How to Buy PoE Items without Getting Scammed

Buying PoE items, PoE currency and PoE exalted orbs are important parts in Path of Exile. Certainly you are in need of PoE items to improve your skills or speed up your levels or even you will face more interesting and wonderful story lines when playing PoE. For saving more time some players choose to buy PoE items instead of farming PoE items by themselves. However how to choose a reliable PoE items selling website without getting scammed? MmoGah dares to give you a confirmed answer - we never scam any players in Game Industry.


How to avoid getting scammed?
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Some Important Tips You Should Know in Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 has exciting new features, which brings gw2 players all together. Whether you are new to the MMO genre or a veteran of other games, GW2 isn’t quite the same as anything you have tried before. Once your character is created, you’re ready to go off to the guild wars 2 world. Therefore, we will share you some important tips you should know in guild wars 2, which will make you start off in the best possible position.


1. The very first thing you should do in Guild Wars 2 is to press Esc, go to options, and carefully peruse every option & key binding which are available to you. Adjust the settings to your liking, which will help you to learn more about gw2 and customize your play style.

2. Minimap
The minimap is an integral part of the user interface, and it's important for you to familiarize yourself with it. Not only will you be able to detect where your friends are, you'll also be able to point out any locations by pinging a spot on the map. You can do this by holding the shift key and left-clicking on the minimap. In addition, you can draw doodles on the minimap. It's especially useful for multiplayer strategies. You can do this by holding the shift key and the left mouse button. Finally, you can alert other party members to your location by holding the alt key and left-clicking on the minimap. It can place a beacon at your precise location. It's necessary if you intend to lead other players into battle.

3. Auction House
Auction House can make you buy and sell from other players at anywhere. The default shortcut key is ‘O’. Note that you will have to visit a Trading Post NPC to pick up guild wars 2 items or guild wars 2 gold you earn there.

Whole information about this article please check:https://www.mmogah.com/news/guild-wars-2/some-important-tips-you-should-know-in-guild-wars-2

Why Do FFXIV Players Like Playing Crafting Classes

Crafting classes, also known as Disciples of the Hand, synthesize new and useful items such as armor, weapons, food and potions from basic materials. As we know, crafting is really awesome and nearly half of classes in Final Fantasy XIV are crafters and gatherers (Both easily earn a large number of Money). Why do so many players take up a crafting job? There are four main reasons here, and Mmogah summarizes some points of attention written by caimie tsukino.


All of you want to be able to make your own gear/weapons that benefit your main DoW/DoM classes!
You need to understand that, although HQ (High Quality) crafted gear are better than the free NQ (Normal Quality) ones you get from your main story quests, most crafted gear are not as powerful as those obtained from loot-rolling in dungeons. Almost any green/pink (background color) gear will slightly outmatch a HQ crafted gear of the same level. But since all the loots in dungeons have to be “rolled”, you can’t expect to get everything from dungeons! Therefore, at lower levels, HQ crafted gear becomes a wonderful supplement for items you cannot obtain from dungeons. After your DoW/DoM is level 50, you’ll be buying most of your gear with tomes (Tomes of Poetics) from Mor Dhona. Poetics gear (i120) can be further upgraded to i130 using more Poetics tomes to buy Carbontwine/ Carboncoat, and exchange at the NPC “Drake” who stands right next to Gerolt in North Shroud. Any Poetics gear (i120 or i130) will be stronger than a crafted gear (at most i110 or i115 for level 50) for a level 50. However, collecting tomes can be a very slow process. Thus, crafted gear can speed up the process by a lot, allowing faster increase of average item level (avg ilvl), which in turn allowing you to proceed quicker to higher dungeons and trials. Another cool feature about crafted gear is that they can attach “material” to tweak your stats. But the effort to make those items is enormous. You need to be close to an all-50 crafter, and you need to fully meld the HQ crafted gear with the best materia before you can enjoy the benefit.

You want to make more gil and be rich!
You need to understand that, although crafting can make more gil, it can also drain your gil. It’s like an investment… the more time & gil you put into crafting, the better stats you’ll acquire and the more expensive items you can craft to sell. The investment you need to make at end-game is in the amount of millions, but the gil return is also in the amount of millions. So think about this carefully, because along the way, you could be very poor depending on how much gil you spend on powering your crafting. If you stop investing gil at a point, you will have a very stable income, but your stats & income will stop increasing.


You want to make cute minions & beautiful furniture for your FC house!
You can pretty much ignore the word “HQ” in crafting. For minions & furniture, there is no difference between HQ vs NQ. All you need is just completing the item. However, furniture of the highest level is still quite hard to make if you do not have all crafting classes at level 50. If you’re careless, you can lose a lot of precious crafting materials. It is recommended that you at least have Waste Not (LTW lvl 15), Piece by Piece (ARM lvl 50), Ingenuity II (BSM lvl 50) & Careful Synthesis II (WVR lvl 50).

It seems fun! You think you like it!
Wrong! It’s not “it seems fun”! It is fun! And you will Love it! Why? Because crafting is like puzzle solving. You get a lot of satisfaction when you beat a tough puzzle. It is also solely dependent on just yourself. You don’t need to rely on anyone else in the game. It’s all in you! Furthermore, when you finished crafting an item, your name is imprinted at the bottom of the stats of it. So having a HQ difficult item with your name on can make you feel very proud. You can keep it, you can wear it, you can give it to someone, or you can sell it! The person who wears the gear will forever be seeing your name there, knowing that YOU are the magnificent crafter who made that gear/weapon.

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Runescape: The Gates of Menaphos - The Golden City Will Open on June 5th

On June 5th, RuneScape will enter a new chapter as the gates of Menaphos – the Golden City will open, which will be the most epic event in 16 years for this game. This is the first time in a new series of Runescape Expansions that will deliver towering pieces of new contents into the game.

Beginning with Menaphos - The Golden City, RuneScape Expansions will be released every three months, and it will bring expansive new areas and regions to the game world of Gielinor.

Here MmoGah as a professional osrs gold store would like to share this good news with you.

"Between now and then, we'll be releasing tantalising tidbits of info about the year's most epic update.

RuneScape has always been underpinned with the telling of great stories and quests, and launching RuneScape Expansions - beginning with Menaphos: The Golden City - allows us to do that in an entirely new way. We're working hard to ensure this gleaming metropolis eclipses - the Menaphos that's been in the imagination of many millions of players for more than a decade, and we can't wait to share more details over the coming weeks before the gates open." Said David Osborne, Lead Designer, RuneScape.

More details you can click this link: https://www.mmogah.com/news/rs/runescape-the-gates-of-menaphos-the-golden-city-will-open-on-june-5th.


Revelation Online: Affairs of the Heart - Milestones & Divorce

Welcome to our guide regarding Intimacy Milestones and Divorce within Revelations Online! Before explaining the methods of making a clean-break from your partner, let’s first explore more in-game marriage positives!             


To make a clean-break from your partner, maybe you want to buy some Revelation Coins beforehand, because divorces always cost you a certain amount of money both in real and in-game life. In that case, I recommend you a safe and efficient Revelation Gold seller, MmoGah.com. MmoGah is ranked No. 1 during searching “Revelation Gold” or “Revelation Coins” in Google. Why not have a try?
Intimacy Milestones
There are 3 different intimacy milestones; one at 6,000, another at 15,000, and the final milestone at 28,000 intimacy points.
•At 6,000 Intimacy points, your points will be capped until you complete a specific quest with your spouse. You will need to head to Nori in Sulan to pick up a quest. This will then require you to head back to the marriage instance once more and speak to Rochin before teleporting inside. You will then need to head inside and speak to the Hyphaen Luta Tolador, obtain an item and hand `  it back to Rochin who is waiting outside of the instance.
•At 15,000 Intimacy points you will unlock an achievement known as ‘Hug it out’ which, in turn, will unlock a hug emote for you and your partner to use.
•At 28,000 intimacy points you will both unlock a special costume which is exclusive to married partners who have reached this stage.

Whole information about this article please check: https://www.mmogah.com/news/revelation-online/revelation-online-guide-affairs-of-the-heart-milestones-divorce

Patch 7.2 Order Hall Champion in World of Warcraft

There are a lot of regards to compose, and there's no best single setup in World of Warcraft. Largely mission counters are randomized, if your certain favorite Champions or Combat Allies exceed others, your lineup will be changed obviously. The biggest optimization is that you can counter as many threats as possible. That said, this is merely logic regarding optimal combinations. If you want to know more World of Warcraft news, you can visit MmoGah.com.

Order Hall
After reaching level 26 from Broken Shore quest chain, artifact research will open up to a maximum level 50. New champions are available and an additional champion slot has been opened up to accommodate it. Champion item level has been increased from 850 to 900. You can acquire your class mounts at the end of campaign, similar to Suramar campaign and Arcanist’s Manasaber mount reward.


Order Hall Mage Champion:
Kalecgos. Arcane + CS, it is very strong counter double bonus.
Vargoth. Arcane + Blizzard, +15% with T2 troop, a bonus is used very often.
Ravandwyr. We need a fire after two Arcanes. He also gives us blinks we need. His 15% against minions will be used often. Now it is a frost mage. The Great Akazamzarak is a nice frosty, his hat is like meatball ability and will give tons of bonus.

Now we have enough counterspells and arcane skills. So we can either add another frost or fire champion. Both frost are decent. Modera has blink and a bonus % with T1 troops which will barely be used. Merry has blizzard and a useless bonus.

This is Moroes slot, but as a rare champion you probably do not have. So let's get a 2nd fire mage here. We have enough counterspell so Esara is a no. Milhouse works here if you don't mind x2 mission time, also he gives blizzard so you can go with Modera in the 5th slot. Aethas gives a lot of % but doesn’t counter anything other than fire. Meatball is the last and the best ton of % and it works well in every team, as long as you can counter no bonus threat which will prevent 200%.

Follower Equipment:
In general, if you want to have +20% with Tier 2 troops, you should have +15% to all (Auspicious Fetish), and then either +10% to all (Lucky Doodad) or +15% with Tier 2 on everybody. It's only 5% for less using a Doodad and you don't send a T2 troop during the odd times (using AoW or Grimtotems and such).

Best Champion lineups
There are many viable setups, largely depend on who you want to use as a combat ally, and which Champions you may have already leveled/geared up to this point.


More information please check:https://www.mmogah.com/news/wow/patch-7-2-order-hall-champion-in-world-of-warcraft


New Shiny Pokemon and More PokeStops Are Coming

In a recent interview K-Tai Watch (a Japanese news outlet), Niantic Japanese staff has revealed (via Translation) that the whole team is working on "a huge event for this summer", the next update will be a potential big change. It's possible that Niantic could be using a Big Event to promote and launch news "cooperative social gameplay experiences".

Today MmoGah.com would like to share the good news that from Pokemon GO Hub
"We’ve received a lot of reports via Twitter and e-mail that the mechanics of wild Pokemon encounters have changed dramatically, most likely in preparation of the release of Shiny Pokemon.

Trainers have reported that wild Pokemon no longer have the same core stats for every player that encounters them. The following stats are unique for per player and determined for his level on entering the encounter."



More details you can click this link: https://www.mmogah.com/de/news/pokemon-go/new-shiny-pokemon-and-more-pokestops-are-coming.


Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind - Who Are the Wardens Truly?

In the Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind, Tamriel has a powerful new protector. On June 6, you can take control of the brand-new Warden class and protect Nirn with a host of unique, nature-based abilities. Check out our Warden Gameplay Trailer below for a look at the kind of hero you can become.


Revealing themselves to the world for the first time, the Wardens possess a wide assortment of abilities to help defend the wilds and people of Tamriel. With a versatility not previously found in the ESO, the type of Warden you can become is completely up to you and your playstyle. Summon the fearsome war bear, encase yourself in rock-solid ice, or conjure healing plants from the soil. When you create a Warden character, the possibilities are endless.
It’s good time to jump into the new world of the ESO. To enjoy the new class of warden, maybe you want to buy some Elder Scrolls Online Gold to skip over the boring time and make the game more fun. In that case, I recommend you a safe and efficient ESO Gold seller, MmoGah.com. MmoGah is ranked No. 1 during searching “ESO Gold” or “buy ESO Gold” in Google. Why not just have a try?
Who are the Wardens and what is their connection to the Spinners? Read a short essay by the famous academic Lady Cinnabar for her thoughts on these mysterious new warriors.
Who are the wardens truly?
By Lady Cinnabar
In Phrastus of Elinhir's spurious essay “A Story of Blood: The Spinners take Tamriel," he argues that the Wardens of the wilds, in his trademark imaginative style, are a militant faction of the Wood Elf priests known as the Spinners. I believe this assertion is either the result of a lack of proper academic rigor, or, just as likely, an attempt to manufacture controversy to appeal to the masses.

Whole information about this article please check: https://www.mmogah.com/news/eso/elder-scrolls-online-morrowind-who-are-the-wardens-truly


GW2: What Does “GW2 Item Nomenclature” Mean in Guild Wars 2?


Many players have already enjoyed playing in Guild Wars 2 which is so hot now. Recently, we have surveyed that “GW2 Item Nomenclature” has been searched many times on the internet. Just as many new guild wars 2 players, one of our players thinks “GW2 Item Nomenclature” may be guild wars 2 items at the first sight. However, when I search “GW2 Item Nomenclature” from some professional websites which sell gw2 items, I can’t get any item information of it. Therefore, it makes us realize that we should clarify “GW2 Item Nomenclature” at the very beginning.

If you search “GW2 Item Nomenclature” in Google at the present time, you will find many different versions, such as, Item nomenclature, Attribute combinations and Prefix attributes. Do all these versions mean “GW2 Item Nomenclature”? Are they really the same meaning? Today, MmoGah will try our best to help you figure out these important questions. We will give you some definitions in the following parts.


Whole information about this article please check: https://www.mmogah.com/news/guild-wars-2/gw2-what-does-gw2-item-nomenclature-mean-in-guild-wars-2


How to Buy Cheap Runescape Gold Online Easily

As all players know, game­ currency transaction is common in almost all MMOs including Runescape. When you are tired of beating monsters or mining iron ore, you are in need of Runescape gold to strong your equipment & armors or raise your combat level. Many players would like to buy rs gold from gaming websites, but there are some nerve-wracking questions trouble them:

Where can I buy safe runescape gold? How to choose a reliable website with never scam? How to buy cheap runescape gold online easily?

Here MmogGh as one of the best rs gold stores would like to help you to solve these questions.
We have introduced where is the best place to buy runescape gold before, and you can learn this article first.


Some of our new and old customers do not know how to buy cheap runescape gold from MmoGah. Please follow me step by step to learn about how to buy runescape 3 gold or osrs gold online easily!

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How to Make Trade in Path of Exile

Trading is an act of exchanging poe items between characters. In Path of Exile, this generally happens between two players. Trading items in Path of Exile is an essential part of playing in game. Unlike many other games, in Path of Exile there is no Auction House and no monetary system (e.g. gold or coins). Trading is an essential part of game. Instead there are various poe currency items in a “barter economy” where players need to meet up before they can complete transaction.

If you need an item you will have to trade an item that you have. This system has its ups and downs much like any other bartering type of system. Sometimes you can get path of exile items for really cheap, sometimes it is a complete and utter nightmare to find an item that you need, because not only will you have to find a player with the item but also make sure an item he/she wants. So finally if you cannot find a suitable player, you will have to buy poe items you need in a reliable poe items sale website.


It is excellent for new players to look up prices of unique items and skill gems. There are really many options to choose from, you can tailor your search very precisely and find exact mods, rolls you want on items. You have an option to search for items only listed by players who are currently online in game. To trade with players, right-click on his/her character and select "trade". When a player is in the same party, right-click character's portrait on the left side of screen and select "trade".

One of the most important things here is to look for and ask about as many similar poe items as you can. The more leads you cast out for an item, the better chances are of finding a cheap one. Also it’s very important to be patient. Do not take anyone's set-in-stone currency prices for granted. Haggle with them if it's out of range you're willing to pay. Haggle with them even if it's in the range you're willing to pay. But haggle within what you are willing to pay, not for what perceived worth of object is.

When you ask for a price on an item, always make preparation with a lower counter offer. If they do not accept your counter offer, ask for a counter-counter offer. If it's not within price you are willing to pay, walk away. If they use counter-counter offer, continue to haggle until it’s the price you are willing to pay. Sometimes you may have to counter offer twice, but do not counter offer twice in the beginning. Bartering is all about people skills, and there's no set way to go about it, but this should help bartering a bit.


More information about this article, please check:https://www.mmogah.com/news/poe/how-to-make-trade-in-path-of-exile


Guild Wars 2 Dungeons Guide

Guild Wars 2 has a vast array of dungeons and each dungeon has its unique mechanism to keep it fresh and exciting. This guide will share you some information about dungeons in guild wars 2.

What are Dungeons?

Dungeons are optional party-based PvE instances, and each dungeon has its own story. There are currently nine dungeons. All dungeons except Fractals of the Mists and the special event dungeons have two modes: a story mode, which features a gripping plot and fearsome opponents, and an explorable mode, where players can access to more challenging content with new goals and obstacles. Dungeons are private adventure areas for teams of five players, which allow you to challenge Tyria's most insidious enemy factions in their territory.


Where to Find Dungeons?

A door icon will appear on your map once you have discovered the location of a dungeon. Keep in mind that these dungeons have their own collectibles like armor sets and weapons. Some special dungeons are not accessible all the time and they are available after you have performed certain actions in certain events.


Whole information about this article please check: https://www.mmogah.com/news/guild-wars-2/guild-wars-2-dungeons-guide


Guide of Revelation Online: Exploration Quests

Welcome to Revelation Online’s guide regarding Exploration Quests! Here we’ll be providing some insight into their benefits, what they are and where to find them.


The Basics
Exploration quests are a subset of weekly quests where players are tasked with locating various NPCs throughout the different regions in the world of Nuanor. Each Exploration quest consist of 25 small quests, thus completing each Exploration quest will reward players with huge amounts of experience points, Imperial Notes, faction favors, and various other rewards. Consider grouping up with friends, guild-mates, or even strangers (up to 5) before taking them on, as more hands make lighter work and improve the experience gain even further.
In short, they are an excellent way to explore the vast world of Nuanor while getting rewarded at the same time. Make sure to take memorable screenshots of your favourite scenarios during your journey and hold races between your companions to see who can reach the next checkpoint first! There are 3 different Exploration quests available. Players will be able to unlock the first Exploration Quest starting as early as level 20, with two additional quests unlocking as they progress further (level 30 and 50). These weekly quests can be found under Common Livelihoods.
To complete the exploration quests more easily and efficiently, maybe you want to buy some Revelation Gold beforehand to enjoy the new update of Revelation Online thoroughly. In that case, I recommend you a safe and efficient Revelation Gold seller, MmoGah.com. MmoGah is ranked No. 1 during searching “Revelation Gold” or “Revelation Coins” in Google. Why not have a try?
Where to Start
In order for players to begin these Exploration quests, they must first locate the starting NPC for each of them. If you’re unsure where these NPCs are located, you can always click on the quest and click on the NPC’s name to enable the auto-tracking feature.

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How to Choose a Suitable Class in World of Warcraft

Experienced and senior players can debate all day about which classes are the easiest to play, hardest to play, strongest, weakest, over-powered, and under-powered in World of Warcraft. As a new player, you should make a choice based on personal preference. Let’s go with MmoGah and see how we can choose a suitable class. If you are interested in other wow news, you can visit our site.

When you contemplate classes, you should consider role that appeals to you and keep following things in mind:
For a safe distance Hunters, Mages, Priests, and Warlocks are the best for fighting. You must learn how to control range of fight, because it is not built for melee combat. Keep enemies away from you, and you’ll be successful.


Monks, Paladins, Rogues, and Warriors fight up close and fight with their enemies personally. Melee combat is louder (with combat noises like clanging weapons) and generally it is more chaotic than what classes experience you range.

Druids and Shaman can fight at long range or in melee combat, and it’s up to you to decide which way you prefer.

Choose Your Faction
Alliance - Races of Alliance include many "Noble" minded creatures, and abilities of Alliance Races, they are often well-suited for PvE (Player versus Environment) setting.

Horde - It consists of monsters and violent characters mostly, which excludes Pandaren and Tauren. Races of Horde include more "Gritty" races, and their Racial Abilities are often more useful in PvP (Player versus Player) setting.


More information please visit:https://www.mmogah.com/news/wow/how-to-choose-a-suitable-class-in-world-of-warcraft


How to Raise Your Combat Level in Runescape

Combat level is very important in Runescape. All players start playing runescape from combat level 3, and the maximum combat level is 138. Combat level is calculated by taking into account the following skills:
Attack and Strength, Ranged or Magic
Summoning (not applied toward combat level in free worlds)
Raising your combat level is not easy, and it may be boring for some players. Here MmoGah would like to share some important information with you about Attack, Strength and Defense.

Attack level is very important in Rs. Attack is a melee combat skill which determines the accuracy of your melee attacks and the types of weapons you may wield. The higher Attack level you are, the fewer losses will occur during the melee combat. When you slay an enemy, you are awarded Attack and Constitution experience, depending on the opponent's stats.

More guides you can click this link: https://www.mmogah.com/news/rs/how-to-raise-your-combat-level-in-runescape.


How the Under Water Areas Beneath Fossil Island Are Provided

Fossil Island is also known as Kudos Island. Fossil Island is an expansion of the Varrock Museum and will explain the story of Godwars in Runescape. Fossil island is located in the north of Morytania and unveils a unique unknown environment. From Fossil Island you will have the opportunity to train and put your skills in new and interesting ways to work. Now, let MmoGah introduce the Under Water areas beneath Fossil Island to you.
Under Water
Explore this newly discovered island that doesn't stay on the shoreline - there is a lot of explorations under the surface of the surrounding waters. Take a dive and see how the under water areas beneath Fossil Island are provided.


Whole information about this article please check: https://www.mmogah.com/news/rs/how-the-under-water-areas-beneath-fossil-island-are-provided

Why Buy Gil Before Stormblood?

As we know, buying gil is the most important thing for ffxiv players before updates, let alone the large 4.0 Expansion-Stormblood. Why? MmoGah (the No.1 ffxiv gil selling web) will tell you two reasons: one is that players need enough gil to make preparations beforehand, and the other one is that the price of gil is much cheaper before Stormblood.


Make preparations in advance
Here is an article written by a FFXIV customer of MmoGah in the following parts, as a result MmoGah gives him a large 10% off coupon. From what he wrote, you will clearly understand why players choose to buy gil before stormblood.
“A great deal of people are out there thinking to themselves the same question - should I buy gil?  Some are on the fence because they don't know if the reward outweighs the risk. However, with Stormblood just around the corner can you truly afford to secondguess yourself for too long?  

Vanity items is the biggest market for which gil is used and the pinnacle of this is player housing.  Typically gil purchases are followed by the purchase of a housing plot. With that said though, there are only so many plots in Shirogane that will be available for a day. On some servers they won't even be available for much more than an hour.

I know some of you may think, hey I have time before I can decide whether or not I want to be able to fund a house. This is the wrong way of thinking though. Sure, it's true that Shirogane's housing ward launch will not coincide with Stormblood's launch, but there is a bigger picture here - furniture.  The plot in many cases is the cheapest aspect of housing. With Stormblood's launch, there will be fewer people running old content at the appropriate item level sync to farm valuable housing materials. Now what does that mean for you? Increased prices. Expect several items that used to cost a few hundred thousand to price in the millions, and the million gil items to hit double digit millions.  

If I've persuaded you to lean more towards buying gil, let me now tell you how to properly prepare for the economic nightmare looming on the horizon. Buy all the primal, crystal tower, alexander, binding coil of bahamut furnishings now. If you can cut corners with event items by buying them on mogstation for cheaper then do so. If certain items are too pricy make sure to cross reference the price of materials and get a crafter to make it for cheaper. Doing this will cut your costs by upwards of fifty to seventy five percent. The solely crafted items whose materials are strictly from gathering will drop in price so you need not concern yourselves with those.

Do not hesitate to buy gil now though and take advantage of low prices while you can. Prepare yourself with research on the fluctuating market! And finally, trust mmogah with all your gil needs.”

Cheaper ffxiv gil before Stormblood
Usually, a large number of accounts get banned when ffxiv has a large update, which causes shortage of gil, and the price of gil is multiplied several times. In addition, new vanity items will cost players’ much gil, like housing. Therefore, it’s right time for you to buy cheaper gil before Stormblood. Now, if you agree with Mmogah, we will tell you four steps to buy cheapest gil from Mmogah.com.

First, you should sign up and log in, and directly enjoy your member discount.
Level 1: The total money you have spent is between 0-1999 USD You get 1% discount
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Level 3: The total money you have spent is larger than 4000 USD You get 3% discount

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Third, the larger orders you place, the more gil you get. 5M-20M, you will get +2%M. 20M+, you will get +5%M.

Fourth, you should make full use of our coupons.
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New Class Guide of the ESO: Warden - Skill Lines and Abilities

The Warden, ESO's first new class since launch, is coming to Tamriel with the release of The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind on June 6. Interested in creating a new character with this nature-based class? Check out the complete list of Warden abilities, including morphs and passives, in this latest deep dive.
If you create a Warden character, you will get access to a series of highly versatile skill lines that can help you heal, defend, and do damage. This means you can build your Warden to perfectly fit your playstyle. Anything is possible! To help you plan your new character, you can find the Warden's abilities listed below as if they were at max rank, but please note that some may change leading up to and beyond ESO: Morrowind's launch.                      


With Animal Companions, your Warden can summon powerful creatures to provide aid and assault the enemy. If you're looking to harass your foes with screeching Cliff Racers via the Dive ability or sustain your attack with the help of the adorable Betty Netch, Animal Companions is for you.
Active Abilities
●Dive – Command a Cliff Racer to dive bomb the enemy, dealing Magic Damage.
Cutting Dive - Command a Cliff Racer to dive bomb the enemy, dealing Physical Damage. Costs Stamina instead of Magicka.
Screaming Cliff Racer - Command a Cliff Racer to dive bomb the enemy, dealing Magic Damage. Deal up to 15% increased damage to enemies at longer range.
●Scorch – Stir a group of Shalk that attack after 3 seconds. Dealing Magic Damage to up to 6 enemies in an area 20x7 meters in front of you.
Deep Fissure – Stir a group of Shalk that attack after 3 seconds. Dealing Magic Damage to up to 6 enemies in an area 20x7 meters in front of you. An eruption stuns one enemy for 3 seconds.
Subterranean Assault - Stir a group of Shalk that attack after 3 seconds. Dealing Poison Damage to up to 6 enemies in an area 20x7 meters in front of you. Enemies damaged are afflicted with Major Breach and Major Fracture, reducing their Spell Resistance and Physical Resistance for 10 seconds. Costs Stamina instead of Magicka.

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World Bosses in Guild Wars 2

World bosses are special event bosses encountered throughout the open world of Tyria. World boss events in guild wars 2 attract many players. And the world boss event is a good way to earn various kinds of high-level equipment and upgrade components. Here MmoGah as one of the best gw2 items and gw2 gold selling sites will share some basic information about the world bosses in guild wars 2.

Tequatl the Sunless


Tequatl the Sunless is one of Zhaitan's champions. Tequatl, whose name means "the one in darkness" in the language of the hylek, has long plagued the Splintered Coast of Sparkfly Fen, opposed by the Vigil, the sylvari of Caer Brier, the asura of the United Arcanist Lab, the quaggans of Brooloonu, and the local hylek tribes. Recently, Vigil tacticians have reported that Tequatl seems to have "evolved" and its attacks have become more elaborate, and Tequatl has become more difficult to fight.

Mordrem Vinewrath


Mordrem Vinewrath is a level 80 meta event that occurs in the Silverwastes. It follows The Breach. Pact Choppers which bring siege carriers to the area. The siege carriers have to be protected as they break down the vine blocking off Vinewrath Tangle, and if successful, the Vinewrath has to be defeated.


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Pokemon Go Easter Event Is Being Held from April 13 to April 20

Good News! The Pokemon Go Easter event will last for a week: from April 13 to April 20, 2017. Players are encouraged to go outside for the Pokemon Eggs hunt.
Here MmoGah as a professional pokemon go booster shares this good news from Pokemon Go live.

“Lace up your walking shoes and get ready to put a spring in your step—the Pokemon go Eggstravaganza is nearly here! A greater variety of pokemons can now be found in 2 km Eggs, so get cracking and see what you find! Your Egg-venture doesn’t stop there, and you’ll earn more candy for Egg you hatch!
Throughout this Eggstravaganza, you’ll also level up even faster with double XP! Combine this Egg-cellent bonus with a Lucky Egg, and you will earn four times the XP you normally would. To make this Eggstravaganza even sweeter, Lucky Eggs will be 50% off in the in-game shop!”

More deatils you can click this link: https://www.mmogah.com/news/pokemon-go/pokemon-go-easter-event-is-being-held-from-april-13-to-april-20.


Why Do So Many Players Prefer to Buy SWTOR Gold from MmoGah

When searching “SWTOR Gold” in google, you will find thousands of small-scale and large-scale websites which are selling it. In such a competitive mmo gold selling market, so many players should choose to buy swtor gold from MmoGah, why? Now, let’s list the detailed reasons for you guys.

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4. Customers always buy the cheapest SWTOR Gold from MmoGah.
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5. Refund Guarantee.
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Patch 2.6 Builds in Path of Exile

Path of Exile is such an extensive and complex game that one can just jump in without any planning. Following a build guide is always good for new and even experienced players as very few players are capable of building viable end-game builds.

Flameblast Totem (Pizzasticks or Pizzablast) is the best league starter, which can annihilate enemies and burn them to cinders. Note there are 3 ascendancy builds, one can follow for Flameblast Totems. The most traditional is Witch build, which is the most balanced Elementalist. The Templar variation offers hirophant (4 totems but less damage) and Inquisitor.

Warchief Totem
When you find or craft a high DPS 2H axe, it’s simply magical. It’s powerful and easy to scale (just craft 2H axes), it has great survivability (swap out Concentrated Effect for AoE when doing Izauro, etc), and it is fun.


It’s fun and very powerful, like Warchief Totem, all players need to focus on rolling 2H axe. Items are interchangeable with Warchief Totem and Earthquake build. As a player may want to choose EQ over WCT, the reason is that they like to bounce around and jump in the middle of action more often. EQ is also able to do cold breach much easier than WCT since anti-freeze buff doesn’t apply to totems.

As a new player in poe 2.6 this build is still viable and some will even tell you that it's the top build to start with. A lot of players have been turning away from Earthquake due to nerf to it in the last patch, but it wasn't put into ground. This build is one of the best in game right now at putting out incredible damage on a low budget.


More information please check:https://www.mmogah.com/news/poe/patch-2-6-builds-in-path-of-exile

RS: Rainbow's End on Treasure Hunter

Good News: Runescape Official announced that rainbow prizes would be added on Treasure Hunter from April 12th at 00:00 game time to April 17th at 23:59 game time. During this time, you can pick up rare rainbow prizes and these prizes can be multiplied by up to 7 times, so are you ready to open those brightly colored chests?


What is Treasure Hunter?
Treasure Hunter can be played in RuneScape, allowing players to use Keys to claim items in the game as prizes. These range from useful resources to rare weapons and exclusive gear.
It is easy to play Treasure Hunter - click the treasure chest icon that pops up when you log in. But if you have never played it before, there are some tips to teach you how to play. Firstly, you need to Get Keys. Keys unlock chests in Treasure Hunter - chests unlock rewards! Then, you need to Unlock Chests. Every chest has its own unique value, from common to rare. Finally, you can Get Rewards. These rewards are powerful items, GP, XP lamps and so on!
Whole information about this article please check: https://www.mmogah.com/news/rs/rs-rainbow-s-end-on-treasure-hunter


Guide to Races in Guild Wars 2

Many players will select their races and professions to customize their appearance in MMOs. MmoGah has introduced professions in last article How to Choose Professions in Guild Wars 2. Similarly, a character's race is important and it has effect on various features. Therefore, MmoGah as one of the best gw2 items and gw2 gold selling sites will share the guide to races in Guild Wars 2 with players.

The playable races are Tyrian species that players can select from during character creation. There are five playable races in Guild Wars 2: the established Humans, the fervent but advanced Charr, the magical and genius Asura, the naive and curious Sylvari, and the strong, glory-seeking Norn. Players’ races determine their starting locations, personal stories, racial skills, and differences in appearance and lore. However, the races are designed to be balanced, such that no one race possesses an unfair advantage over other races.


“Asura may be short in stature, but these magical inventors are intellectual giants. In the world of the asura, it's not the strong who survive, but the clever. As incredibly intelligent beings, the asura use their knowledge and skill with magic and crafting to assert their natural dominance. Other races believe they should rule by virtue of their power and strength, but they delude themselves. In due time, all will serve the asura.”


The proud Asura are masters of magical technologies, crafting living golems and creating ways to travel quickly across the world via Asura Gates. They once dwelt underground and only shifted to the surface within the last couple of centuries. They’re short, but make up for their stature with their intelligence and magical prowess. Rata Sum is their capital city.

The Asura are all about gadgets, tinkering, and inventions. If players enjoy things like wearing goggles or reading Sir Isaac Newton’s beloved work, then asura will be suitable for them.


Whole information about this article please check: https://www.mmogah.com/news/guild-wars-2/guide-to-races-in-guild-wars-2


Update “Stardust” of Revelation Online now Live!

As elite heroes all across Nuanor in Revelation Online sharpened their blades, the young at heart rattled the door of Faerie’s Funland - both in anticipation of the Stardust Update, which is now live!                               


Come one, come all, and be prepared for an update that adds two major features to the game - the Guild vs. Guild map Starshatter Island and the amusement park Faerie’s Funland!
 Make sure to visit our Download Page if you haven’t already downloaded the game. If you have downloaded the game before, you will need to download some additional content once you launch the client. To do so, just click the “Download” button in the My.com Game Center.
Exclusive Collector Packs
Want to make the best out of your Stardust experience? Then consider buying one of our Collector Packs, the perfect way to gain stylish outfits and accessories, rare wings, an exclusive mount and several months of premium bonus at a whopping discount! Spread your new wings, rise like a phoenix and show Nuanor the new you!

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Why Choose MmoGah to Buy RuneScape Gold

As we all know, a major success story in gaming, RuneScape is the world’s most popular free-to-play MMORPG, as recognized by Guinness World Records. Over 16 years, it has welcomed more than 250 million players to Gielinor, and today, its monthly players number in the millions.


Buying RS Gold is an important part in playing Runescape. Most players are in need of osrs gold or rs 3 gold to play Runescape. It doesn’t mean all players need to buy RS gold, but if they have sufficient runescape gold, they can win more experience and save much time.
Recently, the orders of RS Gold at MmoGah are more and more. Why so many players choose MmoGah to buy Runescape Gold? Maybe a lot of players want to know the reason. Let’s come to know more about MmoGah.
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World of Warcraft 7.2 Tips for Mage Tower Challenge

In World of Warcraft, Mage Tower is a special area that is meant to be a “solo challenge,” or not meant to be played in a group, and many players have enjoyed it. However, for anyone who is playing a Tank-type of character, he/she is likely not enjoy it at all. Many Battle.net players complain their frustration for not being able to complete challenge for one reason or another. Now let’s talk about and see how we can do this below. Latest wow news are waiting for you at MmoGah.

Once you have mechanics in your head it becomes much easier, although this fight is tedious. Focus less on doing as much dps as possible and more on staying alive. As a point of reference I end encounter on 600k dps as I start waiting on cooldowns and use energy on defence if I require.


TL and DR:
-Please maintain bleeds on melee/axe jarl and spell caster.
-Run into purple runes.
-Fit into gap in wall.
-Stun bladestorm/enrage.
-Keep Sigryn blinded as much as possible and try to blind her blood of ancients cast before she finishes it.
-Blow up caster shield and interrupt spell.

For rinse and repeat. You no longer deal with runes or enrage at 50% but you have to increase frequency of the other abilities. Sometimes effect for blindly break is not good and if it's already cast aoe (area of effect), it will kill you for duration when she is out of cc.

Some tips:
-Keep Sigryn away from other two jarls. Apparently poison bomb does not break blind, so this isn't too much of a matter. If you make challenge again you'd still rather keep her separate but I don't tab or click on her accidentally. If you are confident you won't do that, having her next to the others may well be fine. Likewise I take any aoe trinkets I have too.

-Use shadowstep. Sometimes you may need to run into a wall gap and then jump back onto spell caster with a bubble. Shadowstep is instant and could be difference on blowing up in time or not. Also it's great for getting to runes or getting away from an enraged melee Jarl.

-Save one potion in case spell caster uses his one shot bubble mechanic and you have no cooldowns. The extra stats can make sure you do enough damage to break bubble.

- If you aren't sure whether run into gap in the valkyrie. You might lose some dps but you won't be dead.


More information please check:https://www.mmogah.com/news/wow/world-of-warcraft-7-2-tips-for-mage-tower-challenge


Join the Elder Scrolls Online Free Play Week

Thinking about exploring Tamriel in The Elder Scrolls Online? Starting tomorrow, you and your friends can play ESO free on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and PC/Mac for a limited time! Check out everything you need to know about this special event below.


Join the Adventure
The Elder Scrolls Online Free Play Week will start globally today, April 11, 2017, at 10:00 am EDT on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and Steam (PC/Mac). Once it has begun, you can download and play The Elder Scrolls Online on your platform of choice for the entirety of the event.
Planning to join in on the fun? Check out the details below:
•The event starts on April 11, 2017 at 10:00 am EDT on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and Steam (PC/Mac) and ends on April 18, 2017, at 10:00 am EDT.
Xbox Live Gold membership required to play on Xbox One.
•When the event starts, you can download and play the ESO on your platform here (if the Free Play version is not yet available for your platform, check back again later):
Xbox One
Steam (PC/Mac)
•You'll have access to the full The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited base game, not including DLC game pack areas.
•Upon account creation, you will receive 500 crowns to spend in the in-game Crown Store. Perfect for Crown Crates, unique outfits, XP boosts, and more!
•Any characters you create, Crown Packs or Crown Store items you purchase, and progress you make during the Free Play event will carry over if you decide to purchase the game.
•If you participated in any previous Free Play events, any characters, progress, Crown Packs and Crown Store items you acquired during that time will still be available to play as well!

Whole information about this article please check: https://www.mmogah.com/news/eso/join-free-play-week-of-the-elder-scrolls-online-now


GW2: Super Adventure Festival 2017 Will Last Till April 20th

Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Festival has arrived on March 30th, and it will last till April 20th. Last week Mmogah.com contributed an article Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Festival Is Coming on March 30. Since this article was released, we have gotten some feedback from our readers. Most of the readers want to know more details about Super Adventure Festival. Therefore, MmoGah as one of the best gw2 items and gw2 gold selling sites will share more details and features with players.


Super Adventure Festival Will Last Till April 20th
  • Moto's famous Super Adventure Box has been opened again with the Super Adventure Festival!
              - Play World 1 and World 2 on Normal, Infantile, or Tribulation Modes.
              - Earn holographic weapon skins from the new Crimson Assassin set                 by completing festival daily achievements.
              - Seek out hidden furniture shops and collect Fancy Furniture Coins to                 purchase new decorations.
  • Festivities will be scheduled to end at 9:00 a.m. April 19 Pacific Time (UTC -7).

  • Updated the rapid water in Super Adventure Box World 2 to smoothly push the player downstream rather than repeatedly knock them around.
  • Updated the dart traps in Super Adventure Box World 2 to deal                damage and knock back players rather than instantly kill them.
             - Dart traps in Tribulation Mode still deal fatal damage.
             - Some dart traps have been disabled in all difficulty modes.
  • The Havoc’s Heir has been retrofitted with new Silent Steam technology, allowing Captain’s Airship Pass holders to visit in peace and quiet.

Whole information about this article please check: https://www.mmogah.com/news/guild-wars-2/gw2-super-adventure-festival-2017-will-last-till-april-20th


How to Make Money Fast in Runescape: Section Two

For many players, they focus on how to get runescape gold easily in game, since they are in need of rs 3 gold or osrs gold to strengthen their weapons and armors. There are many ways on making money, and we have introduced the four primary ways in last article: How to make money fast: section one. Here MmoGah continues introducing other ways of making money to Rs fans.

For non-members, it is a relatively easy skill to acquire because of the wide availability of cooking resources, such as fish. Completing the cook’s assistant quest is helpful for all players, as it opens up access to a new range - Lumbridge, where is close to a bank.
Players can trade meat with other players or set up a stall to sell meat.
Cabbage is not a good food source of energy but a good source for making money.



Runecraft is a skill that allows players to craft their own runes for Magic spells.
The experience earned from crafting runes is small. However, the constant profit from different types of runes, and it can make the generous profit.
Runecrafting is a wonderful way to make money starting from level 44. The fastest experience rate is approximately 74,000 EXP an hour by Runecrafting lava runes, which results in a loss of gold. This is better in the long term, however short term returns can be gained by crafting Law runes, Nature runes, Deatch runes or Blood runes through the Abyss, as well as Astral runes on the Lunar Isle. Law and Nature runes are the most profitable runes to make money.
When you craft Astral runes, you have a chance to gain 1.8 million Rs3 gold per hour!

More details you can click this link:

How to Choose Professions in Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is more and more popular and attracts many players. Maybe some players want to know how to choose professions in guild wars 2. This article will share you some information of each profession.

Professions can be broken down into three categories in GW2: Soldiers, Adventurers, and Scholars. Each category wears one specific type of armor, which has an overarching play style. We will introduce each profession according to categories.


Soldier Professions - Heavy Armor

Professions: Warrior, Guardian, and Revenant

If you want to stand toe-to-toe with enemies, soldier professions will be perfect for you. Soldiers are in the thick of battle and they work hard to avoid damage, support allies, and deal the pain.

  • Warrior
The warrior is an easy profession to begin with and is also very popular in dungeons and other forms of PvE. The warrior can utilize most weapons in gw2. A warrior wears heavy armor and uses an adrenaline mechanic to deal burst damage. Compared with guardians, warriors focus on large infrequent giant hits of damage instead of a constant stream of damage. The warrior can control, support, and damage. For PvP you can choose warriors, if you enjoy a simple and high damage play style. Warriors are also good options for a team support play style.

  • Guardian
Guardians focus on control and survivability while you aid your allies. The guardian is the mixture of classic healer and fighter. And the guardian can burn foes, get regeneration and block attacks using its virtues. Guardians are masters of support, and they have many tools at their disposal to deal heavy damage. The guardian has superior support skill and it is popular in any team. Therefore if you want to play a support role, the guardian will be a great choice.


Whole information about this article please check:https://www.mmogah.com/news/guild-wars-2/how-to-choose-professions-in-guild-wars-2

How to Buy Safe PoE Exalted Orbs/Currency/Items at MmoGah

As one of the most popular MMORPG Games currently, although Path of Exile is not a new published game and it was released in 2013, more than 2 million players pay attention to this game till this year (2017) and this number is still rising now. With the increasing players, a large number of poe exalted orbs/currency/items are in urgent needed by most players. Well, some players want to farm what they need by themselves and don’t want to buy poe exalted orbs/currency/items. However buying poe exalted orbs/currency/items from a professional and trustworthy website will save you a lot of time and you can make use of time to do other quests or tasks. If you decide to buy poe exalted orbs/currency/items, there will be a tough problem ahead of you for choosing a reliable website among all the providers in the gaming market. How to choose a safe and professional poe exalted orbs/currency/items seller without getting banned? Please follow with Mmogah to find this answer below.

Don’t tell your account password to any PoE seller at will.
Keep in mind that never give your PoE account information to anyone. You may know that we never need such information, we just need to know your name in game. In order to deliver you fast you had better leave us your real name, phone number and payment email, so we can contact you as soon as you place the order.


More information please check:https://www.mmogah.com/news/poe/how-to-buy-safe-poe-exalted-orbs-currency-items-at-mmogah