New Level 60, Story, Romance, Chapter 1 in Knights of the Fallen Empire

Knights of the Fallen Empire will hit this October, what an exciting news! Players will have the opportunity to get an instant level 60 character. Here is what you need to know (introduced by MmoGah ).
New Level 60
Your character will be certainly equipped with powerful gear to deal with chapter one.
You won’t start with money right now, because the developers want to avoid scammers grabbing more credits/gold and unbalancing the whole system (However, you should know that SWTOR Credits/SWTOR Gold is as important as WoW Gold, so you had better to prepare enough SWTOR Credits/SWTOR Gold for the new update in advance).
As it’s been confirmed, players won’t be able to choose past decisions for these new characters. But now we know that your class will determine the default choices for your character. If you play a Jedi, for example, it’s expected that your character dominantly chooses light side.
Those who grab new level 60 will also get another character slot. So don’t worry about deleting any of your previous characters who are safe.


Bioware’s focus is giving the players something that has been asked for quite some time-story. The developers feel like neglecting the story, and with end-game content, so they want to make relevant content no matter what happens down the line, all the way until the last chapter. They want to make something that hits the heart, something reminiscent of Knights of the Old Republic. For those who are trying out TOR for the first time or are looking to come back after waiting for a long time, this expansion is really for you. The expansion is way bigger than Shadows of Revan. Your character is central to the plot. As the Outlander, you’ll be fighting an “impossible” threat and your choices that you have made throughout the progression of your class story, as well as the previous expansions. As a result, you will see how your choices have affected your allies, your friends, and your loved ones.


I grasp a couple of new details about romance. One of the qualms that players have is the lack of communication or even reaction, when you’re in a pre-existing relationship or even have already married. In Knights of the Fallen Empire, there will be overlap with relationships, and while there necessarily won’t be a duel in the street.
The developers state that there is not enough time with the new characters to “get hitched”, however, the ultimate goal with the romance is to make a decision, to commit one way or another. That’s where things will go. Considering the possibility that you might kill a companion, so I advise you to make choices wisely.
Chapter 1
Now, there is a little bit of background on the episodes. Moreover, the episodic content is free for subscribers, as a reward for those who have stayed loyal to the game, and the game will reward greatly. There’s at least one hour of story content per chapter, per month. Some of the chapters are shorter than others, some noticeably longer. How long will you actually play each chapter, of course, depends on your own playing style, but there’s a lot of meat to fill you up.
Episode 1 is going to start technically as a tutorial, where the abilities are a bit restricted so new players can get familiar with the rotation, where more and more abilities will be added. It doesn’t feel like a tutorial, however, as Bioware calls its solution to the new player situation an “elegant approach to the UI” so that it simply offers accessibility, and doesn’t hinder the experience. New players will have a fun time easily catching up, while older players scoff and laugh, running smack right through to enjoy the story.
More news about new updates that I will introduce next time. If you still want to know more about SWTOR, you can keep your eye on our SWTOR News.

World of Warcraft Patch 7.0 Class Order Hall Highlight


World of Warcraft patch 7.0 Class Hall will help you explore your class character. The opened Champion which derives from WoD follower will improve the wower’s interaction. I have collected some information on what some of the class orders are and where their halls are.

1. Death Knight: Ebon Blade, Archus the Ebon Hall, confirmed that it has been moved to the Broken Isles.
2. Demon Hunter: Illidari, Vault of the Wardens.
3. Druid: Cenarion Circle, Grove of Cenarius, the grove near Suramar where Cenarius taught Malfurion the druidic arts.
4. Hunter: Band of the Arrow, a new organization formed by rangers, mountaineers and scouts members, includes the likes of Halduron Brightwing and Hemet Nesingwary. Beast Bane's Lodge, a formerly abandoned high elven lodges in the Eversong woods where trophies of the hunt and firing ranges are kept.
5. Mage: Kirin Tor, Grand Library, nestled deep in the Violet Citadel, the largest repository of arcane knowledge in Azeroth, is doubling as the meeting place for the campaign against the Legion.
6. Monk: Order of Empty Paw, the original order that taught the Pandaren to overthrow the Mogu Empire this ancient brotherhood, now accepts members from outside Pandaria.
7. Paladin: Knights of the Silver Hand, taking the name of the original order of Azarothian paladins, this new order consists of all those who wield the light against evil. Lost Sanctum, a hidden church beneath Light's Hope the Sanctum, is a site where the various types of paladins can learn from each other.
8. Priest: Path of Faith, the priesthood of many of Azaroth's faiths, has agreed to put aside dogma to fight the common foe. Temple of the New Moon, long hidden in Ashenvale Tyrande, has offered this site for priests to study light and the shadow it makes.
9. Rouge: Black Dagger Society, with the fall of the Ravenholdt after infiltration by the black dragonflight a group of spies, thieves and assassins formed a secret society sworn to the survival of the trade and has agreed that the Burning Legion is bad for business. Hall of the Dagger, hidden in Dalaran's underbelly the site, is chosen for discretion.
10. Shaman: The Earthen Ring, Maelstrom Cave, has become connected to the elemental places.
11. Warlock: Council of the Black Harvest, spreading their teaching to warlock sects throughout Azeroth, stands against the Legion in order to gain their power and not be enslaved by it.
12. Warrior: Brotherhood of Blood, originally a Orcish order of the fiercest and most honorable warriors faced with the onslaught of the Legion the noble warriors of the Horde had opened the doors to the Alliance races to create an army like no other. House of Thorim, a hidden Vrykul fortress the brotherhood, has taken it as their own and is learning even more of the ways of war from ancient scrolls.
The above patch 7.0 changes are all challenge for wowers. However, it is more interesting at the same time.

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The 7 most Popular Classes in ArcheAge


With the 120 ArcheAge classes and numerous amount of ArcheAge information, players may confuse and get lost in choosing their classes, especially for the subscribers who are new to ArcheAge. Therefore we summarize some of the most popular classes for players to use as reference on class choosing.

Abolisher: Role as a Tank
Abolisher is a good tank who can release some decent damage against the classes of Archer and Melee. Moreover, this class also offers more mobility as well.

Blighter: Role as a Melee
It is a melee class with high survivability against Warrior and Archer. For example, if there is a healer as a partner for a Blighter, these two classes even can vs 5 classes and get success. (Suppose the 5 classes are not all mages). But if a Blighter is attacked by a mage, there will be a very low survival chance for the Blighter.

Darkrunner: Role as a Shadowblade
Darkrunner is actually a Shadowblade, geared toward more survivability, and fast strikes rather than long combos. Darkrunner is also a class with high damage.

Paladin: True Paladin
Paladin has very high level of survivability against most of the 120 classes in ArcheAge, and it can also support the party with heals or by taunting dangerous enemies.

Stone Arrow: Role as a Tank Archer
Stone Arrow is good at countering other Archers and leather wearing Melee as well. But Stone Arrow also seems a little weak to most of mages, so players have to try to avoid the confrontation to them in the war in ArcheAge.

Skullknight: Role as a Tank
Skullnight is probably one of the most outstanding tanks in the game of ArcheAge. It is good at both PvE and PvP. Taunting enemies, and disrupting them with Occultism skills.

Hierophant: One of the solo kings
Hierophant is not only good at solo fight, but also a good asset in group fights if it has the support of a party. For example, it can disable enemies’ abilities, heal allies, etc.

In a word, each class has its own varied and fascinating aspects, and players can make choices from them based on their interests and personality.

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FFXIV Heavensward Trail Strategy: Alexander- The Fist of the Father

Just like Bahamut in FFXIV Ver.2.0, Alexander is an important dungeon is Heavensward. Alexander: Gordias is the first section of Alexander, the main 8-player raid. It requires players with item level of 170 or higher to enter. It is a good place to upgrade your item level. Here Mmogah shares the strategy of the Floor 1- The Fist of the Father with you.

First of all, we must unlock Alexander: Gordias. It requires players to complete the level 60 quest Disarmed by talking to Slowfix in Idyllshire (x7, y6). Players are required to complete the Main Scenario Quest Heavensward (Quest) as well.
There are 4 floors in Alexander: Gordias. To unlock each floor after the first, it is necessary to continue the quest line and complete the previous floor. Each floor is listed separately similar to the turns in Coils of Bahamut.
Alexander - The Fist of the Father or A1 is the first floor of Alexander: Gordias. It requires the players to have an average item level (iLvl) of 170 or above to enter. The strategy of each phase is as following.
All DPS should focus Faust down and ignore the adds. The off tank should pick up all the adds as they spawn and keep them away from the raid as they cleave.
You should tank Oppressor in the south side of the room for a later mechanic. This fight is split into 2 phases.
l  Phase 1
Gunnery Pod: Unavoidable AoE, heal through.
Photon Spaser: Large Linear AoE, avoid.
Hydrothermal Missile: Puts Prey on a random party member and bombards them with several missiles, healers need to heal the player through this.
Resin Bomb: Places circular AoE underneath 4 party members.
Emergency Deployment: Spawns 2 Alarum adds on the side of the boss. Upon death, leaves a puddle of AoE that causes Minimise.
Tank the boss in the South side of the room and avoid any AoE as necessary. The player with Prey for Hydrothermal Missile should distance themselves from other players to avoid unnecessary damage to others. When the Alarum adds spawn, they will tether and follow the first player that hits them, this should be a DPS and not a tank. Kite them away from the boss and kill them both ASAP. They will damage the player and add stacks of Nanoparticles which gaining too many stacks will result in death. When an Alarum is killed, it will leave a small purple AoE that will mini anyone who stands in it.
Do as much damage as you can to the Oppressor during this phase to make the next phase easier.
l  Phase 2
This phase starts after 90 seconds (shortly after the first Emergency Deployment). An alarm will sound and a second boss "Oppressor 0.5" will spawn with the same HP as the original Oppressor. The offtank aggro the new Oppressor ASAP and keep it to the north side of the room, as the 2 bosses being close to each other will quickly gain stacks of Damage Up.
3000-Onze Missile: Not cast, 2 blue lasers will show up in the room and will shortly turn orange. A giant missile will come down dealing massive damage to the raid and debuffing. Kill Alarum under the lasers to reduce damage to the raid (the puddle will shrink the missile).
Quick Landing: Pulsing AoE damage, the further you are the less damage you take.
Self Destruct: Hard enrage or used when one Oppressor is dead, wipes the raid if fully casted.
All mechanics from the first phase are still in this phase, the biggest change is with the Alarum adds that spawn. 2 Oppressors, you will have 4 Alarum adds, you need to kill these adds underneath the orange beam for the nukes. Remember they tether onto the first player that damages them. Creating a purple puddle under the beam will make the missile mini and deal very little damage and will not cause the raid to be debuffed.
After every missile, the Oppressors will shortly jump into the air and 2 pulsing AoEs will show, this is Quick Landing, just get to the other side of the room to take less damage. Since they land next to each other, the tanks will then need to quickly pull them apart again.
Repeat this until the Oppressors are dead.
You need to kill the Oppressors at the same time, when one dies the other will cast Self Destruct which gives you about 10 seconds to kill it or you will wipe. You can get them both down to about 10% and either ranged LB them or kill one then melee LB the other. Notice both Oppressors may cast Self Destruct, this is a hard enrage.
Here is a video, you can see the phases more directly.

As rewards, you can obtain not only iLvl 190 equipment but also 20 Allagan Tomestone of Law and 2 Tokens.
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Best Ways to Farm Gold in Dungeon Fighter Online

In DFO, all the players want to level up fast, farm gold fast, but when you run dungeons, maybe you will come across a lot of confusions:
Which dungeons are dropping the best items?
Which places are best to farm gold?
How to farm gold fast?
What are the best ways to farm gold?

MmoGah is a professional gaming website, the workers are not only gold sellers but also real players. Here MmoGah shares dfo guide and strategy to you!
Farming gold in DFO means players spend cost, energy and time at a minimum but obtain maximal profit (leveling up, dfo gold), this is the real purpose of playing game.

Way NO.1
If you are low level, we advise you to grind the dungeons. Once you reach level 40, you can start doing special dungeons: Valley of Fallen Souls, OtherVerse, Mirror Arad and Ancients. Special dungeons are hard to run, but if you pass successfully, you will get amounts of EXP.


Way NO.2
If you want to choose a class easily to farm gold, you can choose Grappler.
The Grappler is a female fighter who takes advantage of leverage and weight. She is adept at grabbing and throwing enemies, controlling enemies and avoiding damage with her grabs.

Way NO.3
The great thing about the awakening quests is that the majority of the awakening materials can be gathered as you progress through the game. When you gather a lot of materials, you will level up fast.

Way NO.4
Pick up everything you see.
In dungeons, there will be a variety of items dropped after killing quite a few enemies. Maybe you believe that these items are useless and you won’t gain anything from them, but you are wrong.

Maybe you will need these items for epic/repeatable quests soon or later.
Some of these items may be useful in future.
When you reach the high level and confirm they are useless, you can sell them on the Auction Hall.

Way NO.5
Do not sell any materials in the beginning, keep them rather than sell them. If you want to be self-sufficient and never miss anything you might need in future, you should hoard everything!

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New Types of Data, Search Filters, Usability Improvements in SWTOR Date Update

There is a big SWTOR data update which mainly focuses on 3 things-what data is available, search, usability improvements. Here, MmoGah will introduce the 3 things in detail.


New Data:
There are 12 new types of data to SWTOR data in this update, they are respectively Ability, Mission, NPC, Codex, Decoration, Reputation, Stronghold, GSF Ship, Achievement, Collection, Legacy title, Player title.

All of the search sections have been overhauled with more filters, pictures, and more data. The menu options have also been updated to give you quick options to common searches making it quicker to find what you are looking for. Looking for this is still a work in progress and the official is working on adding filters. All of the objects appear in the same list next to each other.

Usability Improvements:
The official has made a ton of smaller changes to the site both under the hood and more visible. A couple notable changes are that tooltips have been added throughout the site making it quicker to find the information you are looking for. The buttons on the home page now go directly to the search results instead of a secondary splash page.

Except for the main 3 things on the top, there are Continuous Deployments in SWTOR data update.
Continuous Deployments:
SWTOR data is officially using Continuous Deployments. This basically means that instead of workers’ manually doing big releases like this, as workers make small code changes Continuous Deployments will automatically be deployed to the website.

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Not All FFXIV Gil Sellers Are Spammers

Do you have this experience? You are standing around, and you get a friend request from an obvious FFXIV Gil seller. In fact, almost all FFXIV players have experience like this including the accounts of Mmogah. Spam is boring, it makes players feel disturbed. So a lot of players revolted against all FFXIV Gil sellers. In their mind, gil sellers mean spammers. As the largest FFXIV Gil seller who sells FFXIV Gil and FFXIV Power Leveling for 5 years from FFXIV Ver.1.0, Mmogah could tell you that some of gil sellers are spammers, but not all. Honestly speaking, Mmogah never sends any spam to any players.

Spam is an advertising method for some gil sellers. They send friends requests to players than publicize their own sites. In fact, it is an effectual way to make more players know them. But it disturbs players. What’s the worse, some spam is sent by deceptious sites. No matter whether you want to buy FF14 Gil or not, Mmogah suggests you to ignore all spam.
Actually, regular FF14 Gil sites don’t need to send spam. Just like Mmogah, the workers at Mmogah are not only FFXIV Gil sellers but also players, we can understand how boring spam is. So Mmogah never sends spam, of course Mmogah doesn’t need spam.
How do players know Mmogah without spam? Why so many players choose Mmogah? Here we will tell you how to choose a trustworthy site by the way.
l  Ask for your friends
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l  Search at Google
If you don’t want anyone else to take part in buying gil, you could search “FFXIV Gil” or “Buy FFXIV Gil” at Google. The site at the top of your searching result is the most players’ choice. This method could value a site objectively.
l  Search reviews at other sites
The info you can get around is limited, so you can search more reviews at other sites like Trustpilot to see what others say. You should pay attention to what others say about the safety, speed of delivery and how to deliver.

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ArcheAge PvP Guide: Queue for ArcheAge PvP Arena


There are usually two main categories of arena PvP in the game of ArcheAge- 1v1 and 5v5. Basically PvP of 1v1 is more rewarding of honor, while 5v5 is relatively less rewarding compared with 1v1. In this guide, we’ll talk about the subject of PvP Arena battle and share some tips to those ArcheAge players who are interested in this area.

PvP of 1v1 Arena Battle
Advantage: More rewarding of honor granted if players win the battle.
1.       A little “gear dependent”: 1v1 needs decent gear for high winning rate.
2.       Hard to handle for new players because it requires high level of playing skill.

How to join 1v1 Arena Battle in ArcheAge?
Find the key man Gladiator recruiter and talk to him in the game. Usually players can find the recruiter in their capital city by going on to Map, then finding Merchant, finally meeting Gladiator recruiter.

Suggestions from us:
  • Classes of Darkrunner, Dafferspell, Skullnight, etc. are more strong and suitable for 1v1 arena battle.
  • Although it’s not the only crucial winning factor, the fact is that more geared players can dominate 1v1 battle. So players who intend to take part in arena 1v1 battle need to stock amount of ArcheAge gold for better gear. Purchase gold in game or find a legit and trustworthy ArcheAge gold seller to buy some safe and cheap gold are both suggested and operated ways.

PvP of 5v5 Arena Battle
1.       Suitable for the players who are good at team playing.
2.       Players can gain special titles that slightly rise maximum health and honor.
Disadvantage: Less honor rewarded compared with 1v1

How to join 5v5 Arena Battle in ArcheAge?
Find the key man Arena recruiter and talk to him in the game. Usually players can find this recruiter in their capital city by going on to Map, then finding Merchant, finally meeting Arena recruiter.

5v5 is simple that the team with the most kills before the timer runs out wins. It’s nothing else but just killing, so try to get as more kills as you can. There are some information about 5v5 arena that players need to know or to be aware of in below.
  • There are some interesting or maybe odd mechanics. Players can get some varied abilities from getting more kills, but most of these abilities can only be used once.
  • 5v5 also has quest line associated with it, which offers further arena progression.
  • In the game of ArcheAge the quest chain is called Rite of the Gladiator and the only objective for it is to kill opponents in arena.
  • The increased honor obtained only seems to apply to 5v5 arena not 1v1, however the additional health is pretty good.
Suggestions from us:
1.       In 5v5 arena, class of Ranged should take advantage of the towers or bridge whereas Melee should slyly attempt to stop them from getting to unreachable or difficult points.
2.       Try to better use of arena map to quickly search and destroy enemy.
3.       Back to your base to quickly get health retreating if there’s no healer in your team during war of 5v5.

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The Newest Summary of Highlights in SWTOR

In terms of SWTOR’s standing versus other MMOs, I’m going to be really straightforward: It’s not ‘better than’ WoW (easiest comparison since most of you have played WoW), but it has qualities better than WoW. It is not a better MMO, if only because of the engine and overall game fidelity. It also has cooler strongholds, better story and more intimate companions.
There are so many highlights in SWTOR which successfully attract lots of loyal SWTOR players.


1) Stories are probably the most unique and best parts of SWTOR, so do not spacebar (skip) through the conversations.
 Agent has best story from a writing perspective
Bounty Hunter has best story from an RP perspective
Warrior has best story from badass perspective
Inquisitor has best story from colicoid perspective.
1-50 class stories are the best parts of the game until the latest expansion, I suggest playing Sith Warrior, Imperial Agent and Jedi Knight.
2) The Lore is great, also there are lots of things to explore and some nice puzzles with datacrons. There is a great deal of lore, if you are willing to read the Codex.
3) Gameplay is close to old school WoW, some classes have lots of abilities, rotations and no auto attacks.
4) A lot of freedom to choose how your gear will look, but for an early player, it is limited how many credits you can find. However, you still make a good look. I just want to add that you can usually put together a pretty good-looking set of gear on the cheap on the starter planets-take a moment to preview the junk white gear drops and quest/dropped greens before you sell them on the vendor (Not just the vendors - mob drops too. Particularly good for Jedi gear), you can put together some nice outfits for a few hundred credits, since the cost to stamp the look to the outfit tab scales by level. Maybe, some players usually scrounge through their decently sized collections, something not possible for a new player.
5) There are a lot of character customization options: outfits, dyes, collections. Tanks in PVP are not useless, unlike most other MMO’s. GSF is a great experience if space combat and dogfighting are your things. All specs are perfectly viable for all types of content (leveling as healer or tank is perfectly fine). So you can play as whatever you want since level 10.
There are still lots of highlights in SWTOR that I do not mention, so I am collecting more vital highlights, if you think that my summary is not bad, please keep your eyes on our SWTOR NEWS! I will try my best not to let you disappointed. In the last, I believe that you all know about the importance of SWTOR Gold/ SWTOR Credits in game, here I sincerely introduce the best gold seller-MmoGah in my heart, it is the safest, fastest and cheapest gold seller I ever saw. You can try to order in MmoGah, then you will believe what I say.


How to Maximize Fatigue Points in Dungeon Fighter Online

All veteran players know that Fatigue Points are very important in DFO, before we shared one article (refer to FP): How to level up fast in DFO, it is popular. So how to maximize fatigue points is all players most concerned about.


Fatigue points only allow you to run dungeons in a certain time. MmoGah shares some tips to you!

Tips No.1 Stack your quests.
This is the most effective way to maximize your FPs. NPCs give a lot of quests, these quests are geared toward a specific dungeon, then you can try to get as many quests as possible with a single run, you will get not only a large amount of gold, but also a large amount of EXP.
MmoGah suggests you can use the quest box to grab quests, you no need to talk to an NPC directly, what you need to talk to NPC directly is the awakening /promotion quest.

Tips No.2 Run your last dungeon with 1FP.
When you go into a dungeon, you will find there are a variety of rooms. You only need to defeat the boss to win the dungeon, it is not necessary to complete the dungeon 100% to win it. So this gives you more flexible options for how many FPs to spend per dungeon.
If you are running low on FPs, try to calculate how many dungeons you can enter and allocate them, so that it ends up with 1 FP.
The only one restriction is that you need to have some FPs when entering a dungeon. In general we do not full clear a dungeon unless a quest requires it. If you clear the entire dungeon, there will be amounts of extra EXP! You can buy dfo gold for fast EXP increase.

Tips No.3 Grind towers after using up FPs.
Towers are special dungeons in dfo, these dungeons don't need FPs but limit how many times you are allowed to enter them.
Run the towers, I will start with the Tower of Ilusion, however, you can try others as you make progress.
In general, the higher you go up, the more difficult you grind towers will become, but the more EXP you will gain.

Tips No.4 Join a guild.
Guild is a useful community hub for you, you can obtain guild perks and earn guild point. Guild earns the more points, it will spend the more on guild perks. At this time, guild will expedite your dungeon EXP.
I suggest you choosing a good guild. You are unable to join another guild for 72 hours after leaving! So pick wisely! Look at the forums, or scout out the guild by talking with its members online!

If you don’t want to be tired of trying these ways, we advise you to buy the dfo gold or find dfo power leveling service to help you to level up fast, MmoGah can provide these service to you, so don’t hesitate to contact us.


Final Fantasy XIV Materia Guide: How to Create and Attach Materia

If you have some gear, how to improve its attributes? In Final Fantasy XIV, Materia could meet your request. If you don’t have enough knowledge about it, don’t worry! Mmogah is glad to share our experience with you. Let’s shot Materia in gear together.

The Materia system was implemented in FFXIV patch 1.19 and takes its name from Final Fantasy VII. In FFVII players could find and buy Materia and slot it into their weapons. This gave your character new spells, summons and better attributes. The system in FFXIV: A Realm Reborn shares similarities with this in that Materia slotted into equipment and gives you better attributes but unlike FFVII it is not a method of obtaining spells or summons.
How to get Materia? The fastest way is to buy Materia from Market Board with FFXIV Gil. If you want to make Materia yourself, you must complete the Forging the Spirit quest. The quest giver is Swynbroes, located at The Bonfire in Central Thanalan (23, 13).
Materia is created from equipment once its spiritbond has reached 100%. An item's spiritbond will increase through using it in your daily business by crafting, gathering and battling. Spiritbond will increase slower if you are below the optimal level required to equip it and if the gear is broken (0% durability) you will not gain spiritbond at all. The rate in which you gain spiritbond will be higher for high quality (HQ) items as well as those with Materia already in it. Some equipment cannot be converted to Materia, this is usually equipment that is obtained as special rewards from raids or primal battles. The type of Materia you create from a piece of gear is based on the gear's intended class. For example, when you convert a piece gear intended for pugilist and lancer, you will receive Materia that is ideal for physical, melee damage dealing.
Lower level gear converts into lower tier Materia. Additionally, higher Materia tier require higher level gear for melding.

Different types of gear are converted into different types of Materia.
l  Disciples of War: Strength, Dexterity, Vitality, Parry, Skill Speed, Accuracy, Critical Hit Rate, Determination, Elemental Resist.
l  Disciples of Magic: Intelligence, Mind, Vitality, Piety, Spell Speed, Accuracy, Critical Hit Rate, Determination, Elemental Resist.
l  Crafting: Craftsmanship, Control, CP.
l  Gathering: Gathering, Perception, GP.
To attach Materia, you will need to complete the Waking the Spirit quest. The quest giver is F'hobhas, located at The Bonfire in Central Thanalan (x:23, y:13). You will need to reach level 19 or higher in Blacksmith, Carpenter, Goldsmith, Weaver, Armorer or Leatherworker to accept the quest. You will need Catalysts named Carbonized Matter to meld Materia into your armor. You can find these catalysts while gathering with botanist, miner and fisher.
To attach Materia also has risks. If failed, you will lose not only Carbonized Matter but also Materia. If your own crafting level is not high enough, you’d better ask for others’ help. Of course, you can take some FFXIV Gil to ask the attaching Materia trader to help you.
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ArcheAge Brand New Awakening Packs Highlights


As the new patch 2.0 launched on 12th of September, the brand new Awakening Packs are available now in ArcheAge. In order to strongly enhance ArcheAge experience for all of the subscribers, Trion World makes these packs with exclusive pack perks and attractive bonuses, and the most out of journeys with the new Eternal Awakening Pack, which comes jam-packed with rare and unique items. For players who would like to stock some safe ArcheAge gold to gear up their characters, Mmogah would be your reliable and legit ArcheAge gold seller.

According to the contents from ArcheAge official forum, there are four exclusive new packs in total which are Archeum-Awakening Pack, Eternal Awakening Pack, Gold Awakening Pack and Silver Awakening Pack.

Basic information and contents of Archeum Awakening Pack:
  • 90 days of Patron status in total of this pack
  • Onyx Steamfish Submarine
  • Inquisitor’s Robes costume
  • Permanent personal Post Owl
  • A ton more in-game perks
  • The world of Erenor
Eternal Awakening Pack:
  • Different from Archeum Awakening Pack, there are 120 days of Patron Status in Eternal Awakening Pack.
  • Explore Erenor with players’ own Marauder’s Glider. The unique glider can accommodate a custom crest stamp on its wings.
  • Permanent Personal Post Parrot.
  • Same as Archeum Awakening Pack, it also has Onyx Seamfish Submarine and Inquisitor’s Robes costume.
Gold Awakening Pack:
  • 60 days of Patron Status in total
  • A Pirate Plushie Pet
  • A Permanent Personal Post Owl
  • A bounty of other exclusive in-game perks
Silver Awakening Pack:
  • 30 days of Patron status
  • Granting players with 1000 Credits, and many other awesome bonuses as well in this pack.
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The Two Main Changes That Players Should Grasp about Knights of the Fallen Empire Section Two

Mmogah has introduced the section one to all players in last essay, here we will go on the introduction of the second main change-Operations.


Compared with Flashpoint, there is a larger change in Operations. In that every single SWTOR’s Operation will be raised to level 65! There are a new tier of Elder Game gear and new vanity rewards in each Operation. Players will play Story Mode Operations from Level 50 to Level 65, and will make sure that everyone in your group is prepared via Bolster! Soa will be the ancient Rakatan Warlord who threatens to take over the Galaxy again.
The official is making some Quality of Life improvements on Operations in the Group Finder. Each day, a new Story Mode Operation will be available in Group Finder, and will drop relevant gear for your characters.
You will gain Nightmare Mode in all the Operations, just like the highlighted Hard Mode. All the unique mounts and titles can be available currently.
When it comes to Hard Mode Operations, one Operation per week will be highlighted to give greater rewards!
Many players like the Operations and wait for the introductions of new challenges, while there will not be any new Operations in Knights of the Fallen Empire. Therefore, the official feels it is important to first address some of the issues with the Elder Game before moving on to the new content. The official designers will be allowed to be more flexible with how to release new content, because the content no longer needs to be tied to a new gear tier or level cap increase. Without new Operations, you will have a lot of content to play at the level cap. In the following parts, Mmogah will show something that you will be able to play in Knights of the Fallen Empire!
These 8 and 16-Player Operations are all available at level 65 in both Story and Hard modes. A different Story Mode Operation will be available in the Group Finder each day.
Eternity Vault (5 bosses)
Karagga’s Palace (5 bosses)
Explosive Conflict (4 bosses)
Terror From Beyond (5 bosses)
Scum and Villainy (7 bosses)
Golden Fury (1 boss)
Dread Fortress (5 bosses)
Dread Palace (5 bosses)
Ravagers (5 bosses)
Temple of Sacrifice (5 bosses)
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Inventory of the Two Most Famous Popular Mobs in World of Warcraft

There are lots of instances as well as field tasks in World of Warcraft. Wowers have to encounter several bosses. For wowers, the memory to mobs and field mobs is more profound than to the BOSS in the instances. Do you remember the mobs in World of Warcraft? Let’s count them together.


  • Eyes of Naxxramas
Haunted Location: Strarholme dead zone
In the classic version, Stratholme has been a more difficult level instance, with the difficulty comes is the ideal falling. For example, hunters favorite chop bone Hatchet, law marked the entry of gear blood red felt hat. Of course we cannot forget Rivendell Baron Crotch skeleton horses. Stratholme divided into two parts which was located outside the main entrance Plaguewood Scarlet military, as well as the east wall outpost outside the back door. And then you played the most was the back door. Dead zone dense mobs let us here only in the footsteps at every step, believe it can lead to too much of the blame and cause destroy mission. But what we are most afraid of is Naxxramas shadow. The blame is usually in invisible state. If not the Warlock, you are no way to mention early warning and detection Paladin souls everywhere because this undead instance is not much of practical significance. Gargoyle is pure strange law, meaning the tank almost catch hatred. Players can always pay attention to your own chat bar that has no red appear, if it is found that it would have to immediately turn the fire.


  • Giant snail (and spider eggs on the stairs)
Haunted places: Lightning ThroneI RL, Some players hate both strange. Especially snails.
TOT tour hits numerous times. There are always a few little white snail coming to see but not running. It is still hard to steal cards from the injury, this results themselves a card. You're dead when you want to release the soul. Every tour here cannot step into the smog. Snail spider egg cannot come to quickly flash, but too many people will be a multiply confusion, chaos would ensue various problems. Once the process is skilled, even you guarantee a fixed group but cannot guarantee there will not be a death.

Snails are strange and not attack, so there is no hatred, randomly-man melee distance. Smog stairs, as well as some spider eggs hide inside there. Eyeing snails, of course have to back off, but many times they have the wrong place, such as smog places that have come into the DOT, stepped summon spiders and spider eggs, which make an already chaotic scene more difficult to control.

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How to Make Your House More Fancy in ArcheAge New Patch of Heroes Awaken?

In the upcoming new patch 2.0 of ArcheAge, it is absolutely a big gift for all of the craftsmen who learning crafting skills can make their own properties into paradise. That means craftsmen can update their houses and make their houses fancier in new update patch 2.0.

Players who own farmhouses can update their original farmhouses into three types in total in ArcheAge, and they are Farmhouse for Harvester, Rancher, and Miner.

Harvester’s Farmhouse
l  Harvester’s farmhouse holds 3 planting boxes in player’s basement.
l  3 planting boxes can hold up to 50 small-sized plants in total.
l  In order to make gardening faster, the boxes in Harvester’s farmhouse can be mass-planted and mass-farmed.

Rancher’s Farmhouse
l  Rancher’s farmhouse is for the players who are looking for livestock.
l  The farmhouse not only features 2 planting boxes, but also possesses a livestock pen for holding multiple animals.
l  Please be aware that animal types must be the same, and the number that players can hold varies with animal’s size. For example, players can hold 10 cows, or 30 chickens, but not 5 cows and 20 chickens.

Miner’s Farmhouse
l  Miner’s farmhouse can hold 2 planting boxes, and it is equipped with a mining drill which allows players to collect ore and stone.
l  A multipurpose Trimmer is also updated in Miner’s farmhouse.
l  There are 4 locations produce crops randomly on the farmhouse, including some very rare plants like clubhead fungus and vanilla.
l  Miner’s farmhouse also has a Task Jar which provides 2 quests that can make players to be rewarded with ArcheAge gold and Gilda Stars. (Check the article “Exclusive ArcheAge Gold Making Strategy Guide One” to learn how to make gold through the way of Gilda Stars.)

Townhouses, Manors, Villas and Chalets
Players who own Townhouses, Manors, Villas and Chalets can update them into below types of houses.

l  The Armorer’s Home: this type of house can possess an Equipment Designer’s Workbench which can be used to craft accessories, armor and weapons.
l  The Apothecary’s Home: it possesses the Supply Manufacturer’s Workbench which allows players to craft high-level potions, drinks, etc.
l  The Tradesman’s Home: this type of house can hold a Clan Specialty Workbench which produces a new kind of tradepack, but it depends on which zones it is placed in.

How to get these fancy houses in ArcheAge?
l  First players need to have one of those basic houses listed above. Such as farmhouse, townhouse, villa, etc.
l  Open house’s main menu and select the “Upgrade” button.
l  It will require additional taxes, construction materials, and Enchanted Blueprints for the players who would like to update their basic houses.
l  Players are allowed to edit and rotate houses in the process of updating. But players should remember that all of the furniture and décor of basic houses should be removed firstly, otherwise they may disappear from Erenor.
l  House updating is just one part of patch 2.0, for other highlights, please view the article “10 Things You Should Know about New ArcheAge Update 2.0: Heroes Awaken”.

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What Should We Do before Buying FFXIV Gil

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What is the most important question for FFXV Gil buyers? It must be the safety of accounts. Buying FFXIV Gil makes us play more smoothly, but accounts banned will damage everything. The best way to avoid getting banned is to choose a trustworthy site.
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You may meet this situation. You are standing around, and you get a friend request from an abvious FFXIV Gil seller. On my word, I got this request not for once in game, though I am a FFXIV Gil seller. It may sound humourous, but it really happened. Just like other players, I hate spam. Of course, you’d better ignore them. Those sites who send spam in game may be not good choices for FFXIV Gil buyers. They are usually small sites or even juggling sites. If you can’t decern them, you’d better not have a try.
The best way to know about a site is to search it at Trust, Bizrate, Facebook or some other social network site. What other FF14 Gil buyers say could help you a lot. You can collect the info from the following points.
l  Safety
Especially, are there players banned after buying FFXIV GIL at this site. Are there players revealed accounts’ info? What’s worse is that players may be disturbed by spam after buying FFXIV Gil at some sites.
l  Speed of delivery
The speed of FFXIV Gil delivery at different sites is quite different. You may take long time to wait for your Gil after you paying for it at some sites. If you don’t want to wait for long, just choose the fastest.
l  Methods of delivery
As a good FFXIV Gil seller, it should have different methods of delivery. Customers could choose the one they like.
l  Price
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The Two Main Changes That Players Should Grasp about Knights of the Fallen Empire Section One

Mmogah has introduced Knights of the Fallen Empire before, players basically know about the main idea about the new update. Here, we want to share the first main change in Fallen Empire with all SWTOR lovers.


When it comes to Flashpoints, the official has made lots of changes to make players have more options on what to play, and how to play them.

Solo Mode Flashpoints
All of the Flashpoints which are important to the core story have had a Solo Mode added, similar to what the official did for the Forged Alliances Flashpoints. In addition, those Solo Modes are repeatable, so players can play via them again and again if you want. These Solo Mode Flashpoints adopt a new level sync system that lowers your character’s level and power to the level of the Flashpoint, ensuring that you’re experiencing the content at the difficulty level intended - you never have to skip story content because you’re over-leveled for it!

These Flashpoints are repeatable, and players can play solo or with a Companion. Your characters will be adjusted down to the appropriate level so that you are experiencing the Flashpoint at the level and difficulty that is intended.

Black Talon
Boarding Party
Taral V
The Foundry
Maelstrom Prison
Battle of Ilum
The False Emperor
Assault on Tython
Korriban Incursion
Manaan Research Facility
Legacy of the Rakata
Blood Hunt
Battle of Rishi

Tactical Flashpoints
Most of the Story Mode Flashpoints have been converted to Tactical, which means players can play them at any level between level 10 and level 65! These Flashpoints also bolster your characters, so you never have to worry about being under-geared or under-leveled, and can play with friends of varying levels. In addition, each player can also receive loot specific from their class and their non-bolstered level, so running these Flashpoints is always profitable.

These 4-Player Flashpoints are available from level 10-65. Your character will be bolstered so that friends of any level can play together!

Hammer Station
Mandalorian Raiders
Red Reaper
Kuat Drive Yards
Czerka Labs
Czerka Core Meltdown
Korriban Incursion
Assault on Tython
Depths of Manaan
Legacy of the Rakata
Blood Hunt
Battle of Rishi

Hard Mode Flashpoints
All Hard Mode Flashpoints, including the Red Reaper for the first time, will be available from Level 50 up to Level 65. There will be a small Bolster to allow different level ranges to play together, but you’ll need to bring a balanced group with a Tank and Healer just as with Hard Mode Flashpoints currently. Just like the new Tactical Flashpoints, each player can get their own individual loot suited for their class from entirely new sets of gear.

These Level 65 Flashpoints are designed to show players more challenges. They provide a small Bolster, but still require a full 4-Player group, including a Tank and a Healer.

Black Talon
Boarding Party
Taral V
The Foundry
Maelstrom Prison
Kaon Under Siege
Lost Island
Battle of Ilum
The False Emperor
Hammer Station
Mandalorian Raiders
Red Reaper
Kuat Drive Yards
Czerka Labs
Czerka Core Meltdown
Korriban Incursion
Assault on Tython
Depths of Manaan
Legacy of the Rakata
Blood Hunt
Battle of Rishi

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World of Warcraft Patch 6.2 Legion Major Class Highlight

legion news was revealed for the first time at Gamesom. Blizzard shared some new information about the great legion. A special Legion panel was conducted which saw a few nuggets of information revealed. That is what we haven’t heard before. Because of patch 6.2 legion is so hot. 90% wowers are engaged in it. At Dragon Con Demon hunter class has some new information about demon hunters which is so popular.
  • Demon Hunters was updated the following information
  • Demon Hunters currently planned to start at 98.
  • Demon Hunters can use one-handed Swords, in addition to Glaives.
  • Demon Hunter Metamorphosis is a short transformation with inner demon visuals, not continuous form.
  • Multistrike was gone, other secondary or tertiary stats were changed. Well, multistrike was a good expansion we had together. Don't worry though. Versatility will continue on. Versatility's sole purpose is to help you distinguish between actual useful loot and vendor trash. This entire expansion on any class, versatility on any item is just a sign.
  • Profession updates: very little or no cooldown gated profession materials for crafting.
  • Stage Upgrades work differently: destroy old item, get Obliterium material to create better item.
  • Transmog system in Legion is similar to Diablo and possibly account-wide. Diablo transmogs work where once you pick an item up, that items set piece is unlocked even after you sell it. You go to a transmog vendor and choose from previously unlocked pieces, and select the option you want. It's very easy to switch between all you items and still makes picking up transmogs fun, since there's still more to unlock.
  • No extra Void Storage tab planned: transmog system should help with bag space.
  • Classes in Legion emphasize fantasy of specs and some are even getting renamed. Now there are 11 classes in Legion.
  • Survival Hunters, who are melee in Legion, get Harpoon ability to draw mobs towards them.
  • Adventure Mode may be coming to Legion: there is no details, but something that may be discussed before.
Now Legion raises the level cap to 110 and introduces new Artifact weapons for all the specializations in World of Warcraft. Wowers will also lead members of their class with the new Order Halls feature. Although similar to the way Garrisons worked in Warlords of Draenor.
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