A Tip for New Players: How to Choose A Race in Final Fantasy XIV: ARR

The race system in Final Fantasy XIV is popular among FF fans, it is full of Japanese style. For many new players who play FFXIV for the first time, it is hard to choose a race. As all races are designed perfect, it may make new players feel troubled. Now Mmogah makes a guide about how to choose a race.
Playable races in FFXIV: A Realm Reborn consist of Elezen, Hyur, Lalafell, Miqo'te and Roegadyn. Each race has two separate clans, which have separate histories in the lore. Of course, the coming FFXIV Ver3.0 Heavensward will bring a new race Au Ra, Mmogah has prepared another about the new race Au Ra.
l  Elezen
The Elezen are an elf-like race and the original inhabitants in FFXIV. They are a traditionally nomadic people who in former times claimed sole domination over Eorzea, their presence predating that of other races. They are divided into the Wildwood and the Duskwight Elezen. The Wildwood live in the forests and possess a keen sense of sight - a contributing factor in their unparalleled expertise as archers. The Duskwight are a reclusive clan who dwell in caves and caverns, which has given them a heightened sense of hearing. The two clans seem to dislike each other immensely.

l  Hyur
The Hyur are a race that is more or less human. Boasting the largest population in Eorzea, the Hyur came from neighboring continents and islands in three great migratory waves... They are divided into the Midlander and the Highlander Hyur. The Midlanders place a heavy emphasis on education, and are generally considered to be the most cultured people of the world. Physically larger and bulkier than their Midlander cousins, the Highlanders once governed the grand city-state of Ala Mhigo, which was invaded and razed by the Garlean Empire. With their homeland destroyed and their numbers decimated, the Highlanders now eke out their existence as mercenaries.

l  Lalafell
The Lalafell are a race of physically diminutive humanoids. They were originally a group of agriculturalists inhabiting the fertile islands of the south sea. They are of high agility and intelligence, are from the southern regions, and are divided into the Plainsfolk and the Dunesfolk. The Plainsfolk are a very earthy clan who thrive on the prairies. The Dunesfolk literally live on the backs of enormous beasts of burden and are known for wearing gemstones in their foreheads that signify their zodiacal signs.

l  Miqo'te
The Miqo'te are a cat-like humanoids race. During the Age of Endless Frost, as the seas turned to ice and passage over them became possible, Eorzea saw an influx of foreigners to her shores... The Miqo'te are very devout people, but are divided into two religious sects: the Seekers of the Sun, who are dedicated to the sun goddess Azeyma the Warden, and the nocturnal Keepers of the Moon, who are dedicated to the moon goddess Menphina the Lover.

l  Roegadyn
The Roegadyn are a physically large and muscular race. They are a maritime people whose largest concentrations are found in the northern seas, by way of which they came to Eorzea... They hail from the northern regions and are divided into the Sea Wolves and the Hellsguard. The Sea Wolves were once a band of fearsome pirates, but have since largely abandoned that lifestyle; presently they are normally employed as sailors or naval mercenaries. The Hellsguard, on the other hand, dwell in a volcanic region and are said to be masters of the magical arts, guarding the gateway to Hell itself.

The differences between different races are not only apparence, but also stats. Here is a chart that shows each FFXIV race, subrace and their corresponding stats.

From the chart we can see that the difference is not abvious, you can choose the race you like to play.

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A Hot Argument Caused by Flying Mount Not Coming in World of Warcraft

When Warlords of Draenor first hit, some players were surprised to discover that even upon reaching the new level of 100, they couldn't fly with their air-based mounts in the new zones. Initially Blizzard expected to fly at some point, but now it has changed its mind. It caused a big argument.


 Some wowers feel like this is justified on blizzard’s part. It is its game after all, whether or not BLZ needs the players’ base to keep the game alive. From its perspective they find flying to be a nuisance rather than a benefit. A player said:” I'm not a mount guy, so I don't feel cheated, but I am the pros for flying did outweigh the cons. I can still see the scenery with my gliders and feather, and I am rarely annoyed that either of them is on cooldown, and even so it just encourages me to spend 5-8 mins wherever I am before I use it again.” Whatever, some players enjoy leveling, and there is nothing more detrimental to process than getting dive bombed by Max lvl toons, and if mounts can't fly at least they would have to find their on foot. Which they feel like is a reason they don't get ranked quite as much leveling in WOD. For example, a player is on a horde server soff places like Nagrand and he tries and stays away from until 100 anyways. But in other eyes this is a pro. This reason has made me hate Outland with a passion. He has been hoping since launch that BLZ would not add flying again, and he is happy to see it.


But others hold the opposite idea:
Someone said:” I am completely disappointed with Blizzard.” They have been waiting to get flight back. BLZ originally told it would come after enough players hit level 100, then they were told it would come with patch 6.2, now they are being told never. If that is the case, why do blz keep selling flying mounts with wow gold? If blz is going to remove flight permanently from this expansion and future ones, then he need to remove the glyph making travel form 100% for druids and make it baseline. Depending on how things play out, players may seriously consider leaving the game before the end of WoD or once the next expansion dawns. Give those of them who don't (or can't) raid on a regular basis something fun to do. Exploring with flight was just as enjoyable as ground exploration and removed some of the aggravation of not being able to assess an area for those of them with limited time restraints. Stop catering to the young people who have all the time in the world and realize that half the player’s base has aged and now have other responsibilities in real life, or plan to lose a significant portion of your paying player base. Not allowing flying is a pretty big mistake. Making flying dangerous is a design challenge that could be overcome.
Here's some ways Blz could at least attempt to fix flying mounts:
  • Not allow flying to the top of the skybox: Part of the problem with making flying dangerous is he would need copious amounts of enemies/obstacles to account for the height you can fly. It's totally explainable from a lore and gameplay point of view that he would be unable to fly above certain heights due to a thinning atmosphere or lower temperatures.
  • Flying mobs and combat: This is something Blz said he tried but couldn't get to work, but we never really got to see any of it. Bringing something entirely new and refreshing to not only WoW but the entire MMO space. The strength of flying mobs would alone provide the necessary challenge to areas he don't want to be accessible by air.
  • Flying progression throughout an expansion: Touched on this above, but flying could totally be a method of progression much as it was if not more with some fleshing out. Starting with a slow speed, which increases as the player progresses through patches/quests with new training to increase speed/combat abilities/how high the mount can fly. This could also serve as a major feature and part of a wow gold/time sink of an expansion.
It just seems to me they've dropped flying entirely without trying absolutely anything to fix it, at the very least nothing he have shown the public at all which seems crazy.
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World of Warcraft is undergoing the latest expansion patch 6.2 in PTR. In this expansion patch Blizzard has brought wow players tons of new changes and contents day by day during this period such as new quests, achievements, the unblocked zone, etc. in an addition, flying mounts have been removed in this new patch 6.2 PTR and even in the expansion patches in the future which means that it would rise frequency to encounter their enemies in wild places. In that case players will need large amount of gold for building their characters’ gears to make sure that they can win the PVP raid.

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Planting High Performance-Price Ratio Trees in Archeage

In Archeage, there are so many production activities which require materials, and those activities are necessary for players during their upgrades, like producing props, building farms and houses, manufacturing ships and so on. Among those materials, logs are most widely used in production, however the supplies of trees ranged in the game world are far less than the demands of players, so players have to be self-sufficient. Many players don’t know what kinds of trees and which place are best choices exactly. Mmogah here is glad to provide some references related for players to plant high performance-price ratio trees in the following parts:

The sizes of trees are divided into 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, in Archeage, bigger tree is planted in the better place. Players can easily get the scarecrow farm through early life tasks, where allowing planting 3x3 trees. If players want to plant bigger trees, they need the better places, like the public Arboretum and the pumpkin head fields.

In addition, the time of individual tree’s growth and the number of logs are different. So it is particularly important for players to choose their own styles of trees in Archeage, if players who have a long time online and can do lumbering at any time, Mmogah recommends that these players should choose to plant yew trees, because they can plant 4 trees whose sizes are 3x3 in the scarecrow fields, and can get 2-4 logs every 4 hours, what’s more, yew trees (Sapling costs 4 silver) are not affected by climate and could be planted anywhere.

As for players who spend their most time in their offices, Mmogah recommends these players should plant willow trees. The period of willow tree’s growth is about 14 hours (10 hours in suitable climate conditions), players can get about 7 logs when they do the lumbering. It is very convenient for players that they plant willow trees (Sapling costs 11 silver) in the morning and do the lumbering after their work.

At last, those big trees whose time of growth is more than 2 days, which are suitable for players who are not always online. On the opposite, players who visit a farm frequently and often engage in the lumbering, Mmogah recommends an efficient and effective method to these players that they should plant fast-growing trees in small fields. Hopping to benefit all players!

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No Flying Mounts in Future Expansions in World of Warcraft


Blizzard has made a big decision of not allowing flying mounts in new expansion of Warlords of Draenor recently, and the matter caused huge uproar in this week on each famous forums of World of Warcraft. Flying mounts actually have been brought to the game of World of Warcraft since the Burning Crusade (the first expansion) 8 years ago in 2007.

Wow players have been able to fly to each places in every expansion until Warlords of Draenor. Flying mounts are fast and efficient way for players saving much time. The only two limitations of flying mounts were players who used this function had to pay a large amount of wow gold, and second they have to constantly update to the new level for this privilege.

According to a latest interview from lead designer of World of Warcraft Ion Hazzikostas we can get below information about the flying mounts:

1.        World of Warcraft world will become more large, dangerous and more space for players to explore and discovery without flying mounts.
2.        Blizzard decides that flying mounts will not be reintroduced in Draenor. It is the starting point for Blizzard to go forward for this issue.
3.        Flying mounts which are currently in using now in some expansions may not be removed.
4.        Flight function will not show up in future expansions, however if Blizzard do, flying mounts would be only for some specific and limited zones.

Here we outline some advantages and disadvantages from social media and wow players.

-Flying mounts make traveling across the World of Warcraft world easier.
-Much easier for gathering ore and other resources.
-Flying mounts are safe for players when they are doing tasks.
-Players can have different views of Azeroth when using flights.

-Using of flying mounts cause some problems for designing quests.
-More easy to approach to a task sometimes not a good thing, it will make players who use flights do not have interests to explore map, therefore players will miss many details of the game. For example, if a player needs to assassinate an orc warchief, all he need to do just fly over his entire camp and land on his hut and finish the assassinating task.
-Flights make the frequency and strength of outdoor PVP lower and lower, and decline the ambitions of players for exploring new places as well.

We believe that removing flying mounts might bring a few uncomfortable things, but it will recall fun and attractable of the game, and meanwhile it also will increase more encounter and communication opportunities in wild zones for all of wow players.


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Review the Visit of Trion to Korea and Prediction of June’s 1.7B Update

The Trion Worlds ArcheAge Team visited XLGAMES in Seoul, Korea last week in order to discuss the feedback on the latest changes with Dread Prophecies and what’s coming to the game next! There are representative summaries from what two developers said in the following parts:

Gameplay diversity
Trion team said North American players enjoyed gameplay diversity, adventure, and experience more in comparison, which indicated the design directions of Archeage in the future. All players just need to prepare themselves and challange the diversity of Archeage. On May 22, Trion announced that rum runner rapids event was coming soon, which was reenacted the daring deeds of an infamous band of booze smugglers, including whitewater rapids, liberal libations, and barrel-bouncing fun that all await players in this summertime festival coming soon for a limited time. There was a whimsical star added: Carrot Wings, a donkey who dreams of flight.

Never committing crimes
Producer Kwangro also said that the Crimson Lightning with the Stealth ability was his mount of choice and he traveled mostly in Stealth. He also said that the Mirage Bjorne was a fun mount with a fun skill. He didn’t have a ritual, but he checked the success rates in the data, when he regraded items. So players should remember ritual is not the only method. In the end, he reminded players of never committing a crime. What’s more their team still thought that trolling and the use of profanity should be added to the list, and were thinking of ways to turn these activities into punishable crime.

Open world content
They wanted the players to interact with each other and create relationships and communities that lead to lots of different, creative gameplay experiences. To do this, their focus would definitely be on open world content rather than instanced content.
PvP balance and Archeage lore
About PvP balance, their goal was to make sure all skillsets can be fully utilized. So they looked at different data, like the skillset and skill selection ratios, Gladiator Arena victories by classes, etc.
As for Archeage lore, Yongjin suggested that players found the journal pages in the Sea of Drowned Love for the complete story.

Rum runner rapids event will released at once and next will be June’s 1.7B update that so many players are waiting for. Mmogah here predicts that the skateboard and Timber Coupe come in 1.7b. Leviathan too, and that brings the enoan galleon since it drops from him. Submarines might come out in 1.7b as well. Hopping to benefit players!

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Why Players Prefer to Buy Archeage Gold Rather than Make Money by Themselves in Archeage

There are some methods of making money in Archeage, like home stystem, trade, robbing goods, but why players still want to buy Archeage gold, because those methods can help them upgrade and make money slowly, while buying Archeage gold meets their requests of making money and upgrading fast. Mmogah will be glad to introduce the analysis of why three representative methods are not good use for making money in detail.
Housing and farming in Archeage
This game belongs to casual games, like QQ farm, which is to keep producing materials and raising pigs and cattle, as well as planting various plants to earn coins. When players own a certain volume of funds and then go on expanding production, at last sell materials to earn coins to other players in need. However in Archeage, prices are almost changing every day, many players especially new ones would like to follow the trend to produce materials and raise pigs and so on, for example a material for sale whose price is too high today, and many players will follow the trend to produce, which results in their economic losses due to their mass production. The more production is, the lower price is. What’s more, if players are sure to find potential investment and produce massively which can help them earn money, but they are lack of the ability of finding. Therefore, home system isn’t a good method for players who want to make money and upgrade rapidly.

Trade in Archeage
Trade refers that players earn money of transportation, they transport specialty through a variety of vehicles to other islands. Farther to the higher prices, which is the core of this game. Vehicles are the most important for players, how much they earn depends on what types of ship they have. As for an amateur player whose boat can only send a bag of goods without risk, but he earns little, medium-term players can make their own trade ships to earn more with higher cost, so they need trade companions, while the delivery is risky. I can hardly imagine what will happen, if trading ships sail on sea full of pirates. For example, a trade ship that has 20 cases once is robbed halfway, player will lose too much. So Mmogah recommends players not to run risk of robbing this transportation trade.

Robbing goods in Archeage
This is the easier method of earning money, and almost every player likes to use it, neither labor nor production is needed. Everyone can rob some goods, just kill businessman and rob him of his goods, then earn coins from NPC with goods robbed. Don’t you think it is fairly simple? No, Mmogah will tell you it is really hard, players need necessary preparation for robbing goods, have max level of grade and certainly better equipment, prepare assault boat well, and operate PVP expertly. If all of the above in place, then you will have the ability to find a place full of passing businessmen to rob goods to earn money. As we know, it is not easy to prepare the above, so loyal players all know that they have to buy Archage gold to help them to equip their characters, and our web is here for you, providing fastest and safest Archeage gold. Players normally rob the ship of rival camps, however Mmogah reminds players not to regard rival camp as a fool, transport trade routes of rival camps are always uncertain, and even some rival camps find them and turn around to escape rapidly. Above all, easier mehod of earning money is not so easy.

Best method of making money in Archeage
The best choice of making money in Archeage is buying Archeage gold, keeping “money begets money”. To buy Archeage gold is fastest method to equip the characters of customers, and customers can fight the boss easily and rapidly, as well as rob the ships of rival camps efficiently and effectively, in the end customers always earn more.

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WoW Strategy Guide for the Blackrock Foundry Raid of Final Boss Blackhand


In the raid of Blackrock Foundry to Warlords of Draenor, Blackhand is the final and the toughest Boss who can be accessed after players take down Blast Furnace, Iron Maidens and Kromog. Running the boss of Blackhand need well prepared strategies, perfect skills of players and large amount of wow gold for updating characters’ armors and weapons. Players need to purchase gears with cheap and legit wowgold firstly. After that let’s see the details of strategy guide for the boss of Blackhand.

Location of Blackhand:
Players can find Blackhand in The Crucible. (Through the Workshop’s bridge across the slag pool, just opposite the main entrance to the raid) See the location map of him below.


Raid strategies, tips and main harmful abilities from the boss:
In this raid there are three phases in all whichever the difficulty modes are, Normal, Heroic or the Mythic one. And the harmful abilities of Marked for Death, Slag Bombs and Shattering Smash are the main three attacking skills from Blackhand.
-Marked for Death: Blackhand marks a player as a target for death, and the time of cooldown are 6 seconds. After 5 seconds, he will release another skill called Impaling Throw at this target. The total physical damage of Marked for Death is between 195,000 and 205,000
-Slag Bombs: This skill causes Slagged and produce 104,464 to 109,822 fire damage to the players who are within 10 yards surround him in the raid.
-Shattering Smash: This skill can knock down the players who are chosen by Blackhand as targets within 6 yards and stun the targets for 3 seconds. Physical damage is between 243,750 and 256,250.

Phase 1 (Blackhand’s HP 100%- 70%)
In the first phase, Blackhand releases the skill of Molten Slag which heats the ground under players’ feet and burns the players standing in the heated area. After that Blackhand uses skill of Demolition every 35 seconds which causes debris falling from the roof and harms a lot to the players in the raid.

Tips: players need to attack Blackhand and make his HP below at least 70% before running out of the heated area. Second encounter the boss from the edges of the room and then move toward to the center generally.

Phase 2 (Blackhand’s HP 70%- 30%)
In this phase, Blackhand will summon a tank to join the raid fight for him every 50 seconds, and the tank will target the nearest player as an attacking target.

-Clear tanks while releasing damage to the boss and try to down the HP of the boss to 30% and less.
-When the boss’s HP is about 35% and there is only one tank left to be cleared, players can ignore the tank and try to release damage to the boss together in order to enter to the third phase quickly.

Phase 3 (Blackhand’s HP 30%- 0%)
In the last phase, heavy damage of Shattered Floor will be brought to players. The raid moves to the Iron Crucible after that, and unbelievable large fire damage will be released to all players every second.

-Dodge the Slag Bombs from Blackhand.
-Kill the boss before the raid area is fully covered by fire.

The raid of Blackhand is not easy, and it is considered as the hardest one in the Blackrock Foundry, but it will take much achievability to players after successfully finish the raid. If players have interests to strategy guides for the other bosses of the Blackrock Foundry, please view our previous assays listed below.

WoW Strategy Guide of Blackrock Foundry No.3 Boss Beastlord Darmac
Strategy Guide of Blackrock Foundry to World of Warcraft Oregorger


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World of Warcraft Patch 6.2 New Boss Battle Pets Added

We have talked about patch 6.2PTR new boss battle pets. We mentioned some pets as follows:
1. Celestial Dragon: Breanni in Dalaran, one of the world’s greatest collectors of exotic pets, players can only get changes to own it by fellowing collectors whose obsession rivals her own. The pet obtains the abilities of Flamethrower, Ancient Blessing, Moonfire, Roar, Arcane Storm and starfall.
2. Lil’ Ragnaros: this tiny aspect is from the horrible Firelord. All the abilities it has related to fire which are Sulfuras Smash, Magma Trap, Flamethrower, Magma Wave, Conflagrate and Sons of the Flame.
3. Cinder Kitten: another pet related to fire feature. Cinder Kitten is purely a pyromaniac, so players who would like to pet them need to prepare fireproof mittens first. Additionally there are also lots of the legendary boss battle pets that players can find on the southern coast in World of Warcraft.
4. Crusher who looks like the No.2 Boss Oregorger of Blackrock Foundry.
As official continues to explore new pets in Draenor, it should come as no surprise that new battle pets and new battle pet rewards will be found. So Draenor has contained amount of diversity for pet battlers, and Patch 6.2 would be no difference. Let’s take a look at some of what’s in store for your collection.
Tanaan Stop Action
First and foremost, Tanaan Jungle is where the action can be found on all fronts. You will find battle pets of all types dotting the landscape, Bloodbeak, Cerulean Moth, Violet Firefly and Fen Crab are new and just waiting to be caught for the first time.


The jungle not only provides garden-variety battle pets. You can find that there are 15 fel-corrupted legendary pets scattered throughout Tanaan. Your Pet Battle Master in your garrison will have some new information for you to get started. You can only defeat any of these legendaries once per day, and when you do, you’ll receive a container of Fel-Touched Pet Supplies, which will include: WOW Gold, Pet Charms, Pet Bandages.
Patch 6.2 is going to introduce a new vendor to your level 3 Garrison Menagerie. Tiffy Trapspring and Giada Goldleash have been attracted to your impressive stash of Pet Charms, and want to take them off your hands in exchange for the following toys:
  • Magic Pet Mirror
  • Indestructible Bone
  • Spirit Wand
  • Hunt Continues


A number of new battle pets coming to World of Warcraft with patch 6.2 can be found all over the world. Two new fishing pets are turning up at the Darkmoon Faire. One is called Blorp (also a non-combat pet), and the other is the wondrous Ghostshell Crab.


Even more pets have found their way to the fields of battle on Draenor. Look carefully, and you may find:
  • Crimsonwing Moth: A rare spawn in Talador with many spawn points, and only one ever appearing in the zone at a time.
  • Sapphire Firefly:  A rare spawn in Spires of Arak who also has many spawn points and appears only once at a time.
  • Cinder Pup: Available from a new Garrison mission in patch 6.2.
  • Corrupted Nest Guardian: Dropped by Shadow Lord Iskar in the new Hellfire Citadel raid. 
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When Is the Best Chance to Buy Cheap FFXIV Gil

FFXIV Gil as the main currency in Final Fantasy XIV, its price is not unchangeable. But it may not increase in price all the while, it may not reduce price all the while either. So when is the best chance to buy cheap FFXIV Gil? Now Mmogah is glad to share some experience to you.

The best and the most important opportunity is the time before every large update. As every player known, the largest update Ver.3.0 Heavensward is coming soon on June 23rd, so now is the best chance.
After Patch 2.55, there is not any new attractive content added in Patch 2.56 and Patch 2.57. No matter how many updates before Heavensward there are, they are some small adjustments every way. So for FFXIV Gil famers, it is good time to farm, because the farmers can farm FFXIV Gil intently. High efficiency means more harvest, it makes FFXIV Gil cheap.
Then if you focus on official website, you may see that SE took the actions against in-game RMT & other illicit activities recently. After the accounts got banned, famers have to buy accounts again. They need to support their development, then they have to sell their FFXIV Gil cheap to sell more. Also if they have more stock, the ban will bring more loss. Here Mmogah needs to tell you another situation that SE only bans the famers’ and sellers’ accounts not FFXIV Gil buyers’. So the more ban, the cheaper FFXIV Gil you will get. But it suits some trustworthy sites just like Mmogah.
FFXIV Ver.2.0 is lasting a long time, the new Ver.3.0 Heavensward will bring a new view. Firstly the level upper limit raises to 60. It means you not only need to upgrade, but also need new equipment. The fastest way to get equipment is to buy it from MB with FFXIV Gil. With equal equipment, you can farm new dungeons easily. Then Au Ra also will be added, no matter male or female Au Ra is really cool and popular. For many FFXIV fans, they can’t miss it, but new character means more time and energy, also you can choose buying FFXIV Gil and FFXIV Power Leveling instead. More than that FFXIV Gil is needed in these respects, the crafting players need it too. Upgrading and new recipes all need enough FFXIV Gil. In summary, after Heavensward online, FFXIV Gil will be needed in a large number, the price must make up.
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Style of Sail with All New Wavewyrm Costume in Archeage

Since the sail in style with all new Wavewyrm costumes came out, the loyal players of Archeage have known about the new changes well and enjoyed the game so much. As for other players who are unfamiliar with the news but still want to play the game, Mmogah is glad to introduce those new changes to you in detail.

Outfits worn by the crew of the legendary of pirate ship, Wavewyrm, have been added to the Marketplace and Loyalty Store. Sail in style with four different versions of this costume, each comes complete with an eyepatch for the authentic pirate look. New Wavewyrm costumes bring a greater visual effect to the game.
There are new marketplace items added in the following part:
Wavewyrm Treasure Chest: A rare chance to contain one of two new outfits worn by the crew of the legendary Wavewyrm pirate ship, Abyssal Wavewyrm Costume, or Ivory Wavewyrm Costume. The importance is that Wavewyrm Treasure Chest, Abyssal Wavewyrm Costume, and Ivory Wavewyrm Costume are untradeable.
Coral Wavewyrm Costume: A version of the Wavewyrm Costume that is tan or peach.
Labor Potion Package: Includes five 1000 Labor Pots and five 500 Labor Pots, has a finest bound labor potions. Only one purchase per account.
Provisions Pack: A selection of potions, tonics, and fine cuisine for new adventurer. Only one purchase per account.
Daru Plushie Pet: A new plushie pet that is adorable keeps you company when you travel to Erenor.

Undersea Goggles: Only is worn by plushie pets. Provides the owner with 5% decreased underwater gathering time when the plushie pet is nearby.
Ducky Flippers: Only is worn by plushie pets. Provides the owner with 3% increased swim speed when the plushie pet is nearby.
Language Proficiency Spellbook: Temporarily grants 10,000 proficiency to both continental languages for 7 days.
There are still new loyalty token items in the following parts:
Armored Wavewyrm Costume: A version of the Wavewyrm Costume that is blue. Available for 300 Loyalty Tokens.
Removed Marketplace Items
Devilish Chest
Angelic Whisper costume
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WoW Patch 6.2 PTR- Build 20008 New Updates

Based on the raid testing schedule, a new patch 6.2 PTR build has been released to wow players. There are tons of new contents like Updated Apexis Costs, New Toys and new Achievements, etc. So let’s check out these latest information from official in this assay.

Updated Apexis Costs
Apexis Costs have been changed in this patch from the last one. For example last PTR build, the costs of the Infernal Direwolf costs are 150,000 Apexis Crystals, and 100,000 wow gold. However in this 6.2 PTR the costs have been changed.
According to the 6.2 PTR build 20008, see the Tanaan Apexis vendor, Dawn-Seeker Krisek costs:
•Baleful tokens for every slot which create an ilvl650 piece of gear. Each token costs 5,000 Apexis Crystal. Their items are not bound on players accounts. The Baleful tokens that are bound on account are from Naval Missions.

•Empowered Apexis Fragment upgrades a Baleful item to ilvl 695, Cost 20000 Apexis Crystal.

•Reins of the Corrupted Dreadwing states in the Mount journal that costs 150,000 Apexis Crystal, but there seems to be an error where the Infernal Direwolf is still listed. Regardless, the gold cost is removed.

•The costs for other items remain unchanged: Seal of Tempered Fate for 300 gold, Trade Agreement: Arakkoa Outcasts for 2,500 gold, and Gemcutter Module: Multistrike for 3,000 gold and 3,000 Apexis Crystals.

•As stated in the latest 6.2 PTR Patch Notes, the old Apexis gear costs gold. 1,000 gold for 630 gear, 5,000 gold for 645 gear, 10,000 gold for 655 gear, and 20,000 gold for 670 gear.


New Toys
Two new toys have been released in this build. Skoller’ Bag of Squirrel Treats and Personal Spotlight.
•Players can find the new toy Skoller’s Bag of Squirrel Treats in the new zone of Tanaan Jungle. What you need to do is to talk to Skoller in the place of southern Tanaan. The fact is this new toy is actually a tribute to veteran Blizz Employee Scott Koller, who unfortunately passed away from cancer recently. After got the toy players can temporarily summon a lot of squirrels when they feed them nuts.

•The other new toy Personal Spotlight costs players 100 gold from a Trader in Garrison Town Hall. Players will summon a beam of light and the light will follow around them for one hour long.

New Achievements in 6.2 Build
Achievements are always in the spotlight for most of all wow players. As there are lots of new achievements updated in this build, here we list several ones that may be popular among the players.
•Glory of the Hellfire Raider: Reward- Infernal Direwolf.

•Master of the Seas: Reward- Title Reward of Captain

•Mythic: Archimonde Guild Run: Defeat Archimonde in Hellfire Citadel when players are in a guild group.

It is certainly that there are many other achievements in 6.2 PTR 200008 build which are waiting for wow players to explore.


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