update 4.0 now have color crystal slots, as intended. Random world drop items no longer require Rise of the Hutt Cartel to equip. Numerous Armstech crafted items no longer require Underworld Trading materials and instead require Investigation materials. The craftable Biochem Implants Exarch Quick Savant, Adept, Initiative, Bulwark, and Bastion MK-26 Packages now have the correct stats. The Advanced Medpac given to new Start @ 60 Characters is now Bind on Pickup. The Bounty Hunter Crystal Vendors on either Fleet now sell the Outlander Boltblaster's Generator MK-4, Defiant Boltblaster's Generator MK-4, and the Exarch Boltblaster's Generator MK-4. The Locked Medium Elite Commendation Container has been renamed to Locked Medium Glowing Crystal Container.
Names for items in the Mission “Hunger of the Vrblthers” on Nar Shaddaa now appear in French and German clients. The Enslaved Underwalker Decoration no longer drops from the Dread Palace, and is now found in the Dread Fortress. Hook sizes have been updated for the Jury-Rigged Battledroid, the Dread Forged Rancor, the Gree Core Guardian, and the Regional Annihilation Droid Decorations. The Ancient Rakata Alchemical Beast Decoration is now properly granted by the associated item. An Imperial and Republic version of a Generator Node Decoration have been added to the Warzone and Starfighter Decoration vendor. They are available for 750 Warzone Commendations. Red and Green Fortitude Crystals are now automatically learned by players when choosing the Artifice crafting skill. The weapons on the PvP Weapons vendor found on either Fleet no longer have default Hilts, Mods, or Enhancements. This also means that those weapons no longer have Expertise by default. The Signet Ring of Ancient Tion now costs 5 Common Data Crystals instead of 10 on the Companion Gift Vendo.


Enjoy November’s New Login Tracker Rewards in ArcheAge


November for the gamers of ArcheAge is just a wonderful month with so many theme parties and festival  activities. People who join the game of ArcheAge in November will have big chances to claim the fancy upcoming Golem mount called the Andelph Patrol Mech.

How to get the rewards?
1.        Every day when logging into the game (not just for the initial time), players should fristly pull up the event calender in the bottom right hand corner and then open up the Login Tracker tab.
2.        Clicking the offficial Login Tracker button will count each player’s attendance for the day, and a sweet gift will be offered to player as well.

In additon, every ArcheAge player will obtain a crate of random Archeum Shards every day in the month of November such as Moonlight, Sunlight and Starlight Shards. Trust me, there’s literally something for every player who attends in this activity. November is just an amazing month for ArcheAge players, isn’t it?

More information about the first step of getting Golem Mount:
  • Need players to log in and check in for 21 days in this month.
  • The first step for earning the Mech Mount is to collect Login Badge.
  • Earn 4 Login Badges to be one of the first to ride this powerful, laser-wielding mount. So try to earn more rewards by logging in often in this month. For example, 14 Cumulative Logins can change for 14 Merit Badges, and 7 Cumulative Logins equal to Bound Worker’s Compensation Potion:1000.
In the following of the essay, we would like to show some winners’ delight works from screenshot contest of this year. Click the article “Win Black Tiger Mount for Taking Part in ArcheAge’s Hallowtide Screenshot Contest” for more information about the contest. For the players who are interested in the screenshot works can also check all of the photos from Archeage official webpage. Click here to see more fancy and delight photos.


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FFXIV Patch 3.1 New Beast Tribe Daily Quest: Vanu Vanu

Beast Tribe Quest is an interesting section in FFXIV, it is popular among Final Fantasy XIV players. Vanu Vanu is the first Beast Tribe after Heavensward online. The same as other Beast Tribes in Ver.2.0, Vanu Vanu quests are daily quests. If you want to know more about Vanu Vanu quests and rewards, Mmogah will share more info with you.

The Vanu Vanu is calledバヌバヌ族in Japanese. They are a race of bird-like beast men in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. They are indigenous to the floating islands in the Sea of Clouds. This avian beast tribe resides on the floating islands dotting the Sea of Clouds. Prior to the advent of airship technology, man only dared to dream of reaching these islands in the sky. And so, for a time, the Vanu Vanu were unknown to the rest of the world. Times have changed, however, and now they must adapt as outsiders encroach upon their home. They appear to be stout beast men with avian features, including white beaks. Unlike the Ixal, the Vanu Vanu are covered with feathers all over their body excluding their lower legs. Despite their feathers, the Vanu Vanu have no wings and wear tribal clothing. Concept art has shown what appears to be Vanu-made structures, depicting stone buildings with trees growing through them with decorative paint matching their colors.
The Vanu Vanu have lived in the Sea of Clouds for an uncertain period of time. The high-altitude nature of their habitat meant the Vanu Vanu remained isolated from the "netherlings" who dwell in terrestrial Eorzea. This all changed when airship technology permitted the Holy See of Ishgard to expand into the skies above Abalathia's Spine. As part of a trade agreement, House Haillenart was permitted to establish an outpost called Camp Cloudtop.
Players can find the Vanu Vanu quest-givers at Nakki Island in The Sea of Clouds (x6, y14). To unlock Vanu Vanu Daily Quests, players must complete the level 50 quest “Three Beaks to the Wind”. Players can start the quest in Ok' Zundu by speaking to Sonu Vanu (x11, y14).
The Vanu Vanu daily quests are the same as Beat Tribe quests for Sylphs, Amalj’aa, Kobolds, Sahagin and Ixali in Ver.2.0. Players will not only earn experience, FFXIV Gil, items, Tomestones and ventures for completing these quests, they will also earn Reputation points. Beast Tribe quests are primarily daily repeatable quests. Each tribe has two short introductory quests, which, upon completion, grants the player receives a "neutral" reputation rating with the Tribe. This allows the player access to that Tribe's neutral daily repeatable sidequests and certain items from the Tribal merchant. Completing sidequests for the tribe will increase your reputation, and when it is maxed out at a given level, you can complete the next Tribal Main Quest to unlock the new reputation level (and accompanying new sidequests and/or wares). Tribal sidequests can be completed daily, and a player is granted 12 allowances per day with a maximum of 12 allowances to be held at any one time.
If you raise your Vanu Vanu reputation to the highest-level, you are able to purchase a flying mount like the image as following.

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A Few Tips on How to Farm SWTOR Credits/Gold

It has been nearly one month since the new expansion-KotFE was released. In the past few weeks, the SWTOR 4.0 has made SWTOR be so popular again that there are 30% subscribers added. With the popularity of KotFE, how to farm SWTOR Credits/Gold is the most important thing that all players are concerned about. Here, I sincerely to share three tips (summarized by some elite player) with all of you.


1.      If you are stacked with a load of basic comms on multiple toons, you can purchase the Artifact lvl 50 box (the purple one) and buy as many as you can (leave one slot open in your inventory). You open all of them one by one and sell everything back to the vendor (minus the legacy gear, keep those will explain in the next line). Doing this will get you anywhere between 2K-9K worth of credits for each item. On average 800-1000 Basic comms can get you 600K-900K credits per toon.

2.      All the legacy Birthright and Inheritance gear you get, take them to the legacy vendor and purchase any gear you can get. You then have a few options, you can either wait the 2 hour limit then sell it back to the vendor or you can put them in an outfit slot (preferably a low level toon) then sell them back to the vendor. Each piece will give you about 1K-5K credits.

3.      Yavin 4 Weekly: completing the Yavin 4 weekly will net you about 150K (when you factor in the bonus missinos) but you can also get additional credit by selling the companion legacy gear you receive and that can be sold back immediately which will make you earn another 60K.


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Guide to Patch 6.2.3 Mounts in World of Warcraft

Patch 6.2.3 is now online, the timewalking dungeons is so hot. Besides this, there are other surprises there.

There is a rare mount which is named Indinite Timereaver. This armored infinite drake is a rare drop from any Timewalking dungeon boss during any of the Timewalking events. The travel mode is divided into two parts: the ground (+60% or +100% speed) and flying (+150%, +280% or +310% speed). The speed depends on your riding skill. Seems like baleful is going to have a range of ilvls it can drop. So before it was 650 with a small chance of 675, and an upgrade item for 695; now it can be anywhere between 650-695 from the base token (probably in 5 ilvl increases) and then you can still buy the 695 token if you can't get one to proc from the base wow tokens.

Another one is Grove Warden. When you are in level 20, you can run the boss Archimonde in Hellfire Citadel. Archimonde still has a lot of complicated mechanics in HC (previously in present in normal pre nerf) but a good team would need a proper leader for the entire fight. If you are lucky, you have a chance to get the mount, the mount can drop from it. The Grove Warden is a limited time only mount, from a quest that starts by defeating Archimonde in Hellfire Citadel on Heroic difficulty. Archimonde will drop a Remnant of Chaos for every victor, which starts a quest leading to the mount. Also it has two modes: the ground (+60% or +100% speed) and the flying mode (+150%, +280% or +310% speed).

Also a mount can be purchased. It is Illidari Felstalker. This mount is one of the rewards for purchasing the World of Warcraft: Legion Collector's Edition or Digital Deluxe Edition. It has a travel mode: the ground mode (+60% or +100% speed).

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Get Your Personal Lovely Baby Pet in Pawesome Festival of ArcheAge


According to the latest news from Trion Worlds Offical, an activity called the Pawesome Autumn Adoption Festival will be hold in the game of Archeage between November 14th and November 28th.  At that time, ArcheAge players can stop by Skyfang in Windscour Savannah to take part in this festival and adopt a lovely pet in the festival.

How to adopt a baby pet?
  • First, ArcheAge players should start the adoption journey by speaking with Nairamda.
  • Who is Nairamda? Nairamda is the keeper of beasts who will offer player a quest to accept a frail pet to take care of.
Types of baby pets that ArcheAge players can choose from?
There are 8 types of babies in total which are baby Black Cat, baby Calico, baby Elk, baby Gray Tabby, baby Orange Tabby, baby Seal-point, baby Wolfhound Puppy and baby Yata.

How to earn festival tokens by aiding animals?
  • Time: Every day at 6:00am PST (3:00pm CET), 11:00am PST (8:00pm CET), and 4:00 PST (1:00am CET).
  • Tarkir will be available for 1 hour and looking for able-bodied adventurers.
  • Speak with Tarkir in order to carry a lost baby Yata or baby Elk on your back and safely return them to their families.
  • Rewards: Successfully finish above procesurres, you will earn 2 Pawesome Festival tokens, and according to ArcheAge official information, players can repeat this quest 3 times each day. In that case, each player can maximumly get 6 Pawesome Festival Tokens.
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Let’s continually talk about the pet subject. In the coming festival, ArcheAge players can use the Festival Tokens to buy some Festival Machine after they sucessfully finishing the quest. See more details as below.
At last, please remember that The Pawesome Festival Redemption Machine will disappear on 5th, Dec, so call your friends, don’t miss the opportunity and enjoy the festival!


Final Fantasy XIV Trail Strategy: The Void Ark

The Void Ark is the first 24-player raid after Heavensward online. It is similar to the Crystal Tower series in Ver.2.0. For the players who like to farm dungeons, it is a great news. We could enjoy 24-player raid again. If you don’t know how to enter or battle, Mmogah will show you the detailed strategy. Let’s go to The Void Ark together with Mmogah.

Firstly, The Void Ark is a level 60 raid. It requires the players to have item level 175 or higher. The raid composition is 3 tanks, 6 healers and 15 DPS (1:2:5 ratio). To unlock the raid, players should complete the quest “To Rule the Skies”. The quest-giver location is Utata-The Sea of Clouds, and the prerequisite quest is “Sky Pirates”. 
If you reach all requirements, let’s go to The Void Ark together. The details of bosses are as following.
l  Cetus
This fight is a simple DPS check. Cetus will randomly drop bubbles that create small persistent aoes on the ground. It will also cast body slam in a random area, has a room wide electric aoe where you must be in close proximity of Cetus to avoid damage. During the fight, Cetus will spawn adds, take them down. It will also spawn smaller adds with a long range aoe charge which the targeted raid member should go into melee range to prevent damage to other members. As these adds are up Cetus will fly across the map dropping large aoe bubbles that deal massive damage and knock back. Near the end of the fight Cetus fly into the middle of the map, stun everyone and pull half the raid party into the middle. It will create an impassable wall and spawn four adds that are linked to its core in the middle. The raid members will have a timer to destroy all the adds outside and the one inside or else they will KO.
l  Irminsul and Sawtooth
This fight is a little confusing for first timers, one tank has to hold Irminsul, another holds Sawtooth, and it's recommended to have another tank pulling the adds that spawn. The soil will shift during the fight under the adds, kill the adds before they are consumed, or move them away. If they are consumed the boss will get points and if it reaches the max amount, the party will wipe. Avoid being eaten, you will become infected with a plant, if you are infected it will become hard to control your character, and it will attempt to infect everyone close by with a short cone aoe. Irminsul does a circle aoe and Sawtooth occasionally swings its tail. Random raid members will be marked with a yellow circle with a large aoe radius around them, they will tether and bind nearby raid members and make them unable to perform actions, break this by having unaffected raid members run through the tethers. Sawtooth will have red electricity around it and begin casting a long spell, everyone MUST go behind Irminsul AWAY from Sawtooth's line of sight to avoid damage, as it is a KO ability.
l  Cuchulainn
Cuchulainn has multiple mechanics for his fight. Everyone will have a non-curable bleeding debuff. First, you want to stay behind him because he will cast corrosive bile which deals a moderate amount of AOE damage in front of him. He will then spawn five statues that raise the bleeding stack to 5, if not destroyed in time they will explode. He will also throw out a large poison circle aoe, it's best to not stand on the raised platforms because of this. He will turn the ground green and then you must stand on a raised platform to avoid extreme damage. He will spawn Slime adds on the platforms, and attempt to eat them. Do not let him consume them. Whoever has hate can pull the mobs away from his cone aoe. If he consumes an add he gains a stacking Damage Up buff. After this phase he will cast a room wide aoe, healers need to prepare aoes because it deals moderate damage. He will also slam his tentacles on the ground and you have to be in between the tentacles to avoid corruption damage and a knock back. He will cast black lung twice, which is an aoe and spawns orbs. Members have to collect all the orbs or they will explode and bind everyone.
l  Echidna
This is a very straightforward fight. She has a cleaved and a circle aoe around her called "Abyssal Sickle." She will then jump on the air and target a random raid member with a large grey AOE circle with arrows pointing to the member. Everyone has to group up onto the targeted member to reduce the damage they will take. She will also cast a room wide petrifying aoe, to avoid it, look away from her. She also casts two rectangular line aoes with gaps in between and to the opposite sides of them. She will jump into the air and creates multiple large circle aoes which deals massive damage if caught.
Around 70% and 40% she splits into three, each mob will target a tank from each raid party. It is good to set waymarks in opposite sides of the map to avoid their tether, which creates a stacking defense if they are too close to each other. The main body part will also cast the petrifying aoe. If you do not kill them in time the party will wipe. She also spawns adds twice throughout the fight.
As rewards, player can receive 1 piece of loot per week. In addition to loot, players can receive a Mhachi Farthing as separate completion reward once per week. Mhachi Farthing can be exchanged with Bertana in Idyllshire (x5, y5) for items used to enhance equipment purchased with Allagan Tomestone of Esoterics. Loot and reward eligibility resets every Tuesday at 12 AM PST.

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Wow Patch 6.2 Legion Class Preview in World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft official has updated new legion class information. There are Death Knight, Druid, Hunter, Mage, Monk, Paladin, Priest, Rouge, Shaman, Warlock, and Warrior. The guiding purpose is to strengthen the distinctive identity of each of the 11 classes and their specializations. The scope of these efforts includes making cosmetic improvements, enhancing existing abilities, adding new abilities, replacing too generic abilities with more iconic ones, adjusting rotations to better reflect spec identity, and even completely redesigning some specs to carve out a strong identity where previously there was none.


It’s important to note that the base spells of a specialization represent a foundation upon which talents and Artifact traits will be built. Talents in particular will add a tremendous amount of depth—in Legion they are quadrupling the number of spec-specific talents, which reinforce the distinction between specializations giving players interesting ways to customize their characters to suit their play styles.
I’m interested in the class of hunter and Monk. Are you interested in?
  • Hunters have a strong “core fantasy”: they’re masters of tracking prey, experts at sniping enemies with bows and guns from a distance, tamers of wild beasts, and trappers of unsuspecting foes. The challenge with the Hunter class in WoW is that, for the most part, while all three specs deliver that basic fantasy, the distinction between them is fairly minimal.
While all hunters feel a calling to the wild, some serve as a reflection of its brutality. To them, the hunt is defined by unrelenting ferocity, where survival means facing one’s enemy eye-to-eye and is always accompanied by merciless bloodshed. Weapons of great range are abandoned for instruments of close-quarters combat. Survival hunters are instinctive and crafty on the prowl, employing loyal beasts and laying deceptive traps to see their enemies undone. For these hunters know that to truly understand what it means to survive, one must first become familiar with the cruel face of death.
  • Monks were introduced in Mists of Pandaria, and their story is woven directly into the expansion’s rich and vibrant lore. Monks bring a unique martial arts style to any fight, and harness an exotic form of magical energy that’s unfamiliar to those who practice other arcane arts. They seek spiritual balance in life and in combat, and as dangerous as Monks can be on the battlefield, they’re rarely looking to pick a fight without just cause. They view the world through a different lens, finding power through serenity and inner peace-then expressing it through artful combat techniques and powers that mend life. Perhaps most surprisingly, Monks are also adept at producing powerful brews they consume to aid them in battle.
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How and Where to Buy SWTOR Easy Credits/Gold?

“SWTOR Easy Credits” has been on the top five since the new expansion-KotFE was released. It can be seen that SWTOR Gold is on hot sale again with the popularity of KotFE. (Many players say: “Knights of the Fallen Empire is the best and most comprehensive expansion to massively multiplayer game that they’ve played”) However, there is a question that bothers almost all players about how and where to buy SWTOR easy credits/gold.


How to Buy SWTOR Easy Credits/Gold?
First, choosing the gold sellers who have strength and capability. Irregular and individual third factions are lack of enough abilities of gold trade operations and good reputations. When you buy SWTOR Gold from them, you can’t imagine the consequences. Therefore, you should choose those Gold sellers who have strength and capability.
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Where to Buy SWTOR Easy Credits/Gold?
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Mmogah-One of the Best WoW Gold Sellers

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Besides, wow patch 6.2 is so hot now, I’m addicted to the dungeons, especially for the Arcatraz. The Arcatraz is the third wing of the Tempest Keep instance and is a prison where the Naarujailed the most terrifying and dangerous creatures they encountered on their journeys. Among the inmates of the Arcatraz are agents of the black dragonflight, demons of the Burning Legion and even servants of the mighty Old Gods. Playing legion instance is need of high level account. I tried to buy wow power-leveling at Mmogah. Because it is handmade, so my account is safe.
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