How does Talent System Work in World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft Talents are special abilities that can be chosen to augment your character. Talents are class-specific, and a majority of choices depend on specialization. Talents offer a further level of customization beyond class and specialization selection, and can be changed very easily and cheaply. Talents are limited by levels, with a new tier available each 15 levels for all classes except death knights and demon hunters. Talents may be passive bonuses or active abilities. Each class has its own selection, with 21 talents split over 7 tiers.

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Some Talents are available, and the rest are greyed out. This is because you first need to assign points to the first tier of talents before proceeding to the next tier of talents. In Tier 1 you can place Talent Points as soon as you reach level 10, in order to unlock Tier 2 requires 5 points in that tree, and each subsequent tier requires an extra 5 points in the tree before being able to put points in the next tier of talents. The 7th tier has only 1 talent and is usually considered an "Ultimate" talent for that tree and is almost very useful.

Talent trees: This is from classic WoW. You start talents which are also prerequisites for later talents deeper into tree and so on. There are many different paths to take in the tree for uniqueness.

Talent rows: This is from current WoW. Every so often as you hit level milestones (level 15, 30, 45, etc), you are given access to a new row of talents to choose from. A talent row has a certain number of talents in it, but you can only choose one of them.


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Beginners’ Guide of Guild Wars 2

Many Guild Wars 2 players are probably raiding, running fractals, gathering mastery points to get above that level 80 cap, or farming gw2 gold in the enjoyable Heart of Thorns maps. But what about the new starting players? Many of them may have made their characters and finished the tutorial, but they still do not know how to start. Here MmoGah will share you the beginners' guide of GW2, which will make you start off in the best possible position.


Gathering the Essentials

As soon as you finish the tutorial and gather some guild wars 2 gold, go and find the nearest merchant to buy bags. You're going to need lots of bag space, because your inventory can fill up quickly. Besides, you can get some gathering tools, and a salvaging kit. Gathering tools will help you gather resources around the map, and a salvaging kit will help you break down unneeded equipment into crafting components. So why would you want to fill your inventory up with crafting components? Because they can be deposited into your bank and free up space in your inventory by clicking the gear wheel. Those are pretty much the first few things you want to do, and you will continue to do them throughout the game as you continue to play.

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Personal Story

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Iceborn of Revelation Online's Second Update is now live

Fight alongside your friends and guildmates in our second major update, “Iceborn” of Revelation Online is now live! Heroes old and new are ready themselves for the battles that are about to start. Will you take up arms and join up with the majestic Wingar or side with the ferocious Ursids - The time to choose is here, as Iceborn is now live!
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We hope you’ve prepared for the great battles which await you at the Guild Tournament, Inner Demons Trial and Snowpine Peak, three major features for players who like to indulge in fighting their foes and claiming glory for their guild!
Store Update - New Costumes and Accessories!
The in-game store has been updated with discounts and new outfits! Whether you want to attend the royal court with the Courtier’s Raiment or stand beside royalty themselves with the Vorion Raiment, you can with the latest fashion which hits the stores of Nuanor!


                    Courtier’s Raiment paired with the Courtier’s Headdress


                      Vorion Raiment paired with the Aristocrat Fan
 What to Expect
Here’s a quick reminder of what awaits you with the Iceborn Update:

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Crafting Guide in Guild Wars 2

Crafting in Guild Wars 2 tends to be a fun experience, which provides useful guild wars 2 items for your characters. Each of your characters can be working with two crafting disciplines at any time. Here MmoGah would like to share Guild Wars 2 crafting guide with GW2 fans.


Preparation for Crafting

Crafting is not difficult, but it will require you to do a few things. You will need a lot of space for all the components you make. You will probably want to get some big bags to improve your inventory as soon as possible if you are serious about crafting. And the ability to level your crafting is not tied to your characters level.

You can gain experience as long as you keep making things. It is possible to level up from crafting alone! Moreover, you will need a large supply of raw materials. These can be found in the world when loot drops or from harvesting nodes. You can also salvage unwanted gw2 items and turn them back into raw materials. You can try buying resources on the Trading Post, but it is the most costly method. If you are part of a guild, many times resources will be shared among guild members, and this can be really helpful in leveling up your crafting.

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More Than One Active Craft

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FIFA 18 Will Be Available for Pre-order on June 6th

FIFA 18 is likely to be one of the biggest-selling games in 2017, with EA Sports’ franchise always likely to top the charts when it arrives.

FIFA 18 is all set to break sports console gaming records later this year, and the fans of FIFA 18 are eagerly awaiting its date of release. Every year, EA Sports releases the full version of FIFA at the end of September.

When will FIFA 18 be released?
FIFA 18 is almost certain to be released at the end of September.
EA Access members get to play new EA games before they’re released, so you’ll be able to get your hands on FIFA 18 even quicker.


When will pre-orders start?

Last year, EA Sports started accepting pre-orders for FIFA 17 on June 6th, and we’d expect a similar date this year.

FIFA 18 will be available for pre-order on Tuesday, June 6. EA Access members will get to play the game earlier, and they can pre-order fifa coins, while non-members will get their hands on the game by the end of September.

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SWTOR: What Are Your Favorite Operation and Boss?

What’s your favorite operation? What is your favorite boss? Different player give different answers, and now Mmogah will list some representative answers in the following parts.


“Best Operation: Dread Fortress! I love how it looks and I like the theme: You have a group of Sith Lords ready to wipe out the galaxy, before taking them you have dismantle their “horror factory” where they are training / creating their weapons and at the end you have the Dread Master in charge of the horrific set up! I dunno it really feels like the cartoons/comic books I watch as a kid, where the heroes have assault the bad guy and he is on the top of his castle, so they start at the dungeons and they clear their way till they reach him at the top, killing one henchman/monster after another, which one more dangerous and stronger than the last!

Favorite Encounter: SOA! I really like this encounter and I like how the EV OP really builds him up, till we reach him! He was never super hard not even on Nightmare mode but fight is cool, destructing the scenario around him and such! He was the 1st end boss of the game so there is also a bit of nostalgia here. I never have done Revan besides SM, and I heard the encounter in HM is really challenging and cool so I might change my opinion eventually!”-Drevs

“Favorite Operation: The Dread Palace
Four boss fights that are big bad villains you’ve been hearing about or chasing since your first time doing Karragga's Palace. Two of the six are already down, and all the drama of having them toy with you and compete among themselves to see which of them can defeat you is front and center. Every fight is unique and almost every one introduced something new to SWTOR operations that we’d never seen or done before.

Then, when all six have been defeated, the finale ramps up the challenge level by making you face all six at once-and each one brings some ability to the table that hearkens back to when you fought them individually (Styrak’s dragon, Bestia’s rotating lightning, Raptus’ spin-and-chase, etc.)

Favorite Encounter: Dread Master Calphayus
I love this fight for 2 reasons:
As a straight-out fight, this one does something that we’d never seen in an OP before: splitting up the group into two “flashpoint” groups, each into their own separate instances. Not only does this mean that good communication between the groups is required for success, but also each group has to pull their own weight in each of the instances. There will be no carrying of healers and tanks at all through Calphayus’ fight.

As a narrative, I’m a sucker for time-travel, and this one uses it in a very smart way...leading to an extremely subtle, but inescapable conclusion: Calphayus isn’t actually trying to beat you.

In the first Visions of the Past and Future phase, the boss is trying to get the Future group by sending them to a place where the dark growth exists, then simultaneously trying to prevent it from ever being planted-changing the future by altering the past.

When that strategy fails, in the next Visions phase he tries the opposite by using crystals to over-charge his power, forcing you to be the ones to change the future by altering the past, denying him access to that crystal.”-THE_Dianiss

“Favorite Operation: Scum and Villainy. It’s hard to describe why it’s so good. I think they really just nailed the whole “infiltrate the base of a bunch of Cartel warlords” thing. Each boss is unique and, for the most part, different than any other Ops boss that we have in SWTOR. I also just love the setting. Everything seems to come together as a beautifully developed operation as a whole.

Favorite Boss: I'm going to go a different direction and say the final boss, Mentor, of the Directive 7 Flashpoint. To me, this is the most immersive boss in the game. The computer has taken over the AI on the entire island and is going rogue, and that’s exactly what it feels like when you’re fighting it. Having to fight off random automated turrets that pop up, destroying power cores, avoiding builder claws and ray beams, and fighting off huge robots that the AI is in control of. It feels like you’re battling a robot overlord who is trying to take over the world. I tend to PUG flashpoint groups, and this boss and all of its organized chaos is fun no matter how many times I do it. Ironically, I don’t really care for the rest of the flashpoint.”-guraqt2t

“Favorite OP might be KP. I had so much fun learning the mechanics with my guild and figuring out what a tank was supposed to do. I just got so engaged into the story and we ran it dozens of times. Clearing it on Hard and NiM made me so happy.

I think my favorite boss might be The Terror From Beyond. It is so visually impressive and the jumping around from the spit puddles. I know it isn’t the most challenging of bosses but I love the stages. You start fighting the tentacles with the DPS check and then through the portal to battle the boss in the rift thing. It was great.”-CatManDontDo

“My favorite operation is Terror from Beyond: I love all things Gree, it’s visually striking, it was the very first one I did and none of its fights have annoying things just for melee dps.

My favorite boss however is Brontes, the mechanics are really fun and engaging throughout and Brontes herself has a great voice and personality (main problem with Tyth: he’s annoying as hell “I.AM.RAGE!!!!!” ugh, shut up! Thank the force for the separate audio toggle for voices or progression would have been unbearable). Plus she has the best ride in the game, clearly a woman of good taste!”-lovemycaptain

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What PoE Items Do You Want to Drop

What kind of poe items do you want? For new players, one of the most confusing things is currency system in Path of Exile. The whole economy and currency system are completely unique. While almost every game has one standardized currency (typically gold), however, Path of Exile uses numerous different poe items as basis of trading.

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Drop Rate
There are two modifiers that affect drop rate in the game, they are increased item rarity and increased item quantity separately. There are two potential sources of these modifiers:
Player (skills, passives, gear etc.)
Monsters (such as bosses and champions)

Increased Item Rarity
Increased Item Rarity % modifiers increase chances of an item that is magic, rare, or unique. For example with a total of +100% increased item rarity, you can get twice as many magic items, twice as many rarities and twice as many unique things from normal enemies.

This modifier has no effect on number or type of poe currency, items, scrolls, or gems that drop since they have no rarity like normal, magic, rare or unique.

Increased Item Quantity
This modifier increases the average number of items that drop from monsters. It does not affect type, quality, or rarity of item dropped, only chance will drop. There is no cap on the usefulness of this modifier, as monsters can drop more than one poe item at a time. The base chance of an item to drop from a normal monster is 16%. These varies between monster types, and special monsters have higher drop chances.

When in a party, each player gives equivalent of item quantity modifier on drops. The party bonus as well as any bonus monster gives is additive with each other and multiply with the quantity bonus of the player who gets killing.


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Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Adventure Guide

The mysterious island of Vvardenfell reaches out to you, adventurer. For the first time in The Elder Scrolls Online, you can explore the beautiful-but-dangerous home of the Dark Elves. Prepare yourself for your perilous journey with our Morrowind Adventure Guide.
The island of Vvardenfell is huge, and there are countless points of interest for you to investigate and explore. As you travel, don't forget that you don't have to travel by foot or mount alone – many regions have tall silt striders that will take you to nearby settlements, and always keep an eye out for a Wayshrine to unlock.
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To help you on your journeys, here's some inside information on just some of the island's iconic and mysterious locations.


1.       Seyda Neen
2.       Vivec City
3.       Balmora
4.       Zainsipilu
5.       Ald'ruhn
6.       Ald Carac
7.       Sadrith Mora
8.       Tel Fyr / Halls of Fabrication

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Where Is The Best Place to Buy Safe SWTOR Gold

As a SWTOR fan, you should know that weapons, armors all the shiny and new things need you to have swtor gold in stock. However, how to fast save enough gold makes folks headache. As a professional swtor gold selling website, Mmogah wants to say that there are two methods for you: farm it by yourselves, or buy it directly from a professional gold selling website. For elite players or those who have enough time, they often choose to grind gold by themselves, while most folks who have no time or have difficulty in farming gold in person, they will choose a reliable website, like Mmogah to buy gold directly. What kind of website is reliable and professional?


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2. Many years’ SWTOR Gold selling experience
When it comes to a professional website, the first condition is whether it has many years’ experience in the swtor gold selling circle. The more experience you have, the more professional you could be.
3. High quality service
During the transaction, service is what customers really care about. High quality, fast and safe gold delivery service is what customers care about all the time. Such perfect service is definitely worth being trusted.

4. No spam, no bot
There are often spam and bots in the game forums or even in the games, which can directly attract gamers to place an order in their websites at cheap price without any guarantee. This deed is never used by normal websites, so guys you have to pay attention to this and protect you from being cheated.

5. Reasonable Price
Mmogah suggests that you should search more websites to compare the price before you place your orders. The cheaper price you meet, the more attention you should pay. Normal websites change their gold price according to the game industry each day, and they have their own costs for operation, so the price is not the cheapest but the most reasonable price.

6. Customers’ positive reviews
Customers totally have the right to comment a website, the more normal website is, the more positive reviews gain. Certainly, some gamers may question the reality of those reviews, and we can totally understand them, so we want to explain that some large scale websites like Trustpilot, Resellerratings… do not allow to make fake comments, so the customers of normal website will just leave reviews on these large scale websites in person.

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RuneFest 2017 Will Be Held on September 23rd in London

The greatest RuneScape annual gathering is coming this September! RuneFest 2017 will be held on September 23rd at Battersea Evolution in London, UK.

Save the date now and immerse yourself in everything that’s coming over the next year. You can make enough rs gold in advance and be part of the world's greatest RuneScape fan gathering.

As one of the best runescape gold sellers, MmoGah would like to share some important information with RS fans.


What is the RuneFest?
RuneFest is the name of the annual convention, and Jagex runs real-world event for RuneScape players. The first annual convention is RuneFest 2010. It was held on 28 August 2010 in London, United Kingdom.

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World of Warcraft: How to Make Raid in Legion

Raiding is one of the best and most interesting features in World of Warcraft. It's an end game PvE activity that requires players to take down bosses. There are three difficulty settings of the legion raid in World of Warcraft: normal, heroic and mythic. The last one has fixed party size requirement of 20 members while the first two allow groups of 10-25 players. Normal and heroic also have difficulty scaling.

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Social casual guilds are the best places to start raiding. It's not difficult to raid in two ways: with a guild or with a pug group. New players are advised to look for a guild and start their raid experience in an organized and friendly environment. Game chats and server forums are the best two places to look for a guild. Casual guilds can launch raid no more than two or three days a week. There are also guilds with just one weekly raid event. Players should consider how many days a week they are willing to commit to raid before joining.

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Guild Wars 2: World versus World Tips for Beginners

World versus World (WvW) is a PvP game mode where Guild Wars 2 players from three different servers or worlds battle in the Mists. WvW features open-world combat on five large maps, with up to several hundreds of players per map. Players can besiege objectives such as Keeps and Towers with siege weapons, and battle over resources, to win rewards for their world and World Experience for themselves. Here MmoGah as a professional gw2 gold site will share World versus World tips for beginners.


WvW is designed to accommodate players that would not normally participate in PvP. For instance, the high player limit means that a new player can get involved without immediately feeling pressured to contribute. In addition, objectives are available for a variety of group sizes, so players don't need to be members of dedicated guilds in order to be productive. There are also PvE objectives in the world such as hero challenges, events and jumping puzzles.

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GW2 players may leave or join WvW at any time with only a few restrictions:
  • Players who attempt to join a map that is full can queue for a space while joining one of the other maps in the meantime.

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Revelation Online's New Update of Iceborn Is Launching on May 23rd

A bitter faction war is one of many challenges heading your way in the upcoming Iceborn update of Revelation Online. Prepare yourself for war, hero. All manner of battles and challenges will be heading your way in the upcoming "Iceborn" update on May 23rd – one of which requires you to partake in a region-wide faction war, putting aside your differences and choosing one of two sides to fight for.


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Deep within the blustery land of Snowpine Reach, a bitter rivalry between the Wingar and the Ursids threatens to spill across the zone, putting all manner of innocent people at risk of death or injury if the situation isn’t placated. It is now up to heroes like you end the stalemate by assisting one of these two rivals in decimating their enemies. While having either race free to intimidate the Snowpine Peak region as a whole may not be optimal, it is preferable to having both factions battling across the land and leaving devastation in their wake.

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Guide to Dungeoneering Skill in Runescape

Dungeoneering is a skill which involves raiding the vast dungeons of Daemonheim by solving puzzles, unlocking doors, fighting monsters and Bosses. It is open to both non-members and members.

Unlike other RuneScape skills, Dungeoneering takes place underneath an old castle named - Daemonheim, which contains a dungeon of 60 floors with six different themes: Frozen, Abandoned I, Furnished, Abandoned II, Occult and Warped. If you obtain armors and weapons in Daemonheim, you can’t take them out of the dungeons, but you can accumulate tokens to spend, which enhances skills and combat level outside the dungeons. It offers zero risk to your ordinary game items, which cannot be taken inside. Also, you can keep your Dungeoneering items if you die within Daemonheim. Here MmoGah as a professional rs gold site would like to share Dungeoneering skill with you.

More details you can click this link: https://www.mmogah.com/news/rs/guide-to-dungeoneering-skill-in-runescape.


How to Level Up Fast in Path of Exile

There are many different features that make Path of Exile unique to other action MMORPGS. The biggest differences are poe items and poe currency. Most games in this genre allow players to use gold to trade and purchase items from other players and vendors. In Path of Exile, players find that currencies are used to modify and reroll stats, sockets and rarity of poe items. Understanding how all of these poe currencies work will help you a lot. You will use these currencies to modify your gear to help you keep your stats on par with difficulty and level of enemies you encounter. Read up on different currencies and understand how each of them works and what trade value is, so that you can use them efficiently.

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From level 1-30, you only need to kill blue packs and massive packs, you had better skip all side quests except quicksilver flask and don’t forget to continue running. When your quicksilver is on cooldown, run as quick as you can.

From level 30-60, you had better transit into a useful build and be more careful with your judgement to kill mobs. If your build is strong at this point, feel free to kill any decent packs of 1-2 shots, if not just keep running and farm XP. Whenever you feel low in power, go back and pick up passive points. You always try to stay a couple levels. If you need to grind XP, do it in the highest possible in one of the following zones: ledge, riverways, city of sarn, docks, dried lake.

From level 60-75, you can farm in dried lake, except a new league where you can be stuck if you don't immediately start building a map pool.


More information please check:https://www.mmogah.com/news/poe/how-to-level-up-fast-in-path-of-exile


The New Update of Guild Wars 2 in May 2017

Good News! The new update of Guild Wars 2 has come, which is an exciting event for Guild Wars 2 players. Here MmoGah will give you a summary of this new update.


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Check out everything you need to know about this new update below.

Living World
  • Moved the Koda's Blessing achievement from the A Crack in the Ice achievement category into the Rare Collections category.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the bonus from Superior Sigils of Bounty to be removed when weapon swapping.
  • Resurrecting at a checkpoint after the end of the final cinematic in the “Heart of the Volcano” instance will no longer revive players in midair.

Whole information about this article please check:https://www.mmogah.com/news/guild-wars-2/the-new-update-of-guild-wars-2-in-may-2017


SWTOR: Four Varieties of Guns

There are four varieties of guns in SWTOR, like the heavy blaster cannon, the blaster rifle, the blaster pistol and the sniper rifle. Which one do you like best?

The heavy blaster cannon is a two handed weapon fired from the hips, similar to an RL mini gun. These come in a wide variety of shapes. Some have focusing dishes, some look more real world, etc. Only the Republic Commando can use these guns.


The blaster rifle has a reasonably low number of overall shapes, but a huge number of total models. These are very star-war weapons. These are used by the Republic Vanguard and the Imperial Operative.


The blaster pistol has a good variety of choice, but almost all are smallish and reasonably realistic. The blaster pistol is the weapon of the Republic Scoundrel, Republic Gunslinger, Imperial Mercenary, and Imperial Powertech. This makes them pretty well populated, and there’s usually a market for them, because four of the classes use them, which is a rather large number.


The sniper rifle seems to have a pretty similar shape from gun to gun, with most of the variety being in the model. These are large and very visible weapons. They are used by the Imperial Sniper.


In terms of all abilities, damage, etc., The Republic Scoundrel is the same class as the Imperial Operative. Also, the Republic Vanguard is the same class as the Imperial Powertech. These are MELEE classes. You will always have your gun with you, but you will fire it very rarely, and sometimes hit people with it. You really will not fire it much.

The Republic Gunslinger is the same class as the Imperial Sniper. This is a ranged class, and a large number of your animations will use your ranged weaponry. The Gunslinger dual wields pistols, the Sniper has a single sniper rifle.

The Republic Commando is the same as the Imperial Mercenary. This is a ranged class, and you will use your weaponry for some of your attacks, but not all of them. The Mercenary has a lot of attacks that originate from his bounty hunter suit instead of his weapon. The Mercenary dual wields pistols, the Command uses the heavy blaster cannon.

There is pretty huge variety with the guns, and you can choose the color of blaster shots (and sometimes laser sights, focus lasers, and other doodads) with color crystals. But if you are choosing anything based on weapon aesthetics, you should pay a bit of attention to the attack animations of the classes in question- if you are a big blaster lover and roll Scoundrel, you'll use your gun to shoot very rarely as you level up.

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Revelation Online: Localized French and German Version Due in this Autumn

Ever since Revelation Online opened its beta doors, heroes from around the globe dove right into the world of Nuanor despite it being English only during its early stages of development.


We’re happy to be informed that, while the endeavor has taken longer than expected, work has been continuing full force on the French & German localization – so much so that NetEase and My.com are announcing that they aim to have Revelation Online launched in both these languages by Third Quarter 2017! As the progress continues the Revelation Online team will update everyone with more precise dates and information.
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Where are we now?
At the moment of publishing this article, QA & Localization teams have already begun testing FR & DE clients via closed servers, giving them a polish and focussing on all the finishing touches required for a quality experience.
The team would also like to give you a small insight of what localization is and how it works. While translating the in-game text is a large localization effort, the project affects many areas of the game that all need to align, this can include: altering art assets, expanding the UI, programing, among other things.

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SWTOR: What to Do at Level 70

Leveling up in SWTOR is an amazingly fun experience. Once you reach max level in SWTOR, that’s when the game really begins. Often people ask ‘What do I do at max level in SWTOR?’ once they hit that magic level 70. There’s plenty to do, and Mmogah will show you what it found from some professional webs.


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GW2 Flashpoint Guide: How to Get the Legendary Armor

Ever since the release of Heart of Thorns, Guild Wars 2 players have been speculating about legendary armor. On May 2, with the launch of Living Story Season 3 Episode 5 Flashpoint, the long-held dream has finally become reality: legendary armor exists.

The process to get legendary armor in GW2 may seem daunting at first. For those who shy away from the PvE aspect of the game, it may be disappointing that legendary armor can only be obtained by participating in raids. However, the process is not as bad as it may seem. MmoGah will share this guide which is written by an elite gamer – Paige McGovern to help you.
Now, let's break it down.


How to Get the New Legendary Armor
To get the legendary envoy armor, you'll have to complete the following steps:
  • Obtain The Lost Art of Armor Crafting from any boss in the Forsaken Thicket raid.
  • Complete the collection to obtain the first tier of precursor armor: Experimental Envoy Armor.

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How to Choose a Reliable Runescape Gold Seller with Never Scam

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The Elder Scrolls Online Update 14 Early Access Is Launching on May 22

It's almost time to return to Morrowind in The Elder Scrolls Online, and today we have some exciting news for existing PC and Mac ESO players.
The launch of The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind is just a few weeks away, and today, we're happy to announce that PC and Mac players who purchase the Digital Upgrade version of ESO: Morrowind will have the option to begin their adventures in Vvardenfell a little early on Monday, May 22! This means you'll be able to play the full game on the live megaservers beginning on May 22 and will retain all progression when the game officially launches in June. In addition, all PC and Mac players will be able to download Update 14 containing the fixes and improvements to the base game patch and DLC game packs on May 22 as well.


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Early Access is automatically available for players who purchase the Digital Upgrade or Digital Collector's Edition Upgrade versions of ESO: Morrowind for PC/Mac any time prior to launch. If you purchased the Physical Collector's Edition for PC, read on to see how you can join the Early Access event.

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SWTOR: Introduction to 5.0 Gunnery Commando

Gunnery is the 2nd Discipline of 3 available for the Republic Commando. It focuses on dealing direct damage without relying on DoTs much. Most of the hard hitting abilities are channeled, which fits perfectly into the role of the class – stay away from danger, pick a clean and safe spot and don’t move like crazy all the time (which is typical for MDPS, by default). Here is a detailed introduction to 5.0 Gunnery Commando written by Damian, and Mmogah will list them in the following parts.


GW2 Guide: How to Get the Flames of War Legendary Weapon

On May 2, Guild Wars 2 released its latest Living Story Season 3 episode, "Flashpoint". With this release, exciting new legendary armor and a new legendary weapon (a second-generation torch - the Flames of War) have come.

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Some guild wars 2 players are having a bit of trouble getting their hands on the recipe for this legendary and crafting it to add to their collection of awesome weapons. If that's the case for you, then we will share this guide which is written by an elite gamer - Paige McGovern to help you!

How to Craft the Flames of War

To learn how to craft this awesome torch in Guild Wars 2, you should first talk to Grandmaster Craftsman Hobbs in Lion's Arch. Then you'll want to start the crafting process. But where is it? There is no recipe listed for the Flames of War in your recipe menu.


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Path of Exile New Patch 3.0 Preview

The Fall of Oriath will bring six new acts and many new areas in Path of Exile. Except for these significant changes, Path of Exile also makes smaller improvements to existing environments. They've created a sneak preview video of some of these environmental updates. Please see it below.

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Path of Exile has been one of the most well received action RPGs in recent times, and now Grinding Gear Games is working on next expansion titled Fall of Oriath. The first thing is that blowing many people's minds about Path of Exile 3.0 is acts. We all know there will be a new act or even a couple of new acts. But 3.0 update has an astonishing 10 new acts.

The largest content update is Fall of Oriath in Path of Exile, and it will mark flourishing future for Patch 3.0 in the game. The focus of this expansion is to strengthen main campaign, such as adding 10 new acts to base game that leveling experience can be changed. Instead of repeating the same content on higher difficulties, the main goal of this is to add variety to game and they will add acts 6 through 10. These new acts are Grinding Gear Games that consider to be the second part in story.

Metagame needs new updates. The time of 3.0 will be applicable to new challenge league. We have to get through 2.6 update and there is a new league happening which will not have any of new upcoming changes.

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How to Buy Cheap and Safe Revelation Online Coins?

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FIFA 17 Team of the Season (TOTS) Is Coming on May 12th

FIFA 17 Team of the Season (TOTS) is coming on May 12th, and all FIFA fans are excited about those shiny blue cards. The release of TOTS will have a huge impact on player prices.
"How should I prepare for TOTS?
Should I sell my team and players to save all coins for the TOTS?"
Smart trading tricks and investment can save and earn FIFA 17 coins in transfer market!


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“FIFA 17 Team of the Season (TOTS) is a celebration of the very best players from this football campaign, across Europe and the rest of the world.

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SWTOR: Roadmap Timing Update and Game Update 5.2.2

Yesterday SWTOR Producer Keith explained why it took longer to provide an update on his first Producer Roadmap and introduced an update on Game Update 5.2.2 coming Mid June at the same time. Mmogah will show you the detailed contents:


Top and Successful MMORPGS in 2017 - What Do You Think

Many of players have been thinking which MMORPG is the best in 2017. It is really a great year for massively multiplayer online games. Now lots of new games come out, but which one is the most popular and fun? Take a look at list of the most highly recommended MMORPGs below.


World of Warcraft
As a whole no other MMORPGs have such a greater impact on genre and entirety of video games like World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft continues to set standard of excellence for entire genre. While some MMOs might do certain things better, none of them manage to tie it all together quite like Warcraft.

World of Warcraft continues to be one of top MMOs. I don’t know whether you like playing dungeons, raiding, player-versus-player battles, or just exploring a wonderful charming world. If classic MMO gaming is your thing, then WoW is your first choice. It has lots of classes to choose from, tons of quests, beautiful maps, an interesting story, dungeons, raids, and a dedicated player with full of knowledgeable veterans.

While fans complain about its most recent expansion rightfully. The design of its endgame content is superb, featuring bosses and dungeons always prove why Blizzard is king of what it does. The path to its throne is littered with bones of usurpers, but World of Warcraft's unparalleled zeal for bringing world of Azeroth to life is a force to be reckoned with.

Last year, World of Warcraft lost more than 40% of its subscribers, however, they still remain a force to be reckoned with. Currently, WoW has about 5.5 million players each month. WoW still has millions of daily players because the game is addicting.

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The ESO: Morrowind - The Halls of Fabrication

Get your best people together. On June 6, The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind arrives with a brand new Trial, the Halls of Fabrication. Interested in learning more about this challenging 12-player group activity? Enjoy this preview of ESO: Morrowind's exciting new PvE content!


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Ancient and deadly clockwork automata are spilling forth from a mysterious magicka conduit, and you and your companions must enter the rift, discover the Clockwork City's Halls of Fabrication, and shut down the Assembly General.
In the Halls of Fabrication, you and your team will uncover the secrets of Sotha Sil's experiments and put an end to the Fabricant threat. You will not be alone, however, as you will be assisted by the mysterious and powerful Dunmer sorcerer Divayth Fyr himself!
If you played through The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, you'll recognize the classic Elder Scrolls character. As Divayth guides you throughout the halls of Sotha Sil's complex, he will offer (mostly) helpful advice for dealing with the Fabricant threat. Pay close attention to the Telvanni sorcerer, as he could provide clues regarding some of the Trial's more challenging mechanics!

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Why Do So Many Players Prefer to Buy GW2 Gold from MmoGah

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Overwatch Anniversary Event Is Coming on May 24th

From the newest video and latest PTR (Public Test Region) patch, a huge update is coming and it’s going to be part of the big Overwatch anniversary event.
The first anniversary of Overwatch is coming on May 24th, and it seems like that Blizzard would celebrate that milestone with something in the game.

Here MmoGah as one of the best overwatch boosters would like to share this good news with overwatch fans.

A new Overwatch Aniversary Event leak has arrived, apparently confirming the next hero being added to the roster.

Doomfist is the obvious one, and other reports suggest that Doomfist will be followed by two new heroes named Bria and Ivon.

“Oh man. They say he could level a skyscraper”.
The moniker of "Doomfist" has been carried by at least three individuals, referred to as "the Savior," "the Scourge," and "the Successor" respectively.

More details you can click this link: https://www.mmogah.com/news/overwatch/overwatch-anniversary-event-is-coming-on-may-24th.