One of the Best Ways to Earn Fifa 15 Coins

FIA 15 Coins is important as it lets you continue playing the game. According to the latest data of EA, FIFA 15 game goals are over 3.3 billion. It’s obvious that fifa 15 game is more and more popular. After football stars transferring market, a new season is going along. The price of the star will be adjusted. So take this chance to make some money to get good players that you want to add to your team.

One of the best ways of accumulating a lot of coins is by buying cheap and selling expensive. To buy a player, you must have chip. It means that you can buy a common player first. So fifa 15 coins can come in handy. Mmogah is your best choice. Fifa 15 coins is hot on sale. You can get 3% discount if you use the coupon “mmogah3”. 

If you want to get large coupons, please look at "How to Get Large Coupons" at mmogah. Waiting for a high price to sell the common player. After getting money you can buy a big name. For example, I bought Emenike in 25m first. Barcelona offered 50m to get him later. Then I have more money to buy the Insigne etc. By the second season you can do this transaction as the same case.

Before you do this you have to study the market carefully and thoughtfully. You’d better not trade by accident. You can't buy a card casually and except that you will find someone willing to buy it a higher price. You need to study the market and to spend long hours analyzing it to find a price that is below the average price.

On the safe side you should gather as much information about it and keep yourself updated about the changes that are happening. May you get much in the game and enjoy yourself.

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Vivid Hand-painted Works of Girls for ArcheAge-Who Is Your Goddess?

ArcheAge is a fantastic sandbox game which is worth playing. With its updating to Version 1.2 Build 4.18, it definitely becomes hotter and hotter!
The following is a collection of Hand-painted works of archeage (all of them are girls!). MmoGah prepares it carefully and we sincerely hope that you can not only play the game, but also enjoy loving in it.

As a trusted 
archeage gold selling site, MmoGah will not only meet your need for archeage gold but also share helpful game info and interesting stories & photos & videos with you. We will also hold celebrating event for each festival. The Valentine’s Day is around the corner, you can follow our Facebook MmoGah to catch on our latest event info. You will feel a romantic atmosphere in our game realm for your Valentine’s Day that is not for long.

MmoGah must be:

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How to Get Minions in Final Fantasy XIV

Not all players in FFXIV are obsessive about farming dungeons, there are some who like to spend time collecting items like minionsMinions are cosmetic pets that follow their owners around. After using the minion whistles, players can summon theirminions whenever they want by accessing the Minion Guide tab in Character menu.Minions make players have more fun, as they are cute and vivid. How to get minions? There are some tips.

There are the following ways minions can be collected:
  • Obtained from main or side scenario quests and festival quests.
  • Purchased from in-game traders with ffxiv gil and some also need Trusted Reputation.
  • Purchased from Optional Item Sales in Mog Station.
  • Received as a part of the Veteran Rewards: after some days (30, 60, 90…) of subscription to A Realm Reborn, the players will receive it as a gift.
  • Obtained by gather or craft.
  • Obtained from maps in Treasure Hunts.
  • Random dropped in dungeons or Fate.
  • Awarded for completing the Hunting Log.
  • Special for PS4.
Here are the ways to get some popular minions as examples.
  • Cactuar Cutting

It is awarded for completing the level 47 quest Zombies Are People Too from Hab near Sagolii Desert, Southern Thanalan. It is the one that is obtained from side story quest, every player could get it.

  • Baby Opo-opo

Baby Opo-opo is random dropped after completing Brayflox’s Longstop (Hard) dungeons. Opo-opo is very popular among players, because it is so cute.

  • Magic Broom

Magic Broom is crafted by level 50 Carpenter with 1 Glazenut, 1 Broombush, 1 Rosewood Branch, 1Ancient Lumber and 99 Wind Shards.

  • Bluebird

Bluebird can be acquired in Treasure Hunts.

If you are interested in minions, there are more minions obtained methods. And it must be mentioned that if you don’t have enough time, you can get most minions withFFXIV GIL on market broad, just like the crafted or gathered ones. FFXIV GIL may be the most convenient tool for players to enjoy the game. If you want to buy ffxiv gil,mmogah is always ready to deliver to you, it has excellent 9.9 score on Trustpilot and it is the largest FFXIV GIL seller.
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League Of Legends New Featured Game Mode “Nemesis Draft”: In a Dilemma Choice

Some time ago, the multiplayer online battle arena video game developed by Riot Games presented a new mode that players of "League of Legends" can try out on PBE. It’s a 5v5 battle played on Summoner’s Rift. In it, each five-man team will choose one champion at a time for the opposition.


Both teams will then have the opportunity to ban up to three champions, and after all champions have been selected, players will be able to trade them amongst themselves to maximize their effectiveness. Champions given to the opposing team are chosen from those available to your allies, and players will be able to play any champ they’re given, even if they don’t actually own it.

Well, this mode sounds like it could be a lot of fun. Will you take weak champions banned to prevent others selecting them for you, or leave them to the other side? The other side must not make OP champions for you, and you would certainly never choose them as enemies. But if there are the champions can restraint others, would you ban them?

Popular champions may be banned, and people begin to pay attention to some less common champions. For example, the Headsman’s PrideUrgot.


Urgot is a very heated discussion in reddit, players have said: “I can see Urgot having a ~100% ban rate.” “Incoming Urgots” “I’m ready for the 100% Urgot pick/ban”

Why is it?

Urgot is a special champion because he is called ‘anti ADC’ among players. His damage is very high and his ultimate skill could prohibit enemy ADC displacement. But, he is very difficult to use. If you know how to use Urgot, then he is an OP champion; if you don’t know, then he is just like a waste.

Currently, many people begin to learn how to use Urgot, to not affect the teammate when they get the champion. How will it pan out? We don’t know.

For more news regarding League of Legends, you can pay attention to mmogah.com. Furthermore, LOL Rank boosting service is also available at Mmogah.

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Spend More Time to Enjoy FFXIV with Buying FFXIV Gil

---A referral from one of our customers, thank you!
If you play Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn online, you’ll know that once you hit level 50 is where the real fun begins. There are a variety of things to do in the endgame, including Savage Coil, Final Coil, and all the new dungeons in hard modes to explore. If you’re not properly geared up, you’ll be a burden to your team, and nobody wants to face that kind of embarrassment. For crafters, the endgame is even more difficult, as there are specific items to gather, craft and create in order to achieve the highest quality demonstration of your skills. No matter you enjoy crafting, raiding or questing, the final goal is improving your character. Just like in real life, money makes the world go round, and there is no difference in Eorzea, FFXIV GIL does too.

buy ffxiv gil at MmoGah

Whenever a new patch is released, users scramble to drain the market board of the most desired items. Unless you spend all day in front of your computer carefully analyzing things like data mines and market fluctuations, you’ll be stuck fighting for scraps and leftovers. That’s where Mmogah comes in.MMOGAH is a fast, easy way to enjoy nearly-instant delivery of FFXIV GILdirect to your character. The method is discreet, quick and safe, because you trade items with your character to them, it’s virtually impossible to trace back and run the risk of getting banned. With fresh ffxiv gil in hand, now you can shop the market boards with confidence and buy the gear or crafting components you need to compete with the best players on your server. If you don’t have a lot of time to gauge market prices, run endless dungeons or spiritbind your equipments in the hopes for those rare Savage materia, you can still line your pockets with ffxiv gil.

With so many trusted reviews, mmogah is honest about their service. And the staff actually play FFXIV, rather than those sitting around with nonsense names, spamming the player chat. My recommendation is to still engage in these activities when you can? Running dungeons is exciting, and spiritbinding is always great for getting the material you need without paying high prices on the board. But if you need a little extra ffxiv gil for that special upgrade or glamor gear, mmogah must be your first and only destination. Is there a reason it has so many solid reviews? Because it is created by players, for players. What’s more, their Facebook is very interesting. They often share humorous pictures, videos, discount coupons and useful information. Like MmoGah, you’ll get more fun.

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Will WoW Convert to A Free-to-play MMORPG?

Some gossips had indicated that the popular MMORPG, World of Warcraft, would transform to a full free-to-play game. Actually according to the latest wow news, Blizzard Entertainment officially clarified and confirmed that a free-to-play mode Veteran Edition which is similar to Trial Edition for wow starters, is a real issue indeed, but it is not as rife rumours suggesting that wow will fully convert to a free MMORPG.

In WoW official forum, community chief officer Mr. Bashiok from Blizzardposted to clarify that “We’ve always had this kind of weird limitation where if you’ve never played wow, we let you play as much as you want, albeit in a very restricted Starter Edition account. However, if you have ever had a subscription, we don’t even let you log in.”
While based on current relative information, the free-to-play mode Veteran Edition also has some restrictions like:
  • Wow players can maximally level up to 20 for free
  • Limited wow gold & experience gaining restrictions, for example players can hold up to 10 wow gold only
  • There are also a few communication restrictions between your avatar and your friend’s, for example, no functions of whispering and inviting friends etc.
All wow accounts including lapsed ones will be converted to “Veteran Edition” mode directly when new patch 6.1 is launched .Isn’t it a good news for the people with unused accounts, and which is also considered as another perfect strategy from Blizzard to getting old players who quitted to come back to this game again.
In a word, Blizzard is releasing the free-to-play edition “Veteran Edition” as free-to-play game is becoming the main trend all over the world, but it’s not possible that wow fully turns to a free game under current circumstance. It might happen in the near future? We’ll see.
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A Technical Guide to Teaching New Buyers How to Choose a Trustable Wow Gold Seller

World of Warcraft is a classic MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game ) which has remained at the top place for around past 10 years in the realm of competitive and rapidly evolving online game industry.

Whatever wow players’ achieving goals are, in this game excellent wow gear to players is indubitably one of the crucial factors that can make wow players boost upon to advanced level and get them terrific winning percentage in the battles of PVP and dungeons. Buying wow gold from gold seller off the game is actually an acquiescence in the realm of World of Warcraft and which is also considered as an efficient way to acceleratedly build up armors and weapons for players to achieve victory. Choosing a reliable wow gold selling site is important, and here are some experience shared by a wow player on how to choose a reliable wow gold seller.
  • First of all, choose a wow gold seller, go and view his online shop to see whether the website is professional or not. A trustable seller always runs a professional e-shop.
  • Checking on the reviews from previous buyers is a good way to find out if the seller is legit and with good reputation.
  • Customer service is crucial, for instance does this wow gold e-shop have a live chat service? Is it customer-oriented when the customer service representatives help with consulting?
  • Does this wow gold seller provide the face to face trade service? As author’s experience, face to face trade in game is considered as the fastest and safest way.
  • Finally a competitive seller has good condition of gold stock in almost all servers in MMORPG wow which guarantees to trade easily and fast. On the other hand, if a wow gold seller runs out of stock in his buyer’s server unfortunately and the buyer decides not to wait, a reliable seller will fully refund to this buyer immediately.
This is the content that the wow gold buyer wants to share with someone who intends to buy wow gold off the game, hopefully it might help.
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If It Was Legit to Trade Spirit Beast Animals in WOW, What’s Your Ideas?


Spirit Beasts which belong to Ferocity pet category are extremely rare in World of Warcraft. They are only tamable by Hunters starting at level 69. There’re nine spirit beasts in total. Obtaining features of fancy looking, rare spawn and unique ability, Spirit Beasts are very popular with Hunters, and are even famous among other professions in wow.
For getting well known of Spirit Beasts we, Mmogah, made a simple research to find out real ideas on the issue oftrading Spirit Beast pets from wow players by means of Q&A.


Q1: If it was legit, would you support of trading Spirit Beasts in wow?
 Agreement & comments:
A1: “Luckily I’d tamed three Skolls and I’m coveting Ban’thalos now. If it’s allowed to sell Spirit Beasts in wow which would be a perfect way to earn myself extra wow gold and get a Ban’thalos immediately.”
A2: “I support the point of trading which will avoid intentional killing of Spirit Beasts by some mean persons and other professions.”

Disagreement & comments:
A1: "How much more competition is there going to be for the pets? The only incentive to camp them is for personal need now. Camping amount would dramatically increase if trading was legit in wow, therefore inflation of these rare pets will occur for supply is constant but demand is going to increase."
A2: “At first I thought, ‘Hey, neat idea’. Then I began to consider the ugliness that would result in spawn areas between rare farmers.”
A3: In that case gold farmers will focus on these rare pets hunting as a way to make more wow gold.
A4: It is a shame that the game might become abuse from fun if trading Spirit Beasts is allowed.

Q2: What’s your favourite Spirit Beast pets?
A1: “Loque’nahak which spent me 6 months to camp.”
A2: “My favourite one is Loque’nahak and I even dreamed it yesterday, but haven’t got it yet.”
A3: “Arcturis & Loque’nahak and luckily got them both.”
A4: Ban’thalos, looks cool and with gorgeous wings.
A5: “Couldn’t be happier to get my Loque’ nahak. Love its skin by the way.”
A6: Ghostcrawler is roaring and quick.
A7: “My fancy Spirit Beast is Skoll definitely and Ban’thalos & Karoma are nice too.”
A8: “Arcturis. Love bear and he is not tenacity.”

There are many Spirit Beast animals to choose for Hunters from World of Warcraft. Which one do you fancy for? I think you’ve got answers already in your mind. Luck & patient are essential for camping them, so good luck to all of you gentleman & lady hunters!
If you have any ideas on this topic, please share and leave your personal comments via below social medias.

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ArcheAge Version 1.2 Build 4.18 – Latest Update

01/22/2015 at 5:00 AM PST (GMT-8)

All archeage gold customers of MmoGah, we are thrilled to know that archeage is updating to version 1.2 build 4.18, NA game update starts from 01/22/2015 at 8:00 AM PST(GMT-8) and EU game update starts from 01/22/15 at 6:00 PM GMT(PST+8). The update lasts for around 3 hours.

According to what I know from our customer service reps, Trion has banned some accounts before the update. Archeage gold in the market has reduced a lot and it must result in a higher price. We are glad to notice you that we still have some archeage gold in stock and our ArcheAge Gold 10% Discount Event is hot going on, if you use the coupon “archeage10” for your order, you can directly get a 10% discount. Our event lasts from 01/22/15-02/05/15, PST, please take the chance to buy the cheapest archeage gold at MmoGah during the 15 days.

ArcheAge Version 1.2 Build 4.18 has many new contents, you can follow me to see the patch notes from the thread on official forum.

We guarantee that our face to face trade at Mirage Isle is the safest and fastest transaction method, for the servers which we have enough archeage gold in stock, we will complete the transaction within 3-5 mins. If you need archeage gold, use the coupon to get your order 10% discounted, do not miss the opportunity!

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ArcheAge Gold 10% Discount Event at MmoGah- from 01/22/2015 to 02/05/2015, PST

In order to meet our customers’ need, we create a 10% discount coupon “archeage10”, which you can use for each of your archeage gold order during 01/22/2015-02/05/2015, PST.

MmoGah 10% discount archeage gold

Input archeage10 for your archeage gold

1. We are fast
We have tons of archeage gold in stock, we guarantee to deliver your gold within 2-3 mins by face to face trade method. Meet at 
Mirage Isle with you to complete your order.

2.  We Are Safe
MmoGah has excellent 9.9 score on Trustpilot.com, we are trustworthy, none of our archeage gold customers have got banned for buying from us.

3. We Are Cheap
In general, we adjust our prices according to the market, we may not be the cheapest because our service is really the best. However in order to giving back to our loyal customers, recently, we have reduced our archeage gold price to quite cheap one.

4. We Are Friendly

Our customer service reps are 24/7 online waiting for you, they are helpful and friendly to guide you a smooth transaction.
If you check reviews left by our customers on Trustpilot.com, you will trust what I say. 

Need safe archeage gold?

---Written by one of our customers, thank you!

Every MMO has its own system of upgrade, in general, except the first time to play, the process of upgrade is boring. To the players who want to know more about a game, they couldn’t satisfy with playing only one class, playing more means upgrading more. To solve the problem, you have a good choice, Powerleveling.

Compared with other MMOs, FFXIV may be the hardest to upgrade, if you have played it before, you must have the feeling that you are always on the way of upgrading. Different from others, FFXIV can carry out one character with all classes including craft. With this setting, players all want to play more, but upgrade is too boring, and you have to take much time to do side story quests, repetitive Levequest, low level random and Fate. Try to think how many classes do you want. How much time you can play for a day.

In fact, it will be easy if you choose FFXIV Powerleveling, I am a good example. I upgraded my Bard by myself, doing all the main scenario quests, and the front quests of dungeons, I could hold most rules of FFXIV. Then I wanted to play a white mage, but I didn’t have enough time. When I logged in, my friends always called me to farm new dungeons. It troubled me for a long time until I chose powerleveling. Then choosing a trustworthy website was also a problem. Why I chose Mmogah at last? Because I bought FFXIV GIL at mmogah for some times, it was really fast and safe, and I think I need a safe powerleveling, not one with a banned risk.

I thought powerleveling brings convenience to me, and I recommend it to every player, especially to the busy ones. If you want to have a try, what the experience I can share is to choose a right website, mmogah is the one.

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Do You Know the Upcoming ArcheAge Marketplace Update?


The Sloth Glider, the Mirage Bjorne and the Pet Dual Recovery Potion came into ArcheAge accompanying the latest marketplace update. According to the fact, ArcheAge Loyalty Store refreshes a new lock-box/crate per month, the mount Mirage Bjorne is available as a rare drop from the new Ursamancer’s Aecheum Supply Crate in Loyalty Store.

PTS in archeage is underway in game and I heard about some info about something new for the upcoming marketplace update like:
  • The Golden Teardrop Storage Chest
It’s a 100 slot storage chest which you can also get with recipes to Handicrafts. 
ArcheAge version 1.2 build 4.18 will add some recipes which are only available on Regal Handicraft Desks for the Spacious Storage Chest (50 slot), Illustrious Storage Chest (80 slot), and the Golden Teardrop Storage Chest (100 slot).
  • The Land Expansion Certificate item
This item will be available from the upcoming marketplace update, the new patch will also add a new recipe for you to craft it. Players can craft these items at any house or farm in the same way Bound Tax Certificates can be made. To complete the crafting process you will need 1 Land Expansion Permit and 100 Bound Tax Certificates purchased. You can buy 1 Expansion Permit from general merchants with 300 archeage gold.

ArcheAge Version 1.2 Patch 4.18 attaches more importance on gear and skill powerleveling on the path to Level 55. To achieve successful power level, buying some archeage gold is undoubted a good choice. In order to meet our customers’ need of archeage gold for the new contents, a big discount for ArcheAge Goldis upcoming at MmoGah. We will offer you with a 10% discount coupon for 15 days, we guarantee you can get the safest archeage gold with the cheapest price. Stay tuned at MMOGAH!

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How to Make XinZhao Solo the Dragon

Hello everyone, I’m a noob of League Of Legends. Sometime early, I saw a video about Pantheon and Fiora respectively soloing the dragon. I think that’s so cool, But when I wanted to try it, I found that I couldn’t , because I didn’t know how to use these champions.

Can the dragon only be soloed by these two champions?

In fact, XinZhao can do it. I tried to solo the dragon by using my best jungle championXinZhao and I accidentally found that the efficiency is also good. Perhaps because the S5 dragon is stupid?

Now let me tell you how to make XinZhao solo the dragon.

The following are my Perks and Runes.

If you want to solo the dragon, that’s a good choice. But magic resistance relies on the equipment.

Ability and jungle sequence:

I adjusted the skill learning sequence of  level 3 and level 4, learning Battle Cry at Level 3 can have more ability to survive.

If you want to solo the dragon, you must get the red buff because you need life regeneration, either blue side or purple side.

OK, let’s begin! The jungle sequence is Krugs(Smite) - Red buff - Raptors - Dragon. When the dragon blood reduces to about 800, smite can be used again.

Starting OPT:

Hunter’s Machete and two Health Potions

After I killed 3 groups of monsters, I didn’t use the Health Potions then I would use them to kill the dragon. In fact, at this time I could recall and upgrade the Hunter’s Machete, but I didn’t do it.


Kill! It takes 45 seconds to kill the dragon in all the process, you may let your teammate help make a vision.


Hopefully, it’ll be helpful to you. For more news regarding League of Legends, you can pay attention to mmogah.com. Furthermore, Rank boosting service is also available at Mmogah.

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How to Get a Sloth Glider in ArcheAge of Your Very Own

--An article from an archeage player about some experience in getting a sloth glider

Recently, a new Sloth Glider and a new Mirage Bjorne Mount came intoArcheAge. Both of which are so cute to attract my attention, especially the sloth glider. I believe it must also be your taste!

If you are lucky enough to get a Sloth Glider of your very own, you can also get a sloth companion, then how can we get a Sloth Glider? I will share some experience with you.

In general, there are 3 ways to get one of your own. From the Friendly Flyer Treasure Chest in marketplace, from the Loyalty Store, from the ArcheAge Screenshot Contest of PTS.
archeage sloth glider/ mmogah.com

  • The Friendly Flyer Treasure Chest has a chance to contain it, maybe with a low probability. That means, even if you pay for it, the result is all depends. Certainly, this chest will also have a chance to drop one high-tier Feast Table, which is a buff food for a 10-people group. 
  • The Sloth Glider is also a new Loyalty Store Item, which you can get with 350 Loyalty Tokens. If you have enough Tokens, it’s really a piece of cake! 
  • If you wouldn’t like to spend your money, or don’t have enough Loyalty Tokens, or unluckily, you paid for the Friendly Flyer Treasure Chest but didn’t get one, then do not feel upset, I will tell you another method.Have you heard about the ArcheAge Screenshot Contest?

    Top ten winners of this contest will each receive a Sloth Glider for his account. The sloth slider is available on PTS, you can get one directly by entering the phrase “send me a sloth fluffy” into chat and the auto robot fluffy will return you with this cute slider.

    Capture a screenshot from ArcheAge involving the Sloth Glider on your Public Test Server and post your entry as an attachment or a linked image on the following official archeage forum as a reply to
     this thread.

    This contest will last to January 25 at 11:59 PM PDT (GMT-8), take your time to participate this event and be the top ten winners, everything is possible.
ArcheAge Version 1.2 Build 4.18 is going to PTS, new portals of dungeons, new quests for Loyal Takens, Red Dragon accessories, and Diving Gifts that you can get every 30 mins, all of them are mysterious and challenging. ArcheAge Gold price is quite low in these days, according to my experience in playingarcheage for a long time, the price will increase soon, so I suggest you to buy some archeage gold now to save your money. I buy from mmogah.com for many times because they can deliver gold to me fast and never spam in game. This is why I recommend this site to you.

Buying some archeage gold before the new patch is your good choice!

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Why FFXIV Is Better Than Other MMORPGs

At mmogahFFXIV GIL trade is always hot, more and more new customers buy ffxiv gil from us. The more buyers means the more players are playing. FFXIV may be the hottest MMORPG recently, especially the new patch 2.5 “Before The Fall” is upcoming. It is even more popular than WOWMmogah has researched why FFXIV is so hot with the feedback from our customers and the info from a lot of forums, there are the following reasons.

  • Smooth frames & beautiful BMG
Frames and BMG are the selling points in SE’s FF series. It is different from the flatulent Korean games like Blade&Soul or the barbaric pure Euramerican games like WOWFFXIV is fine and smooth.
  • Wonderful scenario
Although the main scenario has the savior spirit like other MMOs, but the side story quests for each class are wonderful, just like the laughing Hildibrand, sorrowful white mage quests.
  • Beautiful appearance of gear
The design is exquisite, even the low ilvl gear is designed attentively. We can see the texture of the clothing clearly. Although some of the men’s clothing look a little nancy, it is in the ballpark.
  • Variety of races
There are 5 races in FFXIV, each race has two different clans, players have many options. A new race will also be added, Au Ra. Every race has their own characteristics, oh don’t forget we have the loveliest dwarf Lalafell!
  • Team work
The dungeons in FFXIV lay emphasis on team work. There are 8 players in a farming team except CT and low level, it requires players with not only excellent personal ability but also united team work. No one could down a boss by himself, we all need farming team and Free Company.
  • Crafting
The crafting in FFXIV is the most interesting one among all MMOs. Its playability is very strong, there are some players who play for crafting only, we have an article about the crafting players written by a customer, it shows another playing method of FFXIV.

In total,  if you are tired of other MMOs, FFXIV is worthy to play. It must bring you into a mysterious realm. We sell ffxiv gil 5 years, and we are always making you enjoy FFXIV sufficiently.  Mmogah is the largest FFXIV GIL seller. Trust the most players' choices and follow our Facebook, you will have a pleasant experience and get more info about FFXIV and other MMOS.

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