12 New Additions in FIFA 18 You Should Know

The release of FIFA 18 is just around the corner. As always, there will be a lot of new additions in FIFA 18. Today MmoGah as a safe and professional fifa coins store gives a summary about the new additions in FIFA 18.


Overhaul Stadium Crowds
Most notably, player animations look smoother and faces more human. On top of all that, look at how the crowds appear more natural when Ronaldo blazes a free kick above the defensive wall and into the net.

EA has always loved the idea of creating a football experience akin to attending a match, and the players in attendance cheering on their respective teams play a part in that.

The fact is that they move like an organic group of people, not animated puppets going through the motions, which is encouraging.

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MmoGah – No.1 FFXIV Power Leveling Website in Google

Since FFXIV Patch 4.0 came out, more gamers have chosen to find a website within 2 months. When you search “FFXIV Power Leveling” in google, you can find MmoGah ranks No.1. Why MmoGah is so popular?


MmoGah established a FFXIV Power Leveling handwork team since the game came out in 2010, so far it has fulfilled thousands of ff14 power leveling orders in the past years. Its team members have grown up to the professional Final Fantasy XIV players in the process. 100% handwork, 100% hardwork, and 100% safework make MmoGah receive highly positive reviews from its loyal and new customers. MmoGah can meet any customers’ requirements, and if you can find what you need, you can just customize your own power leveling service.

Here are the instructions shown on FFXIV Power Leveling Landing Page that MmoGah hopes that any customer had better know about clearly before placing an order.

1. We can only play on PC. If your account is a PS 4 (PS 3, Mac or Collector’s Edition) account, please add PC key(s) for it.

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3. You can play your account after you have placed your order, but if you want to play your account during the power leveling, please contact us via Live Chat, Email, Skype, SMS to discuss a time.

4. After you have played your account, please contact us to inform one of our reps. We need you to reset your password after we relogin. We suggest that you’d better not play your account during the service to avoid possible delay delivery.

5. Our player plays your account around 16 hours a day, who will boost your character as fast as possible.

6. If you can’t find the service you need on our site, please contact us to ask one of reps, who will help you to find out a solution.

Note: for customers who want to buy 60 - 70 power leveling, you need to complete The Far Edge of Fate first, and then we can start helping you complete the class level what you asked, in addition to we will also complete the most of 60 - 70 main scenario quests for free, at least complete The Price of Freedom, which totally proves that we are definitely handwork without paying the cost of main scenario quests.

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What Is the Value of PoE Currency

In Path of Exile, the currency system is quite good and is one of the most innovative things that Path of Exile has offered to the online role-playing game, to be honest, there's no denying that it can be confused for beginners. As there is no central currency and a barter trading system, the variety of currency items that are being traded back and forth for buying and selling Path of Exile Items. Therefore, it is necessary for new players to familiarize themselves with how the economy works in this game.

As most of the veterans should know, trading itself is kind of a mini-game that follows a lot of real life rules and is an integral part of the gameplay experience. Some PoE Currencies are scarcer than others, so their values are different from each other. Trading ratios are central to the understanding of Path of Exile's economy, so remembering the important ones are crucial for not getting ripped off when you plan to buy stuff from other players and being able to make the most profit if you sell something.

There are many currencies in Path of Exile, commonly known as Orbs. They are not only just for trading, but also for crafting new poe items, so inflation is not a big problem. The trading ratios are dependent on the basic concept of supply and demand, so actually this game teaches quite a bit of real world economics and you may learn something if you want.


You can sell Orbs to vendors in exchange with other Orbs, such as the hot exalted orb, and it's a good place to start if you're familiar yourself with the currency items in the game. You have to be careful since some Orbs are actually worth more due to their usefulness in player trade, so you don’t want to sell those to vendors unless you want to shoot yourself in the foot.

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The Elder Scrolls Online: Horns of the Reach DLC Game Pack and Update 15 Now Live

A new threat of man and beast plagues the Jerall Mountains. Are you ready to face the Dreadhorn Clan in the Horns of the Reach of the Elder Scrolls Online? Check out our launch article for all the details on this new DLC game pack, available with Update 15!


We are thrilled to announce that the Horns of the Reach DLC game pack and Update 15 are live on PC/Mac. This new adventure is now available free to ESO Plus Members or for purchase in the in-game Crown Store. If you're a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One player, don't worry, you'll be able to play it for yourself when it launches on console on August 29!
To get ready for the new update 15 and new DLC game pack, maybe you want to buy some Elder Scrolls Online Gold beforehand. In that case, I recommend you a safe and efficient ESO Gold seller, MmoGah.com. MmoGah is ranked No. 1 during searching “ESO Gold” or “buy ESO Gold” in Google. Why not just have a try?
The Horns of the Reach DLC game pack arrives with Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold, two brand new, challenging dungeons for four-player groups that pit you and your party against the menacing hordes of the Dreadhorn Clan.
Bloodroot Forge
Burning with hatred and thirsty for vengeance, the Reachmen have discovered the location of a dreadful secret: the Bloodroot Forge. This altar to all things primal and untamed grants a terrible power to those who would wield it. Venture into the Bloodroot Forge to stop the Reachmen and their Minotaur allies – before it's too late.

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How to Find the Right Type of Defense in Path of Exile

In Path of Exile, the most important factor is the option available to players in the gameplay. From classes, skills, and Path of Exile Items to all the little details, you can choose what's suitable for your character. One of those things you get to know is how your character survives damage, which is the defense.

There are varieties of defensive stats in this game, in order to know which to choose, you had better know what each does, what they're dependent on, and how you can best maximize them for your character. You have armor and evasion for your damage mitigation, as well as health and energy shield for your damage absorption. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, as well as their own synergies with other character stats, so knowing how each work is crucial.


Both class and build are dependently and making the most of an attribute or PoE Currency. It's also dependent on where your character is on the passive skill tree, you take whichever has more nodes on your part of the tree. Although you may deviate however you wish, it is designed to conform to those specific character classes. If you want something optimal, then you'll have to go with whatever that class has for you.

Your survivability is endurance-based if you go for armor, so you'll have to go for a more tank-like approach with leech and block. That's what you'll likely go for if you start from the southwest side of the tree. If you stick to the top side of the tree, then you go for evasion, as well as perhaps energy shield would suit it more. Both can be bolstered with auras and other things that work best for them.

Picking which type of defense is all about knowing beforehand what kind of PoE Item and build to invest in, or vice versa. If you really think about it, despite how the game boasts being a sea of open possibilities, there's actually not that much wiggle room when it comes to determine what type of defense your character can use optimally. Your choice is pretty much in the hands of what type of character you choose to play with. It also depends on your particular play style, but that's not a big factor in this case.

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PvP Like a Pro: Finding the Right Partners in World of Warcraft


Competing in Arena can be a lot of fun but for many World of Warcraft players it’s difficult to get started. Here MmoGah would like to share a few of the 2017 EU Arena Regional Finalists’ secrets to success. And we will present over them the next few weeks in this three-part series: PvP Like a Pro.

Part 1 – Finding the Right Partners

Often one of the greatest challenges WoW players face when trying to get started in Arena is finding the right partners. Alec from team ABC joined us and broke it down into these three important points.

The Basics – Know Your Class

Finding the right partners starts with being a good partner for others. You need to be willing to take the time to become intimately familiar with the abilities of your class as well as with what other classes can do to counter you—this is first and foremost to success in Arena.

“In Legion, it’s quite simple. The most important step is to look up a guide to dealing damage or healing for your class.” Alec recommends using Icy Veins to find this information.

The most important step is to look up a guide...for your class.

Keep It Simple – Start With 2v2

Whole information about this article please check:https://www.mmogah.com/news/wow/pvp-like-a-pro-finding-the-right-partners-in-world-of-warcraft

'NBA 2K18' Hands-On Impression

NBA 2K18 is set to launch next month. On last Thursday, Brian Mazique has an opportunity to visit 2K headquarters and play NBA 2K18 prior its release on September 15. He played the new game on PS4 Pro, and half of the games he played came against human opponents. Below is his hands-on impression of the new game.


Dribbling and Defending
In NBA 2K17, Dribbling and Defending are two areas that have the most problems. Ballhandlers usually got stuck in an unwanted animation, and defenders often seemed to have no chance to stay in front of their opponent. In this year’s game, the two fronts have been improved noticeably. The dribble moves are far more intuitive. There's a bigger gap in skill between the elite ballhandlers and the good, average and below average. You can try all sorts of moves when you're controlling a player, if you chain the moves together properly, you can create space or some pretty amazing drives and finishes at the basket. But the defender still had the tools to stay in front of the ballhandler if he moves his feet and anticipates the next move of his opponent.
Reaching for steals will be much more costly. The better defenders or players with the high steal ratings have more success, but in general, reaching for pilfers led to more fouls in this year’s game.
Ankle-breaker sequences are still in this game, but they appear less frequently than they do in NBA 2K17.
He played two games on 2K cam and found it harder to stay in front of ballhandlers. In the current build, the court becomes wider and the long pass was probably too much of a viable weapon. The same could be said for the broadcast cam, but the long pass is a little more discouraged in that view because you can't see as far down the court. However, experience is more realistic on the broadcast view. Click for more: https://www.mmogah.com/news/nba-2k/nba-2k18-hands-on-impression