Overwatch Soldier 76 - A Brave Hero with High-Powered Rifle

Blizzard's new competitive shooter - Overwatch has launched, and it becomes one of the most talked games these days. You do not need a high-end PC to play, but it will offer you eye-catching visual if you have a powerful machine
Maybe you don't know which is the best hero in Overwatch when you begin to play the game.  That’s a tricky question. Almost all the heroes are good, if you play the hero correctly, it will win the matches, but what does mean of playing the hero correctly in a game? It means that the hero favours teamwork more than one lone wolf, so we will choose hero - Soldier 76 first. Let Mmogah tell you why we choose this hero.

Soldier 76 is a typical "Call of Duty" type character, running into combat cunningly and dealing massive damage with his pulse rifle. 

Soldier 76 advantages
- He is the most well rounded of the Assault heroes;
- He is a flexible Offense hero who able to sprint across the battlefield, because of that, he has decent scouting abilities;
- As a type of Offense hybrid, his healing aura (Biotic Field) can put down his teammates along with his longer range rifle and helix rockets.
- He moves quickly with handheld firefight to traverse the map. If you choose this hero, it is a great choice for you to find your feet in Overwatch;
Make sure you remember to try and stay at a medium range against all your opponents.

Here's a quick rundown of how each of his core Abilities work in battle.
Heavy Pulse Fire [LMB] - Soldier 76's standard weapon. It's the kind of high-powered, laser firing pulse rifle that you've seen in many games before, and can rattle off a rapid series of shots through the target's health pool.
Damage: 17 per shot
Ammo: 25
Total: 425
Helix Rockets [RMB] - When you are ready to kill the enemies, you need to switch over to the Soldier's Helix Rockets by hitting the right-mouse button, and then fire a big pile of rockets into your opponent's face. You also get a good bit of splash damage when firing at multiple targets, and it's a good way to take out high HP unit.
Damage: 120
Splash: Varies (80 cap)
Sprint [SHIFT] - Holding down the Shift button allows Soldier 76 to gain a temporary burst of speed. It is great for catching up with the rest of the team members after respawning, it can also help you to make a break for safety. The cooldown on this skill is pretty short too, so make sure to keep eyes on its availability at all times.
Biotic Shield [E] - Along with his impressive burst damage, Soldier 76 brings a little utility program to the team fight in the form of Biotic Shield Ability. Drop one of these fellas onto the floor and you'll not only provide yourself with a heal-over-time boost, you'll also provide the same benefit to any friendly hero who is close to you.
Healing: 35 per second
Duration: 5 seconds
Tactical Visor [Q] - Soldier: 76's Ultimate ability is a powerful thing indeed, and it is best used in focus on the squishiest characters in front of you if you want to get the most out of it each time.


Soldier 76 disadvantages
- The lack of specialization with his weapons or abilities;
- No vertical movement; a little impact on your ultimate when compared to other Assault heroes;
- The lack of powerful close range damage makes him less effective at flanking than heroes like Genji or Reaper, so he tends to serve his team best by staying with them and helping them out with suppressive fire from Heavy Pulse Rifle and healing from Biotic Field.
-Applying damage and maintaining distances at midrange can be really tricky. Against characters like Reinhardt with his shield, or Mei's ice wall, Soldier 76 is really easy to shut down. If you’re out of position, and Reaper or Tracer manage to get in close, not even your Biotic Field will save you.

All in all, it is easy to learn his skills and play this role but difficult to master his technique, making him a great pick for new players and veterans. If you have no energy to master the high technique, you can seek help from a reliable Overwatch power leveling store.

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Introduction of the Tower of Infinity


The Tower of Infinity will be presented to Blade and Soul players when the Vengeance Breaks update released, which is an ultimate single-player dungeon. In this tower, player will face humanoid AI-controlled boss of 8 existing classes of BNS. The higher floor you climb, the stronger boss you will meet. If you want to conquer the highest floor, you need to make great efforts in practicing your fight techniques.
The Tower of Infinity is adjacent to the Mushin’s Tower, they are both single-player dungeons, the former has a total of 100 floors, the latter has 15 floors in the current patch 2.1. In the Tower of Infinity, you will meet different bosses of 8 classes. Besides being familiar with the features of your own class, you should have a comprehensive understanding of other classes as well.


In the tower, you can choose one of the strategy martial arts, which randomly appears in each floor. They have different types such as powerful control skill, additional damaging skill or super defensive skill. There is a time limitation in each floor. If you defeat your enemy in fixed time, you can enter the next floor. If you are defeated or exceed the time, system will begin to calculate your scores including battle performance and corresponding awards.
There are some tips you should know. When boss has a about 60% HP, it will cast control-release skill like TAB or F. When 60% or lower, counter skills. Boss will not attack you but walk around when you use invincible skills. (Before floor 60, boss may use normal attack).
AI-Controlled System
The tower is an 1v1, PVE based dungeon. The boss’s AI become more wiser as you climb higher. The boss with higher AI is able to use resist, counter or control skills, which is harder to defeat compared with some real players.
Martial arts of strategy
The system of the tower provides you with 3 different martial arts. You can choose one of them after considering your strategy towards enemy in this floor. The one you chose can’t be used again in next floor, while the other 2 will be retained.


Overleap mechanism
The tower has a total of 100 floors and you can’t quit midway. To avoid climbing every floor one by one, an overleap mechanism is introduced here. The system will overleap floor for players according to their rest fight time. But if you are defeated or can’t defeat the boss in fixed time, system will sent you out and calculate your final scores.
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How to Fast Level Up in Black Desert

Black Desert Online is amazingly easy to fast level up. The vast majority of it involves grinding enemies but fortunately for you, it’s really interesting and incredibly quick. It’s possible to take you around 15 hours to reach maximum level if you know exactly where to go. Here, Mmogah is willing to show you guys the most efficient and effective guides summarized by some professionals.
10-15 Imps (Hidel Quarry)
15-18 Scarecrows (Moretti Plantation)
18-21 Al Rhundi Bandits (Castle Ruins)
21-24/25 Frogans (Glish Swamp)
25-29 Cultists (Bloody Monastery)
29-30/31 Red Orcs (Orc Camp/Southern Neutral Zone)
30-32 Bandits (Birhagi Den?)
30-34 Harpies (Mountainside of Delphe Knights Castle)
34-39/40 Abandoned Land
40-44 Chimera (West of Keplan)
44-50+ Catfish (Lake Kaia/Catfishman Camp)
The Detailed Steps of Fast Leveling Up


1. You get the quest to kill grass beetles after the basic tutorial, run north of the road to gain knowledge on parasitic bees. Then run down the road and gain knowledge on weasels before killing grass beetles and talking to your black spirit.

2. Your goal is to finish all the quests and hit level 10, after you finish the introduction quests while killing everything in your path heading south east to the imps.

3. You should talk to the introducing guard and the following NPCs to get a skill quest from black spirit, once arrival at the guard camp, then talk to Jonatt to get a quest, and at last go to Edan down south to get a quest.

4. Head east out of the guard camp and kill 2 packs of wolves, then run southward while killing tree spirits around the node point of the Secluded Forest until level 12.

5. When you reach level 12, head into the Ancient Stone Chamber to talk to Edan and do the awakening quest. You can choose to whether do the inventory slot quest to talk to the 6 statues in the room or not.

6. You head back outside with the black spirit quest to kill tree spirits. You can kill them and continue grinding to 13.

7. You head north with the black spirit quest to talk to Uno. Then take the quest to kill the Imp boss on the beach for your Elsh Weapon. Take the follow up quest to talk to the old man in Velia, then the girl Eileen. After turning in and taking her inventory slot quest, grab a horse from the stablemaster.  

8. Ride south to either the northern heidel quarry or alejandro farm and grind either spot until level 17.

9. When reaching level 17, you can accept the quests for your level 17 skill and the altar imp quest. Kill altar imps for a new weapon and take the next quest to climb the tower, and climb the tower. You can choose to whether grind imps to 18 and finish the next quest as well for a +2 human damage weapon or not.

10. In heidel, You can talk to enrico to do the ‘commercial power’ quest, talk to bobby lauren who gives quest ‘bobby laurens request’, talk to Jordine who gives quest ‘military power in heidel’ which gives you 2 inventory slots and unlocks the skill trainer to turn in your 17 skill quest.

11. Here, make sure you restock and clean bags, then you can head south east to the scarecrow farm to grind here until around level 19.

12. When reaching level 19, you should head further south to the alrhundi rebels and kill them on the ground floor of the castle between 20 and 21, which totally depends on your class and gear.

13. At Lv21, you can just grind the top of the castle to reach around level 25-26.

14. At Lv 25-26, you can accept the three black spirit quests ‘awakening’ ‘glish’ and your classes level 20 skill. Turn in the skill quest at the Serendia gateway just outside of the castle ruins, then ride to the awakening.

15. Ride south to glish. Talk to npc ‘Kanna’ to be able to talk to ‘Freharau’ and turn in ‘Glsih’ quest, this will allow you to accept black spirit quest ‘Red-finned Naga’. Also grab ‘Glazed Naga Oil’ quest from selaine near the entrance, and restock.

16. Head northwest to kill naga to complete the quests. Then accept the next quest ‘Better Weapon Needed’ to kill nagas north east. Upon completion, restock in glish, then equip your new weapon and head to the monastery in the south.

17. Grind the monastery until level 29-30, 28 if you are skilled/in a group.

18. Head north west to the red orcs, accept black spirit quest ‘kitty stolen by red orcs’ and complete this quest chain, asking you to deliver the cats to oliviero, then ‘battle in the nuetrel zone’ and then ‘dignified orcs’. All the while grinding to 32.

19. At 32, head west to delphe castle with a new black spirit quest ‘sky fall’. Turn it in, and do the ‘desire for power’ quest for your final leveling weapon. Restock, head northwest to the khuruto caverns.

20. Grind kurutos until level 35-36. At 35 you can leave for the refugee camp west and grind there to 38, or at 36 leave north for Caphras Cave.

21. Grind Caphras until around 39-40.

22. Accept the awakening quest from black spirit to go to the bree tree ruins to the west, run through the ruins and complete the quest, then ride south to the chimaeras outside of keplan.

23. Grind Chimaeras until level 46~ then decide to go Mansha to 48, Giants to 48, or straight to catfish to 50. If you didn’t go directly to catfish at 50, swap to them when you hit 48 regardless.

24. Optional: at 48 you can stop purely grinding and start doing the black spirit quests ‘Need a Sharper Weapon” and “Familiar Aura”.

25. At 49, you will get a co-op quest to kill balemorn, this quest requires that you had done all 4 awakenings mentioned in the guide thus far, and you must complete this quest to hit level 50. Once done, finish grinding to hit 50.

Note: The guides on the top are shared by elite black desert gamers, they are really good use in leveling up, just 15 hours.

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Lv 40-50 Power Leveling
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Guide for Grinding in Tree of Savior

Like other MMOG games, it is a difficult task to grind in Tree of Savior also. Especially for the players above the level of 50 dungeons. Now, I want to talk about grinding mainly in my article. As many player know, usually there are three goals for grinding in tree of savior, they are Recipe Components, Silver, and EXP separately. In fact, pure grinding is a facet in tree of savior. You need to spend more time on quest grind in TOS. In order to help all players know grinding well, I would like to explain it below. Here we go.

Quest grinding is the genre that most players expect from the modern MMORPG. They expect to tell them what to do, where to go, how to do it. Etc. Most of these games show that a player from one area to the next place on individual and choose to pursue the order, apart from using strike capability.

Guide for quest mill design in MMOG is a simple way which allows people to play in the games, because the vision is defined so clearly. There is not much thinking need to involve in, and there is no shortage of tasks to be completed, however most of the tasks still need players to kill X numbers of monsters in any pursuit, so it is different from a simple grinding.


Pure grind means getting out and killing a bunch of mobs in succession. It is a long procession and it may be no interesting to do it in tree of savior, you just run around in a small area, and blow everything and then change the channel repeatedly, which is not fun particularly. Back to the town, selling those drops, and see enjoyable silver equilibrium swelling. Not everyone believes this process is a good thing. It is not a basic tutorial in tree of savior and the story missions are beyond holding. Largely you are on your own outside the realm, which means you need to find out the best way forward. Generally it is considered that polish is the best way. Because the rate is recorded in the later beta. With the EXP rate continues, the leveling becomes more and more difficult.

Until you reach to level 80+there is no shortage of tasks to keep your EXP repair, however the task of the NPC will not show on the map directions, you still have to seek paired pure grinding mill. For example, a lot of players playing around level 40-60, and then they begin to wonder why they make bull dozed down and cannot kill the mobs effectively. The reason is that they do not keep their equipment up to standard, and they missed 50 dungeons, or maybe they have not been talking to every NPC, and the only thing they see is the sprinkle map for those quests needed. But sometimes they just need to whip out their weapons and start pounding on things.

Doing a magic soil series is the least harm and actually it attacks automatically. Then add these "bonus hit", such as cafrisun, sacraments, enchant fire, Elemental Effects, Mr Arde Lam and dagger. With the typical combination of cafrisun, Mr Arde Lam and sacraments, the blessing is optional, so you can buy it. Because it has reached the limit and you can make auto-attack actually, which causes more damage than using of class skills. The best part is the universal combination, every class can use it, which means that due to the combination, no matter how awful your mill class is or even full-CON compiler you are, you will have a certain degree of output, so it is a very pretty easy level. In addition, also you can do some serious auto damage. You may feel like a restriction Master. You could give some of the armors like int or magical damage, and even increase the SP, so you can get proficient in magic properties.

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The Most Representative Q&A of FFXIV Patch 3.3, Which Are You Concerned About?

As we all know, FFXIV Patch 3.3 will be grandly released on June 7. The new patch 3.3-Reveng of the Horde really gains all of the folks’ attention, and they can’t wait for it. Most experienced and smart players are busy preparing for the new patch, they choose to purchase full ffxiv gil in stock, in order to buy higher level materials and weapons, or choose ask some professional power leveling for help to level up their characters so that they can directly play new level classes or jobs when the new patch is online. In addition, more players are focus on the new contents and updates of patch 3.3, and have so many questions about it. Mmogah here will summarize some representative Q&A in the official forum for you guys.


Q: What exactly does a main scenario writer do?
A: Natsuko: I was actually called by this title for the first time during the QA. I work with Oda who is in charge of the lore to write the main scenario. Oda is in charge of Patch 3.3 main scenario quest.
Patch 3.3 main scenario
As you can infer from the patch title, Revenge of the Horde, this will be the conclusion of the Dragonsong War.
Yoshida: Not from dev. team’s point of view but from a player’s point of view, what would you want to happen to Estinien?
A: I would like Estinien to be saved.

Q: How freely can you write scenarios for FFXIV? Does it have to involve requests from other departments such as “please have this race in the story”, “make sure to have the players visit this specific area”?

A: It depends on the quest, but we cannot simply write anything that we want. It’s important to keep the overall experience in mind and ensure that the story is enjoyable. We received a request from the battle team where they wanted the adventurers to fight against themselves, so we wrote a scenario based on this request.

Q: The dark knight job quest was really interesting. Can you please let us know how you came up with this story?

A: Because I feel close to all the stories I wrote, it’s difficult to explain this. When writing the dark knight story, I had an image of dark knights from the FF series in mind, and imagined a dark knight sacrificing something to fight through. We’ve received requests for a continuation of that story so there may be a separate scenario waiting. For now, please continue your ventures with Fray.

Q: I really liked both the dark knight and alchemist story. Please let us know if there’s any specific story you would like to write next.

A: I would like to write something similar to Matoya’s cave, where you can read up on their everyday lifestyle. Aside from this, near the end of 2.x series, Buscarron is worried about Laurentis in South Shroud, so I would like to write a story based on this.

Q: I personally like the members of the rogues’ guild. I’d like to hear more about how they formed and some other stories about them. Will we ever be doing anything with them again?

A: Thank you. I’d like to do something with them again, and I will look into this proactively. Thieves from past FF games have a unique coolness to them.

Q: I really love Haurchefant! I believe there were many stories in Patch 3.2 that reminded us of him, was this your intention?

A: It’s not because I’m writing it that I wanted to write more about him, but I wanted to write this from a player’s point of view, where they ventured through Ishgard. I pushed Meaehiro to change the scene with Haurchefant inside the intercessory in Patch 2.55. I would like for everyone to feel the struggles that our adventurers will continue to go through in these stories.


Above all, it’s time for us to count down, the new patch 3.3 will be coming soon. Mmogah really thinks it will be pretty successful and be welcomed by all of you, two new dungeons I guess can be harder to pass through, much challenging and the cute mounts flies in the sky with shaking its tail, so adorable! There are still Anima Weapons, new beast tribe quests, flowerpots… Seriously, patch 3.3 is really worthwhile for you guys to play, and you should be well prepared for it. If you need any help, you can trust us, we’d like to help you. “Customer First”!

Very Important Tips and Tricks for New Players in Overwatch

Overwatch - the fight for the future has begun. It is one of the most refreshing shooters we've seen. It requires completely new tactics that are different from the usual modern, and its 6v6 match mechanics offer both a fun throwback and an entirely new intricate beast.

All players need tactics, team work, experience, skill and moxie to boost overwatch rankings, but few players are focused on improving their skills and learning the intricacies of the game. Here Mmogah as a reliable Overwatch power leveling site shares some useful information with you, so if you don’t know how to play Overwatch, you should read this article before playing the game.


1. Start from an easy character
Your first decision is to choose one hero. There are 21 heroes in Overwatch, and each hero brings different gameplay. If you’re only interested in killing, you can choose an offense hero; if you understand how to control the enemy to win the matches, you can choose defense hero; if you want to stay alive, a tank is your best bet.
We advise you to start from an easy character, and easy characters are Soldier 76, Reinhardt, Bastion and Lucio, these four characters we have detailed in The best heroes guide in Overwatch, you can choose one suitable for you.

2. Switch your character
This game allows you to switch characters at any time as long as you are in the safe room.  If you find yourself on the receiving end of a world of pain, don’t just keep beating your head against the wall. Switch your hero to another.
You’ll probably find your favorite character pretty quickly, but don’t become too attached, or you can't switch out a fight.


3. A well rounded team increases your chance of winning.
Don't get stuck with a single hero! Too many players selected characters they like and want to play, with no regard for team composition or map strategy. Look for synergies and counters to give your team an edge, and never be inflexible when it comes to change heroes.  
Running to murder the enemy is not a winning strategy. If you don’t work with your team and push the object, you’re foolish. We know it is difficult to ask your pals to play the game at the same time – even your friends are in the same style of game.
When everybody’s in it for themselves, you all lose. It is best to leave your favourite character on the bench and pick up another role sometimes, and your chances of victory will increase significantly with a good balance of roles on hand.

4. Kill the Support is one of the important things
There is a chance that you'll be able to do enough damage to kill a player, if you skirmish with he/she, but it is paramount to defeat the player in most situations that is going to support that guy, and the rest of his team member back up to full health and safety.

5. Never stop shooting
Ammunition is unlimited. Don’t save your trigger finger only for your personal tally: pop everything you see. You can even do this before the enemy appears.
When you’re trying to pin the enemies down and control their movement, you are a winner.

6. Practice is progression
If your skill is not high, you need to learn the maps, practise with your favourite heroes and work with your buddies, but if you have no time or high technology to win the matches, you can ask a professional Overwatch boosting service site for help.

7. Keep moving around the battlefield
That is to make it harder for enemies to locate and aim at you.
You need to keep moving at any moment, and change your approach angles and directions. Being mobile both mechanically and strategically will make you a tough target for opponents.

8. Stay near the payload
Many players ignored the payload and tried to kill everyone. We advise you to stay near the payload. When you approach an unaware enemy, you can't open fire at once, you need to watch your surroundings first.

9. Be careful with snipers
Overwatch favours snipers: this is a hero who devotes to long distance control. A good defensive player knows the maps well and camps not for killing enemies but keeps the opposing team pinned down somewhere.
The best fight against snipers is to learn the maps, so you can use the cover and avoid their sneaky ways.

10. Don’t save your ultimate
These "ultimate" abilities are the most powerful abilities in Overwatch, and players can release their ultimate abilities to beat the enemies. It’s better to use your ultimate abilities liberally, securing a few kills or clearing an objective point, allowing them to build up again. Using your most powerful skills is always better than finishing the game with your ultimate meter full, but monstrously powerful skills left unused.

All in all, we hope these tips are helpful for you, and we will continue sharing Overwatch guide with you. If you have no time or high technology to win the matches, you can ask a professional Overwatch power rankings service site for help.

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3D Film Warcraft: The Beginning Will Sweep Into Theaters Globally on June 10, 2016


The Warcraft Film is treasured in many gaming communities, which attracts players’ wide attention, especially Wowers’. Warcraft: The Beginning from famous Blizzard Entertainment is upcoming, so will you step into the theater to witness that thrilling moment?

When refer to the Warcraft film, you may firstly relate it to MMORPG World of Warcraft. As Wowers all know, it will cost not less than several hours when talking about how the story in world of Warcraft begins because there are many different versions. However, the story in WoW takes place several decades after that in Warcraft Film, that is to say, the film will show us a fairly different epic world!

Warcraft: The Beginning is an American Epic Fantasy Film that published by Blizzard, directed by Duncan Jones, released by Universal Pictures. There are film stars: Travis Fimmel, Paula Patton, Ben Foster, Donimic Cooper, Toby Kebbell and so on. I think you shouldn’t miss the opportunity for this film premiere on that Friday in June. The film portrays the initial encounters between Orcs and Humans and takes place in a variety of locations established in the video game series. The events shown in the film is most close to the 1994 RTS game, Warcraft: Orcs & Humans. If you are interested in How Is It from Warcraft to World of Warcraft, you can see this article.

Plot (refer to wikipedia)
How the events take place on the world of Azeroth……

Azeroth stands on the brink of war as its civilization, led by the humans, faces a fearsome race of invaders: Orc warriors fleeing their dying world of Draenor to find their place in another. As a gateway known as the Dark Portal opens to connect the two worlds, the humans face destruction while the orcs face extinction. Anduin Lothar(Travis Fimmel), the leader of humans, and Durotan (Toby Kebbell), leader of the orcs, are then sent on a collision course that will decide the fate of their families, their people and their home.
The film will be sure to wake up your memories if you have played the Warcraft series video game. At the same time, Blizz has also announced that players will receive in-game gift in celebration of the film’s release. From May 25- August 1, players who log in to WoW will receive a set of movie-inspired transmogrification items, which as follows:


Blizz has put off the Warcraft film to 2016 because in 2015, there was another MMO film Star Wars: The Force Awakens. What Wowers are waiting for is coming! More than 96% of players show that they WANT TO SEE Warcraft Film (data collected from Rottentomatoes).


Runtime of the film is 1 hour 40 mins. "Here was a unique opportunity to take a game that I knew well and loved and try to craft something that would invite an audience to see what all the fuss was about," Jones told The Guardian. "I wanted to give people a sense of why so many people play and care about the game."
Jones, speaking with Chinese website Mtime, explains: "A Warcraft film should not be about a good race of humans battling an evil race of orcs. Warcraft should be about heroes on both sides trying to avoid a conflict, when villains leave them no choice." In other words, things aren't black and white in this world.
Stay tuned in the theaters on June 10, 2016! As a trustworthy gaming website, MmoGah will continue sharing latest world of Warcraft news. At the same time, for any need of safe WoW Gold and Handwork WoW Power Leveling, please contact us at any time when you are free.

source: https://www.mmogah.com/news/news/tag/wow

Guide to the Altar of Divine Will

Guide to the Altar of Divine Will


The battle between the character and Jinsoyun finally erupted at the Altar of Divine will. Jinsoyun determined to summon the Dark Lord to the Eastern Realm to fulfill her ambition. As a Hoonmoon disciple, you should strive to stop this evil power. This dungeon is only available for a 6-man team.


Dungeon Location:
Silverfrost Mountain→Talus Dominion Palace→Altar of Divine Will
1. First stage of Jinsoyun
It is not difficult to defeat Jinsoyun in this stage. She has a not high skill damage and mainly uses melee skills, only two skills need to notice: First, a lightning AOE circle, pay attention to not run into this circle. Second, she can float in the air and cast a strike-ground skill which will give you a knockdown effect. If you are hit, you will under continuous floating hits. In a word, you should prepare to use resist skills or SS to block this skill when you see a red circle on the ground.
Skill list:
AOE knockdown skill. You can run out of the range or use block skill.


Dark blade:
Release her blade’s dark chi forwards with a low casting speed.


Dark pulse:
A large damaging photosphere. Use block or counter skills to resist.


Summon demons:
Summon a number of demons which have no damage but will cast a slow-down debuff to you.


Phantom grip:
Drain your HP slowly when gripped. Use invincible skills like QESS to avoid.


Dark Chi bursting:
Suddenly burst her dark Chi to knock back you and deal damage.


She jumps into the air and uses her blade to strike the ground. If you are knocked down, a set of floating hits are waiting for you, dealing huge damage.


Dark retribution:
Summon a wide range of lightning circle. After that, Jinsoyun will cast four-hits slash to aggro target, the fourth hit has a floating effect.

2. Second stage of Jinsoyun
Skill list:
Summon evils: same to the first stage.


Continuous dark pulse:
Jinsoyun will cast several dark photospheres to a single player.


Dark Jinsoyun’s avatars:
Jinsoyun can summon two avatars timingly, which can use phantom grip and dark pulse skills to aggro target. Try to kill avatars first to keep tank’s safe.


Full-screen skill of Dark Jinsoyun:
When subtitle appears, there will be five phantoms of your master. You should run to one of them to avoid this super skill, which will deal horrible damage if you don’t avoid.
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How to Choose Safe FFXIV Gil and 100% Handwork FFXIV Power Leveling with Never Scam

As one of the most popular MMORPGs, there is no doubt that Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) successfully owns tens of hundreds of players. Moreover, the frequent updates of ffxiv patch further attract a larger number of new gamers. For such hot and populous MMO, whose gil and power leveling must be in keen demand, gil for materials, weapons, house and leveling up, while power leveling for fast leveling up, difficult dungeons and Anima Weapons, so gamers have to purchase gil and power leveling from gold selling websites. Here is the question that always bothers ffxiv folks how to choose Safe FFXIV Gold and 100% Handwork FFXIV Power Leveling website. Here, Mmogah volunteers its services, “ffxiv gil” ranks No.1, “ffxiv power leveling” ranks No.2 in google and you guys can check whether it is trustful or not


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3. We can deposit your FFXIV Gil to your FC chest.

4. Skip the Gil, Get the Item You Want: We buy items off the Market Board then trade the items instead of FFXIV Gil. This method is also very safe, but very slow and unpredictable with prices—it is easier to simply buy the Gil you need in most cases, but if you prefer this method please let us know.
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Guide for Earth Tower Floor 1-5 in Tree of Savior

With the development of the storyline in Tree of Savior, some players talk about earth tower issue recently. In MMOG of tree of savior, the Earth Tower of endgame dungeon is a DPS (damage per second) race with waves of mobs coming at your group constantly. According to the requirement of most players, today Mmogah wants to share some information about this, and hopes it can benefit for you in your playing.


Floor 1
First Object – You need to kill 150 monsters.
For the floor 1, a lot of things I think you should pay more attention to. Next to the stair 2 barriers will give your casters/ranged some buffer room in the back, and you need to prepare to attack on each wave for killing the mobs coordinately. The mobs here are a bit of buggy, so don't go out and taunt, it'll trigger massive mobs to go through their spell cycle. Be careful of being linked to your party members. This floor is a DPS check primarily.

Floor 2
Second Object – You need to defend the 2 Celestial Orbs.
Do the following things. You just run around with the mobs, and you don't need to kill them in a hurry. Peltasta 3 can taunt them all, so you can barrier the orbs. If you don't have a peltasta 3, take it easy, it doesn't matter really, any CC should help you, Stamina Pills are nice here. So this floor is pretty easy accordingly. Right?

Floor 3
Third Object – You need to destroy the totem (200 HP)
As the damage is launched by totem all the time, we need to destroy it, and the only person who can attack the totem is the one that can defeat the ghost mob (gain a 20s buff). Give it to your QS3 (quick shooter 3), or give it to an elementalist w/pass to destroy the totem as quickly as you can. Any fast attacking class/multi-hit or multi-line class should be able to do it well. Around the totem staggering barriers can help your DPS power down safely.

Floor 4
Forth Object – You need to gather 200 energy.
On this floor you can gain some energy. You just need to run around and stay alive on the whole, you can see all mobs here are melee. As you know the tank can do this alone if pel 3, also pel 1 can barely manage to do it alone too. Only 2 griffin mobs will spawn later, but they are still all melee. So Stamina Pills are very nice here.

Floor 5
Fifth Object – You need to kill a boss.
Strategy – Really it is pretty easy, the biggest issue is unable to see his attacks, but sometimes he grounds to the center. So you need to seize the opportunity and try to kill the boss when it grounds, don’t miss the point and good luck to you.

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Unbelievable and Amazing Overwatch is Coming on May 24

Over 9.7 million players have joined Overwatch - the fight for the future on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One during its Open Beta, which makes it became the largest test of scope in the history of Blizzard! In just a little over 7 days, heroes from all around the world have joined the fight for more than 4.9 billion minutes (that's over 81 million hours) and more than 37 million matches of intense competitive action, incredible teamwork, which brought players all-out fun.


These numbers can't show our excitement, so in order to celebrate this milestone, and thanks to everyone who had attended the game, we've collected some stats from the Open Beta as below.
Many players would like to choose these Heroes: Soldier: 76 (Offense), Widowmaker (Defense), Reinhardt (Tank) and Mercy (Support). We have introduced some heroes in the last article: The best heroes in Overwatch . If you want to know more about Overwatch news, you can visit Mmogah.com. This site can provide Overwatch power leveling service for you, so if you have not much time or energy on the game, you can seek our help.


All in all, Overwatch is so amazing that you can't miss it, and we'll see you on the battlefield on May 24!

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How to Level Up Fast and Get Loot in Overwatch

Do you like the fast-paced team shoot video game but hate having to become a master of precision aiming skills? Overwatch is for you. Like many games, you can acquire experience points (or XP) when playing matches. The XP can be gained from PVP and PVE matches. Of course, because of the nature of the game, you will receive more XP from quick matches due to the more difficulty involved in playing against other players. Here Mmogah guides a breakdown of the game’s XP system, how to level up fast and get loot in overwatch.

The XP requirement will be increased as leveling up. It means that you have to spend more time or energy playing to earn more XP and unlock more stuff. Considering there isn't showing the ratio of kill/death at the end of each match, we advise you to use teamwork and try to use your abilities more than to kill each other.
The amount of XP you receive from a match is based upon many factors. Note that there are no currently known limits on how high you can level up in Overwatch.

Here's the latest info on how XP is gained in the game
- 4.01 XP is gained for each second that you are active in a match.
- 300 XP is awarded based on the highest medal you earned. Gold Medals are worth 150 XP, Silver Medals are worth 100 XP, and Bronze Medals are worth 50 XP.
- 250 XP is awarded, if you are in the match until the end of the game, no matter the outcome.
- 500 XP is awarded, if your team wins the match.

Here's the latest breakdown of the XP for levelling up in Overwatch
You are acquired earn the amount of XP to reach each level. It grows incrementally, but once you reach level 23, the amount of XP scale to unlock a new level remains 22,000 as the standard. The good part is that the amount of XP can't higher than 22,000, Overwatch becomes a bit grind when you really get into it. If you want to get XP only by grinding, it is hard to boost Overwatch power rankings, you can seek help from a reliable Overwatch power leveling site.


How to get Loot?
A random selection of customization options comes in Loot Boxes - you'll unlock one box every time as leveling up. Loot Boxes are one of the most popular items in Overwatch. Loot is divided into four categories: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. You are guaranteed at least one Rare item from each Loot Box you open.
These boxes are also completely randomized, it means that nobody tells you what you can get and when you can open them, and you can receive duplicate items sometimes. Loot items include: Hero skins, new emotes, victory poses, voice lines, sprays, highlight intros and avatars - all these items are cosmetic only. You will be awarded an unknown amount of in-game credits to acquire any specific cosmetic you want and receive a new Portrait Frame every 10 levels (until you've earned them all).


Loot Boxes can be opened from the main menu, you can unlock new customization options to make your heroes look and sound unique on the battlefield. First, head to the main menu and select the Hero Gallery option, then you can see all your options and how many you’ve unlocked. Heroes have 10 different skins, so you’ve got your work cuts out for you. You’d better carry on playing if you want to eventually unlock all Loot Boxes.

All in all, we hope the above information is helpful for you to level up fast. As a professional site, we always share the Overwatch guide with you, so don't hesitate to visit us.

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How to Choose a Safe Tree of Savior Power Leveling Site without Getting Banned

Not only TOS Gold but also TOS Power Leveling is hot sale at MmoGah.com. The orders of tos power leveling service at MmoGah are more and more recently. Since players need to do quests and grind low­ level tasks again and again, but most players have no time to do it, and they would like to choose tos power leveling instead of grinding by themselves. It is a fast and convenient way to speed up their level and catch other players’ steps. Power Leveling is not based on the cheapest price, but the safest and best service!”

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1. What do players worry about before buying tos power leveling?
It must be the security of their accounts. As all tree of savior players know that tos power leveling can help players play skillfully in the game, but if their accounts got banned, it would be a big loss. Once you choose other sites, we are not sure your account won't got banned, if you choose tree of savior power leveling at Mmogah, there is no need to worry about that, since we have 100% handmade Tree of Savior Power leveling by professional players (no bots/no cheats/no other illegal methods), which can make sure your account’s safety. Until now, none of our customers got banned for buying tos power leveling service at mmogah, since we have a professional power leveling team for many years, and our players play your account around 16 hours a day, who will boost your character ASAP.

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FFXIV Patch 3.3-Revenge of the Horde Will Be Released at the Beginning of June

Square Enix has announced that FFXIV Patch 3.3 will be released at the beginning of June, and updated a series of new information regarding the upcoming Patch 3.3 Revenge of the Horde. Here, Mmogah will show you the new ffxiv official information again.

Main Scenario: Litany of Peace
The conference held at Falcon’s Nest was intended to celebrate the reconciliation between man and dragon. But the lingering shade of Nidhogg, clad in the flesh of the Azure Dragoon, marked the occasion by spilling the blood of his own kind─a timely atrocity to remind the children of Ishgard that the conflict was far from over. In those twilight hours Nidhogg cried out for vengeance, and his brethren raised their voices for the final chorus of the Dragonsong War.


Chronicles of a New Era: The Warring Triad
Sephirot, the Fiend, first of the Warring Triad to awaken, fell to the combined might of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn. However, these gods of eld are not the only threat with which you and yours must contend, for the Garlean Empire and her loyal servant, Regula van Hydrus, still seek to harness primal powers. Should they be allowed to succeed, the fate of this very star may be forever changed…


Sorh Khai
Majestic and forgotten, its existence unrecorded in the annals of man, a palace rests atop the clouds in the farthest reaches of the Churning Mists. This skyborne splendor was once home to Ratatoskr, brood-sister to Hraesvelgr and Nidhogg, until the treachery of mortals ensured that its stones would never again ring under the she-wyrm’s talons. The dragons named it “Sohr Khai,” a grieving apology for their failure to avert her fate, and they watched with infinite sadness as Ratatoskr’s empty roost was overrun by bird and beast.


Hullbreaker Isle (Hard)
To the chagrin of countless treasure hunters, the golden coffer of the legendary Mistbeard was not to be found on Hullbreaker Isle. And so like the mists which had withdrawn to reveal the isle did those ambitious souls depart to seek fame and fortune elsewhere, allowing Eynzhar Slafyrsyn to quietly petition Admiral Merlwyb for permission to repurpose it as a training ground for Maelstrom recruits.


With the new patch around the corner, how is everyone preparing for new content? Some guy is saving up Gil to buy his/her FC a bigger house. Leveling up his/her Gatherer’s so he/she can farm maps and does the new rogue like dungeon a lot. What about you guys?

How to Make WoW Gold Fast Without Getting Banned

It is not a new topic for making gold in World of Warcraft, which is an old MMO released by Blizzard Entertainment in 2004. However, the importance of WoW Gold has not diminished because Wowers are always in need of gold on their challenging boosting way, upgrading weapon, gear, armors and accessories. Then How to Make WoW Gold Fast? Here I share some good ways with players for reference, at the same time, if anything is out of the way, please let me know in time.


Doing quests for rewards

Players can make wow gold from quests, which will give wow gold as reward when completed. Players can also get different quest item rewards and sell them to vendors for more gold. Even though this is the basic way, players cannot ignore it. It needs much patience for this method and when players reach Lv.80, they can gain 10-20 gold for a quest. Quests for Daily’s can gain quicker and much more wow gold than regular quests, so target them!

Making gold through professions

Different professions have different gold making strategies. I think this is the best way because it’s solid and easy. For example:
  • Inscription profession can make Card of Omens which can be sold for 10G/per card and a character can make 20 cards for a day. Laughing Tarot, Savage Tarot, Ocean Tarot can be sold 500G for one and Darkmoon Card of Dreanor can be sold between 100~500G.
  • Tailoring profession can make Hexweave Bag which can be sold for 2,000G each.
  • For Engineering profession, the Sky Golem is a good choice for making gold and each can be sold for over 15,000 gold. Findle’s Loot-A-Rang is worth 250G each.
  • Alchemy is one of the best ways to make gold because potions and flasks are always in need for dungeons and raids. Alchemical Catalyst sells for 4 gold each and if you are not using them, it’s a good money maker. Vial of the Sands is a popular mount which is obtained with archaeology and then sold for 40,000 each.
  • Mining is a good way for gold because of the Garrison Mine. Players can make money by heading out to all the lower Lv zones and farming ores, which can sell from 1-5G each.
  • Cooking is also a great money maker because Pvpers and raiders all need food for buffs. Most food can sell for 1-5G each.
  • Making gold through fishing is also nice and most fish can be sold for 1-3G each.
All in all, making world of Warcraft gold through professions is a long-term work which needs players’ patience.

Raiding Dungeons

If players need certain amount of gold and have enough time, then raiding dungeons is a great way.

But there may be a risk that players cannot sell the items and they just sit around in bags. Dungeons are fairly easy to run and can be soloed up to MoP. Cata raids net the most gold because it’s the nearest soloable dungeon in World of Draenor. If players can run any raid possible from LK to MoP, they can get 500-2,000. Remember to equip with decent gear for better solo ability.

Making gold through Tokens

It has become one of the best ways to make wow gold since the Token was introduced in World of Draenor. Players can buy Tokens from in-game store with dollars and sell them for gold in Auction House. Certainly players should focus on the profit. A WoW Token can be sold for around 40,000-45,000 gold (there may be fluctuations).

Repeating soloing 25-man Cataclysm Raids

This is also great for farming more wow gold. Spend some time in repeating Cataclysm Raids with different characters each week.

Selling Savage Blood

Selling Savage Blood in Auction House can make more wow gold. Players always buy them in large quantities and it is easy to collect them.

WoD Epics

Crafting Warlords of Draenor epics constantly.

Gems and Flasks

They are always sell well on the Auction House.

Taking well use of Auction House is quite important for players, focusing on items prices for larger profit margin. The information above is only for players’ reference and for more World of Warcraft News, please focus on MmoGah, which is a trustworthy gaming website for latest news, at the same time, if players need safe wow gold (Compensate Statement for Removed WoW Gold) or wow power leveling, please contact the 24-hour Live Chat! The Affiliate Program is hot at MmoGah.com now, especially for World of Warcraft, from which sponsors can get 10% commission, so grasp the chance to earn good money now!


Tree of Savior Review from a Senior Experienced Player

In the mysterious absence of the Goddesses who were supposed to the protectors of the world, the Demon Goddess Giltine has risen into power and amassed a horde of demons to bring the realm under her chaotic rule. The demons have wreaked havoc on major human settlements while decimating the human forces. The Medzio Diena as the world knows the war as laid the foundations for the coming of a savior who will bring the light back into the world once again – You!

With such an intriguing storyline to start the game off, Tree of Savior is indeed an MMORPG that rivals the likes of other popular anime-based MMORPGs like Ragnarok 2. As it has recently become free-to-play, many players are eager to give the game a try. However, to begin your exciting journey, you’ll need to create a character first.

Character creation in tree of savior is a pretty straightforward process. You’ll need to pick 1 out of the 4 different archetype classes, namely swordsman, wizard, archer and cleric. These classes have their own play styles and range of advanced classes, which you can then unlock at level 15. Free-to-play players will be able to create up to 4 characters per account. So basically, you’ll be able to create 1 of each class if you’re the type of player who likes to try them all out.


Character customisation is pretty limited in this game though. The most you could do is to change the hairstyle of the character and pick either Klaipeda or Orsha as your starting city. It’s also interesting to note that the game doesn’t have races per sec.

If you’re used to the common WASD controls system, you may get quite a shock at first since the game’s default controls is keyboard-based, meaning you’ll need to use arrow keys to move. Thankfully, you are able to easily change the controls from default/ keyboard to mouse controls or even to using controllers. However, if you like, you can simply keep the controls as it is.

Character progression is the main aspect of all MMOs, and in Tree of Savior, your progression is measured not only by your character’s level, which can go up to a whopping 270 levels, but also by his or her strength. There are plenty of factors that will account for your hero’s strength though, ranging from stats, skills and attributes, as well as equipments and their associated and assorted enhancements. It’s quite a challenge to balance out your characters’ stats, but a bit of googling should be able to help.

In Tree of Savior, PvE mainly consists of questing and monster hunting. Questing usually involve sending you, the hero, to various locations to kill troublesome creatures that may turn out to be a powerful boss or an elite monster. Combat in this game is very fluid, requiring you to move around a lot, especially when bosses are involved. The spells that these elite bosses cast can hurt… a lot. Similar to other old-school-like MMOs, there is quite a lot of grinding involved in questing. Kill stealing is also something that players may need to contend with – something that may bring out some form of nostalgia for older players.

Interestingly, instead of needing to run all the way back to the quest giver in order to get your quest rewards, the game provides a nifty “Return” button which will almost instantly teleport you to the quest giver. This is particularly convenient when you are exploring the various floors of a dungeon-like questing location. Monster Hunting, on the other hand, will require a well-formed group of players where players can try to track down tough-to-kill boss monsters that drop rare loot and crafting items.

Besides the mini-map, navigating the world in Tree of Savior is also simple enough due to its map overlay system, meaning that you’ll be able to move your character while viewing the map as it is superimposed on your screen. There’s even an equally convenient warping a.k.a. teleport system to quickly transport you to a questing location from the city where most of the trainers, traders, and various facilities are housed.

For players who like the taste of another player’s blood from time to time, Tree of Savior has an instanced PvP system in place for you to test your mettle. The matches are 5-vs-5s and the game equalise the participating players in terms of gear. You can also easily queue up for the PvP arena from anywhere in the world.
Last but not least, we’ll take a quick look at the game’s in-game shop. Most of the items available there are cosmetics, convenience items, skill resets, and more. These items can be bought using TPs which can be, in turn, purchased using real money. There are even Tokens that can be bought using TPs or silvers if you’re buying it from another player. Players with activated Tokens are similar to players with premium accounts in other MMORPGs - You’ll gain access to certain features that are restricted to the common free-to-play player.

In short, Tree of Savior is an amazing and in-depth MMORPG that is as challenging as it is fun. If you enjoy playing anime-based MMORPGs that are more fleshed out as compared to the browser-based sort, you’ll definitely be in for a treat! Play TOS for free now!

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