How to Farm ESO Gold for New Players

Just like most of MMOs, gold in Elder Scrolls Online is an important and useful tool in game. It makes players play more easily. As a new adventurer, you would like to get your hands on it, but sadly, it can be tough to come by. As No.1 Gaming Industry, Mmogah decided to give some useful tips to all new ESO players. It may help you to line your pockets full of coins!

l  Kill Enemies
Killing enemies is an easy way to farm ESO Gold. Once an enemy has been slain, it is possible to look through their belongings to see what they are carrying. Almost all game characters carry at least some gold on them, and defeating these enemies is sure to net a fair amount of money. Even if the gold on an enemy is minimal, they may be carrying something worthwhile to sell to a merchant. It is also important to point out that enemies who are an adverse class from that of a player’s class will often carry more gold or more useful items on their person. Some players may ignore this way, but if you have no idea to farm gold, just try it.
l  Pick up Everything
This is not a new concept to players who have played other Elder Scrolls games. Although ESO limits what you can pick up, there are still many items that can be grabbed. Most things have some value, even if it's only 1 gold. This also means you should loot enemies of everything they have, even when it is stuff you never plan to use. Your character may never have a use for those magicka potions you keep picking up, but that vendor in town will surely buy them at a nice price.
l  Collect Resources
Maybe it is hard for new players to craft, but it is easier to collect resources. No matter which patch, the materials are needed even basal materials. Just take some time to collect, then try to sell them to other players to earn ESO Gold.
l  Dungeons
Gear is Gold. Not only in ESO but also in almost all MMOs, the more gear you find, the more gold you could get. Repeating dungeons is a good way to collect gear. Furthermore, you could get extra levels for your character and skllling up your skills. But it requires players have higher technique. And repeating dungeons may be boring, it needs patient and time.
Of course, there are many ways to farm gold. For new ESO players, the 4 methods are the fastest way to earn ESO Gold. In fact, any way all needs time. If you have enough time to play ESO, we recommend you to farm ESO Gold yourself. But if you are busy and only have a short time to play, it is terrible to take time to farm gold again and again. Don’t worry, Mmogah could help you. You just need to pay a few of dollars, you could buy ESO Gold (ESO Gold kaufen) at Mmogah. By this way, you could enjoy game with friends. We are glad to make all players play comfortably.

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2016 Final Fantasy XIV Heavensturn the Saru Bugyo Is Coming

With new year 2016 coming, the traditional Final Fantasy XIV seasonal event Heavensturn is coming! At the end of a year, there must be two seasonal events, the Starlight Celebration and Heavensturn. If you haven’t finished the Starlight Celebration, take the last chance to do it now. Or you will miss it. But if have got all items for Starlight Celebration, let’s go to do the new Heavensturn together with Mmogah.

Seasonal Events are special occasions that occur at a particular time of the year. During these festivals, players can complete seasonal quests and obtain unique cosmetic items. Additionally, cities around Eorzea are decorated according to the themes of the events. Heavensturn is one of seasonal events.
Heavensturn is a Chinese and Japanese themed seasonal event. In the cultures of Eastern countries, there are 12 kinds of animals to watch every year rotationally. The 12 animals in turn are 子鼠(mouse), 丑牛(bull), 寅虎(tiger), 卯兔(rabbit), 辰龙(loong), 巳蛇(snake), 午马(horse), 未羊(sheep), 申猴(monkey), 酉鸡(chicken), 戌狗(dog), 亥猪(pig) in Chinese. 2016 is the turn of Monkey. 2016 is the turn of Monkey. In the Heavensturn 2016, the monkey is named Saru Bugyo, a lovely monkey.
Event Schedule
From Thursday, December 31, 2015 at 7:00 a.m. to Thursday, January 14, 2016 at 6:59 a.m. (PST)
Event Items
See No Helm (Head, All Classes, Lv.1). Speak No Helm (Head, All Classes, Lv.1). Hear No Helm (Head, All Classes, Lv.1).
Paissa Doll (Tabletop). Oriental Orange Basket (Tabletop).

How to Participate
A Far Eastern delegation has come to impart upon Eorzea the good fortune of the monkey. Those who would honor this special bond between man and beast are encouraged to speak with the Saru Bugyo.
* Please note that seasonal quests cannot be completed after the event has concluded.
Monkey about Town
Quest Location: Old Gridania - Saru Bugyo

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Kyprosa’s Favor Bundle Is Launched in ArcheAge World Now


To defense the season’s snow and ice, ArcheAge has launched the winter fancy Kyprosa’s favor bundle with the limited time in the game stared from December 22nd.  Players can own this bundle and its components in marketplace. Additionally, players can also pick up a special costume which is inspired by the patron of Vitalism Kyprosa Daeior, so this is why the bundle’s been called Kyprosa’s favor bundle.

Basic information of the bundle and which items does it include:
  • The Kyprosa’s Favor bundle is limited and with limited time. Each account only can have one.
  • 30 days + 10 days of patron offered.
  • It also contains 1000 Credits.
  • Bound Worker’s compensation is 1000.
  • The Kyprosa’s Favor bundle includes Lucky Sunpoint, Lucky Moonpoint and Lucky Starpoint.
  • Kyprosa’s Winter Furs and 2 Red Regrade Charms are included.
  • The unique Wool Hat. It allows your characters to generate more labor if you wear it while sleeping.
What’s more, let’s see two winners of the Holiday Hero Video Contest’s  marvelous works in the following contents. All the contest pieces are funny and outstanding, and Trion Worlds chose the best 3 works at last. Here are two of them.

                 Happy Holidays from Outplayed

            Holiday Heros Movie Trailer from Laughing Coffin

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Strategy Guide (2/2) of Star Wars: Empire at War


In last guide of Star Wars of Empire at War, Strategy Guide (1/2) of Star Wars: Empire at War, we’d talked about some basic information of Empire at War and the first three main steps of this patch. In this essay, we’ll continue introducing the rest four key steps of the patch strategy guide to Star Wars players.

New Buffs added to Empire at War. In this new patch, all of the planets are granted more income, higher unit cap and greater production capacity. Specifically, each planet has its own unique feature that upgrades the forces of whoever holds it in specific ways. It usually brings several boosts to a specific unit galaxy-wide and reduces the costs of producing a unit on each planet. Players should not just focus on and grab the planets which can make supplement to their abilities. In the meantime, players should try their best to dodge the key abilities from their enemies. Please be aware that it doesn’t provide and increase 25% damage to the Stormtroopers, however the foot soldiers will please for it anyway.

Shipyards are important forts to grab. Players’ first main task is to control Sullust, Kuat, Fondor or Mon Calamari when they reach to tech level 4. The (shipyard) planet allows you to build numerous of ships spread across the galaxy. So that building shipyards is very crucial to each team in the game of Star Wars.

Fight for the territory and perimeter. Every planet has limited perimeter, so that it allows each planet to send units to other ones. This activity is called orbital range in the game. In Star Wars, the only way to transfer from one planet to another is through the way of orbital range which creates a “perimeter” of the orbital radius of your planets. It is definitely an advantage to control the possible places on the planet that enemy can attack, and focus on defenses more.

Control both ends of the hyperspace routes. Accordingly, some planets are connected by long hyperspace trade routes which illustrated by the lines on the Star Wars map. These hyperspace routes connect those planets across the map. Players can use these routes to investigate into enemy’s territory and launch constant attacks.

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Strategy Guide (1/2) of Star Wars: Empire at War


As we know that the Galactic map is large and complicated. On the map,  the green zone is for your allies’, the place colored red is  for your enemies’, and the yellow part is for the neutrals’ that consist primarily of Black Star pirates. Please read the key steps carefully and we believe that this strategy guide will help a lot to your gaming skills and make your survival the black depths of space.

Hardpoints are important. Do not try to across all the planets and attempt to cover every possible way or approach without a full preparation. Define your territory’s perimeter and put fleets of balanced units and numbers in system that are within speedy striking distance of any of as much of your perimeter as possible. The Leaving isolated forces are asking your opponents to send unit’s counter to take your system.

Have knowledge of your enemy. Imperial players should be aware that you will be seriously punished by a knife to a gun fight. What’s that mean?  It means you should do full preparation before starting a war. Then what should Imperial players do?

1.        Set and send probe droids to investigate the immediate zone before your attack.
2.        Make sure to send a last probe before committing the fleet to an action of your team.
3.        Let rebel players to use C-3PO and R2-D2 to investigate ahead.
4.        Try to have the Bothan homeworld  for the controlling trade route approach.  It also improves intel abilities.
5.        As a good landing force, clear skies is absolutely better than directly bumping into a Star Destroyer.

Do not auto-resolve the conflicts. To be more specific that a fight does not have much impact of the epic story.  Players will be given opportunities to auto-resolve instead of spending the time needed to fight your battle. Do remember that do not take this option. Although the manual warns you that this might result in higher losses than resolving the battle manually. Accordingly, what it actually means? It means that “your automated foe will ride the ruined shells of your fleet and the crushed bodies of your armies like grim toboggans”. So never ever do that.

There are still other four key steps for this strategy guide of Star Wars: Empire at War. We’ll reveal them in the guide (2/2) later. After viewing the guide, prepare some SWTOR gold is also necessary for this game. It is fast and safe to buy SWTOR gold (SWTOR gold kaufen) at Mmogah. If you have any demand of SWTOR gold for your gear, please do not hesitate to contact our customer rep via Live Chat at any time. Our online customer service is 7 days and 24 hours.

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From Warcraft to World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft has changed the global numerous game concept from each aspect, also has affected a generation. We witnessed countless online games died out. Some games are the classic, some a flash in the pan. As a loyal player of World of Warcraft, maybe you think over a heavy question, what form does World of Warcraft continue to exist agedly and immortally in this world?

While Warcraft started with the game, if the company of Warcraft subordinated improved management constantly, then the game cultural theme will exist for a long time. Various cultural themes and industries in that chain will attract different audiences who are interested in the cultural themes. The audience may be a game player or a comic book fan, or a reader, a movie audience, even a collector. Cultural themes are sustaining and expanding in these forms, from the above analysis, World of Warcraft is just the beginning now!

As the first 3D Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, World of Warcraft is made by the famous Game Company Blizzard Entertainment. The game is back-grounded by the story of Warcraft, relying on Warcraft historical events and heroes, which has a complete history background time line. Players in the world of Warcraft can adventure, complete the task, a new risk, explore the unknown world, conquer monster, go PK system, etc. From the simple introduction of WoW, the World of Warcraft actually has a long way to prefer.

Today, game players are fond of the play of World of Warcraft so far so much. Games of WoW  are chased after once the official launched. The WoW mounts of the new version make the game plays splurging on. Whether you are sympathetic to players who are beloved of World of Warcraft.  If the answer is positive, then you can come to Mmogah and buy WoW gold (WoW gold kaufen) to testify the feeling from the transcendence to the experience through the game upgrades and equipment bought!

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Appearance Change-World of Warcraft

The New Year is coming in several days.  Next year plans need be scheduled at this time. As a super game player, have you made new plans and solutions?

The only constant is change in the world in western philosophy, the bank interest rate can change, the oil price can change, the hair style can change, and you can change your appearance in South Korea. You can even change your gender in Thailand. It is an old story where there is the need there is the market. I heard that the Korean aren’t as beautiful as we see, and they just would like to take the cosmetic surgery. In Thailand, the female can get high social value, so many males are inclined to be as the other gender. In the WOW world, in the same way, whether you still wear the full-covered helms, covering your character original appearance? In the virtual world, the character tailor-made not only help you change the appearance of character, but also change the gender.

First of all, game players need to choose play characters that players wish and can change the character as soon as paid.  Mmogah is a good place where the players can buy WoW gold (WoW gold kaufen) to attain hopes. In the second place, when the players log in to the play of WoW. A new icon can be found beside the character and the players can click it to style your character. What’s more, players can change the character appearance including gender except races. Finally, players can admire new characters appearance! The whole procession only costs a little gold, in other words, the price is reasonable.

Another point considering is the players’ hasty change regretting. The players in the viewpoint are informed that it is a tendency that the characters’ appearances change inevitably, but players don’t know whether the character new appearances conform to the one in their mind. We can believe that the players can accept the new character appearance after the adaptation time. But based on the above view, characters appearance change can never satisfy every player at a time. Habit is a second nature. And we deem that the function of appearance change will bring new experience to the game players in spirit and soul.

The character finally debuts with the shining glaring decoration and is owned by the players forever. Mmogah can’t make a mistake just like the Miss Universe 2015 snafu, the character appearance change is safe and accurate. War of Warcraft gold of Mmogah is the fastest and cheapest among the venders and Mmogah can supply the safest gold transaction.

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Hot to Buy Cheap WoW Gold Online Easily

Hot to Buy Cheap WoW Gold Online Easily

Hey, guys, if you are in need of World of Warcraft gold, and hanging around to try to find a good site to buy gold? I hope this video can guide you to find the information you need and teach you how to get cheap wow gold to save your money.  https://www.mmogah.com/


How to Buy Cheap Guild Wars 2 Gold Online Easily

Buying Guild Wars 2 gold is an important part in playing guild wars 2. You are in need of Guild Wars 2 gold to improve your skills or speed up your level. Before you buy Guild Wars 2 gold (gw2 gold kaufen), I think you may worry that where can I buy guild wars 2 gold for safe and fast? How to choose a reliable website? How to buy cheap guild wars 2 gold online easily?

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For example:
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2. Festivals Coupon for discount
In order to thank you for our new and old customers continued support, we provide different discount in all important festivals. The important festivals include New Year’s Day, St. Valentine’s Day, All Fool’s Day/April Fool’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas and Anniversary of our company. You can get the festivals coupon directly, which can save your time.
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ESO Christmas Celebration at Mmogah Is Hot

Merry Christmas! As No.1 Gaming Industry, Mmogah wishes all customers and players. ESO is an important MMO at our site. We hold ESO Christmas Celebration as other games as well. From now on to Dec.31 (PST), you could use the coupon code: “Christmas” to get 5% off for Christmas Celebration at Mmogah.

The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), also known as The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, and commonly abbreviated as ESO, is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that was announced in May 2012 and was released for PC and Mac on April 4th, 2014. It is the eighth game in The Elder Scrolls series. On June 9th, 2015, the game was released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. At Mmogah, you could buy ESO Gold (ESO Gold kaufen) at PC, PS and XBOX systems for NA and EU. No matter you play ESO at any system, you can buy ESO Gold at Mmogah anyway.
In the game, there are three major playable factions fighting against one another in the conflict known as the Alliance War. Those factions, made up of the different races found throughout Tamriel, are the Aldmeri Dominion, the Daggerfall Covenant, and the Ebonheart Pact.the Aldmeri Dominion, the Daggerfall Covenant, and the Ebonheart Pact.
Aldmeri Dominion
This alliance, led by Queen Ayrenn, consists of Altmer, Bosmer, and Khajiit. It controls the Summerset Isles, Elsweyr, and Valenwood. The Dominion was formed by the Altmer after Queen Ayrenn united the provinces of Valenwood and Elsweyr with the Summerset Isles.
Daggerfall Covenant
This alliance, led by King Emeric, consists of Orcs, Bretons, and Redguards. It controls High Rock, Hammerfell and the recently-recognized "province" of Orsinium. The Covenant was formed by High King Emeric after the cooperation of Bretons, Orcs, and Redguards during King Ranser's War.
Ebonheart Pact
This alliance, led by Jorunn the Skald-King, consists of Dunmer, Argonians, and Nords. It controls Skyrim, Morrowind, and Black Marsh. The Pact was formed by the three races through a common hatred of the recently invading Akaviri and fear of being conquered by the other alliances.
There are some other factions in game including Fighters Guild, Mages Guild and Undaunted. Different from WOW, different factions could deliver each other. So if you place an order at Mmogah, you don’t need to care which faction you are.
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FFXIV Seasonal Event: The Starlight Celebration Merry Christmas!

Firstly, as your loyal friend Mmogah wishes all of the Final Fantasy XIV players: Merry Christmas! As before, FFXIV holds the Christmas-themed event Starlight Celebration to celebrate 2015 Christmas Day. Did you take part in it? Do you get the event items now? If you have no idea about the event, don’t worry. Let’s see the Starlight Celebration together with Mmogah!

“Sweet Silver Bells Sing with Cheerful Rings and Fill the Realm with Joy!” Starlight Celebration is coming! If you are tired of farming in dungeons or FATEs, don’t miss the Starlight Celebration 2015. It requires the players to be level 15 or higher. It is easy for all players to take part in, just follow Mmogah to have a look.
Event Schedule
From Friday, December 18, 2015 at 12:00 a.m. to Thursday, December 31, 2015 at 6:59 a.m. (PST)
Event Items
Reindeer Antlers (Lv.1 Head), Reindeer Gloves (Lv.1 Hands), Reindeer Hooves (Lv.1 Feet), Saint's Cap (Lv.1 Head).
Starlight Sentinel (Furnishing), Starlight Ornament (Wall-mounted), Twin Star Ornament (Wall-mounted).

How to Participate
A reporter for the Harbor Herald has been inquiring about this year's celebration and suspects something is amiss. Fearing the planning committee has struck a sour note in their preparations, she seeks an adventurer to set right their plans of Starlight merriment.
For Whom the Starlight Bell Tolls
Quest Location: Limsa Lominsa, Upper Decks – Collys

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New Winter Maiden Festival Flair has came to ArcheAge World


As Christmas coming around the corner, Trion Worlds is holding the Winter Maiden Festival in the game of ArcheAge for all of the ArcheAge players. So what are you waiting for ? Now visit the Marketplace to buy some new festival cheer items, haulers, weapons, etc. to costume your character and decorate your home as well. All the fancy holiday items will not be available on the New Year’s Day on 1st January, 2016.

Brand New Christmas Items in Marketplace:
  • Large Winter Maiden Décor Bundle
This bundle is worth 4,820 credits in total. It contains 44 Multicolor Light String, 6 Golden Snowflake Garland, 2 Prancing Glowing Candy Canedeer, 1 Glowing Candy Canedeer, 2 Winter Maiden Wreath, 1 Snowflake Star, 2 Starpop Post, 4 Candy Cane Post, 1 Starbright Show Cone Tree, 2 Fairy Sparkle Tree, 8 Itty – Bitty – Glittergreen, 4 Itty – Bitty Fairy Sparkle Tree.
  • Small Winter Maiden Décor Bundle
This Bundle is worth 2,260 credits. Let see what’s inside it? It includes 22 Green and Red Holiday Lights, 2 Golden Snowflake Garland, 1 Winter Maiden Wreath, 1 Candy Canedeer, 1 Prancing Candy Canedeer, 1 Snowflake Star, 2 Candy Cane Post, 4 Itty – Bitty – Glittergreen, 2 Itty – Bitty Fairy Sparkle Tree.

For preparing these holiday items, ArcheAge players should firstly stock some gold. Mmogah.com which has run the gold selling business for about 10 years. It is a reliable and secure ArcheAge gold seller. If you would like to buy ArcheAge gold, you can visit our online store. Moreover mmogah also provides ArcheAge power leveling service to players, so if any queries there, please do not hesitate to contact our customer reps via Live Chat at any time. Now 5% off promotion activity is undergoing at Mmogah. Get this Christmas coupon code here.

Let’s see some new Holiday Decoration and Fusions in the following contents of this essay. Click here for more details.

Starbright Show Cone Tree    475 credits
Fairy Sparkle Tree  200 credits
Itty – Bitty – Glittergreen  75 credits
Glowing Candy Canedeer  225 credits
Prancing Glowing Candy Canedeer  225 credits
Candy Canedeer  225 credits
Starpop Post  100 credits
Candy Cane Post  100 credits

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Why Is Guild Wars 2 So Awesome in MMORPG?

The NCsoft was MMORPG giant which has created so many games inspiring and pleasuring us in the past decade. The ArenaNet - a North America’s game firm was affiliated with NCsoft. The ArenaNet based on extending GW’s fantastic epic scene, gave GW2 (Guild Wars 2) a new life and raised GW2 to the top of MMORPG. GW2 is regarded as the greatest success in the history of MMORPG, with first sale amount in US breaking 3 million as well as testimonials of numerous players and media.
Maybe some players with no experience have doubted the things above, but now leave them rest aside. Why GW2 is so awesome that you can’t miss it? So many players around the world are enjoying their happy times with GW2. Well, MmoGah presents the striking points of GW2 in the following:

No.1    Magnificent scene with extreme delicate balance
The scene is made by the best physical engine Havok, in order to let you enjoy the splendid and meticulous descriptive world, extending from the flickering aurora of Northern plain to Dungeons in the mountainous waves.


No.2    External adventure, exploring your own way as a hero
The Tyria takes an area of 114 squares equivalent to the size of a city in the real world. The map of it is so vast that you can visit more than two thousand spots.


No.3    Improving skills, exciting PVP
Altering the fighting mode of GW, GW2 will give you a real experience. Skills change with the game types. Generally, if you change your type as well as retain your weapon, your new skill be attained will be quite different from your previous one, and all the skills can be launched as you move as a Necromancer, except for the AOE (Area of effect). With regards to the PVP, you couldn’t feel better than that. There is only one point you need to know that your equipment attained in PVE can’t be taken to that arena, owing to PVP’s completely independent system of equipment and materials.


No.4    Jumping puzzle and playing the market
Jumping puzzle is a place, where there is a different puzzle in separate zone differ to discovering spot, puzzle can’t be signed and you have to explore by yourself. By the way, the picture below is the jumping puzzle map of plain of Asfold. The currency of the Tyria is gold which you can use to improve your characters, skills and so on.


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Guide for SWTOR – Revamped and Ready to Battle

Three years old and still going strong, Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) has pulled at my strings again and undoubtedly those of numerous old players who took their characters to the end of beyond and then settled back into the real world. Released in December 2011, SWTOR is reputed to have set back Bioware by $100 to $200 million in development, though they have earned it back and then some! Let MmoGah shares SWTOR revamped guides to you!

Basic Play
When I started playing back in the day I was astounded at the level of immersion this game extends. The storyline, set 3000 years before the Star War movies, has 8 base classes and different stories for each class. Companions are critical, though out of a maximum 6 you can only have 1 actively engaged with you on a current mission. The rest can be sent out on other missions even when you’re offline.


The New Villains
With the latest installment, Knights of the Fallen Empire, SWTOR has risen to new heights! The Eternal Empire makes an entry having defeated both the Empire and the Republic. All players, new and old, face the new threat as the leader of a shaky partnership with old enemies. Personally, I found it an emotional experience to be fighting side by side with the Empire! Bioware has gone all out by making the enemy well known to all. You will spend quite some time learning about your new enemy - the Eternal Empire, and might even get some of their ex-officers as your companions. This level of engagement in the plot of an MMO is unheard of and in itself makes this game a worthwhile experience.

What to Expect
The introduction of a new enemy has placed SWTOR on unknown grounds. I found I could not guess at the storyline (having read too many Star Wars comic books and practically memorizing the movie dialogues I thought I was a Star Wars expert) because Knights of the Fallen Empire took me out of my comfort zone and into a whole new experience which will keep me hooked on for a while thanks to the slow release. Bioware has rolled out about half of the story for now and the rest will be dished out in small doses over 2016.

Improvements and Otherwise
Bioware has also done away with a lot of the flack. All companions can now be healer, tank or DPS, and you get to wear what you want regardless of your stats in the game. The single player mode is better than any other MMO I have experienced. Truth is, I got so engaged in my own personal Star Wars fantasy that I practically forgot other players! The old-fashioned combat mode has been solved, though not in a way most players will enjoy. Because of Bioware’s outdated server systems, the difficulty level of the combat has been drastically reduced making it boring when you heal faster than your enemies can take a strike!
Nevertheless, hats off to Bioware for coming up with an original and outstanding storyline and keeping old players hooked on through sheer creativity. You will find yourself too busy building alliances to focus on the game’s weak points.

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Where Can I Buy World of Warcraft Gold for Cheap, Fast, and Safe?

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Look, you don’t want to buy from them. You just don’t, okay? I have been ripped off by all those sites way to many times because I was really, really, really just wanting to go out and play the game and have fun. I mean jease, I don’t even know why World of Warcraft just doesn’t give you the gold but whatever, that’s a whole other discussion for another time. The fact is that you spend a lot of time farming and you don’t want to do that so you do look for those shortcuts and that is what sucks because the thing is I have been using you know those sites for so long that I finally basically decided to start looking for something solid and guess what guys? I found the absolute perfect safest and easiest website guaranteed hands down I’m living proof that it is real. This isn’t some fake testimony, it is nothing like that okay? I am an actual World of Warcraft player. I love the game with all my heart and soul and I found it. Finally, finally found it okay? The site is the best. It is called mmogah. I call it moogah but just so you understand what it is called if you want to look it up in Google which we will get to later, it is mmogah.


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